May Queen Episode 12 Recap

Ah, shucks! I had a thought that I had wanted to share about this episode and its events and it’s completely slipped my mind. Oh well. I will say this, though, the writers (to me) have made it WAY to obvious already that Kang San likes Hae Joo. And by that, I don’t mean to everyone, but to Jang. How he will use this will be interesting…and probably frustrating as all hell. I must also say that I didn’t expect things to move along as they are. This is extremely fast-paced in everything but the main secret being known by everyone.

So San angrily jumps to Hae Joo’s defense against this weird man dragging her off. San is all up in Chang Hee’s face when Hae Joo finally manages to tell him that everything is okay because that’s Chang Hee oppa. San immediately relaxes and happily hugs the best friend he hadn’t seen in 15 years. San asks if Chang Hee is there to see him, but Chang Hee has only one thing on his mind and that’s Hae Joo’s text. So Chang Hee begs San’s pardon and takes Hae Joo off somewhere else.

Chang Hee cannot believe Hae Joo’s change of mood so quickly. Didn’t she say just the day before she wouldn’t give him up? Did his father go to see her again? Hae Joo explains that Gi Chul got down on his knees to beg her to leave Chang Hee alone so she doesn’t become his albatross. Chang Hee tries to get it through Hae Joo’s head that he’s happiest with her, but to her family is everything. If Hong Chul had strongly opposed their relationship, she doesn’t think she’d be able to go against his wishes. I get it. She doesn’t want to be the reason for Chang Hee to break with the only family he has left. But at the same time, sometimes its better than being completely miserable and alone and always wonder what if. The conversation ends with both parties in tears, hugging. Of course, they haven’t broken up as Chang Hee did manage to talk Hae Joo into staying together as it’s just horrible to end 15 years just like that.

Hae Joo gets to work and is immediately scolded by Mn Kyung for only starting working and having the gall to be late. Hae Joo apologizes profusely for this. Boy is she off to a bad start. Min Kyung then gives her two thick books (in English) and tells her that within one night she needs to have them read and have a 20-30 page summary of their contents. Say what? Hae Joo is in shock. Min Kyung is definitely throwing her weight around. Psh. Il Moon comes out to start the meeting, but San is nowhere to be found. He asks if Hae Joo knows where he is and she can only say that she saw him earlier at the office.

So where did San go off to? He had to continue his reunion with Chang Hee. Well…there’s really only one reason he went to see Chang Hee and we all know what that is. San wishes to know how long the two have been in contact with each other. Chang Hee admits they’ve been dating for 15 years basically. This hurts San and I believe this is because he knows Chang Hee lied to him since Chang Hee was well aware that San liked Hae Joo. If there situations were reversed, I think San would have told Chang Hee that he knew where Hae Joo was and how she was doing. The boys then broach another very sensitive topic—Jang. Chang Hee wishes to know why San didn’t come and see him earlier as Chang Hee would have paid his respects if he had known that Ryan Kang was really Kang San. San’s friendly smile and demeanor drop. He doesn’t hate Chang Hee, but he is disappointed in his friend. He warned Chang Hee 15 years ago to get out of the Jang house and Chang Hee chose to stay, thus San can’t and won’t see Chang Hee like he would like to. Before leaving Chang Hee’s office San assures him that he won’t interfere with Chang Hee’s relationship with Hae Joo—he only has one request—that Chang Hee doesn’t make Hae Joo cry anymore. Awwwwwwwwww. This in all honesty shows that San is a slightly better person than Chang Hee.

So the meeting starts minus San. He sneaks in all irate and basically pays sole attention to Hae Joo instead of the presentation on the drill ship and building the propellers. Bong Hee and Jang both notice his distraction, but I think its only Jang who really sees who the source of San’s distraction truly is. Idiot. San, you must learn to be more in control at times because you just keep tipping off just how important Hae Joo is to you. After the meeting, Jang questions San about the presentation and San distractedly replies that it was interesting before begging off and grabbing Hae Joo to talk. Hae Joo tells him that now obviously isn’t a good time, but San insists he needs her and we all know it’s not business related whatsoever.

