Smile, Donghae Episode 52 Recap

Do Jin is horrified to learn that Saewa dated a former short track skater from the US team. The man tries to think of Donghae’s name, but can’t. This annoys Do Jin and he yells at the man. Do Jin hands him his business card and begs him to contact Do Jin if he can remember anything. Do Jin and his friend leaves and Saewa hides in a corner to avoid being seen. Saewa then heads to the bar and introduces herself to the man from Columbia. She apologizes to him and then asks why he met with Do Jin. The man apologizes and says he can’t tell her. Saewa apologizes and demands the truth as her marriage is at stake. The man apologizes and says if he had known why he was asked to meet Do Jin, he would never have come. Saewa asks how much he told Do Jin. The man apologizes and says it was everything he could remember. He then asks if the man was Carl Laker. Saewa starts crying and begs the man to help her save her marriage by not telling Do Jin the truth. The man promises to keep mum and leaves. Saewa calls Do Jin who is angry and hurting. He throws his phone angrily instead of answering.

Sae Young and Tae Hoon are still arguing over memorials yet again. Sae Young refuses to go his grandfather’s since she needs to be there to help her mother prepare for Mr. Yoon’s memorial. So Tae Hoon says she’s horribly selfish and he’s reconsidering the path he’s chosen. He talks about divorcing her for not fulfilling her duties as a daughter-in-law and takes baby San and leaves. Sae Young cannot believe this. She’s also very upset that Tae Hoon took their son and left their daughter. Out comes Sool Nyeo who tells Sae Young to quickly follow Tae Hoon as he’s in a bad enough mood to do something. Sae Young says she doesn’t care and will give Tae Hoon a divorce. Sool Nyeo slaps her and says not to say such bad things in front of her baby.

The entire Lee family and Laker family are waiting anxiously for Tae Hoon’s and Sae Young’s arrival. Tae Hoon lies and says he told Sae Young to stay home and take care of her father’s service instead. Sun Ok wants to call Sae Young to give her a piece of her mind, but is stopped so they can finally start the service. At the Yoon household, Sae Young is furious and worried about being hated. Sool Nyeo sends her off saying that Saewa and Do Jin will be there shortly. Sae Young grabs her daughter and rushes out the door while Sool Nyeo tries to get in touch with her eldest daughter and son-in-law. When she gets no answer, she starts to freak out a bit.

Do Jin goes back to his office recalling the man from Columbia’s words about a Korean-American skater. He then recalls Saewa’s call record and all the calls she made to Donghae. Do Jin wonders if it was Donghae and has his secretary pull Donghae’s personnel file. Meanwhile, Saewa has gone back to the Kim house, but no Do Jin. She calls Sool Nyeo to check and learns that Do Jin didn’t go there either. She then apologizes and says Do Jin was sick so they couldn’t attend the memorial.

Saewa rushes to the hotel to find Do Jin and runs into his secretary who is bringing Do Jin Donghae’s personnel file. Saewa takes the files from Secretary Kim and tells him to lie to Do Jin that the records are lost. Kim says that he cannot, but Saewa says she will take full responsibility if this is ever found out. Of course, Do Jin is livid that the records have been misplaced. Enter Saewa. Do Jin tells her he wishes to be alone and not to follow him. He then rushes out of the office.

At the Lee household, the service is progressing without a hitch as each family member takes their turn paying respects to Grandfather Lee. Pil Jae prays for his father to help him win Anna’s heart and to be able to marry her. Afterwards the family sits down to a meal just as Sae Young arrives with her daughter. Sae Young lies and says she would have been there earlier, but Gang was sick. Sun Ok immediately scolds Sae Young for lying—the Lees all know Sae Young cares more about her family than theirs. Sae Young then says that both families are important. She, too, wanted to show her father her twins since it was the first memorial after her wedding. Kang Jae says that there is nothing wrong with this. Unfortunately, Korean society favors the man’s family, thus such problems occur. Sun Ok complains that her husband favors Sae Young too much and she complains to Sae Young saying that she has an older sister to perform the ceremony. Kang Jae cuts in and tells her to stop. Yep, Saewa doesn’t care about any one but herself, thus she could completely ignore her father’s memorial to stop her husband from finally learning the truth.

Kang Jae then tells Tae Hoon to go to her father’s memorial. Pil Jae and Sun Ok don’t agree to this, but Kang Jae as head of the household, trumps them. Meanwhile, poor Sool Nyeo is upset and all alone doing the service herself. Sae Young and Tae Hoon arrive with the twins and are upset to find poor Sool Nyeo all alone. Sae Young asks after Saewa and Do Jin. Sool Nyeo replies she doesn’t need them or Tae Hoon and Sae Young. She goes off to her bedroom with the kids looking upset.

Saewa is standing outside the Kim home anxiously awaiting Do Jin’s arrival. He finally returns home completely wasted. Saewa goes over to help him inside, but he viciously shakes her off. When the two enter the house, Joon is not happy to see the drunken state of his son. He helps Saewa take Do Jin upstairs where Do Jin angrily shoves Saewa to the floor. Joon wonders what is going on and Saewa lies and says Do Jin is just drunk. Joon leaves and Saewa tries to get him undressed from his suit and he angrily demands to know why she’s not asking him what’s wrong. He yells and tells her to stop acting like she knows why he’s angry. But…she does know why… Do Jin grabs her arm and squeezes it tightly. Saewa complains that he is hurting her and he throws her off the bed again and leaves. Geez. An angry, mean drunk. Hye Sook is on the phone with the Jos when Joon comes in. She asks what’s going on with Do Jin. She gets up to confront her son, but Joon tells her to leave him be for now.

