Spring Love Episode 12 Recap

So we open with Tai running after Ren Mei’s car. He can’t catch up and stops running just as Ren Mei looks back, but he’s already out of sight. She smiles as tears roll down her cheeks as Tai huffs and puffs and looks all sad.

Spring Love Ep 12.0005

Granny Zhao is anxiously pacing back and forth and is overjoyed when she gets the news that Ren Mei is back. Of course the older woman schools her emotions. At dinner, Ren Mei is all depressed as Zhao fusses over Ren Hu. Nothing has changed after all. Enter in a special soup. Zhao states that it is for Ren Mei, not Ren Hu. Zhao then tells her granddaughter to watch what she eats so that she does not get fat again since she is back to dancing. Zhao then serves her granddaughter some food. This makes Ren Mei very happy and annoys Ren Hu to the max. Eyeroll. He’s enjoyed his grandmother’s kindness for far too long already.

As Ren Hu walks down the hall after dinner he complains that Zhao is treating Ren Mei too well. Selfish and immature, that is Ren Hu (and Tian He come to think of it). He then bumps into Wenzi. She tries to go around, but Ren Hu keeps blocking her. She then reminds him that she will NEVER like him. Ren Hu then asks how Wenzi knows Tai. She tells them they grew up together and have a special relationship. Ren Hu also asserts he’s not a petty enough guy to kick her out of the Zhao resort just because she likes Tai. Wenzi leaves and Ren Hu’s smile fades into an evil glare. Yes, he is that petty, but he’ll take it out on the Long family.

Ren Hu meets with the village head as he wishes to call in the loan he gave out for Xiao Xiang’s shop. The village head doesn’t wish to do this, but has no other choice. He goes to see Xiao Xiang and she is shocked as she has just reopened the business and does not yet have the money to fork over half the loan. The village head urges her to seek out help from someone.

So what does Xiao Xiang do? She brings the problem to the Long family and Tai instructs her to start doing delivery of her snacks as that will get more people and more money coming into the business. Ah Xiang ands Ah Lun offer their delivery services. They will do their best. Tian He then stops and looks in. Tai asks if he wants to help, but Tian He refuses and walks away. Tai asks what happened in his brother’s past to make him like that. Lao Tu says that it originated from when Long slapped Tian He. Long saw that his son had gotten into a fight and Tian He immediately asks why his father married a bar girl who ran off with another man. This infuriates Long and he slaps his son for dissing his own mother. You can see Long’s regret the moment it happened, but oh well. I still think that Tian He’s reaction was a little extreme to say the least.

Tai goes out to the cherry tree to talk to his mother. He’s finally starting to understand Tian He as well. He’s sad that he is not able to do anything to mend the gap between Long and Tian He. He then stares morosely up at the sky and says that is own feelings are being misunderstood as well. He then takes out the ballet slipper charm he bought for Ren Mei’s necklace.

Tai goes to the dance studio to watch Ren Mei practice. She catches sight of him staring like a little lost puppy and stops. Afterward, Ren Mei has changed and demands to know why he’s looking for her. Tai says that it is him and not his brother. Ren Mei doesn’t care. She has decided to have nothing to do with him or his brother. She then tells Tai to never come to seek her out again. Tai then tells her he came to give her the charm. Ren Mei seems touched by this gesture at first, but when she takes the charm away she asks if he thinks the charm can compensate for the pain he caused her. She then tosses it in the grass saying she doesn’t want it. Tai is shocked and hurt. Ren Mei walks away holding the charm while Tai searches for it desperately. So typical. Ren Mei then cries and wonders why Tai is treating her so well. You are a fricking idiot, Ren Mei. Meanwhile, Tai wonders if this is a sign that things between them are over.

