30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 3 – Day 8

This 30 day Asian drama challenge has some different and interesting questions…

08. Favorite male character in an Asian drama?

It’s kind of hard as I’m not sure I have a “favorite” – don’t I say that with each favorite question? But…if I did have to choose only one, then I would go with Park Sa/Si Hyun from Heartless City. He’s totally awesome. He can fight like no other, he’s not stupid and can always manage to slip out of the traps set for him, he’s fiercely loyal to those he cares about and everyone else can be damned. His stoic and cold mask suits him well, but I love seeing the emotions slip out (like his worry over Soo, his happiness in youth with Kyung Mi, his anger when Soo was nearly killed…). It’s kind of funny, I prefer him to keep his shirt on 😛 I felt that way about Song Il Gook, too because even though they have a six pack, something just seemed disproportionate…they look better clothed…I’m weird, I admit it.

Park Sa

Here are a few other male characters that top my list of favorites (no particular order):

  • Bong Young Kyu from Can You Here My Heart
  • Jang Joon Ha/Bong Maru from Can You Hear My Heart
  • Hwang Tae Kyung from You’re Beautiful
  • Han Jin Woo from God’s Quiz
  • Jung Ha Yoon from God’s Quiz
  • Chokozai from ATARU
  • Akiyama Shinichi from LIAR GAME
  • Mars from ToGetHer
  • Du Jin from Skip Beat!
  • 8th Prince from Gong
  • Li Zhi Xiao from My Prince
  • Soo from Heartless City


  • genius indifferent-on-the-outside-but-really-a-softie leads all the way! 😀

  • Gahhh I love Shi Hyun too, but I prefer Boong Do from Queen In Hyun’s Man.
    And is it me, or does Jung Kyung Ho have a slouched back? That’s what bothers me more so than his abs because I loooooove to slouch too.
    After seeing his nonexistent abs in Smile, You…I say, show them to us as much as possible Kyung Ho-shi 😉

    • He does…appear slightly bent doesn’t he? Maybe that’s part of the awkwardness…bad stiff posture. Haven’t seen that drama, but I have ready others comments on how he’s scrawny and the military must have put some muscle on him.

      Boong Do…was the lead right? LOVE the actor. I first saw him as On Dal in ILPK. Good drama. Good actor. I need to finish Queen In Hyun as I got to the part where he regained his memories and came back and she took him to stay in someone’s house and they kissed!!!

      • QIHM’s romance was off the charts. Gosh, now I want to re-watch it for the 3rd time…but I’m watching so many things right now, it’s overkill.
        Oh and I forgot to address the male’s you picked from Can You Hear My Heart. Ugh, I definitely fell in love with Nam Goong Min in that drama.

        • Oh yes, Nam Goong Min. Wish to see more of him. Yeah, QIHM does have great romance. Must finish it. Must finish that and about a gazillion other dramas I start but never finish that I actually PLAN on finishing 😛 Not enough hours in the day you know.

  • I think Shi Hyun is an instant favorite from Cruel City, I’m sure he has tons of fangirls already just 6 episodes in.

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