Looks like Ren’s stalker has captured his conversation with Woo Joo in pictures.

Anywho, we then cut to Woo Joo with a towel wrapped around his waist wiping off his hair and drinking a can of beer(?) when Luna drunkenly stumbles in. Woo Joo seems unfazed until she screams, startling him. He coughs on his beverage and complains about her startling him. Luna turns away and says he can’t walk around like that—the pervert. Omo. Pervert? That’s a little harsh. Woo Joo looks down and then covers his abdomen with his other towel before going off to his room. LMAO!

Meanwhile, Ren sits morosely in his car looking at his phone before finally getting out. Oh…and I just noticed in this episode each episode has been named after stars. This one is Alphard the solitary star.

Woo Joo comes out with a can of beer for himself and one for Luna. She thanks him and tells him to look at how pretty Cassiopeia looks. Woo Joo looks up and says its about time for Giacobininds meteor shower…maybe that will happen around the next quarter moon. Luna doesn’t seem to know what this means. Woo Joo then asks if she ever heard of October Draconids. Luna shakes her head and Woo Joo then asks what her sign is.

Luna states she’s a Capricorn as she was born on Christmas. For some reason her having a birthday on Christmas Eve strikes a cord in him. she confirms this and then says that she hasn’t celebrated her birthday for 20 years since her father died on that day. Luna then says she has to be the most unlucky person born on Christmas eve as its also her father’s death anniversary. Thus she spends her birthday alone. She then swears Woo Joo to secrecy since she hasn’t told Ren or anyone else.

Woo Joo then says that now that Luna mentions Ren, he’s been waiting for her outside the house since around 1. No way! Luna immediately goes inside and Woo Joo asks why they are hiding their relationship from everyone. Is that how Ren wants it? If so, that is really selfish. Luna says that’s rather harsh and no, it’s not just Ren’s doing. Woo Joo cuts her off and says that Ren even tried to get him to keep it a secret. He then tells Luna to not allow Ren to make her run around. Luna says it’s none of his business. Woo Joo says he has no interest in anyone’s love life, it’s just friendly advice as her housemate. He then says that it’s hard to tell if men going around trying to keep these secrets really care for the girls they are with or not. Looks like Woo Joo is speaking from experience of some kind. He is quite jaded.

Luna gets angry and says that Ren isn’t underhanded and truly cares for him. Woo Joo says that just might be wishful thinking on her part. Luna says that Woo Joo doesn’t know anything about the situation. Woo Joo goes to say something, but Sung Jun arrives home and their conversation is interrupted. Sung Jun picks up on the awkward atmosphere. Have they been fighting. Luna puts on a smile and says they haven’t and bids him goodnight. Sung Jun looks to Woo Joo, but he’s not saying anything either.

Looks like Woo Joo’s words stung Luna as she sits in her bed recalling his words and crying. Is it because she really thinks Woo Joo might be on to something? Well. I don’t thin Ren’s underhanded, but his liking of Luna seems to be bordering on obsession given his actions. Meanwhile, Woo Joo also sits awake in his room. He talks about seeing a movie about a man who can only remember 10 minutes at a time and forgot everything that happened today. He then wonders if she’ll forgive him for the harsh things he said.

…But, the reality is that we can’t just forget things when it suits us. Everything I saw today…all the mean things I said…They’ll probably stay in mind tomorrow and the day after; maybe even forever.

He puts his phone aside and looks unhappy. We then cut to Ren’s home. Here is another person not sleeping. Insomnia is contagious it looks like. Ren is working on his laptop and checking his phone. Woo Joo checks his as well and Luna just cries. The two men then both try calling her at the exact same time. Who got to her first? Looks like it was Ren as we cut to Woo Joo hearing a dial tone. He hangs up and picks up some crystal box. He opens it and pulls out a necklace of a quarter moon. Hmm. What is the story?

Fast forward three weeks and Woo Joo is busy at work. A worker for a brand compliments his Japanese as he’s only been there 3 weeks after all. Woo Joo thanks her and she asks how he’s adjusting to Tokyo. Is he getting used to the roads? Woo Joo pulls out his phone. Nope, he’d be totally lost without his GPS. He then gets a call from from Igarashi asking him to go to Loveless as Kobayashi screwed up yet again. Poor Woo Joo. He has to do everything because of Kobayashi’s incompetence.

The man who hired Ren’s stalker asks about the delivery of a package and asks if the man ensured there was no fingerprints. Looks like they are probably planning to blackmail Ren.

We then cut to Woo Joo getting scolded in Kobayashi’s place for bringing the wrong garments. This woman has complained of this multiple times and still they keep sending Kobayashi and keep making the same mistakes. Woo Joo apologizes once more, but the woman is having none of it. They always offer apologies and excuses. I HATE it when people get scolded for someone else’s errors. Woo Joo again bows deeply and apologizes, saying he will take care of it.

Iga calls Ren and asks where he is. Why? The chairman wants to see him now. Ren then says that if the chairman wants to talk to him, then he should call personally. Iga asks if the chairman wants him to send men to collect Ren. The chairman says no and then asks Iga to find out who sent the picture and find out who the woman is. Iga replies he’ll get right on it and grins an evil grin as the chairman walks away. Don’t tell me this Iga is in on the whole stalking thing?

Woo Joo then heads over to Abilio who complains of Kobayashi’s mistakes and arrogant attitude. Poor Woo Joo. Abilio then says he’ll let it slide since Woo Joo is there. Luna hands over the misreturned items and Woo Joo bows deeply and apologizes for the inconvenience. Abilio then asks if they can’t all go out to drinks together. Awkward. Abilio notices this and asks what is wrong, but Woo Joo just apologizes and leaves. Abilio then asks Luna if they had a fight. Luna doesn’t answer and goes off after Woo Joo.

She comments on how quiet he’s been. Ah, but they haven’t seen much of each other. Has he been busy? Woo Joo keeps his back turned and says nothing. Luna goes to leave, and Woo Joo stops her. He goes to ask her a question when an angry Ren tells him to let go of her hand. Sheesh. End of episode.

What awkward atmospheres. I really want to know Woo Joo’s history now and if he really does have some past connection  to Luna.


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