Ren Hu recalls all his losses to Tai as he angrily drinks. He then recalls telling his grandmother that he hated Long Tian He when he was a little boy. His grandmother said she disliked the Long family as well as they used bad methods to steal the Long hot spring away from the Zhao family. When Ren Hu says as much to his dad, Mr. Zhao got angry. He said Granny was just kidding, but Ren Hu would have none of it. He called the Longs shameless thieves and vowed to get the hot springs back or have the family die in the hot waters. Ye gads! Seriously? Why was Ren Hu such an angry little boy filled with hatred? It makes no sense. Ren Hu then recalls his parents’ car accident and his eyes fill with tears.

Enter Wenzi. She asks him what is wrong and Ren Hu pulls her down next to him and embraces her as he cries. He says he is always in pain. Apparently he blames himself for his parents’ death, not Ren Mei. If only he hadn’t taken her up to the mountains. He continues crying and begs Wenzi to stay by his side as he cannot lose her. Sorry, Nylon, that crying scene of yours…really not believable. Wenzi pushes him away a bit and then Ren Hu sobs a bit and goes in for quite the kiss. This shocks Wenzi and she turns her head away. Ren Hu still cries pitifully as she rushes away. Back in her room, Wenzi wonders why she didn’t push him away and just why is her heart beating so fast. She likes him. Definitely.

Tai pays a visit to his older brother who is NOT happy. What does Tai want? Tai asks once more if Tian He is interested in helping out with the new menu. Why would he be? Because if Tai leaves there would be no one else who could do it, so can’t Tian He join him in the kitchen? Tian He has never deigned to set foot in the kitchen and doesn’t care if the hot spring goes under. He closes the door in his little brother’s face. Long then comes up and tells Tai not to force Tian He to do anything he doesn’t want. If Tian He doesn’t want to learn, then Tai can teach Long. This catches the eldest twin’s attention.

He goes to check in on Tai and Long’s practice and is unhappy to see how Tai cares and looks after their father when Long cuts himself. Long sees Tian He’s unhappy expression and tells Tai he’s fine. Tian He becomes even unhappier when Ah Pan and Lao Tu comment on how Long’s and Tai’s relationship has improved. Long will be devastated if/when Tai returns to Japan. Tian He cannot believe the destitute boy from Japan is worthy enough to earn his father’s love when he himself cannot. Jeepers, boy. I know your grandmother poisoned you against both parents and then your father slapped you once…but still…I don’t think it warrants such strong and visceral reactions from you.

The annoyed Tian He goes out for a walk where he bumps into Ren Hu who asks which one he is. Tian He smirks. It was a waste to be enemies for the past 10 years if Ren Hu doesn’t even know who his real rival is. Tian He makes matters worse when he says he felt shame for Ren Hu for the feast fiasco. Ren Hu then warns Tian He that he doesn’t have much time left. He also says he will make Tian He be destitute to die out on the streets. Meh.

Back at the Long house, Long was successful in creating the new menu all thanks to Tai’s help. Long says that he is just useless in the kitchen. Tai says that practice makes perfect so Long just needs more experience or else how will the hot springs survive when Tai goes back to Japan? This dampens the happy mood. Ah Pan and Lao Tu beg Tai to stay as the business will not survive without him. Tai then scolds them for saying such things. What if Tian He hears them say that? It will surely would the young man even more. At the snack shop, Xiao Xiang is hedging all of her bets on the takeout boxes so hopefully it all works out.

Ren Mei goes to seek shelter from the rain at the bus stop she and  Tai shared their first kiss at. There sits Tian He. She goes to turn around and walk away, but it pours even harder and Tian He calls her an idiot for standing out in the rain. Ren Mei comes in after complaining to herself of his sharp words. She starts brushing herself off and the water splashes onto Tian He. He jumps up and curses his bad luck for having met the fool. Ren Mei smiles…he’s actually caring for her isn’t he? He just goes about showing it in a harsh way. Tian He cannot believe this. Before such things would make her cry…was he not bad enough? He’ll have to up his game then. He then brings up how she is keeping with ballet. Ren Mei asks why she should and Tian He asks if she really believes her sh*t dream can come true. It’s best for her to give it up versus getting hurt in the end. Ren Mei says that in the past those words would have hurt her, but now she can read the opposite of what he says. She will continue striving. A free ride bus comes and Ren Mei asks him to sit with her. Tian He refuses saying he doesn’t sit with idiots and Ren Mei takes her leave while Tian He puzzles over her referring to herself as a “Meat Bun Translating Machine.”

