Love Forward Episode 17 Recap

Ah, this episode. Really, after reading heisui’s recaps and opinions on My Drama Tea, I knew what was coming. This episode really didn’t have a whole lot happening in it and yet ANOTHER amnesia case within one drama seems to be a little much, you know? I have been finding Jing Jing’s personality change and actions grating and it looks like I might just jump from the Hate Ren Wei bandwagon to the Hate Jing Jing bandwagon. In fact, while Ren Wei’s actions can still be a little confusing, I am FINALLY beginning to understand and like his character as he is evolving while Jing Jing seems to be devolving.

Step 17: I Don’t Remember You

The above should probably read: “I don’t WANT to remember you,” but I won’t quibble too much over semantics.

Tian Ze rushes to a jewelry shop that is closing in order to buy a pair of rings. The woman is at first reluctant to reopen the shop she was locking up, but since Tian Ze was getting married and needed rings, she eventually let him in. Seriously? Tian Ze, Tian Ze. What are we going to do with you? I mean, it’s not like Jing Jing can wear the ring as she is marrying another man.

While Tian Ze is finding the perfect set of rings (anyone else wondering how on earth he can afford this?), Ai Xing is getting more and more annoyed that he doesn’t pick up his phone. Ren Wei, who’s now drunk, is also getting frustrated that he can’t contact Jing Jing the eve before the wedding. Ren Wei then asks Ai Xing where Jing Jing is. Ai Xing immediately says home and Ren Wei then asks if its possible for Jing Jing to bail on the wedding. Wait! Ren Wei is acting all insecure! Will wonders never cease? Ai Xing’s reply is classic Ai Xing – she tries to comfort but also puts her foot in her mouth:

Don’t you remember the foundation of your marriage? Even though she doesn’t love you, she still wants your money. I mean… Every marriage is built on a foundation that makes the marriage stable. I personally think the foundation of your marriage is very stable.

This answer is not what Ren Wei is looking for and he says it was foolish to ask her and Ai Xing then says it was foolish to try to comfort him. Ah, Ai Xing. As much as she is angry at Ren Wei, you can tell she still cares about him from the beginning of their relationship when he started opening up to her. She tells him to turn in early because of the wedding and Ren Wei tries to get her to go to Jing Jing’s with him. Ai Xing immediately refuses and says it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Ren Wei doesn’t care, but Ai Xing does. She wants Jing Jing’s marriage to be as blessed as possible. Ai Xing then sends Ren Wei home telling him to be a good boy.

Once alone, we get the inner thoughts of Ai Xing which is more on the rare side. Actually, inner narration is rare. Yeah, we had some voice over in the beginning, but now we are starting to have this introspective stuff, not that it’s necessary all of the time. It’s usually pretty easy to figure out what these characters are thinking (save for Ren Wei maybe).

In the world of love, whether we’re in love or not, you still fee a sense of loss.

This thought makes Ai Xing pause. Why should she have a sense of loss? The next words out of her mouth are none other than Du Tian Ze. Subconsciously, she knows she loves him, however, she isn’t ready to acknowledge that and she just starts cursing about just where he disappeared to.

Now Tian Ze is far from stupid. He is quite intelligent…when he wants to be…apparently he didn’t want to be in this moment. Instead of taking the well-lit road back to the church, Tian Ze happily runs through a back alley where he encounters thugs, one of whom hits him in the back of the head with a baseball bat. Tian Ze staggers for awhile before falling down, looking at the ring pouch clutched in his hands and finally losing consciousness. Jing Jing, meanwhile, sits in the church and keeps waiting for her lover to return to her. You’d think since she’s been waiting so long, she’d get up to look for him, but no.

Ai Xing goes to Jing Jing’s apartment where she finds a worried Mrs. Meng. Jing Jing has never been out so late without a word before and there’s no getting in touch with her as Jing Jing left her phone at home. Ren Wei calls and Ai Xing takes the phone from Mrs. Meng. She tells Ren Wei he’s annoying and girls need their private time. She then tells the impatient groom that Jing Jing’s currently getting a facial and can’t come to the phone before hanging up. Ren Wei is not happy with this. Can’t Ai Xing understand his urgency? Probably since he knows that Jing Jing IS only marrying for money and not love PLUS her ex is still in the picture, he’s going to be worried that he’ll lose the woman he’s falling for. Meanwhile, Ai Xing does her best to comfort Mrs. Meng who is wondering if Tian Ze just might be with Jing Jing.

