Full House Take 2 Episode 4.2 Recap

Little Red Riding Hood gets lost in the woods and it’s up to the Big Bad Wolf to save her! Tra-la-la-la. I have a song dedication for this episode! Well…really it’s for the whole series to date: Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen’s “It’s Always a Good Time.” I think the title is really self explanatory, don’t you?


We open episode 4 part 2 with the boys’ performance. During Kang Hwi’s rap part he suddenly stops as his vision gets worse and worse. Tae Ik notices something is wrong, but does his best to keep performing while Kang Hwi freezes and watches as the camera gets blurrier and blurrier. He closes his eyes and tears start falling down.

We then cut to a very quiet van where Kang Hwi’s just sitting back with his eyes closed. Man Ok puts a wet cloth over them startling Kang Hwi. She did it because he said his eyes were tired. Kang Hwi says he’s fine and then Tae Ik (who can never express his concern for others openly) gripes about the huge accident Kang Hwi caused. They told people he collapsed and had to go to the hospital. Kang Hwi says they couldn’t very well say he just went home to rest. Tae Ik then complains about Kang Hwi forgetting his lyrics when he was only lip-synching to begin with. Kang Hwi says he didn’t forget, his condition was bad due to an excessive schedule (which he doesn’t really have). Man Ok looks back and forth between the two as if it was a tennis match and she was watching the volleys. Tae Ik comments on Kang Hwi’s lack of schedule and Kang Hwi then comments that all starts say such things. He’ll take an IV drip picture and everything will be okay. No it won’t as Tae Ik has to go see the president now because of this incident. Looks like both boys fear him a little.

Oddly enough, when the boys get to Joon’s office, he’s not angry, but happy! Say what? During Kang Hwi’s tearful performance that night, they recorded the highest ratings of the night. Kang Hwi is ecstatic and Tae Ik is…in complete disbelief. Apparently the fans and viewers believed Kang Hwi to be immersed in the music and crying…it’s not a ballad and the lyrics don’t seem all that deep…but whatever. Joon tells the boys they can go home and rest. He reminds Kang Hwi to go to the hospital in the morning and don’t forget to take a picture. The happy Kang Hwi then wonders what to wear while Tae Ik sits back and pouts. Joon then looks at him and warns him to wrap up the last shoot well as his contract for that product is expiring and they need it to be renewed. Tae Ik gets up to leave and Kang Hwi asks why. Tae Ik says he’s going to rest early so he can look good and extend the contract. He leaves and Joon’s smile slips and he looks…sad? worried? I don’t know.

Kang Hwi goes to the hospital where the doctor does an eye exam and asks about other symptoms. Kang Hwi states there are none besides the shaking and blurred vision. Could it be from all his years using contact lenses? The doctor says that’s a possibility and then asks if Kang Hwi didn’t hear that he had hurt his eye when he was a child. Kang Hwi confirms this and says it was okay later. Is it something that can be corrected with like lasek or lasik surgery? The doctor then sends him for more tests to see what the options are. Probably because he isn’t 100% certain of just what is wrong. Right now, I’m hoping for a childhood injury that just has for whatever reason gotten worse. Please, no life-threatening illness.

Meanwhile, Man Ok and Tae Ik are on their way to the shoot. Got to love how Man Ok is still in the very back instead of sitting where Kang Hwi would normally sit. She comments on Tae Ik’s dry looking skin and sprays a mist on him. This makes him jump back and scold her. Doesn’t she know he doesn’t use anything at random? Man Ok tells him that it IS what he uses. She then complains about his lack of trust. Tae Ik then calmly takes the bottle and mists his face himself. Then we get a repeat scene this time with a pillow. It’s soooo cute that Man Ok is NOT letting her dislike of Tae Ik get in the way of treating him well. She’s got a good heart (and a hot temper), too. Man Ok explains that the neck pillow is certified 100% pure cotton. Tae Ik then takes the pillow to use and puts down his tablet to rest. Man Ok then asks him if she can use it. He grits his teeth and tells her to go ahead.

Of course, Man Ok doesn’t look with only her eyes and has to exclaim over some actress’s red carpet dress. Go Dong becomes interested. Who? Jin Se Ryeong. Ahhh, he’s a huge fan of hers. Tae Ik’s eyes pop open. Hmm…does he have an unpleasant history with her or is he just annoyed over Man Ok’s and Go Dong’s chatter? Man Ok and Go Dong keep complimenting the actress’s talents until Tae Ik angrily takes the tablet away. Oh, wae? Didn’t he say she could look at it? Tae Ik complains they are too noisy, especially Go Dong so he can’t sleep.

