30 Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 10

Music related drama posts aren’t any easier…

Day 10: Your favorite Drama insert song?

Do you now how hard it is to come up with INSERT songs? Pretty hard…I mostly recall themes and opening songs. So…yeah. I can tell you TONS of theme songs I love. As for insert songs…how to choose just one? Granted it took me awhile to compile a list, but still… So…let’s do it this way – favorite insert songs from different Asian dramas.


“Sunao ni Narenakute” by Sugiwara Sayuri from the drama Sunao ni Narenakute


“A Moment’s Consolation” by Yida Huang from the drama Devil Beside You

Or maybe more like Nylon Chen’s “Growing Up” from the recently completed Spring Love


“ What Can I Do?” by Jang Geun Suk from You’re Beautiful (okay, probably NOT considered and actual insert song, but I don’t care)


  • So is an insert song just a song that was played in the drama but not the main song that was played all throughout the drama?

  • Kdrama – Witch Yeo Hee 2001 Day By Day Jo Gwan Woo youtube /watch?v=GTW8Iw-2qeg
    IRIS 2009 Don’t Forget by Baek Ji Young
    Jdrama – Hero 2001 Can You Keep A Secret? by Utada Hikaru youtube
    and from Kurosagi 2006 Daite Seniorita By Yamashita Tomohisa
    Twdrama In time with you 2011 I Won’t Like You by Bo-Lin Chen youtube /watch?v=FJMua_GtlwY I loved the fact that Bolin Chen poured his soul into it – he is visible untrained to do it yet he made me love the song… like so many people loved Hyun Bin singing That woman for Secret Garden

    • Korean music is soooo pretty! I have only watched one episode of Witch Yoo Hee, so I don’t recall the OST that much, but that song is awesome! I didn’t know Can You Keep a Secret was an insert song for Hero 2001…actually…I think that song might have been used in another drama, too…it’s Hiki, so she’s everywhere 😛
      Daite Senorita. It was a good theme song. I think I prefer Yamapi with “Loveless” – that was a great song.
      I thought Chen Bolin was a singer and an actor…so if he is both, you’d think he’d have some training, but maybe not. I do like his songs. I think that, Hyun Bin’s and Song Joong Ki’s are popular as they are really putting their character and emotions into the songs, which touch you even if their voices aren’t the best – like in kdrama Gloria. Bae Do Na’s voice…ain’t bad, but ain’t great and she always managed to touch people with the passion she put into it.

  • This was the hardest question for me to answer . . . I actually started answering the question last night after reading the post at Give Me Dramas, who voted for one of my favorite song

    Harlem Yu’s Qing Fei De Yi – Meteor Garden, then I was watching the video for

    Mars – Zero by Alan Kuo, which lead me to

    Lovers – Yim Jaebum – Confession . . . long story short, it was 1am and I was re-watching my favorite parts of The King 2 Hearts (having no clue how I got there).

    So no, I cannot answer this question. Too many to list, which I actually had just one or two.

    • Love Alan Kou’s Ling/Zero such an epic song & opening for Mars.

      It’s really hard to choose any one above the other – too much good drama music to be had.

      • YAB YAB! All their songs are good 🙂

        MARS’s opening song is so perfect, melancholic and epic at the same time. The only reason I didn’t list it is because I found DBY’s opening song to be more catchy for me.

  • I want to be able to answer this before the 30 Challenge is over. It’s still bugging me. Every time I think of a song, I then ask myself, but is this your favorite theme song . . .the answer is always no. However, I want to decide on one.

  • Found it, my favorite drama song is for a 1994 drama Imoto Yo, the theme song is sung by the original artist Minami kousetsu is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPSYQHnot14

  • Does anyone know the insert songs from the drama 너의 목소리가 들려 (I can hear your voice)

    • To date:

      “Dolgolae” – Every Single Day
      “Echo” – Every Single Day
      “Why Did You Just Come Now” – Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul)
      “In My Eyes” – Kim Yeon Ji (The Seeya)
      “The Days We Were Happy” – Narae

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