Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Episode 4 Recap

Hwang Shin HyeI know, I know. I should do this in its entirety, but I figured I won’t recap the episodes that the ever-fast Dramabeans has managed to get out before me. So, I will be doing recaps of this series only if I manage to get the episodes watched and out before Dramabeans. You can get their recaps here.

This episode has Tae Yang and Ga On butt heads, but even so, Tae Yang protects her from getting fired. Meanwhile, Tae Yang hits a rough patch that sends him drinking and he then meets three other young men also down on their luck. These four become jail buddies and drinking buddies. You know that they will be the ones starting up the store eventually. Nothing like a drunk pity-party to bring men closer together.

This episode starts up with the fashion show going on. We don’t actually get to see how the showdown between Kang Sun, Ga On, Seul Woo, Dan Bi and Mrs. Hwan panned out. All we know is that the latter three were unceremoniously kicked out. This angers Seul Woo to no end. Dan Bi is also upset. If she had known how things would’ve turned out, she would never have asked her aunt to go. Mrs. Hwang is upset that Seul Woo’s temper turned it from a minor embarrassment to full-blow humiliation, but she is happy how her son defended her. Mrs. Hwang wants to go to eat at a meat restaurant to unwind, but Dan Bi replies that will only make Seul Woo’s temper worse as he only eats salads at meat places. Mrs. Hwang doesn’t care, who told her son to eat like a rabbit? Seul Woo erupts asking if his mom wants him to be fat again. Mrs. Hwang replies she doesn’t care as her son had a better temper then. That eases the tension in the car. I liked this scene when Mrs. Hwang says that she liked Ga On for fiercely defending her mother much like Seul Woo is wont to do, making the two quite alike [something Seul Woo doesn’t want to acknowledge at all].

Kim Young Kwang, Park Won Sook, Park Soo Jin

Ji Chang WookLater that night at the market, Tae Yang is practicing on the forklift. He has problems in getting the hang of it. The captain is pleased by Tae Yang’s work ethic. It’s nice to see that after the rough patch in episode 3, Tae Yang is accepted by the other workers now. Captain then invites him to eat and drink after practice if he so chooses. Meanwhile, Ga On and her two tormentors are alone in the office with Ga On on the phone trying to explain about the problems the market is having due to the horrible weather. Then in runs an old man with a sickle looking for Na Shin Gong. Ga On hangs up and Tae Yang runs in to stop the old man. Apparently the auctioneers sold his produce for less than half it was worth! Far from being sympathetic, Ga On turns the tables on the man and says it is all his fault. He entrusted the auctioneers to sell his produce in his place and since he couldn’t be reached by phone, then it is his fault for the produce being sold below cost. Plus, it was a judgment call as with the weather, they have to move the food as fast as possible.

Ji Chang Wook

Her sunbaes who are hiding and listening totally cannot believe how cold and uncaring Ga On sounds. Tae Yang can’t believe it either. He gently pushes the old man to the side and lights into Ga On for being so unfeeling and not trying to understand how upset the man is. It’s his blood and sweat that was sold so cheaply. Ga On stands firm with what she said earlier and tells Tae Yang that exceptions cannot be made as it is unfair to everyone else. This argument is interrupted by a sudden bad turn in the already bad weather. The winds pick up and it sounds like we have a snowstorm mixed with a thunderstorm. The auctioneers rush off to help get everyone’s produce inside. Ga On goes to the other warehouse where she is told to guard it as it cannot be opened since the power went out at the other warehouse when the door was opened and they tried to close it.

Ji Chang Wook, Wang Ji Hye

While Ga On stands nervously on guard, Tae Yang is rushing around to help others. The old man from earlier was turned out of the warehouse because of the ruckus he caused. If he can’t find a place to store his produce, his losses will become astronomical. Tae Yang takes his cart and tells the old man to go wait at a restaurant while he finds room. Tae Yang finds out from Captain where the only available storage is left and heads over. And where is that? The warehouse where Ga On is standing guard. She refuses to open the door and Tae Yang pulls a cord which makes it open and pushes his way in. Ga On immediately tries to close the door, but it stops halfway and the power goes. That’s not good at all as that produce needs to be kept in a warm, dry environment. You know, this might’ve been preempted if little miss Ga On had told Tae Yang just why the doors needed to remain closed, but no. Instead of losing her temper and unleashing it on Tae Yang, Ga On starts piling up the boxes to try to keep the moisture out. Tae Yang sees this and immediately begins helping her.

Ji Chang Wook, Wang Ji Hye

Park Won Sook, Kim Young KwangThe next day dawns and the two meet the wrath of Tosa Jung – one of the most powerful owners of the market. He is livid that his produce was harmed. Ga On and Tae Yang then spend the rest of the day working on finding mushrooms that were not harmed. While they pick through the mushrooms, Seul Woo and Mrs. Hwang arrive at the market to meet someone who could become Seul Woo’s potential father-in-law apparently. Seul Woo wishes to stay with his car as he doesn’t want to meet the man as he has a tendency to go on and on. Mrs. Hwang will go in alone, but she encourages her son to get away from his car and explore the market. So he does and he comes across Ga On and Tae Yang. He immediately begins talking about what happened the day before and Ga On tells him to leave her alone as she is working.