San reveals that Chang Hee told him they are dating. Even though this came straight from the horse’s mouth, San wanted to confirm it with Hae Joo. She does say they are dating and have been for fifteen years. San is upset. Why Chang Hee and not him? He asks Hae Joo if she really doesn’t know how he feels about her. Hae Joo slowly replies that she was aware he liked her when they were younger, but that was fifteen years ago. Plus, again Hae Joo says she has no idea why someone like San would like her anyways. She repeats the BS about not having an education, etc. San then asks why it’s okay for Chang Hee and not himself. Hae Joo explains that her relationship with Chang Hee started because they shared the same pain and now they are deeply in love. Oy. Um…well…misery can be the basis of a relationship, I suppose. I know the two genuinely love each other, but I think both just might be too scarred in the long run to make each other happy. Why? Hae Joo can’t stop sacrificing herself even when her family and others are being unreasonable and selfish. Plus, Chang Hee can’t stop sacrificing himself for his father, no matter what he tells Gi Chul. With this, San says he gives Hae Joo up to Chang Hee and then Hae Joo gives him a low blow by saying she can’t learn design from him since In Hwa doesn’t like them being together. Sigh.

While this drama is going on amongst our younger characters, Gi Chul pays Hae Joo’s mother a visit. Dal Soon wonders just why he is there and Gi Chul reveals Chang Hee’s and Hae Joo’s dating. This shocks Dal Soon. She cannot believe Hae Joo who has been doing nothing but working since middle school has found time to date. Dal Soon’s ire soon rises when Gi Chul asks why they didn’t stay out of Ulsan after the debt was paid off. Dal Soon replies that she doesn’t believe he paid off the debt, otherwise why would they get dumped in Geoje. Gi Chul then hands over money and tells Dal Soon to keep Hae Joo away from Chang Hee. Dal Soon is shocked by the amount of money Gi Chul gave her. She then brings around the conversation to Geum Hee, but Gi Chul refuses to talk about what happened.

That night San drowns his sorrows in alcohol, worrying his grandfather. San doesn’t wholly explain what happened earlier. Kang mentions San taking the easy way out and marrying In Hwa since Jang can’t live forever. San just kind of laughs at this. The boy then talks about a girl he spent 15 years pining for. Looks like he and In Hwa are in the same boat. Kang can only listen helplessly as he doesn’t know what’s been going on with San. His grandson then asks about his parents and Kang refuses to talk about them since they did the unthinkable and died before him. San doesn’t pursue this matter, but he does reveal he knew his mom was a welder and he fell for a girl just like her. He then says he should never have gone to the US. Why did Kang force him to go? Before passing out, San complains about Jang being faster than he thought. He didn’t think his enemy would be on the same track. So did Kang acquire a propeller plant too late or will San manage to get ahead of Jang? Poor San was just sooooo pathetic here telling his grandfather that he can’t die and leave him alone.

While that conversation was going on we had Gi Chul’s disgusting sniveling to In Hwa and she confesses to Geum Hee that she doesn’t see Chang Hee as a man as she’s been in love with San for as long as she can remember. Dal Soon also asks Hae Joo about her relationship with Chang Hee. Hae Joo apologies for keeping it a secret all of this time. Dal Soon confirms that the two are in love and that Chang Hee treats her precious daughter right. When Hae Joo says she understands why Gi Chul would go to such lengths for his only son, Dal Soon bristles—the Park family is no better than her daughter. Dal Soon is also thrilled at the prospect of having a son-in-law who is a prosecutor—it will make their life much better. Hae Joo is shocked by Dal Soon’s kindness and display of love. Dal Soon says that she is rough and foul-mouthed, but she does love her daughter and tries to treat her well. It really is a great scene. I was wonder if this relationship could be salvaged and Dal Soon redeemed and I am happy to see that is the case.

