30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 Day 19

Um…I’m not sure…

19. Have you rewatched an Asian drama more than 3 times? If yes, which one?

Okay…maybe HanDan. But the thing is I start to rewatch dramas, but then never completely rewatch them all the way through. I can say that I have watched Oh! My Lady all the way through twice. And…LIAR GAME maybe twice as well all the way through. But…yeah…I start rewatching and then get distracted by something new, lol. Or something old that I just haven’t watched before. So, I think I know for a fact I’ve never watched a single drama all the way through more than 3 times. Twice, maybe. Over three? Uh-uh.


  • From beginning to end, there has only been two: Gloria and Secret Garden. Others I’ve watched two times but ask this question next year, some of those will make this list. Sometimes you just want to watch something you really thought was good.

    • Yeah, I get that. And sometimes…I can’t watch a drama more than twice after realizing it might not have been as good as I thought.
      I’ve been thinking about blowing the dust off of Gloria, such a great drama. Bae Doo Na, the actor playing her best friend, Suh Ji Suk…it was great.

  • Secret Garden and Meteor Garden (season 1 &2)

  • There’s just too many new dramas coming out to distract you from re-watching. Plus…a lot of dramas are mediocre and not worth rewatching anyways. :/

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