Ji Chang Wook, Wang Ji Hye

Seul Woo then offers to help since he learned a valuable lesson the other day thanks to her mother. Tae Yang then immediately goes to him and explains how to pick out the good mushrooms. Ga On is not pleased by this at all. Tae Yang tells her that three pairs or hands are better than two and the three start working. Tae Yang and Seul Woo immediately bond over their run ins with Ga On. Her fierce temper is something to be frightened of. Tae Yang says it’s the first time he has ever fought with a girl like that. Ga On almost brought him to tears. Seul Woo understands completely! That Ga On is certainly something else. When he goes to mention her privileged upbringing and her working at menial jobs, Ga On casts him a death glare and tells him to shut up about her private life. Tae Yang is even more curious now, but Seul Woo says it isn’t fair for him to tell and keeps his lips sealed. His mom finishes up with her meeting and is surprised to find him

Kim Young Kwan, Wang Ji HyeJi Chang Wook, Kim Young Kwan

The three manages to successfully save a dozen boxes of the mushrooms. Tae Yang assures Ga On that everything will be all right, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Tosa Jung requests that all the mushrooms be thrown out. Tae Yang cannot believe the waste! They sorted through the mushrooms multiple times and saved all the good mushrooms. But Tosa Jung doesn’t care. He then requests that all people associated with the incident be fired. Ga On’s sunbae replies that it was no one’s but mother nature’s fault, but that won’t satisfy Tosa Jung. Ga On cannot believe what is happening. Then Tae Yang offers to take full responsibility since it was mostly his fault for forcing the door open on Ga On. He even offers to pay back the debt bit by bit. Tosa Jung accepts this. He tells Ga On that she is lucky Tae Yang is taking the blame. When she goes to talk, Tae Yang grabs her and tells her its okay only to have her tell Tosa Jung that she is satisfied and they’ll take the matter as being resolved. She then leaves and poor Tae Yang is told he can never come back unless he wishes to be arrested. WTF!

Ji Chang Wook, Wang Ji Hye

The dispirited Tae Yang leaves and immediately starts drinking. So funny coming from a guy who said from the beginning that he doesn’t really drink. He passes out and wakes up to his foot being stepped on at the police station. With him, are three other young men who appear to have been brought in for drinking as well. The police offer shakes his head and complains about the future of the country with lazy young men who don’t work, but drink and make trouble. Talking about making snap judgments without knowing any of the boys’ stories. After leaving the police station, Tae Yang feels he’s starting to sober up. He can’t have that, so he goes to the tent just outside the station and orders soju and broth with pepper flakes. He is then greeted by his fellow jail mates who all left to continue drinking as well.


The owner of the tent complains about them drinking and not ordering any side dishes but drinking the free broth. Tae Yang then orders a fish dish and they agree to split the cost amongst them. Tae Yang then tells his story. We are then introduced to Nam Yoo Bong [Lee Kwang Soo]. He is a farmer who came to Seoul to find a wife, when his arranged date goes sour, he ends up being beaten and mistaken for a purse snatcher. We then learn about the youngest boy’s problem. HIs name is Lee Chan Sol [Shin Won Ho]. For five years he’s been in training to be an idol. Apparently he got a young girl in trouble and was kicked out of the company just before his debut. Last is Yoon Ho Jae [Ji Hyuk]. He is a very smart man, but just cannot manage to land a job. His mother even sacrificed her China money in order to get him a nose job to improve his chances. When he tries to find out why he wasn’t hired at a second-rate company, he meets only rudeness. He then threatens to jump out the window and end his life, but he can’t fit through the small window. It was really such a LMAO moment.


The foursome come to the last piece of fish and Tae Yang gives it to Yoo Bong for having the worst experience. Yoo Bong then passes it on to Ho Jae who gives it Chan Sol who goes to eat it until the other two nudge him and he passes it on to Tae Yang who does eat it. The foursome then wake up in front of a convenience store on the street. They are not quite sure how they got to be there. Chan Sol holds up an ice cream and wonders who fed him such junk food when he is supposed to be dieting. Jo Jae looks around and wonders where the subway station is and Tae Yang gets up and cleans up the trash as beautiful people should leave where they sleep beautiful as well. Tae Yang then notices he won a prize from the ice cream He takes it into the store and the others demand their share when he comes out. It turns out the prize is four trading cards. The other three aren’t interested in them, but Tae Yang wants them to be 119 cards. Whenever you are having trouble in life and need someone’s help, pull out the card and the other three will run to the rescue. The others really don’t seem interested in this at all and stumble off to wherever they call home.


That day, Kang Sun goes to a fertility clinic where her doctor wishes to cut back the dosage or have her stop it alltogether since Kang Sun is complaining of pelvis pains. But Kang Sun will not stop nor cut down the treatments. Ga On may be her life line, but a child that is biologically hers and Mok’s will be an even stronger life line. On her way out of the clinic, Kang Sun catches sight of a woman and that sight frightens her. Just who is that woman? If my guess is correct, it is Mok’s ex-wife who lost quite a bit when they divorced. Mok is apparently looking for her to get forgiveness and make amends for what he did to her. Mok doesn’t like talking about it with Kang Sun, though, as he feels it kind of cheapens things. Kang Sun then says she will not bring it up again.

Hwang Shin Hye

We end with Tae Yang going back to the market. Hopefully, this doesn’t get him arrested. Ga On is near the entrance when Tae Yang bikes in and she smiles happily and waves. Um, did she forget that even though Tae Yang took responsibility she kind of threw him under the bus and didn’t even express gratitude in keeping her job? Yep, she must’ve. We end this episode there.

Ji Chang WookWang Ji Hye

I can’t wait for the next episode! The previews look amusing and our foursome is coming back together to help each other. Who’dve thunk that they would with how they reacted when they went their separate ways?

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