Chang Hee can’t sleep and takes out his phone to happily flip through all the pictures he has taken with Hae Joo while the leading lady in both men’s hearts does her best to complete Min Kyung’s unfair assignment. Meanwhile, the drunk and sad San clutches Hae Joo’s headband and stares out his window. Geum Hee confesses that In Hwa is in love with San to Jang. This shocks the man. What surprises him even more is that his daughter was so worried about Jang’s reaction thanks to the Hae Poong incident. It’s funny how once a matter is past, Jang fails to see how it can play into anything. He’s…surprisingly naïve and just a little refreshing. Okay, I kind of the actor who plays him—he’s really good. While I can’t jump on a Jang bandwagon, I actually do like some aspects of his character. Too bad his evilness actually outweighs the parts of him that did have potential to be good. Dratted corruption.

At work the next day, Min Kyung is livid that Hae Joo didn’t finish the task and even has the nerve to ask for more time. Hae Joo explains she will do much better once she has learned the ropes. Min Kyung acerbically replies that is something Hae Joo should have done before applying for such a job. Ouch. Hae Joo talks about the technical jargon and Min Kyung acts all condescending towards Hae Joo and the fact the information was originally in English. San comes in at this and he is not amused at all. He gets even angrier when another employee harasses Hae Joo for “coffee shop quality” coffee. Having had enough, San steps in and demands Min Kyung right him a 10 page report on a Russian study he thinks is relevant to what they are doing. Min Kyung cannot believe this. 10 pages in one day on something in Russian! (And she got mad when Hae Joo had problems with 20 pages on two thick books written in English.) San then demands a fancy espresso from the other guy before taking Hae Joo out of the office.

Hae Joo tells him that has only made the situation worse. San coldly tells her that it has nothing to do with her. He hates seeing that kind of display and thus he only did what he felt was right and that was give them a taste of their own medicine. He then complains that Hae Joo is speaking informally at work. Wow. What a change. He then tells Hae Joo that if she has a desire to learn design, then they shouldn’t stop their meetings. Hae Joo is still torn about this, but when San coldly says he won’t waste his time teaching a person who isn’t professional and has no desire to learn, she quickly jumps in happy that he is still willing to teach her. San then tells her to complete the assignment he had given her in their first session. Okay, let’s be honest, San-ssi. You know you probably might have done something anyways, but we all know that you had to defend your precious Hae Joo. While you know you can’t be with her, you will still do your best to help her and nurture her dream. Oh, and as a bonus, she’s smart and can help his plans along.

Hae Joo goes to the plant and walks around the propeller feeling it with her eyes closed. After the inspection she tells the builders that it is over by 10mm. This angers the man. He’s been doing this work for 10+ years, how dare Hae Joo tell him he’s done it wrong? Hae Joo points out that she had done milling for three years now and can tell, but that just makes him scoff more. Enter Jang and Il Moon. Jang, intrigued by this, asks Hae Joo if she’s willing to keep her assertion if they bring out a measuring tool. Hae Joo quickly agrees to this and the tool is brought in. Wouldn’t you know that Hae Joo was right on the money. Well, the man eats crow—he can’t believe how this happened. Hae Joo says it’s a simple mistake of the numbers were input incorrectly at the beginning. The man leaves and Jang is really impressed by Hae Joo’s eye and skill. She is important to Kang San + She has the skills Jang needs = Jang has found a great resource to accomplish his goals.

Il Moon later complains of Hae Joo and is shocked when Jang asks him why he passed the girl over. Il Moon states she’s obviously unqualified because she’s uneducated. Jang then points out that for a girl like her to acquire 10 licenses is no easy feat in that span of time. This proves her intelligence and skills. Jang says this is why Il Moon will never be able to succeed—he can’t open his eyes to see the useful people around him. Jang wants Hae Joo moved to the propeller team and this makes Il Moon livid, but he can’t go against daddy dearest. I do find I ironic that Jang did step on her dream of being able to build ships by pointing out she needed a great education which required lots of money, but now he is all for her doing her dream without a form education because she has talent and skills. At least Jang knows to admit when he’s wrong…sort of. And does anyone else notice just how much Il Moon is like Geum Hee? In the beginning she was the consummate snob who cannot see the merits of people and is quick to judge based on their social standing. Now that’s some great bitter irony there.