Tian He returns home to hear a happy atmosphere. When he peaks in, the laughing stops. Tian He says he must have interrupted them and that there is no room for him. Lao Tu tells Ah Pan to quickly reheat the food she put aside for Tian He, but the boy refuses as he doesn’t eat leftovers. He storms into his room and complains about how his presence does not matter in that house—no cares if he’s there or not. That is not true whatsoever, but he is blinded but that huge chip on his shoulder that makes him constantly angry.

Tai goes into the kitchen and sees Ah Pan and Lao Tu preparing a special tray for Tian He. The youngest twin scolds them for spoiling the surly boy. He understands that Tian He used to be sickly and in need of looking after, but not that he’s recovered, his behavior should change. Ah Pan and Lao Tu ask for Tai to be more understanding as they have no idea what happened in Japan and why he came back without Dr. Jin. Tai says his older brother will never recover if they keep treating him as an ill person. Enter Tian He as Tai complains about not understanding what Tian He is thinking. Tian He then asks what Tai is thinking trying to poison Lao Tu and Ah Pan against him. Ah Pan and Lao Tu jump in to stop a fight. They assure Tian He that Tai is just worried about him. This annoys Tian He. So…after impersonating him for a few months, the servants are on Tai’s side? The younger twin snaps. He wishes that Tian He would only take out anger on him instead of the innocent people around them. Tian He then says that Tai’s master plan was to drive him out and take over his life. Tai wonders what his brother is so worried about—didn’t he say he’d leave after creating the new menu. Tian He tells him to stop making excuses and just leave already. Ah Pan and Lao Tu try to intervene, but Tai angrily says he will leave in the morning since that is what his brother wants.

Ah Pan and Lao Tu immediately rush to tell Long to complain and to beg him to think of a way to get Tai to stay. Long wishes for Tai to stay as well, but does not know what he can do to hold on to his youngest son. Ah Pan and Lao Tu then both announce they have thought of a way. Their plan? Long pretending to be sick. Since Tai is a good boy, he’d be concerned enough to stay. Tai is worried as his father seemed well at dinner. Ah Pan and Lao Tu say he’s been covering his illness for awhile now. He’s even been vomiting blood. Ah Pan then hands Long a handkerchief. The older man coughs into it and then shows Tai. Only Ah Pan put mustard on it instead of ketchup. Whoops. Will Tai fall for it or will he understand it’s a trick? Lao Tu quickly says that thankfully it was phlegm and not blood. Long lies down and Tai asks to send for a doctor, but of course they say no since the normal doctor is still in Japan. Tai wonders what to do then. They tell him not to give Long any more stress and try to get along with Tian He and not argue with him. Tai reluctantly agrees to stay and Ah Pan and Lau Tu ask him to make some health food for his father.

Ah Pan nearly runs into Tian He with the hot soup. She scolds him and tells him to make some noise when he walks. She then says the soup is for the ill Long. This surprises Tian He, their father is ill? Ah Pan then says that since Tian He couldn’t take care of his own health, it’s no surprise that he doesn’t know about his father’s bad health. She then says that she and Lao Tu were busy with the new menu that they begged Tai to stay on for a few more days to help out otherwise he would have taken his things and left. The phone rings and Ah Pan yells for Lao Tu to answer, but he doesn’t. Tian He then says she can answer it as he will take the soup to his dad. This makes Ah Pan smile. Deep down Tian He really does care for his father.

Long bemoans the plot that Ah Pan and Lao Tu cooked up when Tian He stands outside the door. Long quickly lies down and starts coughing. Tian He goes to knock, but immediately becomes angry when Long asks if it is Tai. So…his father really doesn’t care about him nor want to see him. His illness won’t get worse because of this will it? He then sets the tray down and leaves. Long opens the door and sees the food. Why didn’t Tai come in? Or was it Tian He. He sighs. He is thinking too much now.

