AA 2012 Comeback – Teaser #2

For their 2nd official teaser (not including yesterday’s group bonus) for their 2012 comeback, AA has released a video with a picture of maknae #1 Kimchi. Again, the track included with the picture is very electro-pop. If the teasers are any indication, the boys have put together a very club-like dance music album. And when I say dance music, I’m not talking about typical kpop dance music, but honest to goodness dance/electronica music played in clubs. It’s becoming a trend these days.

I love Kimchi. He’s adorable, knows how to be cute and is very funny when you see him in AA’s videos. The teaser picture does seem a little awkward due to Kimchi’s hand placement on his head. If it moved any lower, it would almost seem like he was doing that hand on the nose movement where you’re telling someone “nananana.” It seems a little weird, but not bad. Kimchi rocks the punk look which is a wee bit surprising, but in a good way.

And now that we’re on our 2nd (really 3rd) teaser, I was wondering why they just didn’t include a sound byte of that group member singing on whatever track they chose? They might have done so on Kimchi’s, but the vocals really didn’t sound like him as he does have a unique and recognizable voice and you can usually tell when he and Aoora are singing. Well, I can differentiate Hoik’s voice, too. Woosang and Joowon when they are singing are a bit similar (as we have only had Joowon singing one tiny line in “Call” so I had originally thought it was Woosang singing.

Anywho, enjoy.

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