Drama Go Go Go Episode 10 Recap

18 more episodes to go. Usually, it’s a bad thing when I start doing an episode countdown. This drama is not bad by any means, but I have this niggling feeling that it doesn’t need 28 episodes and that the plot will get bogged down to some unbearable episodes—kind of like Beauties of the Emperor. Every time Miao Ge and Yun Kuang become the focus of the episode, I’m bored to tears and waiting to go back to Lu Le and Hai Tian instead. Anywho, that has nothing to do with Drama Go Go Go.

Episode 10: Secrets Won’t be Secrets Forever? Part 2

So we backtrack a bit at the beginning to the fight between Pei Ni and her mother. Of course, Pei Ni’s mother denies being a social climber out for her own benefit by using her daughter. I’m sure that Pei Ni’s mother is doing it for her daughter, but I think she’s lying to herself if she didn’t think about how it would benefit her as well. Anywho, so she rushes off and Pei Ni breaks down. Eason arrives on the scene and Pei Ni yells at him to leave, but Eason won’t listen. He just can’t leave the hurting girl alone. He does his best to comfort her when Pei Ni’s manager comes and wonders how they will manage to make an escape when the building is surrounded by reporters. The solution? Pei Ni hides out in Eason’s car as he leaves the studio.


Ming Ming is at home lounging on her coach in front of the sofa when she sees Eason’s comments to the reporters for making a big deal out of age when talent should be what is considered instead. This makes Ming Ming very happy as she believes Eason is referring to her. Um…no…I’m pretty sure Eason was honestly referencing Pei Ni directly as she did tell him about how hard she worked to climb to the top of the acting world.

Eason has brought Pei Ni back to his place. She has nowhere else to go and no one she can really lean on or hide out with (she won’t be going home to face her mom as she’s not ready for that quite yet). Pei Ni is reluctant to impose on Eason and he believes it’s because his place is rather a dump. Pei Ni quickly asserts that isn’t the case, it is just because she doesn’t want to burden him. Eason assures her that she can crash at his place as he has friends who would be willing to take him in for a night or two.


Shao Tian comes over with some food for Ming Ming. He thought she would be hard at work, but she’s not. He asks if she saw the Eason’s interview. Ming Ming can only smile. Shao Tian then complains about how long and hard his day was and how the next will probably be just as bad thanks to that article coming out about Pei Ni. He then asks why Ming Ming can’t stop smiling. Ming Ming then tells him how Eason’s statement mad her day. Shao Tian cannot believe that Ming Ming actually thinks Eason was referring to her. He then tells her how Eason drove off with Pei Ni and how nobody can seem to contact the missing star. Ming Ming offers to call Eason to find out where he dropped Pei Ni off at, but Shao Tian turns this down—she can’t use work as an excuse to call her boyfriend. He goes to leave and comes back with Eason in tow.


At Eason’s place, Pei Ni is trying to clean up but having no luck getting any running water. At Ming Ming’s place, Ming Ming asks where Eason left Pei Ni. Eason lies and says he dropped her off in a remote place. Ming Ming then tells him to be good to Pei Ni as she probably needs the support of a fellow celebrity. Eason promises to do just that and then asks a big favor—let him spend the night. Ming Ming, flustered, immediately refuses as she’s conservative and old fashioned. Eason promises her that isn’t the case—his plumbing is broken. Ming Ming says she does have a guest room, but really needs to get the final work done on the script. Eason promises not to bother her and Ming Ming caves. He then says that he is hungry. Ming Ming goes to her fridge which contains only three eggs, two tomatoes, and a package of expired tofu. This girl. Shakes head. At this time, Pei Ni is trying to fix the broken water only to have it come shooting out. She puts in a desperate call to Eason who promises to rush over. He apologizes to Ming Ming and vows to have a rain check on the tomatoes and eggs.


He gets back to his place where he finds Pei Ni frantically trying to stop the water. Eason apologizes for not telling her about the broken showerhead. He then sees that Pei Ni’s white shirt is completely see-through. He quickly takes a towel and hands it over while taking the wrench from her. He kneels down and manages to fix the showerhead while Pei Ni stares at his back, entranced. The two then look at each other and start laughing. Pei Ni says it is the first time all day that she did not think about what happened. It’s a good thing that the accident happened then.


Eason is about to head out again, but Pei Ni says she cannot kick Eason out of his own home. She tells him that she will sleep on the coach. Eason does break down and agree. Pei Ni is sleeping on the coach when she overhears singing. She goes out on the balcony where she sees Eason singing softly and gazing up at the sky. This makes her smile. Yep, Pei Ni’s falling for him like crazy. And what is Eason thinking about as he stares at the moon and sings? He’s thinking about another 30-year-old—Ming Ming. What is she doing at that moment? Ming Ming is watching yet another news report about Pei Ni. Ming Ming cannot stand they are making such a big deal about Pei Ni’s age. She turns off the TV and gets to work on her script.


