Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 23 Recap

If you are going to have 24 episodes, then shouldn’t you be able to pace the final two appropriately enough so we won’t get the typical 11th hour BS that you normally get because they rush the ending because their pacing is all off? Nope. I have no such hopes after the end of this episode. Sigh. Well, its almost over. I will miss the Fresh Men. I will not miss Kang Sun and the miserable identity melodrama.

Jin Shim insists that she wants to stay instead of going off to see the obviously crazy Kang Sun. Tae Yang cannot accept this and packs their bags to go back to Seoul. Jin Shim wishes to be freed from her mother, if she just ignores Kang Sun and runs away, is that really being free? So the two head back to Seoul and Jin Shim enters the Mok house to find Kang Sun in her right mind wondering just what Jin Shim is talking about. Jin Shim is shocked to see Kang Sun’s injury and to hear that Mok told her mother to just go and die. Of course, when Kang Sun mentions the baby’s loss, Jin Shim begins to feel guilty. So she goes out and tells Tae Yang that she cannot leave her mother in this state. It hurts, but Tae Yang understands and leaves.

Dan Bi and Boon Hong practice yoga together. Dan Bi is having a great time with her mother who insists on learning because she can’t be a yoga instructor’s mother without knowing the basics. Things are going pretty well between the two when Boon Hong starts having chest pains. Dan Bi pretends not to notice and excuses herself to go get some water. She sits in the kitchen stifling her sobs as Boon Hong still doesn’t know that Dan Bi is aware the cancer has returned and she only has a short time to live.

Tae Yang goes to pay Jung Ah a visit. His noona. [if she’s everyone’s noona, just how much older is she than them? She looks pretty young – even younger than Tae Yang and Yoo Bong at times]. Jung Ah is happy to see the captain back and in okay spirits. She does scold him for leaving without a word as she was going to go off looking for him if he didn’t return soon. Tae Yang apologizes and asks after Chan Sol. Jung Ah says he’s doing well, but she is running out of excuses as to just why the boys aren’t their to talk to him. Looks like they’ve been keeping him in the dark to the shop’s closing.

Dan Bi returns to the apartment to find Tae In on her way out. Tae In confesses that her brother is back. This makes Dan Bi happy. She asks to go see Tae Yang with Tae In, but Tae In hesitates and Dan Bi wonders why. Tae In then confesses that Tae Yang came back with Ga On. Why was Tae Yang with Ga On to begin with? Because Tae In told Ga On where Tae Yang went. Tae In then explains that ever since Ga On and Tae Yang were kids, they have been inseparable and there has only been the other in their hearts [and yet how could Jin Shim just run away to live as Ga On?]. Dan Bi doesn’t get this at all [looks like she didn’t know the whole story]. So the two girls go meet Tae Yang at the shop. Tae In excuses herself to go see Jung Ah while Dan bi lights into Tae Yang for forgiving Ga On for being too greedy, thus complicating the situation and making everyone miserable [she does have a bit of a point, even though its mainly Kang Sun’s fault for being so vicious, Ga On shares partial blame for wanting both worlds]. Tae Yang says Dan Bi doesn’t know everything, so she shouldn’t talk badly about Jin Shim. Dan Bi is livid. First love or whatever, if the two are only miserable when together, then even if they love each other, they should break up [that is a good point, too]. Dan Bi then breaks down and says she has a lot going on and needs his comfort, too. Tae Yang is concerned, but Dan Bi clams up and leaves. Tae Yang asks Tae In what is happening, but Tae In isn’t sure, so Tae Yang asks her to look after Dan Bi.

Seul Woo is now working in a club. As to exactly what he is doing… I am not to certain myself. I am guess he’s acting more like the bar host and greeting and chatting with guests. His friend who owns the bar encourages him to lie and say that he owns it to land a wealthy woman to bring him back to the lifestyle he’s accustomed to. Seul Woo… I think he still has some pride left and he is not happy at all in his new job. So he heads back to the shop where he remembers the good times with the boys. He is shocked to see Tae Yang’s truck there, but when he finds the cab empty he becomes depressed. Then out pops Tae Yang from the back of the truck, shocking Seul Woo. Tae Yang then asks the man to buy him some food. The two have food and talk. They bicker a bit, but there isn’t really any bad blood between them anymore. I really love Tae Yang’s words when he learns what Seul Woo is doing. Tae Yang says that it won’t be good if Seul Woo destroys his entire life as an apology. Meaning the other boy should shape up and live right from now on. It’s almost like they went back to how their relationship was in the beginning.