Morning arrives and Jing Jing wakes up in the church alone. She looks at Tian Ze’s box and wonders if all her waiting is Tian Ze’s blessing. She then thanks him for everything and happily leaves the church. The ditz should no better than to think Tian Ze would just run out and never come back. Meanwhile, Mrs Meng and Ai Xing wake up to an alarm and find Jing Jing is still gone. This is really freaking the two out. Just as Mrs. Meng goes to call the police, Ren Wei shows up in his tux ready to escort the bride. Ren Wei is livid to learn that Ai Xing covered for the missing Jing Jing. He should have been told that his fiancee disappeared the night before her wedding at the exact same time her ex-boyfriend disappeared. Ren Wei then threatens to sue Mrs. Meng for breaking the engagement in malice (who knew there was such a thing?). Ai Xing has had enough. She puts her foot down and scolds Ren Wei for not considering poor Mrs. Meng’s feelings as her daughter is missing.

“Why are you yelling at her? Do you have a heart at all?”

“I’m worried and embarrassed. Why are yelling at me? Do you have a heart?

Ai Xing tires to calm down as she does understand Ren Wei’s right to be unhappy. She then says that she trusts Jing Jing and Tian Ze not to do anything strange. Ren Wei points out that the two disappearing just before the wedding IS strange. Is Ai Xing really certain they didn’t plan running away together? Ai Xing says that there might have been an accident and that’s when her phone rings bringing her news that Du Tian Ze has resurfaced in a hospital. Jing Jing also arrives at this time and freaks out. She immediately wants to rush to the hospital, but Ren Wei goes to stop her. She begs him to let her go and Ai Xing grabs her so they can leave together. What a mess. And the root of all this? Jing Jing’s selfishness and Tian Ze’s stupidity (and maybe throw in Ren Wei’s selfishness and naivety when it comes to love).

Jing Jing and Ai Xing go to the hospital. The police tell Ai Xing what happened while Jing Jing gets upset that he got hurt while rushing out to buy rings. Enter Grandpa who is not happy as he thinks its all Jing Jing’s fault (not completely, no, but its her request that got the ball rolling). Grandpa is worried as Tian Ze is his only grandson. Will he be all right or will he die? Ai Xing tries to get him to calm down and Grandpa turns and says that Jing Jing has to be the reason this happened as why else would Tian Ze stay away from home all night. Jing Jing can only apologize, confirming everyone’s suspicions (if they hadn’t been already) that the two were together before the accident. Ren Wei then grabs Jing Jing and pulls her after him. Ai Xing tells Grandpa to hold on as it’s a long story and rushes after the two. I like Grandpa’s response: “These young people are so pitiful. Love makes them blind to everything.”

Ren Wei pulls Jing Jing along and says that they should be heading to their wedding. Jing Jing balks and begs for Ren Wei to postpone the nuptials. Ren Wei is shocked. Are you kidding? Ai Xing then comes up an demands Ren Wei let her go or else Ai Xing will sue him for forcing Jing Jing to marry him against her will. That comment throws Ren Wei. Forcing her? Ai Xing says yes or why else would Jing Jing marry him while she was in love with someone else? Ai Xing doesn’t know if her boss loves Jing Jing or not, but can he stand seeing his fiancée in pain? We then get Ai Xing’s advice to Ren Wei. Not sure what I think of that, but it does have truth:

I love money. I know I have to be willing to work hard with no regrets to make money mine. In the same way, you want love. You have to be willing to pay the price with no regrets, too.

Ai Xing then points out all the sacrifices that Tian Ze has made (youth, career, future, etc) and is willing to make (including putting his life on the line [um, he didn’t do that intentionally, though]). I do like how Ai Xing states that she will accept Ren Wei if he can put everything on the line for Jing Jing. She’s actually giving Ren Wei more opportunities to prove his love than Jing Jing is willing to. Jing Jing explains how this is all her fault and how she can’t consider marrying him until Tian Ze regains consciousness and is all right. Ren Wei does not like this option as who knows when Tian Ze will wake up. Jing Jing then pleads for two months and Ren Wei does reluctantly cave and give in to this demand. Ah, Jing Jing’s comment that MIGHT have made Ren Wei change his mind and allow this 2-month term? “I can give you my heart.” What a load of bull on Jing Jing’s part, but whatever. I think Ren Wei would like to believe its possible.