Dal Soon is getting ready to head out when Bong Hee arrives. Knowing that Bong Hee is Geum Hee’s sister really irks Dal Soon. She tells the younger girl to quit coming to that house when no one wants to see her. Bong Hee says she’s been coming and going for years and won’t stop now. Dal Soon hints that Jung Woo doesn’t like her coming at all and then says it’s time to give up on the man if he hasn’t bitten in fifteen years. LMAO. I LOVED that! Dal Soon then leaves and Bong Hee goes into Jung Woo’s room to put a charm in his suit jacket. LOL. She is determined not to stop until he finally looks her way. Bong Hee, hwaiting! How long will it take for them to become a couple? I really do hope they get together in this series.

Dal Soon visits Chang Hee and asks after his feelings about her daughter. Chang Hee does confirm again how much he loves Hae Joo and how she is not some fling until he gets something better. Dal Soon is pleased to hear this and then gives the money back to Chang Hee. She basically tells him that if he can’t protect his woman  he’s useless. Chang Hee gets what she is saying and he is horribly disappointed in his father. Wow. Something new. NOT. Chang Hee, Chang Hee. Just leave the man alone to his misery before he destroys your only chance at happiness. I do admit that seeing the mother-in-law/son-in-law interaction was cute and I was really happy to see Dal Soon taking the initiate FOR Hae Joo. She wants her daughter to have a good life at long last. You are soooo much better than her birth mother right now.

Il Moon calls Hae Joo into his office and starts poking at her. She obviously knew who he was, so why didn’t she say anything? Looks like the beggar hasn’t changed after all these years. Hae Joo says that Il Moon is likewise the same jerk he’s always been. Il Moon cannot believe she’s talking like that to her “superior” (he’s referring to work, tho we all know he believes he’s superior). He then talks about how good she is at seducing men since his father wants her put on the propeller team. Hae Joo is happy at this chance, but livid at his words. She gets even angrier when he insinuates that she and San have slept together. She threatens him with sexual harassment, but before anything more can be said, In Hwa enters and invites her to dinner. Hae Joo declines, but must go when In Hwa says the invitation is coming straight from her father.

The kids arrive and Gi Chul’s happy mood is ruined when he sees Hae Joo who is equally uncomfortable to see him and Chang Hee. The kids sit down (Hae Joo is next to Chang Hee) and In Hwa finds it odd that they don’t greet each other after such a long time apart. Chang Hee then reveals that he’s been meeting with Hae Joo. Not only that, they are dating with plans to marry. This shocks Geum Hee and everyone else as well. Gi Chul gets angry and throws his food to the floor before storming out. Hae Joo urges Chang Hee to go after him, but Chang Hee refuses. He explains Gi Chul is against the match and asks for the Jangs’ help in convincing his father to let them marry.

Gi Chul angrily watches the young couple leave the house before storming in to talk to Jang. Oddly enough, it doesn’t make Jang unhappy to have the daughter of Yoo Jin’s murderer in the house since Geum Hee has finally put her dead daughter behind her. Plus, Hae Joo is a good girl who is intelligent and not lacking—what’s Gi Chul’s problem? Gi Chul just says it’s a match he will never allow. Jang then calls him out. Gi Chul has been too greedy thinking about Chang Hee marrying In Hwa. Looks like Jang has deduced it was Gi Chul who revealed the truth to Il Moon. Hmm. Interesting. Gi Chul doesn’t deny this so its probably true. Go figure. Jang then tells him not to get greedy. Haha. Gi Chul just doesn’t know what to say to that. What an idiot. He can’t plot anything to save his life.

Chang Hee asks Hae Joo out for an official date on their day off. Hae Joo recalls that she is supposed to be learning design from San and should be working on his assignment and tries to beg off, but Chang Hee won’t take no for an answer. He wants a sickenly sweet date that gives you goosebumps since he and Hae Joo rarely have the chance to be together like this. She finally consents and gives him a small kiss on the cheek (dating for 15 years and no real kiss?). She asks if that’s okay and Chang Hee jokes that it wasn’t good enough, earning him a slap on the arm. That’s actually pretty odd. Hae Joo really never acts like that in front of him, but its still a cute moment.

