B.A.P Releases One Shot MV

B.A.P releases their MV for “One Shot” featuring the song “One Shot” (obviously) and another song “Coma.” The song talks about having only one chance in life and making it count. The video fits and yet doesn’t fit the message at all. Our boys resort to thievery when their friend is kidnapped and held for ransom. They deliver the money only to end up in a shootout where everybody dies (including the baddies) we then get an image of the matoki and things rewind a bit to have the kidnapee as an undercover cop who set them all up. Which ending do you prefer?

Oh, and the English in this song? It’s actually pretty correct. Yay for English that makes sense! I have no idea why, but for some reason I keep thinking of Eminem’s 8 Mile when watching and listening to this…


  • This was such an odd video. Why did they have two endings? Made no sense. Made me really angry at Youngjae though, lol. If these guys have saved your ass, why are you gloating to them about being a cop? Douche. I preferred it when they all died, lol.

    And the english was terrible! I could forgive Yong Guk for pronouncing it incorrectly if the actual lyrics were okay but “Get your mind out fo’ the gutter”? No. I guess the rest of it was okay, if you don’t count the pronunciation. Zelo was always better at English than Yong Guk was, his lines weren’t as bad.

    I like Daehyun’s bit, “ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh”. It’s good to sing to. And he got his “clench fists and wail” bit, which a BAP song is never without.

    I loved the dance, and i like it that they’ve gone back to their debut days with their image. Lol, and so are Simon & Martina. I found it funny how happy they were at this video, because of how much they hated Rain Sound.

    • Yeah, while I didn’t like them all dying, I preferred that end to the entrapment and Young Jae’s gloating over having his good buddies all arrested.
      Ah, the English. I actually needed the subtitles supplied for the English parts as I was scratching my head trying to figure out Yong Guk’s bad pronunciation only to learn that the English was epically bad for B.A.P. Zeolo’s English in his raps is clearer. It doesn’t make it any more correct necessarily, but it’s at least easier to understand.

      I like Daehyun’s bit, “ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh”. It’s good to sing to. And he got his “clench fists and wail” bit, which a BAP song is never without.

      I had to laugh at that! It’s so true. Sometimes his soulful wailing fits songs and sometimes not (I’m looking at you R&B rift in Warrior). I love Daehyun’s voice. I was also pleased to see the return to their tough guy image and powerful songs. I didn’t dislike “Rain Sound,” but was trying to figure out what in the heck was going on in that weird, weird video. Given Simon & Martina’s penchant for a stronger, powerful sound over ballads and the like, it’s not surprising they didn’t like it.

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