AA 2012 Comeback – Teaser #15

Joowon is last this time and it’s fitting since I believe the teasers for kpop group AA’s comeback started with him. I am assuming that his voice is featured on this audio snippet as I can recognize all of the voices of the other members since they are unique and colorful. Since Joowon hasn’t really sung (he had one line at the end of “Call” and was rapping or doing the chorus of “Because I’m Crazy”), so I really don’t know his voice and the voice in this clip isn’t the familiar four, so it’s his voice. It’s nice to finally hear more of it even if it’s him repeating “Baby come back.” I’m excited for the official album and music video release. Can’t wait!!! It’s almost here.

Now, AA will be announcing a contest next week in which fans can win some AA goodies. In their 15 teasers (not including the 2-3 bonus teasers), only one had the title track. If you can guess which teaser had the title song, there’s a chance at winning something. They don’t elaborate, that news is for next week. This does make me a bit sad, because there was one song in particular that I was hoping would be the title track, but it was featured in more than one teaser, so that is automatically ruled out. Which one do you think it is?

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