The next day Chang Hee arrives with gifts and a suit. Poor Jae Hee can’t catch a break—even doing a date scene he’s stuck in formal business attire. Anywho, the family is pleased to see Hae Joo dating such an outstanding young man. Jin Joo even calls him by the formal title of “brother-in-law.” I don’t know the exact spelling, but it’s the person’s last name with the following title behind it. Hae Joo scolds her for this, but it pleases Chang Hee immensely since he plans on marrying Hae Joo. Okay. Enter typical dating cuteness overload. I won’t go into details—there’s really no need.

While this date is going on, San is moping at In Hwa’s restaurant. I don’t think he’ll try pursuing her—it’s just that he has nowhere to go and In Hwa is essentially the female version of himself. So he’s basically there to commiserate and try to find out the meaning of “liking” someone. I am surprised and pleased by In Hwa’s response about why she likes him. It was cute and truthful. Sometimes its hard to pinpoint one specific reason. Nothing like talking about disappointment in love with the girl who is in love with you. It’s kind of wrong, but you know San is just doing that because he really has no one to turn to. He’s quite pitiful. Chang Hee has Hae Joo and his evil father, but San has no one as his grandfather is only interested in one thing. Oops. I forgot to mention that evidence has sprung up regarding Il Moon and Jung Woo is having another prosecutor gathering evidence against the Jang family under strict orders to keep it a secret from Chang Hee since he lives with that family.

Gi Chul goes to confront Dal Soon who says she gave the money back to Chang Hee and then asserts that Hae Joo is just as good if not better than them. What does it matter if Chang Hee’s a prosecutor when his father is just a lowly butler? You go, mamma! She also stands up for Hae Joo and says she won’t let him be if he gets in the way of her daughter’s happiness. I have never been so proud of Dal Soon as I was at this moment. Too bad that Gi Chul won’t heed anyone’s advice since it goes against his plans. Jung Woo comes in during this shouting match and pulls Gi Chul aside. He likewise is unhappy with Gi Chul’s attitude towards Hae Joo which is really unjust. Jung Woo then reveals that he has officially adopted Hae Joo as his niece making her his family. This horrifies Gi Chul Why would Jung Woo do such a thing? Gi Chul is mortified to learn that Jung Woo is reminded of Yoo Jin when he sees Hae Joo.

The happy date ends on a sour note when Chang Hee puts the paper down that he was reading and a picture of the gangster from Hae Nam is on the front cover. Hae Joo is visibly rattled and confirms it was that man who dumped them in Geoje. The two then go and visit the jail where the man is and Hae Joo positively identifies him. Chang Hee goes in to question him and the man doesn’t want to talk. Chang Hee goes easy at first saying the statute of limitations has already passed on the case he’s interested in. The man doesn’t bite at first, but then becomes interested. Has the statute really passed? Chang Hee then shows his crazy side (NOT as bad as a certain someone’s from AMan Called God thankfully, but still pretty bad). He starts beating the man (talk about illegal) because he did something so horrible to a 13-year-old girl. The man then reveals it was a client’s order and when Chang Hee demands a name, he’s horrified to learn it was his father.

Jae Hee

I think San is waiting for Hae Joo to show up for their promised meeting and is annoyed that she hasn’t shown up nor is she answering her cell. He takes off to find her and sees Gi Chul beating her up and dragging her off to his car! Kang San quickly steps in and punches Gi Chul (the man deserves death really, not a mere punch or two or three). Hae Joo stops him because that is Chang Hee’s father. San is shocked and unhappy. He rushes to Chang Hee’s office where the other boy is coming out shell-shocked and demands that Chang Hee give Hae Joo up. End of episode.

It’s only going to be getting more intense from here on out. Yowza.