We then cut to the shoot where Tae Ik is filming a CF for something in the great outdoors. He’s doing well until he starts sneezing. Hmm…great outdoors + man who is allergic to EVERYTHING = not good situation. They cut and ask if he’s okay. Tae Ik replies he is and they start again, but he can’t stop sneezing. A 10-minute break is then called. Man Ok asks him what the matter is and he points out the cute little doggies in the background and tells her to have then gotten rid of immediately. Man Ok says they are in the shoot today with him as well. They are cute, aren’t they? Is she can idiot? How could she forget he has fur allergies? Isn’t that just for clothes? Nope, living animals are even worse. Man Ok tells him she didn’t bring them so stop yelling at her. Tae Ik then tells he to get Go Dong and have the animals taken out NOW or he won’t do the shoot. Great.

Man Ok timidly goes up to the director and apologizes, but Tae Ik has serious fur allergies, could they not move the dogs far away? The director then yells at one of the men for not checking such things. The concept was already decided, what to do now? Can Tae Ik bear with it for 30 minutes? Man Ok points to where Tae Ik is sneezing and itching like crazy. No, he can’t. If it gets too bad, his face also breaks out in red spots. The AD is then told to get rid of the animals. Man Ok bows and goes to see Tae Ik in his trailer.

Hawng Jung Eum

Did she get rid of them? Yes, so come out and finish the shoot in five minutes. Is she certain she got rid of them all? Yes, the dogs, the cats, EVERYTHING. Tae Ik, catching her snappy attitude asks what’s with her expression.  What? He’s picking a fight over her expression now? Tae Ik then goes outside and Man Ok complains over Tae Ik’s weird personality.

Shooting resumes with no problems this time until someone comes and asks if the shoot is going well. A cut is called and the director demands to know who spoke. Turns out it’s the department head checking in that everything is okay. The director says that everything is going well now and calls Tae Ik over. Man Ok is reapplying his makeup and tells him to go since the director is calling, but he sits stone-faced. The department head then comes over. Apparently he and Tae Ik know each other. The man holds out his hand and Tae Ik angrily gets up, forces a somewhat smile, and shakes it. The department head then introduces his fiancée and tells her that he and Tae Ik have known each other since they were small. She tells him she’s a huge fan and and Tae Ik politely smiles and nods. Department head then asks him out for drinks after the shoot. Tae Ik looks very uncomfortable, but he does agree. No wonder Joon seemed worried.

The shoot continues and Go Dong quietly comes over and pulls Man Ok away. He has to leave her alone with Tae Ik. Will she be okay? Man Ok says they should be. All they need to do is go back to the resort later, right? Go Dong is hesitant—can she drive? That van is kind of big…Man Ok laughs and says she isn’t pulling it with her own strength so don’t worry. Go Dong looks embarrassed and then talks about his matter. Man Ok tells him not to worry as she is good at keeping secrets and won’t tell the company he left for whatever reason he has to leave. He thanks her and leaves.

Hwang Jung Eum

Man Ok goes back to the shoot and overhears the department head talking about Tae Ik’s fall from being a chaebol’s son to a penniless beggar living as an idol just for money. WHAT an ass! The finacee who had professed to be his fan then starts badmouthing Tae Ik. Man Ok then breaks her silence. This couple are really suited for one another. They turn and a fight breaks out. Man Ok calls them worse then the neighborhood dogs and they demand to know who this girl is to say such things. Man Ok doesn’t say who she is and starts bawling out the department head. How can a friend be like that? Does he even know what loser means when he uses it? If a Hallyu star is a loser, then what does that make you. BURN! Nice one Man Ok-ssi. She then calls him a pathetic fool. What, is she staff? Man Ok refuses to tell them who she is and tells him basically that life is a boomerang and all the stuff he’s said will come back and bite him in the rear.

Hwang Jung Eum

His fiancée bristles. Doesn’t Man Ok know who this is? He’s the department head of this company. Man Ok asks how did Korea becomes so full of department heads, every one seems to be one these days. LMAO. The fiancée then goes to slap her and gets tossed in the snow. Department head goes to avenge his girl and gets flipped himself. LOL. It was priceless…but you know it’s going to cause BIG trouble. I admit I love her extra little kick after she flips him. The jerk deserved it (and it wasn’t like it was a vicious stomping, although he might have deserved that, too).

Hwang Jung Eum

We then cut to all the staff gathering around the three. Fiancée asks how Man Ok will take responsibility if department head can’t use his back any more. Man Ok angrily clenches her fist which the girl points out. Is she going to hit again? Go ahead! Man Ok replies that they hit at her first. Of course, they deny this. The director demands Man Ok apologize to department head, but she remains silent. He doesn’t want an apology anyways, he just wants her out. And Tae Ik just stands there and watches silently. Sigh.  Although, he’s probably silently enjoying his “friend’s” humiliation.

