AA 2012 Comeback – Teaser #8

This is the longest audio teaser to date for AA’s 2012 comeback (I think the music video will be dropping sometime at the beginning of next week). This time we get another weird picture of Kimchi. I really mean weird. He’s wearing an expression like he’s got a painful headache, plus he’s wearing a ruffled collar that makes me think of a clown…it’s just strange. But I still love him.

Now, this audio clip has no vocals and is just an instrumental clip. I’m a wee bit disappointed that we don’t get to hear a Kimchi solo segment, but I am by no means disappointed in the actual 1:11 clip. It’s a pretty, peaceful melody with undertones of dance music. For those who actually know Daishi Dance’s work, they say his influence is clearly seen here. I…don’t think I’ve heard a single one of his songs, so I can’t compare. But it’s not surprising if AA’s work reflects Daishi’s as they do cite him as their mentor and someone they look up to and respect.

We’re almost out of teasers now. Have any of you guessed at which one featured the title song they’ll be promoting for their comeback? I sincerely hope it’s the one song that they featured on Woosang’s teasers. It’s softer, but with a rock and dance edge to it that I really liked.

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