Karamazov no Kyoudai Episode 4 Recap

It’s time for the baby of the Kurosawa family to tell his story… do you think he has any skeletons in the closet or harbors enough resentment to kill his father? We shall see, won’t we?

Episode 4: Ryo—Deprived Personality

We open with Bunzo gloating over his triumph over Mitsuru and Mitsuru finally understanding Isao’s warning. When Mitsuru confronts Isao about his warning without explaining things, Isao says nothing. Mitsuru runs upstairs and grabs his middle brother by the collar. Why did Isao only watch from a safe distance? Isao finally breaks his silence only to tell Mitsuru to not touch him. That’s not helping Mitsuru’s feelings right now. Ryo tries to step in and calm his oldest brother down, but he gets shoved aside. For Mitsuru there is no good reason for Isao not spilling the whole truth before Mitsuru got royally screwed. Mitsuru then asks if Isao sold his soul to their father. This angers Isao who retorts that he shouldn’t have to give advice to a grown man (Mitsuru). If his elder brother wishes to blame someone, then he should blame his own obsession with women which blinds him. Mitsuru pops a vein at this and Ryo throws himself inbetween the brothers to stop any violence from happening. Ryo begs them to talk things out calmly, but Mitsuru can only say he’s disappointed in Isao and leaves.

Ryo chases after Mitsuru who laughs and yells that he’s ashamed. Why? Not only has he been deceived by a woman, now he’s been made a fool by Isao. Ryo says Isao didn’t mean it. Mitsuru tries to leave, but Ryo stops him as he believes they should sit down and talk and figure things out. Mitsuru yells that it is enough. He wishes to be left alone and doesn’t want to be involved in the Kurosawa family any more. Poor Ryo. He doesn’t deserve to be the whipping boy.

Back in the present the detective gives him a cup of Earl Gray tea and Ryo asks if the detective has any more questions for him. The detective replies that he’s willing to listen if Ryo has anything to tell him. Ryo takes a sip of tea and says he still cannot believe that people can die like that. Ryo must be shocked because he was the one to discover the body and it was his father to boot. Ryo then says he must be defective since he couldn’t cry even though Bunzo was dead. Ryo believes that, like he thought, he’s incomplete.

We then cut to Ryo at college. He gets invited to a group date since the original guy who was supposed to attend had something come up at the last minute. Ryo reluctantly accepts and goes. One of the girl’s at the date says that Ryo would be a perfect pediatrician. Ryo replies that he has not yet chosen his focus as all courses seem to be interesting and fun. While the young people are laughing and having a good time, a table of older men get angry and start yelling at them. When Ryo’s friend Shimada starts getting riled up, Ryo quickly cuts in and apologizes. When Shimada asks why, Ryo replies that there is no reason to start a fight. One of them at the table recognizes Ryo as Bunzo’s son and starts sucking up and apologizing. He even gives Ryo money to pay for the dinner. This shocks Ryo and he tries refusing, but the man insists he take it and NOT tell Bunzo what happened. Ryo rushes to the bathroom and furiously washes his hands. He’s visibly shaken by the event.

Back at school Ryo sees a professor with a large box. When books start to fall to the ground, Ryo rushes over to help. He even takes one of the boxes to its destination where younger kids are busily working on projects. Ryo asks what is going on and the professor replies it is an “Emotional Communication Center” for children who refuse to go to school. The professor tells Ryo to stay and take a look around and then goes in to start interacting with the children. The professor makes a paper airplane and says his goal is to break the 70 meter record. The kids are all excited to see how well the plane flies and asks the professor to make more. He refuses and says they must make the planes themselves. The disinterested boy excitedly asks the professor to show him how and the professor is quick to agree to give away his secrets. Next thing you know the kids are all trying out their own paper airplanes.

The professor goes back to Ryo who is impressed by how the professor got the little boy to open up. The professor also says he believes there is greater purpose than leading the children back to school. They have all suffered some type of emotional blow and isolation that keeps them from attending school. The goal is to help the children build their confidence so they can go anywhere in the world. Ryo seems greatly touched by this. He later fins the professor and thanks him for that day. It was fun. He learned that the environment when growing up can greatly affect the development as children grow into adults. The professor concurs that with children family is the most influential thing. Ryo says he did not have such a thing growing up. His mother died early, his father wasn’t all that normal, and his older brothers all left home early.

When we’re born, we’re innocent; however, when growing up, why do we do stupid things such as fighting or hurting? I’m sometimes scared—why can’t we remain innocent?

