Full House Take 2 Episode 3.1 Recap

I just love this drama. The first Full House while having a nice romantic comedy undertone, was definitely pretty heavy on the melodrama. So far, this series is keeping more in the vein of comedy and I’m sure we’ll have romance blooming soon. I wonder what will make Man Ok turn to Tae Ik who tortures her incessantly? Although…girls in dramas never seem to fall for the nice guy. They fall for the tortured guy, the bad guy, the cold guy…but rarely ever the nice guy. Poor nice guy.

We backtrack a bit to see how Man Ok arrives at the house with Kang Hwi. She isn’t happy with wearing the costume, but Kang Hwi says it’s the only way to fool Tae Ik. We then go back to where we ended with Tae Ik finding her in the house. Kang Hwi then hurriedly comes out and introduces her as Apsala their knew stylist. Say what? Does she even know Korean? Man Ok talks in accented Korean saying she knows some. Kang Hwi then also says that Apsala knows English as well so they should be able to communicate. Apparently Kang Hwi knows some English, but Tae Ik doesn’t really know any. I had to laugh when Kang Hwi told Tae Ik that his reputation was so appalling they had to look outside of Korea in order to find a stylist who would work with them.

The three go to Take One’s schedule and Man Ok is suffocating in the backseat. Tae Ik turns around and almost catches her with the veil down. She starts yelling in English that Tae Ik can’t look at her as in her country if a man looks on a woman’s face, they both must die. Kang Hwi translates this and Tae Ik hurriedly puts a sleep mask on. Looks like he doesn’t want to die any time soon. Kang Hwi and Man Ok then share a secret high five. When they get to the schedule, the coat Tae Ik is supposed to wear is not 100% wool (it’s from the previous stylist). Tae Ik gets angry and throws a fit. Go Dong goes to rush out to the car to get a new jacket, but Man Ok stops him. She reverses the jacket and says that the outside was 100% wool while the inside wasn’t. Thus if it’s reversed, it’s all good. Tae Ik is forced to put on the inside out jacket and he has to pause as he likes the look.

After the performance, Tae Ik is happy to see the news article upgrading him from a fashion terrorist to a fashionista. Kang Hwi can’t believe 5 years of bad dressing went away after only one outfit. You can tell how pleased Tae Ik is by this. Kang Hwi then pulls out a memorandum that both Man Ok and Tae Ik will have to sign. This is to ensure that Man Ok stays around for 3-months without Tae Ik being able to fire her. Tae Ik says he’ll look it over later. Kang Hwi takes the memorandum back and says they will probably lose Apsala since two other companies are scouting her. Tae Ik then snatches it back and hurriedly signs it before returning it. LOL. Kang Hwi definitely knows which buttons to push to get Tae Ik to do what he wants.

Kang Hwi and Man Ok (sans costume) then go to Bum Soo to get the contract finalized. Bum Soo is surprised that Tae Ik agreed to have Man Ok as their coordinator so easily. Man Ok feels bad about lying, but what else could she do? Bum Soo then explains how Kang Hwi really went to bat for her to be able to get the job and also to have the settlement deducted from each paycheck. Man Ok is definitely grateful and Kang Hwi says they are family now. Oh…and besides the memorandum, Man Ok had to sign a secrecy contract. If she fails to keep the members’ information and schedules private, then she will be fired and have to pay a pretty steep penalty (plus the settlement fee). Man Ok assures him she’s good at keeping secrets.

They go back to the house and poor Man Ok is once again suffocating in her outfit. Kang Hwi feels badly about this, but tells her she must keep up the guise until the contract has been officially certified. After that, Tae Ik can’t do anything to her without paying a pretty steep fee and we all know that Tae Ik has some cash flow issues thanks to trying to get back whatever his family lost. Kang Hwi then asks about what day it is. When Man Ok says Tuesday, he happily leads her through a secret passageway and tells her he’ll show her the best place in the house. Apparently, not even Tae Ik knows about this hidden passageway even though it’s his house. Go figure. Kang Hwi then takes her to a sauna and tells her to relax and use it since Tae Ik is away at health training. He then goes off because he gets a call from a store about a new limited edition item coming in. This man spends money like water it seems.

Man Ok is happily enjoying her sauna when Tae Ik arrives. Looks like the gym is closed so no health training for him today. He goes to enter the sauna and the desperate Man Ok refuses to open the door. Tae Ik thinks its Kang Hwi using it again after Tae Ik expressly told him not to. He tries to force the door open, but Man Ok has got herself braced to ensure he can’t move it. Tae Ik then says he will stay there until she opens the door. He warns her it will get really hot and uncomfortable in there, but she won’t budge. A long time passes and Man Ok gets weaker and weaker and Tae Ik gets more and more worried that Kang Hwi could do himself some harm by staying in there. He finally forces the door open and Man Ok accidentally manages to rip off his towel.

