30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 7

NeeNee can’t just randomly name ONE song. How is that possible? My love for music is entirely too much. So…here’s an abbreviated list of my top songs from this year so far.

Day 07: a song released this year

Bii – “Come Back to Me” (DON’T like this video, but love the song)

C-Clown – “Shaking Heart” and “Do You Remember” with Ali

Alice Nine – “Daybreak”

ToXiC – “Pheromone”

Mr.Mr – “Highway”

CNBlue – “I’m Sorry”

VIXX – “Don’t Want to be an Idol”

SPEED – “It’s Over” and “Pain”

And you know what? It’s really too hard. I needs must stop myself otherwise this will be hella long.


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