*That face of Ren Wei’s above makes me want to hug him. Poor guy.*

The angry Ren Wei goes into his office where he sees the bridal bouquet and chucks it at the door. Luckily, Ling Li who was just coming in managed to dodge it. She makes a pun about being agile which sounds similar to her name in Chinese. Ren Wei is NOT in the mood to laugh. Ling Li has taken care of postponing everything for two months and even got reporters to stay mum about the failed nuptials. Ling Li then says that he won’t get Jing Jing’s heart and the two bet on it. Will Ren Wei win over Jing Jing in two months time? Ling Li doesn’t think so, but she does agree to be his love coach. I did love how Ren Wei did apologize to Ling Li for using her and making her think that she could wait for him. This shocked Ling Li. She makes light of it, but you know she is happy that he realized he treated her poorly. I love Ling Li’s line in this scene: “Love is not just lip service. You have to be willing to do things for the other person sincerely.”

When Ling Li exits Ren Wei’s office she runs into Yia Nan who is trying to escape her sight. She notices this and asks if he’s running away, but Yia Nan insists he isn’t. She then asks him, quietly, several times whether or not he likes her. When Yia Nan doesn’t hear her, she finally gets annoyed and says it louder. Yia Nan immediately says he doesn’t. Ouch. What a way to hurt a woman’s pride. But that doesn’t matter to Ling Li. She’s all for considering a May-December romance (I highly doubt there’s enough of an age gap to consider it that, but whatever). I like when Ling Li asked if he was afraid she was going to eat him and he crossed his hands over his chest. Isn’t that something girls do, not guys?

Grandpa is at the apartment getting drunk. Tian Ze is in this state and his father is currently travelling abroad. What if the worse should happen? Ai Xing reveals the good fortune Tian Ze got and starts drinking alcohol as if it were water. Ai Xing also reminds Grandpa of how Tian Ze was fine after that motorcycle accident years ago. This calms Grandpa down a little (although he says he hasn’t done good deeds like Ai Xing has said when she said that there’s no way Tian Ze can leave when his elders have done a lot of good). He stops drinking when he can no longer grab the glass of alcohol and retires.

Ai Xing then goes outside and prays to her mother:

Mom, I’m sorry I haven’t talked to you in a while. A lot of things have happened lately. Something happened to Jing Jing’s family and now something has happened to Tian Ze, too. I’m so confused. Mom, if you can hear me, please, instead of watching over me, watch over Du Tian Ze. Bless him so that he can wake up soon.

Out comes Zhi Xing who asks if his sister was thinking of their mother. Ai Xing nods and Zhi Xing tells her not to cry as their mom is watching over them from heaven. It’s so cute to see Zhi Xing comfort his sister. Ai Xing says that she is happy to have him with her and Zhi Xing says that he has her and she has him. It’s really great when you can see the relationship between this brother and sister. Although, I have to say that Zhi Xing looks like he’s probably several years younger. I mean, Chen Yi Rong, let’s face it, is almost a decade older than Amber Kuo and her maturity shows. I mean, Amber could probably still do high school roles as she still looks very young. Chen Yi Rong doesn’t look “old” but she has that presence about her so you know that she couldn’t necessarily convincingly be a high school student. Does that make sense? And I have a notion that the actor playing her brother is quite young, so their being twins can be hard to believe. I am also wondering when someone will give Ai Xing strength, comfort, and a shoulder to lean on. Jing Jing had Ai Xing, Tian Ze, and her mother while Tian Ze had Grandpa and Ai Xing. Really, no one is giving Ai Xing any comfort whatsoever, so this scene with Zhi Xing becomes even more special.

At the hospital, Jing Jing recalls how she wished to be with and love Tian Ze in the next life and Tian Ze replied he prayed they never meet nor fall in love again as Jing Jing only suffered with him. That’s not true. Actually, I think it’s Tian Ze doing the suffering. Jing Jing seems to realize this as well and promises to stay out of Tian Ze’s life as long as he wakes up an is healthy. Ren Wei then walks in and Jing Jing asks why he’s there. Ren Wei says to check up on TIan Ze, which is mostly a lie. He really came to deliver Jing Jing a jacket as the hospital can be cold. Ren Wei then says that they have nothing to say to each other when they are not quarreling. He doesn’t like this silence: “After we get married, I’d rather we’d quarrel than not say anything like now.” Ren Wei then assures Jing Jing she has her two months and she thanks him for understanding. Ren Wei goes to say something else, but Ai Xing arrives.

