The Musical Episode 7 Recap

Gu Hye Sun, Park Ki WoongI know, I know, I should do the recap myself, but since I really am not feeling very well, I am just going to send you over to Dramabeans to read it. I should get episode 8 up tomorrow as I plan on watching it tonight. So my apologies on not doing it myself. But here is my mini-mini recap for you.

The night that never seemed to end has finally come to a close. Jin denies that there is any problems with Gu Jak’s musical continuing to Eun Bi, but through this entire episode he struggles with the decision. Should he or shouldn’t he? Kang Hee decides to step in and make the decision for herself. In a way she is doing it for Jae Yi by getting out of his hair, but it also is harming him by harming Eun Bi’s musical. So, can I say that Kang Hee is showing a different side? Not really. As she confronts Jin on his feelings for Eun Bi, but then she doesn’t bother waiting for his reply. I think Jin knows what she’s hinting at and she’s probably right, but he’s sticking with his long-time girlfriend for now. Poor Jin is forced to do Count Monte [The Count of Monte Cristo] and then has to break the news to Gu Jak and Jae Yi. Oh, and lets not forget while this whole debate and struggle was going on, the gang have been busy practicing and preparing for the musical. Seriously. Talk about some pretty shitty timing.

Also in this episode we learn that Ra Kyung and Jin have been together since middle school! Wow. Ra Kyung knows that Jin knows her even better than she knows herself, yet she is surprised when Jin realizes that she is insecure about their relationship, especially in regards to Eun Bi. Wow. Go figure. We also have Jae Yi coaching Eun Bi on love as he says it will be good for her to experience as an actress. Gu Jak says that Jae Yi is in love with Eun Bi, but Jae Yi hotly denies this. Sure, as if no one knows just how he feels about his protege. Jae Yi also doesn’t like it when Gu Jak insinuates a love triangle between Jin, Ra Kyung, and Eun Bi. According to Gu Jak, that would be a good experience for the budding actress as well. Riiight.

So after a cute and awkward date at the zoo, Jin breaks the news to Gu Jak and Jae Yi. Gu Jak is devastated as the cast can go over to Count Monte, but he wouldn’t be able to direct it. Jae Yi is angry at Kang Hee as he understands what her cryptic words finally meant. After Jae Yi bawls Jin, Kang Hee, and Sang Won out for being cruel [and boy was Kang Hee cruel in asking Gu Jak if he thought that his musical could really stand against the Broadway import], he goes outside to comfort his friend. Let’s see, they have the cast, the script, and the music. All that’s missing is the money to fund the production now. This seems to give Jae Yi an idea. Will he come up with a way to fund the musical himself?

I feel so bad for Jin as he is being painted as the bad guy when he really, really wanted to do this musical – and I don’t think it was just for Eun Bi’s sake like Kang Hee hints to him. I hope that Jin can find someway to be involved again, but will he be able to? I don’t know, especially if Jae Yi takes it independently upon himself to make sure it happens. I will so laugh if Chung Dam Dong Gumiho trumps Kang Hee and Count Monte. Got to love a true underdog story.

For a fuller, better recap, check out Dramabeans

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