The next morning Pei Ni gets up and goes outside to find Eason has spent the night sleeping on the balcony. He wakes up and she asks if he did so because of her. Eason smiles and says he was enjoying looking at the moon and then fell asleep. Pei Ni smiles and looks up at the morning sky. It’s been so long since she’s had time to stop and enjoy such a little thing. Eason tells her to enjoy the sky as he goes to pick up breakfast—what would she like? Pei Ni just asks what’s in his fridge. She then makes some food for the both of them. Eason compliments her skills and she complains that he has such a low opinion of her. The two then talk about how poverty effects your life. Pei NI then opens up about the scary manager who tried to trick her into filming porn (this was part of the reason she ran away to New York to study acting). She also reveals that when she put her real age on her profile, no one was willing to hire her. Thus in a fit of anger she lopped off 6 years and low and behold she got tons of offers and that’s why she’s where she’s at now. Eason tells her to throw everything away and reset. It’s possible to do it as Eason himself has reset his life.


Eason goes to work where he finds Zhuo Jie and Ming Ming talking over the script. Since Pei Ni is not there, they have to film around her scenes. Zhuo tells Ming Ming that she’s becoming more confident. She then says that since no one is willing to hire Ming Ming, then Ming Ming should be free to film a second season of the show for the same cost. Aiyo, this woman. Ming Ming has an idea to get Pei Ni to speak out her personal feelings using the character of Mei Guo. Zhuo likes this, but how to contact Pei Ni? Ming Ming decides to leave a coded message on Pei Ni’s blog.


Qiong Zi is trying to figure out which approach to use to talk to Eason about her remaining as his manager when Eason and Ming Ming come in. Ming Ming immediately tells Qiong Zi that she had business with Zhuo and Eason tells her to relax since Qiong Zi is one of them. Eason is happy that Ming Ming is on Pei Ni’s side and has thought of a way to help her through this crisis. He then uses the word “reset” again and Ming Ming immediately grabs out her pen and notebook as she likes that word. Eason is called back on set and Qiong Zi takes Ming Ming out. She is hoping that Ming Ming will side with her so that Eason doesn’t get rid of Qiong Zi. Ming Ming has no idea exactly what Qiong Zi keeps talking about, but she agrees to support Qiong Zi as long as Qiong Zi is doing her best to help Eason. This relieves the manager for a wee bit.


Eason goes home with take out for Pei Ni. He tells her he has to go back to the studio and might have to film all night. Pei Ni believes that he’s doing this to avoid her. Eason replies that it just isn’t right for the two of them to be alone together—what if the press snaps a picture? That would land Pei Ni in more hot water. Pei Ni tells him she’s leaving the next day and thanks him for being there for her when she needed his help. This situation has taught her to cherish the person who offers their hand as she’s falling from the cliff. Pei Ni then turns to Eason and asks him to reset his heart. Eason says he has never disliked her and Pei Ni calls him a liar. Eason smiles and touches Pei Ni’s forehead and says “reset.” This makes Pei Ni happy. Hearing that Eason would like to move out of his apartment, she then offers him a rental property that she owns. Eason is reluctant, but Pei Ni gets him to agree to it and that’s where this episode ends.


Since the drama’s script is in its final episodes, does that mean we’ll be leaving behind the drama filming soon and moving on to something else? But…then again, there’s supposed to be a season two with the original cast, so maybe not.


  • Ooo so are you still watching Beauties of the Emperor? Do you recommend it?

    And LOLOLOL there is no way they are gonna move on from the drama filming! In fact the whole drama issues continue on and on. T___T

    Anyways one of the scenes that I remember laughing at in this episode was the shower scene. I thought it was really funny when Pei Ni was staring at Eason’s strong dependable back. 😉 Can’t blame her though right?

    I also liked the scene when they are talking outside in the morning. My favorite part is this shot:

    • Nevermind it didn’t let me post an image. T__T

    • I do recommend Beauties of the Emperor. I do complain as there are some slower episodes & I really hate Yun Kuang & Miao Ge, but I find it rather good. I only have 10 episodes left 🙂

      I was wondering if they’d keep on with the drama and tons of issues. It’s one thing that I find annoying in nearly every drama is how badly they drag things out and ruin the pacing of dramas.

      I don’t blame Pei Ni at all for ogling Eason’s back 😉 and the morning scene was nice as well. Pei Ni and Ming Ming have to be polar opposites.

      • Oh so you are rather far into the drama! I am deciding whether to watch it or not, I watched the first couple episodes but was kinda turned off by CQE’s character pretending to be her dad’s son. T_T

        The thing that annoys me with the drama issues is that it is finally Ming Ming’s chance to make it big, but she is ruining it all because of Eason.

        • It gets better as she stops pretending to be his son.

          I, too, find it annoying that Ming Ming would waste her chance because of Eason. Shao Tian shows a greater maturity when he does tell her to stop & think about herself and her future. Eason isn’t a bad person, but it makes for a bad relationship to be doing all the giving & sacrificing.

          • Ok good, maybe I will just skip that one part then. T_T I just do not get why they have female characters ‘disguising’ themselves as guys when they CLEARLY still look lady-like!

            Yeah it’s not like Eason wanted her to give up her career for him (was that a spoiler?) buuut it sorta ends up that way. Ming Ming is just being unreasonable in throwing away her chances at success.

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