Tian He is sleeping and creaming about Japan. Going to Japan for treatment was a gamble for breath and to see who would miss him. He then hears a woman’s voice saying he’s already home so why doesn’t he come in. He turns and there is his mother holding open the gate to the Long house. He stares in shock. The ghost comes out smiling. She says she cooked him his favorite food. When he says nothing and only stares she smiles and asks what is wrong. Tian He cries and asks where she went and why she didn’t take him with her. She replies that her heart was always there with Tian He and that she didn’t go all that far away. Tian He continues crying and she wipes away his tears. “Silly child, stop crying.” Tian He grabs her into a hug and cries harder saying “Ma” over and over again. Awwww. The dream sequence ends and we see Tian He crying in his sleep.

Ren Hu gets an update on Xiao Xiang’s situation. When he hears how she is selling the more expensive lunch boxes, he smirks and tells the village head to come to him and pick up some business cards. He should promote the gift boxes to these men. So…what vile trick is Ren Hu playing now as I refuse to believe he’s doing this out of the goodness of his black and shriveled little heart?

Spring Love Ep 12.0108

Ren Mei is heading home when she sees Tai on the motorcycle. She wonders what he is doing, but keeps on walking. Meanwhile, Tai goes to the studio hoping to see her dance. No such luck. Ah Lun and Ah Xiang then spot Ren Mei and tell her how everyone misses her. They then say the wonder if Long’s illness is because he misses the young girl so much. This worries Ren Mei and she heads on over to the house only to turn her back on it as she didn’t want to meet Long Tai. Of course, that’s when he returns home and she bumps into him.

Ah Pan then brings Ren Mei inside and chides her for standing outside while everyone inside misses her. Ren Mei  says she heard about Long being ill. Enter Lao Tu who tells Ah Pan to go with him to give Long his medicine. What medicine? The two head into Long’s room where Lao Tu hands over an expensive face powder to give long a makeover. When Ah Pan is done, he’s as pale as a corpse…not the look they were going for. Ren Mei then enters and Ah Pan tells him that the doctor says he will be fine after some rest. Ah Pan and Lao Tu then say they should let Long rest. They then ask the girl to stay for a meal to help cheer Long up.

Ren Mei is out in the yard staring up at the cherry tree when Tai comes out. Enter a long period of silence with the two just staring at each other. Again, Tai’s heart is in his eyes. Why can’t Ren Mei see how much he loves her? Tai’s gaze in then distracted by a leaf falling from a tree. He catches it in his palm and hears his mom call him a silly child and telling him to use the opportunity to clear tte air with Ren Mei and tell her how he really feels. But the one she liked was Tian He, not him. How would he know unless he confesses his own feelings? The leaf then blows out of his hand and he approaches Ren Mei. He has something to tell her. What? The moment is interrupted by a phone call and then Lao Tu complaining about no rice. Sheesh. Figures. Ah Pan and Lao Tu then ask Tai to cook a meal since Ren Mei is staying for dinner. Tai says he understands and goes off to cook with a heavy heart over the missed opportunity.

Ren Mei sits inside and wonders if he was just going to apologize once more. She doesn’t need to hear any more apologies from him. Tian He then passes by and asks why she is there. Ren Mei says she came because she heard Long was sick. Tian He then says he thought she came uninvited because she regards the place as hers now. Ren Mei then says that Tian He is really concerned about why she is there. Tian He says that he always thought she was stupid, but he’s finding her more and more interesting. Why does she argue with him now? Ren Mei confesses she was once afraid, but isn’t any more because of the look on his face. Tian He then smiles a bit and Ren Mei says it is the first time she’s ever seen him smile. Enter Ah Pan who tells Ren Mei the meal is ready. She also tells Tian He that she will specially bring his meal to his room. Tian He says there is no need as he will eat with them. Will wonders never cease?