Ai Xing immediately starts scolding Tian Ze for being unconscious and making everyone worry. Jing Jing tries to stop her, but Ai Xing continues on as she believes he’ll wake up as long as he is scolded everyday. Oddly enough, Jing Jing’s promise seemed to fall on deaf ears while Ai Xing’s scolding actually brought Tian Ze around. Need you any more proof that they both love each other but won’t admit it? Grandpa and Zhi Xing come in while she’s still scolding Tian Ze. Grandpa even tells her to stop, but Zhi Xing points out that TIan Ze’s eyes have opened. Jing Jing makes a mad dash for the doctor while Grandpa and Ai Xing crowd around, startling Tian Ze who doesn’t seem to know who either of them are. We then learn that Tian Ze is fine physically, but he is suffering from dissociative amnesia as a defense mechanism. Great.

Okay. Now what basically happens is that Tian Ze starts going through therapy and regains his ability to talk and walk. He’s very much like an innocent child. Oddly enough, it’s Ai Xing going out of her way and missing work to take care of him. She’s very upset that he can’t remember her (as she should be). Does anyone else wonder where Jing Jing disappears to and why it doesn’t seem like she’s visiting or helping? I mean, yes, she promised to quietly leave his life, but on the other hand, it’s not like Tian Ze has woke up healthy like she had hoped, so why isn’t she there at all?

Oh, I love his therapist. He’s funny. It’s hard to believe he’s certified and able to help as he seems rather kooky, but I do enjoy him. Meanwhile, it looks like Ren Wei is trying to find help for Tian Ze. I think he’s doing this for both himself and Jing Jing. Not to usher the wedding in faster, but because he doesn’t want to see Jing Jing suffering and even though he didn’t get along with Tian Ze, he did seem to like the younger man. Of course, Jing Jing only thinks he’s trying to help to ensure they are married faster. This girl DELIBERATELY misunderstands him.

Tian Ze is cleared to go home and the therapist tells Grandpa and Ai Xing that Tian Ze is basically reverted back to a child and needs love to help heal his wounds and help him recover his memory. And if he can’t remember everything (i.e. the thing that made him want to run away), that’s fine, don’t force it. You KNOW Jing Jing would never accept that.

Looking forward to episode 18! Ah, three more episodes of catch-up to do, but I think I can have them done in time to get the latest episode up Monday or Tuesday of next week (as long as I don’t get distracted :P).


  • There are so many points you make that I agree with that I won’t even mention them all. I love the part where you mentioned Ai Xing is giving Ren Wei more opportunities than Jing Jing is. Ai Xing understands that Ren Wei is changing, whereas Jing Jing refuses to even TRY to accept him. BLEGH. Jing Jing’s logic just does not make sense to me.

    • BLEGH. Jing Jing’s logic just does not make sense to me.

      That is because Jing Jing’s logic is completely illogical. I get why she doesn’t want to give him a chance, but if this is her decision to live the rest of her life with him (or until the terms are met and she can leave him), then she SHOULD be trying to make her life LESS miserable, not MORE.

      It’s funny because recalling the past Jing Jing, sure she was very insecure at times, but she had spunk and sass and I didn’t think her character would turn into a misery-loves-company downtrodden poppet who wants everyone to feel sorry for her because of the decisions SHE made.

      I also find it interesting that the money-loving Ai Xing doesn’t love money more than herself. She honestly couldn’t be with Ren Wei (having no feelings for him) just for his money. She could to save Jing Jing and Tian Ze, but that is love and friendship and NOT money. The true love-loving Jing Jing on the other hand, totally throws her principles out and chooses money over love. Sure, she says it was all for her family’s sake, but still. It’s an excuse. Who would have thought that Jing Jing would have so little self respect that she literally sells herself?

      • I KNOW I would’ve liked her so much better if she was still a bit spunky and witty. Now it’s like she’s just resigning herself to her “tragic fate” and making jabs at everyone.

        I think Jing Jing still has her dignity, she’s not a total lost cause..she just has to find a new perspective on things.

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