  • Thanks for the recap…
    Loved the epi as it had CH everywhere…being a good BF who declares their relationship to all, a good would be SIL who pays visit to in laws, and an Angry Young man to beat the goon….he was the all over the palces in this epi.
    KS……it was sad to see him shattered as he never let his tears roll down his cheeks and always keeps a shining smile but first time his broken heart could not contain the pain. and it was indeed painful to see him seeking reasons why CH and not him from HJ. But then he is a true hero who is there for the heroine despite of she is not by his side. He was not much on screen as compared to CH but then where ever he was he proved his worth there.
    I was expecting CH to be a multidimensional and multilayered character but after epi 12 I found him same all lost in his own dilema, weak due to his situation but KS did show many aspects of his chracters today……disappointed yet concerned with HJ’s learning, sad yet sincere about HJ’s happiness and much more.

    DS….what to say about her being a mother. She did everything she was lacking for last so many years. She stood up for her daughter, she fought for her, she even went to meet CH just to make sure abt his feelings. Woww…I never liked her so much till date in this show. Finally HJ’s hard work for mother’s love has been paid off.
    Also just a random thought about HJ’s father…….as we know that HJ and IH are of same age may be both of them were switched just after birth, and thus this makes HJ Jang’s daughter while IH GH’s daughter. Just a wildest random guess as i cant see any other idea to move this crazy drama ahead.I might be wrong but it can happen also.

    Keep writing…thanks again….

    • Yeah, it was nice to see all that Chang Hee is doing for Hae Joo, but there is that niggling disappointment because I don’t think he can live up to his promise to protect HJ because all he can do is just complain to his father and not take much action and even the action he does take, while nice, won’t really help Hae Joo escape his father’s wrath. In fact, it incites Gi Chul even more.

      Yeah, I did feel bad because what screentime San did get was spent in morose introspection. He’s in pain because Hae Joo chose CH over him. He’s in pain because Ch didn’t listen to his advice and leave the Jang family putting them automatically at odds. All he can do is put on a front in front of those two to the best of his ability and do what he can in the background to support them.

      Ditto about your thoughts on Dal Soon. I already gushed in my recap, so I won’t gush here again except to say that I am happy she’s finally battling for Hae Joo’s happiness.

      And while the switched at birth thing has been done before lots of times, I don’t think that’s necessarily going to happen in this drama and I think it actually might make me hate May Queen if they did that and I don’t want that to happen.

  • Thank you NeeNee for the wonderful recap as always. 🙂 btw they need to do something to that Gi Chul. Maybe throm him under the sea so he won’t do any bad to Hae Joo anymore. I think he is the worst bad guy in this drama. Even Jang did not that much thoguh he still do bad. But this Gi chul fellow just way too much for me. (̾˘̶̀̾̾ ̯˘̶́̾ ̾̾̾’̾̾)̾

  • Hi Nee Nee, Thank you so much for the recap. The story is getting more and more exciting. Having read a lot that the female lead (HJ) lacks acting ability, it is good to see that she is doing well and has rapport with both the male leads. The uncle and `aunt’ side story is also interesting. I am happy that DS is now `taking care’ of HJ. I feel that KS will be a better match for HJ – he will be able to bring much happiness to her life – both career and personal.

    • Hi Tanya!
      I agree that the story is getting more and more exciting. I have heard the bad things about her, too, but this is my first time actually seeing her in action I think and she’s doing well, although I do think her Hae Joo lacks some of the sparkle Kim Yoo Jung brought to the role. I love the side romance with the aunt and uncle and love to see the two interact with each other–they can steal the screen when they are on it. I also think KS is the better match for Hae Joo. I can’t put my finger on just why, but it just doesn’t seem like Chang Hee is the right fit for her.

  • Thanks, Nee Nee. Saranghaeyo! Hehe. 🙂

  • Oh, since u asked, i have to say that i am not very fond of the pages. I mean, i get the point, but it is rather frustrating when u r frothing for the next bit of recap. Anyway, even if u do decide to keep it, i won’t be bitchy about it since it is yr site after all.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I am slowly learning things for work and we need to use pagination in posts, so my site gets to be the bearer of the experimentation. 😛

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