AA 2012 Comeback Bonus Teaser

So yesterday, a teaser featuring a song snippet and a picture of Joowon was released to kick off AA’s 2012 comeback. Today, AA uploaded a “bonus” teaser to their official YouTube channel. Isn’t it technically too early for a bonus already since they are planning on releasing several more? The teaser this time is more club music with the lyrics “Rock ur body you rock my world” repeated over and over [and we end the clip wit”XOXO”] accompanied by a full picture of the entire group. And I must say that the recent trend of heavy club or dance music…makes me LESS excited…but that’s just me. I was never a real fan of true dance/club music as it all starts sounding the same to me after a while.

Here it is. I’m still excited for their comeback! And, as I said on AAA’s Facebook page today, (I really need to do something with abbreviating the site name so it doesn’t sound like car insurance or the Japanese music group) I’m still wondering where the other half of Woosang’s shirt is…:P Oh, and Kimchi, Joowon, and Aoora are totally rocking the grunge, tough look. Woosang…WHY is he missing half his shirt? and Hoik…not so much, but still the boys are cute.

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