Tian He scoffs at the prepared meal and Ah Pan explains that it is specially made for Ren Mei as she loves drumsticks and the food is simple and not greasy since she worked so hard to lose weight. Ren Mei is touched that Tai still remembers her love for chicken drumsticks. Tai then comes in and the aunt and uncle set him down to eat. Tian He watches and feels something strange between Ren Mei and Tai. Lao Tu and Ah Pan then exclaim how it is the very first time Tian He has joined them to eat with his little brother. What an occasion. Tian He then gives Ren Mei some food shocking everyone and I think making Tai a wee bit jealous. Tian He is shocked to learn “the fake” likes Ren Mei. Tian He then decides to tease the couple by being nice and attentive to Ren Mei. Ah Pan and Lao Tu wonder just what the eldest twin is up to.

Tai can’t take anymore and excuses himself from the table. Ren Mei in turn then says she’s full and excuses herself. This causes Ah Pan to stop eating as well. Ah Pan and Lao Tu then tell Ren Mei to stop washing the dishes when Tai brings in the order with the food for the new menu. Ah Pan and Lao Tu then tell Tai and Ren Mei to chat when Tian He comes in and offers to help Ren Mei do dishes if that is what she wants. This shocks everyone again and displeases Tai. Poor boy. Bad Tian He. How dare you do that to your baby brother? Tai leaves and Tian He tells Ah Pan and Lao Tu to go ahead and go about what they need to do.

Ren Mei leaves and promises to return soon to visit Long again. After she leaves, Ah Pan and Lao Tu immediately talk about the strange behavior they just witnessed. It gave them both goose bumps. Just what was going on with Tian He. Lao Tu says it is a good thing Long pretended to be sick as it brought Tian He to his senses. Not really. But whatever floats their boat.

Ren Mei is walking home and recalls Tian He helping her with the dishes. She didn’t know he would do such chores. Tian He then says she doesn’t know the real him, but she will from now on. What does that mean? Tian He then asks her out. Too bad I know he isn’t sincere. The question, of course, shocks Ren Mei. What shall be her reply? Tian He then says they can start as friends first. Ren Mei then wonders why she isn’t happy that her longtime crush has finally asked her out. She then complains about it being all Tai’s fault. When is he going to clear things up with her. Yep. A certified idiot.

Tian He finds Tai sitting morosely and starts talking about how cute Ren Mei is and how she is no longer afraid of him. So…he will befriend her then? What does it matter if he does or not? Tai begs his brother to treat Ren Mei well as she is a very fragile person inside. Tian He smirks—he’s an expert in hurting people so he can’t guarantee not to hurt her. Tai again begs Tian He to be good to her. Tian He demands to know a reason why. Tai confesses Ren Mei’s long time crush. Tian He asks if Tai likes Ren Mei. Tai denies this and Tian He laughs and says that he won’t hurt Ren Mei as he has come to like her. He then walks away leaving an unhappy Tai.

At the Zhao residence, Ren Hu is showing Wenzi his design for a second resort. Wenzi wishes to know why he’s showing her and Ren Hu says it will be decorated to suit her tastes and will be his gift to her. Wenzi calls him crazy and tries to leave. Ren Hu agrees he’s crazy for her and says he will give her everything as long as she stays by his side. She tells him to let go and he goes in for the kill…I mean kiss. Papers get knocked off his desk and Wenzi sees her passport. She picks it up and asks why it is with him. He really has been working behind the scenes to destroy the Longs. Ren Hu says it has to do with his longtime hatred of the family not her. He just wanted to make sure she couldn’t leave. Wenzi then vows to have nothing more to do with him and leaves. Serves crazy boy right.

Ren Mei is out walking when Tian He rides up on the motorcycle. What is he doing on there on the bike? Tian He says it was his bike to begin with with and offers her a ride home. He hands over a helmet and says he hates being turned down. She won’t refuse him will she? Tai then walks by and sees Ren Mei with Tian He.

End episode. Looks like in 13 Tian He is still up to no good. Sigh. When will he grow up and stop being such an ass?

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