AA 2012 Comeback is Official!

AAAfter almost a year (as they debuted with “Because I’m Crazy” like last November or something like that), Korean group AA is finally making their long promised (and I mean LONG promised as they’ve been saying they would be coming back in February, then May, then July…) comeback with what appears to be a full album this time.

Yesterday they posted on their fancafe that a new video called “AGEHA DANCE” (named after a famous club in Japan where they were invited to perform) would be released today at 11PM on their official YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/AAboyband. This video is completely self-shot by the group and edited by member Aoora. This is not their title track, but rather another gift to bring them closer to Ws (their official fans).

Then, starting on October 8th, they will begin releasing teasers for their upcoming album, again on their official YouTube channel. There will be 20 in total (oh, joy! (totally sarcastic–I don’t get the need for a bajillion teasers). These teasers will not be revealing the title track of their new album, but will instead give you teases of the other songs on the album.

10/8/12 – AA has announced the teasers will be delayed until the 10th & will only be 15 in total. They will also be releasing a teaser of the title track and invite fans to guess which teaser contains the title track of the album. Talk about a drastic change in plans.

I am happy they are making a comeback. These boys did have a very interesting and unique debut with their “sweeping dance.” They also have members with unique voices (Aoora and Kimchi) and members with some really pleasant voice (they do soft and gentle like some great ballad singers and actually can have a very sweet sound. (Woosang, Juwon, and Hoik).

I can’t wait until their new video drops tonight. Actually Korea is like 1/2 a day ahead so as of 11 am EST, the video was available. Will update this post with it when I get back home.

As promised, their latest video for Ws before their official comeback MV: “Ageha Dance” is a nice song with a typical dance beat, yet mixing the sweet vocals with a party mix chorus.

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