Department head yells again to get the crazy woman out of there and asks Tae Ik how he could have such a low person working for him. The director then looks at Tae Ik and tells him to get Man Ok to apologize. Tae Ik’s response? When does shooting resume? He then says he’ll be resting until shooting resumes. This shocks everyone as he walks away. Department head again yells at Man Ok to be escorted away. She steps closer and he and his fiancée flinch back. She calls him really pathetic and walks off. She gets to the truck where the animals have been taken and she starts cussing. But not at the department head. she cusses at Tae Ik for not even looking at her. Or maybe it was the department head… The cat then makes an escape and Man Ok rushes after it. Looks like it will be a tiny repeat of what happened when they were children.

Hwang Jung Eum

The shoot ends and Tae Ik demands to know where Go Dong is. Didn’t he hear from Man Ok? Tae Ik goes to the van and the door is locked. He then calls Man Ok and sees her cell is locked in the van. What is wrong with that woman? Enter department ass who remonstrates Tae Ik about his horrible staff. He once received heir lessons, how could he choose such a person? Tae Ik has really become quite low since last they met. Tae Ik’s comeback is priceless—you’ve become a lot weaker. If you can’t win fighting a girl, isn’t there a problem with you? Snorting with laughter here. I just can’t help it. Props to Tae Ik. He then tells department ass to be careful since he’s getting married soon.

Tae Ik walks away and department ass wonders how Tae Ik dares to say such things when he’s just in show business. Tae Ik stops and department ass says they are different levels. He’s the advertiser and Tae Ik is just a model. Tae Ik should treat him better. Tae Ik angrily turns and grabs his collar roughly. He does let him go and tries to curb his anger. Department ass says that makes him better than his bully stylist. HIT HIM HIT HIM HIT HIM. Department ass then complains about how Man Ok couldn’t take it that they only insulted Tae Ik a little. FINALLY!!!! Tae Ik turns and hits him, laying him out flat. Daebak!

Tae Ik then recalls Man Ok’s fight with department ass and what she said about them starting it first. He starts running and asking everyone if they’ve seen Man Ok. No one has. Where could she have gone? He walks through the woods calling her name and muttering that she’s dead when he catches her. He yells her name again and this time gets an answer. He finds her in a random, rectangular whole in the ground. WHY is that there? She’s holding the lost cat. Just what is she doing down there? Tae Ik then starts sneezing and points at the cat. What’s that? Man Ok then explains that the cat escaped from the filming site and she chased after it. It fell into the whole and she came down to save it…and apparently couldn’t get out again because it was deeper than estimated.

No Min Woo

Tae Ik calls her an idiot. How could she not notice it was that deep. Man Ok collapses down to her knees. What’s wrong now? She says she really thought she was going to die. This takes him aback. He then says she really is an idiot for having the audacity to go down into the whole without being able to come back up. Man Ok gets up and says what could she do when the cat was lost and stuck? When Tae Ik complains about her doing this where no one else was around, Man Ok says she couldn’t do nothing and asks for his help. Tae Ik tells her to leave the cat and grab his hand. Omo. How could he suggest such a thing? Then what to do? He can’t get them both out because of his allergy. How can he be so mean? He goes to walk away and Man Ok calls after him to stop.

He turns and tells her not to make him repeat himself twice. He’ll do a count, so drop the cat and take his hand and he’ll pull her out. Man Ok reluctantly puts the cat down and grabs his hand. As he’s pulling her up, she grabs the cat. He immediately starts sneezing and they both fall in the hole. He’s knocked out cold for a bit and when he goes to get up, he yells in pain. Man Ok turns him over and tries to check out what’s wrong with his back. Just where does she think she’s looking? He rolls back over and Man Ok grabs and hugs the cat.

A cat and a hole…now what are they going to do he screams? Man Ok tells him not to worry. If he supports her from below, she thinks she can get back up. LOL. Tae Ik does NOT like this idea one bit, but he does it. Man Ok has the cat over her shoulder and manages to scrabble up top thanks to Tae Ik’s help with him huffing and puffing and complaining the whole time (about her weight I’m guessing). She gets out and Tae Ik holds up his hand and demands she now help him out. Man Ok tells him to say please. He calls her crazy instead. Crazy? She turns her back and he quickly says please get him out. So cute. He holds out both hands and she grabs one while he grabs the edge of the hole. How can a man be so heavy (who looks so slim)? He does get out though.

The two walk back to the shoot site. Tae Ik asks for her to start the car, but she can’t find the keys. He takes out his phone but the battery is dead. He then tries to open the trailer door, but can’t because it’s locked. He turns to Man Ok and tells her to open it. How can she? She pries open the window and tells him to hold the cat and wait. How can he? He then sights a basket and tells her to put the cat in. Man Ok does and then does her best to try to get in the window. She states she can’t get in so he needs to try since he’s so slim. Tae Ik smirks. Won’t she be embarrassed if he fits and she doesn’t? Man Ok then says she’ll try it again.