The professor explains that while you lose your innocence, you do develop and grow emotionally and mentally. That alone is enough to give hope that you can become stronger and overcome what life throws your way.

Back in the present, the detective tells Ryo it s NOT odd that he couldn’t cry as he was facing an unanticipated situation that triggers strange behaviors from the norm. Ryo agrees he might be right. The detective then says that death awakens many different feelings. It’s all based on whether you’re a victim, a bereaved family member, or the perpetrator. Man, you can definitely see how different the detective is with each of the brothers. He played around with Isao trying to get the middle son to confess while he directly told Mitsuru that he believed Mitsuru was the killer and should confess before the evidence proves it. With Ryo, the detective is very gentle and comforting…does he believe Ryo is innocent or is this just another confession strategy?

Hyashi Kento

Back to the week leading up to Bunzo’s death, Ryo goes downstairs for breakfast and asks after Isao. He is told that Isao left early for work. Bunzo then comes downstairs talking about the company that needed to be thoroughly destroyed so the owner could learn his place. Oguri replies that Isao has went to take care of matters. Bunzo sits down and gargles while Ryo kind of glares at him. Noticing his son’s stare, Bunzo asks him what’s wrong. He then notices the untouched soup and asks if it’s not to his youngest son’s liking. Ryo forces a smile and says that is not the case and picks up the soup bowl. Yeah, I’d lose my appetite if I had to be near that man. He’s a creep.

Hayashi Kento

Ryo goes to the beach and stares out at the water. He then notices a little boy playing soccer. It’s the same boy who bit him and told him to go to hell. Ryo approaches him and asks if he can join him. The boy ignores him and keeps playing by himself. Ryo won’t leave him alone and asks if he wants to be in the J League. The boy says he’s aiming for the Premium League. When Ryo makes a bet with the boy, he does agree to play soccer with him. The two then have a mini-match and the boy wins. He compliment’s Ryo’s skills and Ryo sits down laughing—he had a lot of fun. The little boy then asks why Ryo wishes to be his friend—is it because he’s a villain’s son that he doesn’t have any friends? This makes Ryo laugh more. Ah, kids. They say the darndest things. The boy talks about his father’s hardships thanks to the Kurosawas. Ryo apologizes for this and the boy says that isn’t necessary—he should be apologizing for biting Ryo.

The boy takes Ryo to his house and Ryo is horrified to learn his name is Sugiyama. Ryo recalls his father’s earlier words about the company and Sugiyama. He’s even more horrified to learn that Sugiyama’s mother is in the hospital. Isao then exits the factory with Sugiyama’s father saying he won’t cooperate. Ryo calls out to him, but Isao says nothing and walks away. Sugiyama’s father turns to look at Ryo who excuses himself and bids Sugiyama goodbye before chases after Isao. Back at the Kurosawa house, Ryo asks what Isao is doing with the Sugiyamas. Ryo is unhappy to learn Isao is trying to push the company into bankruptcy as they dare try to sue the Kurosawa estate. Isao cooly tells his baby brother that there are two sides to every story and that the Sugiyama company is not clean themselves. Isao then goes upstairs.

Ryo is called upstairs by Bunzo who says he is tried. Ryo immediately starts massaging his father’s shoulders. Bunzo asks if Ryo believes he can be a doctor and Ryo replies he’ll find out when practicals start the following year. Bunzo tells Ryo to hurry and become a doctor so his youngest son can work for him. Bunzo also states that Ryo is the only son who does not criticize him (to his face maybe). He then places his hand over his son’s and says he’s been thinking a lot about who would shed tears for him when he dies. Bunzo believes that Ryo would be the only one who would. Guess the man would be disappointed to find out that Ryo COULDN’T cry when he died. Oh well. Bunzo doesn’t deserve tears. And just what is up with how Bunzo treats his sons? He’s always an ass to Mitsuru, but he goes back and forth playing Ryo and Isao claiming then as his favorites or the ones who truly understand him. He’s such a manipulative bastard.

Back in the interrogation room, Ryo says that while death may bring about different emotions, there is also the feeling that he didn’t lose anything. The detective asks if he’s referring to his mother’s accident. Ryo replies that he cannot remember his mother at all and only has what others have said about Shiori. Ryo has been searching for answers over and over again about her death and why she killed herself.

Hayashi Kento

We cut to Ryo at the piano. Oguri and Suematsu come in to do some cleaning and Ryo asks to help. By doing this, he feels closer to his dead mother. Ryo notices some jewelry pieces on the dresser and Oguri tells him that Shiori loved Ryo very much before taking his leave with Suematsu. Ryo sits down on her bed and recalls one of his few memories with her. She was holding him and humming. We then get flashes of her suicide and he asks why she killed herself.