To showcase that the woman hasn’t completely come back to her senses, we get to see Kang Sun burning the baby’s things. I was so waiting for her to unintentionally set the entire house on fire. But that didn’t happen oddly enough. Kang Sun then freaks out on Jin Shim who comes home wondering what her mother is doing. Kang Sun said someone burned the baby’s things [just as she is about to throw in a pair of booties]. She then blames Jin Shim. How can that woman basically say it is everyone’s fault but her own that she lost the baby? True, the situation wasn’t the best, but it is Kang Sun that put the unneeded stress in her life and no one else. The worried Jin Shim goes to Mok and tells him what is going on. Mok doesn’t care as he can no longer trust Kang Sun whatsoever since she lied about the baby. Jin Shim understands this [she didn’t know that her mother had lied]. Mok is also surprised to learn that she is back living in their house. Jin Shim then says she came because she was worried about her father. She knows how lonely he gets. That girl is so caught up in that family, there is no escape for her.

Tae Yang goes to Jung who has decided to call in the favor he asked of Tae Yang. What is the favor? He wants the young man to work for him. Tae Yang asks if its because of Dan Bi and Jung is shocked to learn that his daughter has feelings for Tae Yang. That doesn’t deter him though. He does reveal that he will soon be away from the market more than he is there and he would like Tae Yang, someone he can trust, to take over for him. When Tae Yang asks why, he learns about Dan Bi’s mother. Now he knows why Dan Bi was so upset the other day.

Ki Young is working a construction job and he lectures the cafeteria’s ahjumma about picking out the best garlic. Meanwhile, Ho Jae works in a convenience store where he keeps welcoming people loudly and saying “we are fresh men.” This annoys his boss, so he gets sent out to clean. And Yoo Bong is working on his farm. He is so lonely now and wonders how the others are doing as they didn’t have anything else to fall back on like he did. Always the worrying hyung. He, of course, wonders about Seo Young. Her apartment is in a sorry state [her goldfish lay dying on the store]. The battered Seo Young goes to the store and is seen by Jung Ah. Seo Young quickly runs away and Jung Ah [who can’t run because she’s too pregnant] can only watch her go in worry. She wonders if she should call Yoo Bong when she gets a call from him. However, Jung Ah just can’t bring herself to tell him what happened.

Dan Bi is at a bar drinking some hard liquor when Seul Woo comes and takes her drink away, telling her to stop. Dan Bi says she isn’t made for a one-sided love. Seul Woo asks if she is giving up already. Dan Bi says there is just no way to worm her way into Tae Yang’s heart. She then asks if Seul Woo knew that Ga On and Tae Yang were back together. No, Seul Woo didn’t know and he isn’t happy at all.

So Tae Yang goes to see Dan Bi and take her out on a bike ride. He promises to listen to all the things she wants to say. She talks about losing her birth mother and how each day it got worse for her instead of better, that is why she doesn’t wish to go through the same thing again. Tae Yang then says its good she knows so she can spend as much time as she can with Boon Hong. Tae Yang regrets that he didn’t get to do that with his mother who died right after Tae In was born. It was a really sweet scene between the two, but you know that Jin Shim is the only one for him still.

When Tae Yang gets back to the truck that night, there is Ki Young. How did our adorably Scruffy know that his beloved Captain had returned? I have no idea, but he did. Maybe Jung Ah told him. Tae Yang wonders what he’s doing there and Ki Young holds up a sleeping bag and says it will be warmer if the two sleep in the truck together. Awww. The boys can’t sleep and the time when they normally had to get up to go to the market comes. So the boys go and look at the produce. The end up buying some and are unloading the goods when Ho Jae and Yoo Bong show up. They are shocked to see Ki Young and Tae Yang with the produce and soon the four men are selling. It doesn’t take too long for their meager stock to be bought up. The trio wonder if Tae Yang is starting over. Tae Yang says he is and that he doesn’t want them to come back to him until they do some serious thinking. Tae Yang knows that being a vegetable seller is what he wants the most. He wishes for the other three to think long and hard about what they really want before committing to the hard work out of loyalty only. That’s our captain. Always thinking about his boys’ well-being. I do have a feeling though that they will choose him after careful consideration and not just because of loyalty.

