Korean Dramas on Netflix Dec. 26, 2012

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? It’s been one month or so since Netflix finally got some new Korean dramas in their streaming library. Yay for more titles!

This time they have added forensic drama Sign starring Uhm Ji Won, Kim Ah Joong, and Park Shin Yang. Also added is Seo Ji Suk’s nanny rom-com Manny. As always you can view the full list here: Asian Dramas Streaming on Netflix.


  • i would love to see more of your drama soaps or romantic any of them more often they are really great.. better then the americans..

  • I have netflix and i’m been whatching some korean dramas that i saw some where else.. But netflix just have dramas from 2005 to 2011.. And im so adicted to those dramas jajajaja so im just waiting for them to update more dramas cuz i really love them.. 😀

    • If you have access to DramaFever or Hulu, they have more recent dramas and even do simulcasts as well. DramaFever is free (with commercials) and I don’t know if Hulu offers any free content at all, but their monthly subscription rate is the same as the streaming version of Netflix.

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