22 Days of Asian Music Goodies–Day 5

Matsushita YuyaOn day 5 I bring you straight up Japanese music [instead of Japanese music by a Korean artist like DBSK]: 「First Snow」 by Matsushita Yuya featuring Sista. Now, not a Christmas song, but it’s got a wintry theme to it. I just love Matsushita Yuya’s voice. I don’t think there’s an MV for this song, so I am just uploading the song for you to listen to. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

And if you check out the US iTunes store, they *do* gave his music! I have bought all the music they had for Yuya, I love his voice that much!



  • i just heard this yesterday… or i’m hallucinating. either way: pretty good!

    • I wonder how you would’ve heard it? Anywho, I LOVE this singer! I don’t think there is really a song of his that I don’t enjoy.

      • wait! …is “first snow” and “last snow” practically the same song? …i’m listening to “last snow” right now, and it sounds like “first snow” that i listened to yesterday. maybe i hit the wrong link!

        …hooray for incoherent replies!

  • Um, no, the two aren’t the same. Last Snow is more R&B ballad while First Snow is more of a dancey tune 😛

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