At the Lee house, things are being cleaned up and Sun Ok asks how Anna’s parents passed away. Anna says she can’t remember and Donghae says that the adoption records only indicated that her parents were killed in a storm. Sun Ok pities Anna for this and tells her to quickly find James. Bongi and Donghae then usher their mothers out of the kitchen to rest so they can finish cleaning up and start practicing their cooking.

The next morning Saewa wakes up at her vanity and looks over at the bed only to find Do Jin gone. Where is he? He’s at the hotel waiting for Donghae. He demands Donghae follow him. Donghae refuses, but Do Jin insists. Donghae asks Bongi to take Anna and leave. Both women are reluctant, but do leave the two men alone. Donghae demands to know why Do Jin is trying to pick a fight with him so early in the morning. Do Jin ignores this question and demands to know if there was any other Korean-American short track skaters on the US team. This question surprises Donghae. Why is Do Jin asking him that? Donghae almost tells him he’s the only one, but Anna and Bongi return and come between the two, reminding them they are at a hotel and can’t fight.

Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji WonDo Jin goes to his mother’s office to find Saewa there. Hye Sook asks if they have been fighting. Saewa says that they haven’t and then apologizes for oversleeping and not taking good care of him. Hye Sook scolds Saewa for not making Do Jin her top priority and then tells Saewa to find Donghae for the interview for the program. Saewa says she’d rather focus on Yoo Jin, but Hye Sook says that Donghae has the more interesting story that can bring attention to their hotel. The look that Do Jin shoots at Saewa is positively murderous.

In the kitchen, Bongi and Donghae are wondering about Do Jin’s odd behavior when Yoo Jin comes in very flamboyantly dressed. She asks Donghae if she looks pretty and he reluctantly says she does earning him a kick from Bongi. Yoo Jin then says that it was a rhetorical question and asks if Bongi is jealous since Yoo Jin gets to be on TV. Bongi immediately says she isn’t and doesn’t care about being on TV. However, she loses her cool when Yoo Jin asserts that Bongi won’t get any air time since she’s going to lose. Enter Saewa and Do Jin. Yoo Jin find Saewa’s name very familiar—why is that? Saewa says Yoo Jin must have heard her name on TV.

Donghae is working in the back when Saewa comes in. He immediately pulls her further in and demands to know what is going on. Saewa says its only a matter of time before Do Jin discovers the whole truth since he now knows she dated a short track skater in the US. Saewa then says Donghae should be worried as well. Saewa then demands Donghae leave the hotel and Korea for good. Donghae says its too late and tells her what Do Jin asked him earlier. Did he tell Do Jin? No. Donghae says they can’t keep it a secret forever and Saewa says there is no way her husband can find out.

Sool Nyeo wakes up with a hangover and notices she didn’t even change her clothes before going to bed. She then remembers Do Jin couldn’t come to the service because he was ill. She then goes to visit him. He apologizes for not making it to the service and she comments on how unwell he looks. She then hands over some red ginseng from him. Of course, Do Jin uses this opportunity to grill Sool Nyeo about Saewa’s past in the US. Sool Nyeo (rather unconvincingly to me) says that Saewa only studied and that there was no man in her life. Sool Nyeo insists that Do Jin is Saewa’s first boyfriend. Enter Saewa. She demands to know why her mother is there. Sool Nyeo says that she is only there to bring him something since she heard he was sick. She then asks Do Jin to go out to eat with her, but Do Jin refuses and leaves. Sool Nyeo demands to know what is going on. Saewa refuses to fill her in and tells her mom to just go home since she’s only make Saewa feel even worse.

Back in the kitchen, the filming for the show begins. Yoo Jin is interviewed first. Since she used to live in New York, wasn’t learning Korean cuisine hard? Cooking is all about feeling. What gives her such an incredible feeling? Yoo Jin pulls Donghae to her and says it’s him. Bongi is livid and Saewa is a taken aback. She does smoothly continue and starts to interview Donghae. He is nervous and before he can say anything, Yoo Jin speaks for him. He was on the national team and was rumored to have the perfect girlfriend. Do Jin hears all of this and puts all the pieces of the puzzle together and rushes out of the kitchen.

Afterwards, Bongi and Donghae go up to Yoo Jin and Bongi scolds Yoo Jin for doing that on public television. Yoo Jin states people express their love in different ways. She confessed openly while Bongi trashily kissed him. This makes Bongi livid. Yoo Jin then asks Donghae if he was surprised. Donghae says that he was and that she was a little out of line. He then tells Yoo Jin to NOT talk about his past in America. He and Bongi then leave to start making dinner when Do Jin rushes up to Yoo Jin and demands to know if what she said earlier was all true. Yoo Jin says it is and Do Jin demands to know if she can remember the girlfriend’s name. Yoo Jin thinks about it and recalls the girlfriend was known as Saewa Navi (Saewa Butterfly). She then recalls the full name being Yoon Saewa—wait—isn’t that the name of Do Jin’s wife?

End episode.

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