30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 – Day 9

Should I preface this by saying I own 2 1TB external hard drives and a 1TB media hub?

09. Do you download or watch them at a stream site?

When I started watching Asian dramas 6 years ago, I used streaming sites. Then I discovered you could download hardsubbed videos or raws and use softsubs. After that, I downloaded. Why? The quality. You get better quality (usually) from the downloaded versions than you do the streaming versions. Plus, you don’t have the lags and the time outs, etc.

Thanks to legal streaming sites though, I have started to watch more streaming videos as they are higher quality than the others. Plus, thanks to my tablet and Roku, I can stream to my TV instead of watching on my computer all of the time.


  • Haha it does sound like a confession! I think I do the opposite of you actually. I remember there was this great website from Nay. Then, of course, mysoju and dramacrazy and all these streaming sites popped up and the rest was history.

  • I use streaming sites for currently airing dramas, because I find they are out quicker than soft subs. But I download older shows, when I can download the complete series with subs in one hit.

    Are your hard drives all full of dramas? That’s a lot of dramas, lol.

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