Back in the interrogation room, Ryo wonders why his father was killed. The detective replies they are looking into the matter. Ryo asks if he is a suspect and the detective replies he’d be lying if he said Ryo wasn’t. Then is Ryo’s older brothers all there, too? Yes. Ryo says his brothers were the ones to protect him after Shiori died. If they hadn’t been there, then Ryo probably wouldn’t be there now that’s why Ryo trusts them. The detective gets up and starts showing his true colors. He tells Ryo they never mentioned their alibies the day of the murder—doesn’t that make them guilty. Come to think of it, Ryo hasn’t give him the answer to that question either. Ryo clams up. The detective asks what’s wrong. Does Ryo have a reason he’s not saying anything?

We cut to Ryo in a hospital. His professor has been hospitalized for overworking with a weak heart. Ryo then sees Sugiyama with a tray of food. Sugiyama takes him to visit his mother and Ryo hands over a fruit basket. Sugiyama-kun introduces him and says that since Ryo likes his dribbling abilities, Sugiyama took him on as a disciple. Enter the angry Mr. Sugiyama. Since Isao isn’t doing a good enough job, Bunzo sent Ryo to try his hand? He gives the basket back to Ryo who tries to tell him there is no ulterior motives behind his actions. Sugiyama tells his father that Ryo is different, but Mr. Sugiyama says that no one who comes from Kurosawa blood can be a  good person. Ryo is then told to stay away from Ichiro.

Ryo goes back to visit the professor who apologizes for making him worry. The professor notices something is wrong and Ryo explains he was rejected  when visiting the mother of a friend because of the family business. The professor’s wife leaves to cut up some fruit and Ryo sits down next to the professor who brings up Ryo’s words about being afraid because people fight and hurt each other. the professor asks if Ryo fears these things exist in himself and that is why he feels that way. This surprises Ryo. The professor then explains he’s known Ryo for two years now and never seen the boy fight with anyone. Ryo is a good man, but has a deep distrust in himself. Ryo then admits he doesn’t understand himself at all.

What we don’t know is the most terrible thing for everybody, but we can face society and other people only after we know ourselves. So have the courage to face yourself or your family.

The professor tells him not to worry because Ryo is a strong and good young man just like the professor is. Ryo take the compliment and says he wishes to be a man just like the professor some day. The professor’s wife returns with the fruit and Ryo goes to take his leave, but at this time the heart monitor starts going off. Ryo calls for help and nurses and doctors arrive and begin working on the professor. We then cut to a lifeless Ryo wondering the streets. He gets to a stairway where he breaks down and starts bawling. I think the professor was more of a father than Bunzo could ever be to Ryo. How sad that he’s gone.

Ryo returns home and Suematsu says he was worried about the youngest Kurosawa being so late. Ryo says nothing and just goes into his room. Meanwhile, downstairs Bunzo and Isao our talking about the Sugiyama problem again. Ryo walks by and stops when he hears Sugiyama’s name. Isao tries to talk Bunzo into paying a settlement to avoid an in depth investigation, but Bunzo refuses. Ryo then rushes over and asks Bunzo to settle the matter peacefully. Say what? Ryo explains about the family situation and Bunzo cuts him off. HIs youngest son is as kind as ever. Bunzo puts on a serious face and promises baby Ryo that he won’t do anything to make him anxious. Ryo happily smiles and goes off. Isao asks Bunzo what he means to do and of course Bunzo won’t settle things peacefully. He then complains about Ryo’s high-handed talk being disgusting. Bunzo says it’s all Shiori’s fault. This hits Isao hard and he takes his leave with Bunzo complaining about everyone being good for nothing.

Isao goes upstairs where he finds Ryo standing still in the hallway. He calls out his little brother’s name. Was he listening? Ryo says that it isn’t right. The man who only does good for others is gone. The person whom Ryo wanted to save is gone. Why? At this time, Bunzo calls for champagne and yells that he’s waiting to hear Sugiyama’s death cry. Ryo looks down at his father shaking and says that the one who should be gone is still here. Isao starts shaking himself and his hand goes to his shoulder.

And that’s the end of this episode.

So, to answer my earlier question…even baby Ryo, the golden boy who doesn’t want to hurt anyone, can have dark enough thoughts and motives to kill his father. Now…did one of the boys kill Bunzo or was it the three of them together? Or will we get a big twist and NONE of them did it? I haven’t read the novel this drama is based on, so I have no clue how this will all play out. Any guesses?

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