Ji Hyuk, Lee Gwang Soo, Ji Chang WookTae Yang goes to Jung and apologizes as he will reject the offer. Why? He wants to have a store and sell to his customers face-to-face instead of being a big produce seller with no customer interaction. Jung says that Tae Yang is just kicking luck away. Tae Yang says that’s true, but he has to follow his path. The boy leaves after promising to repay Jung one day. The older man chuckles to himself. He really likes that boy.

Jin Shim is surprised to return home to find her mother arranging flowers. Kang Sun is back to being herself once more. Jin Shim asks if she remembers what happened that week. Kang Sun does vaguely recall. She then tells her daughter about how happy she is that Jin Shim returned to her. Since Mok has kicked her to the curb, Jin Shim is all she has left. Jin Shim then says that she is not going to stay with her mother as she has promised to go back to Tae Yang. This makes Kang Sun livid. Always that boy. Always that boy ruins her life. Kang Sun’s conclusion? One must disappear so Jin Shim isn’t forced to choose. Oh dear lord. Not surprising, though. Not surprising at all.

Jin Shim then gets a call from her father. She goes to the office to have him tell her to vacate the house immediately. Not because he wants her gone, but because he wants her to sever all ties with her mother. Why? He wants Jin Shim by his side. Not as Ga On’s replacement, but as his adopted daughter. Now, why couldn’t Kang Sun do that? She didn’t choose Jin Shim because she thought of her as her daughter, she chose her as Kang Sun has no one left in her life but the girl she used and abused. Jin Shim cries and nods that she wishes to be her father’s daughter. Mok does tell her to leave Tae Yang as well, but if Jin Shim insists, he will let them be together as he wants his daughter’s happiness [he at least doesn’t threaten her about it, though you know he will be unhappy if she chooses Tae Yang].

Jin Shim then gets a call from Seul Woo. He is unhappy that she’s back together with Tae Yang. He’s unhappy that Jin Shim’s warmth when she looks at him isn’t because she likes him as a man. Jin Shim apologizes and says she just can’t return his feelings. There is only Tae Yang in her heart. She then gets a call saying that Kang Sun has disappeared. This really freaks her out. She and Seul Woo rush home to meet Yang who says that Kang Sun slipped out when the housekeeper went to get groceries. What worries Yang the most is that Kang Sun took the car herself. Seul Woo tells the freaked out Jin Shim to calm down and think. Where could her mother have gone? Jin Shim recalls what Kang Sun said about either her or Tae Yang disappearing. Her mother probably went to him. She tries calling him, but Tae Yang won’t answer. Why? Because he is with Kang Sun who tells him not to talk to Jin Shim until after they have had their conversation. Jin Shim tells Yang to stay at the house in case Kang Sun comes home. The two then rush off to the shop, but Tae Yang is nowhere to be found.

Kang Sun does her sob story and begs Tae Yang to die so that she can live happily with Jin Shim. Tae Yang refuses [he even recalls her begging him to die 12 years ago, too]. He also points out that dying by Kang Sun’s hands will only push Jin Shim away even more. He also says he won’t die by Kang Sun’s hands as he can’t leave Jin Shim to her. Why? Because Kang Sun has never once thought of Jin Shim as her real daughter has she? Too true. Too True. Kang Sun then begs him to kill her, but Tae Yang won’t do that either. He walks away just as Seul Woo and Jin Shim find him [they tracked him  through his cell phone apparently]. Kang Sun, totally nuts once more, gets in her car and guns it straight at Tae Yang. Jin Shim yells his name and Seul Woo dives and gets him out of the way so the car is now headed straight at Jin Shim.

And that’s where we end the episode.

But no worries. Jin Shim doesn’t get hit by the car [thanks to the previews for the last episode].


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