B.A.P. “Warrior”

Okay. Yes, this video has been out for awhile as B.A.P. debuted earlier this month. I do have to say that I am totally shipping this new group. I fell in love with Bang Yong Guk’s rapping and his husky, awesome voice when he was featured in Song Ji Eun of Secret’s solo debut. I will not lie. I am not a huge fan of rap or hip hop, but there is just something about Bang Yong Guk. I loved his solo work and his duet with Zelo [even if the rapping and choral just didn’t seem to quite go together in parts].B.A.P - Warrior

Release date: 2 February 2012
01. Burn It Up (Intro)
02. Warrior
03. Unbreakable
04. 비밀연애 (Bimilyeonae; Secret Love)

Warrior - EP - Bap

Eat Your Kimchi just reviewed EXO-K’s “What is Love” for KPop Music Mondays where they complained about SM’s marketing for the group [it does seriously kill the hype for the group, which is sad as they do have some killer vocal skills] and I just watched a parody of B.A.P.’s debut song “Warrior” in which the parodier put in lyrics about B.A.P. fighting with EXO. It’s all in good fun and no harm or malignment is meant by the poster.

I really love the raw, in-you-face feel for this song. It’s got a lot of power. The rap is awesome as Zelo and BYG are just extremely talented and highly charismatic [props for Zelo’s fast rapping, I don’t know how he can do it without screwing it up]. For the most part, the actual vocals are pretty sweet as well. I guess my main problem came with a R&B solo part near the end that just didn’t seem to fit with the more raw power of the rest of the song. And the dancing? Zelo and another member are the group’s choreographers. Talk about more awesome raw power. The stomping, the powerful moves [and do they do some krumping?], coupled with some of the MV’s effects just really up the ante on the song. I really can’t wait for more of B.A.P.

Check out Eat Your Kimchi’s review of the video:

Also, check out their brief interview with the group:


  • I also think they made an awesome debut. The video is cool with those cool outfits and great powerful dancing. I actually enjoy hip-hop, and I realized Bang Yong Guk’s talent in “Going Crazy”. He has this low voice that reminds me of T.O.P (whom I love). And Zelo’s flow is really superb. But in my opinion, the vocals of the other members sounded feeble and didn’t quite match the raw feel of the rap.

    • No, with so much awesome power and flow behind the rap, it’s hard for the vocalists to match up quite as well. But I think with a little more time, they might match more. It is funny how there is usually awkward rap in kpop as Simon from EYK said and in this song you have more awkward vocals and awesome rap.
      I love the chorus on this song when you can really hear BYG’s raspy lower voice really overpower all the others. I never really thought about it, but, yeah he does sound a little bit like T.O.P. I like him, too.

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