She quickly uses the accidentally stolen towel to cover her head while Tae Ik takes her clothes to cover himself up. He calls her a crazy stalker and Man Ok finally reveals who she is. Tae Ik is shocked and not happy. Once they are both dressed and sitting in the living room, he asks if she saw. Man Ok assures him that she saw nothing. Tae Ik wishes to fire her immediately, but Man Ok says he can’t since he’s already signed the memorandum. Tae Ik says it hasn’t been made official and Man Ok grins and holds up her phone which shows a message from Kang Hwi saying the contract and all that jazz had been made official. So there’s nothing he can do without paying a big fine. Tae Ik declares war by saying that he’s known as the worst of the worst among stylists. He’ll make sure she leaves on her own two feet.

Early the next morning, Man Ok is sleeping when her phone starts ringing. She picks it up and its Tae Ik demanding she be to his place in one hour (which would make it 5 AM) with today’s outfits so he can review them. Man Ok is not happy about him doing this so early, but she has no choice. Of course, Tae Ik has made up his mind to be as difficult as possible. He discards all 30 outfits selected. Man Ok wishes to know why he’s being so picky when he’s only going on a radio show. Tae Ik explains that radio shows are now broadcast live streaming over the internet, plus pictures are always being taken (which is true, I watch streaming radio broadcasts all the time and they always have staff going around taking pictures, too). He then gives Man Ok business cards of his favorite shops and tells her to get him some sponsored clothing to wear. Man Ok happily agrees to do this.

However, this is another form of torture devised by Tae Ik. He is well aware of his rotten reputation and how impossible it will be for Man Ok to get him any sponsored clothing. Every store she goes to, Man Ok is noticed for her discerning eye and good taste, however, once they hear she wishes to sponsor clothes for Tae Ike everyone turns her down as Tae Ik would always insist on taking clothes from others, but then he never wears them which defeats the purpose of sponsors loaning them out. As this is going on, Tae Ik and Kang Hwi are bickering while Joon is on the phone talking about their big upcoming fan meet. Kang Hwi says that it was Tae Ik who had admired “Apsala’s” skills and thus why he signed the contract to begin with, so it’s all Tae Ik’s doing, but Tae Ik doesn’t quite agree with this view point. Joon gets off the phone before they can fight too much and asks what is going on. Looks like he’s the only one who isn’t aware. Joon then worries that another agency is trying to woo Kang Hwi away since his contract is almost up. Joon then threatens that he won’t tolerate being backstabbed. Kang Hwi then makes a comment under his breath about Joon not even allowing such an opportunity to happen anyway. Joon then starts talking about their upcoming fan meet and all the preparations that they will need to do.

At this time, Ga Ryung and the overseas stalker are chatting online and getting ready to buy tickets to the fan meet. Just at the stroke of 12, the girls start clicking like crazy and the computers all go out. When the power comes back, the tickets sold out in only 3 minutes. Dang. The two girls go out and start drinking their sorrows. They learn who each one is by their handles and they get excited over this. A nearby reporter starts eavesdropping on their conversation. The stalker followed Take One all the way from Paris and can’t leave without going to their fan meeting. Ga Ryung then says he gave up a 15 year friendship for the money for the fanmeet. What can they do? Ga Ryung then explains buying press passes at a high rate to get into the event. The other girl is all for it and even says they should offer the equivalent of of $1000 USD to get a press pass. At this time, the reporter gets up and drops his. Ga Ryung goes to give it back and the girls start asking him how much it would cost to get one. Now…I can’t tell how intentional this is or not, as the man did look rather startled (plus he seemed a bit disgusted by their discussion), but who knows?

Man Ok arrives at the last store on her list and tries to beat around the bush by just saying she’s like to sponsor clothes for Take One. Who in Take One? Kang Hwi then comes in and says its him. The woman happily agrees to sponsor him, but not Tae Ik. Kang Hwi puts on his best puppy face while Man Ok assures the woman that Tae Ik will definitely wear the clothes this time around. The woman caves and Man Ok asks to check the lining on everything to ensure its 100% natural whatever. She and Kang Hwi then go back to the house loaded with shopping bags. Kang Hwi compliments her on her taste saying she was born to do this. Man Ok then complains about how useless Tae Ik’s cards were and Kang Hwi asks if Tae Ik isn’t giving her a hard time. Man Ok assures Kang Hwi that she will not get fired. Tae Ik then pops up (okay, he’s really just leaning against the wall) and says he wouldn’t bet on that. You never know, she just might leave on her own two feet. He then begins to wonder about just what the relationship is between Kang Hwi and Man Ok and the two look like scared/guilty little kids. End episode.

I’m really curious to know when Man Ok and Tae Ik will remember that they met years ago at a party the Lees threw. I was shocked when Tae Ik didn’t put things together when Man Ok introduced herself officially stating the same thing she did years ago. I also wonder when Man Ok’s natural affection for Kang Hwi turns to Tae Ik as all the promotional stuff really showcases her and Tae Ik being the OTP. Poor Park Ki Woong can’t get a lead role where he gets the lead girl.


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