AA 2012 Comeback – Teaser #3

The third audio teaser for kpop group AA’s 2012 comeback features a picture of the oldest member Aoora (he’s only one year young than I am) and this time the track has less of a club feel. That makes me happy. While I didn’t dislike the first few audio teasers, I have to say yet again, that I am not a real fan of strictly dance/club music as it all starts sounding the same to me. Plus, quite a few artists in the kpop world have been using the heavy club beats and shuffle dance music. It gets old fast when things start trending like that. It also makes it hard to differentiate songs from one another.

Here it is. I can’t wait for their actual album release and to see video teasers vs. audio teasers.

Oh…can’t forget to mention Aoora’s fashion as I did the same for the group bonus teaser and Kimchi’s (it was hard to say anything really about Joowon’s since he was in a bathrobe). Okay, won’t lie, NOT a fan of tie dye outfits. One piece of your wardrobe is fine, but I really don’t like an entire outfit in that particular fashion. It’s very…what? 60s? 70s? And the shoes! All I can think about is the Kuroshitsuji musical with Undertaker wearing those ridiculously high platforms. So, yeah, not loving those either.

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