She then asks him to come and hold the window open for her. Tae Ik does so and then when she gets half way she tells him to help push her the rest of the way in. Tae Ik does so, but she doesn’t move. How can a man have no power. Power? Tae Ik gives a mighty shove and she goes flying face first onto the floor. She comes and opens the door, angry with a bloody nose. Tae Ik is really too much. She almost got hurt. Tae Ik doesn’t care as she got the door open. Poor Man Ok. He goes inside and Man Ok grabs the basket and goes to enter, too. Tae Ik tells her she and the cat must stay outside. Man Ok is shocked. Are you kidding? What, should they sleep together and cause a scandal instead? Well…he has a point, but…! Tae Ik stops her and goes back inside, but not before telling her to wipe her bloody nose. Man Ok cries and calls him a rude sagaji while wiping her nose.

She is sleeping outside in a chair cuddled up under a blanket while Tae Ik tosses and turns in guilt. He goes outside to check on her. He tries to wake her up, but she doesn’t move. Is she sleeping? He hunkers down and asks if she can really fall asleep in such a situation. He watches her like she watched him in the previous episode. She’s so pretty. Blink, blink, blink, blink. Tae Ik then gets to his feet and gets closer and closer to her face. He then notices the cat and starts sneezing like crazy. Man Ok’s eyes pop open and then roll back and close. Tae Ik is concerned. Is she sleeping? Man Ok huddles into the blankets and says that it is cold. Tae Ik reluctantly reaches out to grab the cat out of her arms and puts it in the basket. LOVE this scene. He then puts his coat over the basket  and goes over to Man Ok and picks her up to take her into the trailer. Awwwwww. He even puts her on the bed where he was sleeping and then gives her a little smile. I could die of cuteness overload.

The next morning, Go Dong is desperately trying to call Man Ok, but her phone is locked in the van so she isn’t picking up of course. Bum Soo comes up worried. Tae Ik’s phone is off and Man Ok isn’t answering. After the fight, where did those two disappear to? Go Dong apologizes and Bum Soo gives him a kick before having him mobilize all staff to look for the two.

They come across the shooting site and decide to look around. Man Ok hears the shouts and gets up. She then notices Tae Ik in bed beside her and goes to scream. He quickly covers her mouth and she points outside. End episode.

Wow. LOVED this episode. It was sooooo great. You know that these two really do like each other deep down, even though they can’t really admit that they care to each other’s faces. Tae Ik’s expressions and handling of the cat were soooooo cute and awesome. I’m in love with this drama. Yep, yep, yep. And the previews? Awww, is it next week yet? 😛

And, thinking on it now, will Man Ok and Tae Ik be forced into a contract marriage like in the original? Some of the teasers for the next few episodes have me wondering about this…


  • Thank you for the recap! Great episode.
    When are these two (ti&mo) going to remember meeting each other? I thought the cat would remind them, well not that the cat could remind them, but being in a similar circumstance might jog their memories. The cat was a great actor, by the way.

    I was so proud of Man ok for standing up for TI with the Department Director. Clearly she acts first and then thinks,as was the case with the cat in the pit. She protects and rescues others without thought for herself.

    • You’re welcome!
      I was wondering if the similar scene would jog their memories of that incident, but nope. Then again, they probably only met each other that one time when they were rather young, so maybe it’s not so surprising they haven’t discovered it yet.

      I really loved her for that. As much as she always calls Tae Ik “sagaji” she can’t stand anyone badmouthing him like they were as I think she knows he’s not all that bad. So it was cute and she does seem to react without thinking and then reflecting after she’s gotten into trouble. I was cheering when Tae Ik finally let that arse have it. He was all set to endure until he put two-and-two together about the situation with what the arse said and what Man Ok said. LOVED it!

  • can i ask if somebody knows the title of the song played while they were in the woods?.. and while man ok was sleeping while tae il staring at her?..

    • I’ve been digging for it, but can’t seem to find the title. Although, I’m willing to bet it has “love” in the title as that’s one of the frequent words in both Korean and English in the lyrics.

  • This is my fave episode so far… i’m just curious on how this incident in the woods would change the relationship of Tae Ik with Man Ok or vice versa… i just love how the writer brought us back to one of the scene in original FH that is letting someone sleep outside.

    Im loving FH2 already specially the 3 leads… cant wait for the next episode tomorrow. : )

    • I know, I think each episode is getting better and better! I’m really curious, too as it seems like Tae Ik is really starting to like Man Ok. If that kitty hadn’t been there, he SO would have stolen a kiss 😛
      I started re-watching the original just for kicks. I am curious to see if they’ll do the contractual relationship or not and just what’s going to happen with our trio. Anxiously awaiting tomorrow. I try to get these up (minus screencaps) before I have to leave for work in the morning.

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