Crazy Love Episode 42 Recap

I am happy about one thing in this episode—Mi So standing up for herself. Previews for today’s episode show her standing up to the evil trio of CK and fighting for herself. While the Lees and Na Young wish to squash her like a bug, she’s not going to let them walk all over (anymore). Huzzah! Now let’s just hope she doesn’t revert back to spineless ninny as she’s taking a great step in a good direction.

The Ohs rush their beloved daughter to the hospital. Kyung Soo gets there a bit behind them and his father-in-law clouts in him in the head vowing to kill him if Hae Ryung should die (Kyung Soo can’t get that lucky…not that I would want him to live with the guilt over her death). Of course Mi So wonders just what happened that Kyung Soo had to rush away without meeting her.

At the Yoon household, Moon Do scolds Chan Ki for being able to eat given the trouble he caused. Jong Hee is quick to jump in and lay all the blame on Min Jae. They then get a phone call from the police stating that Min Jae filed a violence complaint against Chan Ki and he has to go to the station. The Yoon family goes down and are horrified that Min Jae is giving them only a week to get the money together or else he’ll slap Chan Ki with a lawsuit and have him thrown in jail. Mi So assures them she won’t let that happen and goes to talk with Min Jae. I do love how both Jong Hee and Chan Ki say jail is better than begging. Well…it’s true as you know that’s kind of what Min Jae wants, the turd.

So…yeah…Min Jae’s being his normal whiny, childlike, condescending self with Mi So. The girl cannot believe that him suing Chan Ki is to teach the boy a lesson so he stops humiliating Mi So. I was happily clapping when Mi So retorts that it is more humiliating and shameful to acknowledge that she was married to such a man as him. Omo! Assa! Her little barbs that she gets in can be fun. This declaration has Min Jae spluttering. Enter Na Young who tells Mi So to give up on the hope of settling and then she starts talking about pride and how she cannot believe Mi So had the gall to come to Min Jae for help. Eyeroll. Min Jae’s deuchebagness keeps going up. Telling Mi So to stop being so defensive and beg to see if she can’t soften him up. Aigoo, this man.

As she leaves she runs into Yoo Jung who invites her for tea. Yoo Jung really desires to have Mi So rejoin CK and promote the product herself. Mi So doesn’t even consider this and outright refuses. Yoo Jung understands why, but really hopes the younger woman will reconsider her offer (she’ll give Mi So a signing bonus and whatever benefits she wants). Mi So says she won’t reconsider the offer and goes to leave. When Yoo Jung rises she nearly falls over. Mi So helps her sit down and Yoo Jung finds herself confessing to Mi So that Hae Ryung tried to kill herself. Of course this makes Mi So feel even guiltier. It’s not her fault so she shouldn’t feel guilty, dagnabbit.

So Mi So goes to visit Hae Ryung in the hospital. She learns the younger girl is awake and goes to her room only to see an exhausted Kyung Soo come out. He’s been with her the entire time. He leans against he wall and closes his eyes only to have his brief moment of rest interrupted by Crazy Wife screaming and throwing things around and threatening to kill herself once more. You know…she can’t be serious about killing herself. When my aunt had an accident at work involving a box cutter, the hospital was obligated to ask if the wound on her wrist was intentional. If it was, that meant you got 48 hours in a special part of the hospital…Hae Ryung has attempted suicide multiple times…so why aren’t they doing anything in regards to this?

So the even guiltier Mi So ends up home all dejected and depressed and refusing to eat. This worries Jong Hee, but its not like Mi So will come out and say just what is bothering her. The only thing the woman does is tear up and say how hard this is on her right now. Jong Hee encourages her to cry it all out as she will feel better then. Not hardly.

Hae Ryung accuses Kyung Soo of being upset that she’s not dead. Kyung Soo replies that he has never once wished his wife dead (because he’s dang near saint-like in his patience with that deranged woman). Hae Ryung doesn’t believe this and vows that since she didn’t die, she will cling onto him for dear life just so he can’t be happy with another woman by leaving her as she is certain he’ll find someone to give his heart to and she won’t be able to stand another person receiving what she couldn’t. Yep. This is definitely NOT love.

Kyung Soo reports on Hae Ryung to Yoo Jung via cell. Enter the livid Myung Ja. Why on earth did Yoo Jung submit Mi So’s proposal to the board now that the development team has been disbanded? Because it is a good idea and will help the company. Myung Ja accuses Yoo Jung of underhand methods as she knows how much the Lee family has against Mi So. Yoo Jung makes a very valid point about separating work and personal matters. She is certain that bringing Mi So back to CK would only help the company. She even reminds Myung Ja about Min Jae’s flub with the last product release and how he’s already persona non grata. If Myung Ja keeps putting personal feelings first then Yoo Jung will have no alternative but to take the matter to the board. Ah…I kind of ♥ Yoo Jung when she goes up against the Lees—that family needs to be brought down several pegs.

So Myung Ja goes to Min Jae to complain about this. Na Young asserts it’s Yoo Jung’s revenge over her team disbandment. There’s not need to worry though since Yoo Jung’s influence has lessened greatly. Besides…Na Young will make sure that Mi So leaves just as quickly as she will come back. And you want this woman? She’s a poisonous, devious liar. You don’t care that she’s torturing people and using underhanded methods? Tsk, tsk.

Mi So and Jong Hee are out selling like normal. Mi So is also hitting up friend and family for money to save Chan Ki to no avail. Enter our little thief. He gives Mi So her purse back and has her confirm it is hers and that she has received it before running off. Jong Hee quickly looks in the bag and finds Mi So’s precious bracelet. Also in the purse is bundles of money!!!! LOL. Ahhh, Baek-nim is daebak. This shocks both Jong Hee and Mi So. How come there is so much money in there?

We then cut to Baek feeding the kid. He’s like the consummate older brother. He looks after the boy and tells him to slow down so he doesn’t choke. The boy asserts that he gave Mi So the purse back but made no mention of Baek at all. This satisfies are awesome manager. He then pulls out his wallet and gives the kid some money to buy new shoes as Baek noticed our thief’s worn out sneakers. This makes the young boy tear up and he promises not to squander the money and buy shoes like his hyung requested. The boy also promises not to steal anymore as Baek lets him know what will happen if he does.

Back at the Yoon home, Mi So and Jong Hee discuss the money. Jong Hee believes it is from a secret admirer/Daddy Longlegs. Mi So can’t think of anyone and says she will take the money to the police. Right. I do get it. It’s mysterious money and who knows what bad things can come from using it. She has a valid point, but they are in desperate need of money and give the thief’s attitude…you know that money is meant for them—no strings attached. Anywho, she then gets called out by Min Jae.

He cuts to the chase and asks if she is going back to work at CK. Mi So admits VP Yoo Jung did offer a job. She was legitimately scouted for her skills and talent. Min Jae mocks her lack of pride, etc. and Mi So replies that if she had any pride at all she would not have gone to his office to settle and save her brother. Min Jae goes to hit her and Yoon sees this. He immediately attacks Min Jae saying they will both die. Jong Hee rushes out in time to hear Min Jae declare he’ll see Moon Do in jail as well as he shoves his former father-in-law hard on the ground. Jong Hee threatens him with a broom and Min Jae beats a hasty retreat telling them they will all be arrested.

While the Yoon family is eating the police come to take Chan Ki in as Min Jae put in an immediate arrest request. They follow Chan Ki to the station and his noona once more asserts that she will not let her baby brother go to jail. She has one last option and one only (and it is NOT Kyung Soo by the way). So just what is Mi So’s final option? She accepts Yoo Jung’s offer in return for the settlement money to save Chan Ki. Yoo Jung then talks more about the bad blood between Hae Ryung and Kyung Soo and how she desperately hopes her son-in-law will give in one more try to save his marriage to her daughter.

So…after hearing this and getting more guilty, Mi So goes to the park. She then calls Kyung Soo up and says she has an answer to his question (remember the episode where he asked her to wait and start a new life with him?)—she will only keep her feelings in her heart as a fond memory. This stuns and hurts him. But we all know it’s better to end things here for the moment until he can finally disentangle himself from Hae Ryung.

I love the previews for episode 43. Mi So won’t back down and proves she has a spine. She won’t let the Lees and Na Young treat her poorly. That’s the spirit! Keep that attitude up!


  • Guilt over Hae Ryung death? I’m already predicting, the only way for him to get out of this relationship is finding out about his brother. I just don’t see any other way. Mi So’s insistence that he stay in this volatile relationship bothers me to no end. She realize that this crazy, ass woman could resort to double suicide?!! Oh, my pressure!! Will there be any relieve for these episodes (41-48)?

  • Hae Ryung should be involuntarily committed for the suicide attempt. She’s shown signs of paranoia, wild mood swings, delusional, and a danger to herself & others. Sounds like she’s bipolar or in the old jargon, a paranoid schizoprenic with suicidal tendencies (yes, I have family members in the mental health field). She will need lots of treatment and the enablers in her life are not helping.

    • I know! It’s horrible. How can she be allowed to go through “voluntary” treatment when she’s a danger to herself and others (and is OBVIOUSLY not going to treatment or even listening to the doctor)?

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