Ikemen desu ne Episode 4 Recap

Again, I am amazed at just how fast this drama can go when you cut out a lot of unnecessary stuff. This episode seems to fly by and there is a lot happening in only a mere 45 minutes. I am doing my best to not constantly compare this to the original. I hope that makes this go smoother. Now, I think I only mention the original at the point where Miko sings “Without Words” [I think known as “Alone” in this version] and when Yuki does something unexpected at the end of the episode. Yay me!

Kojima Haruna, Tamamori Yuta

We start right back where episode 3 left off – the infamous Ren grabbing NANA and kissing her to save Miko who watches on, heartbroken. Finally having enough, she runs away crying. Shu sees this and gives a very angsty look her way. Fujigaya is really good at these looks, but no one seems to notice them, weird, huh? He always has these pained expressions mixed with longing when it comes to Miko. Miko stops and wonders just why she has such a feeling, what is it? Could this be…love? Before Miko can wonder any more, Shu comes up to explain away her feelings for her.

Takimoto Miori, Fujigaya Taisuke

Shu comes and says that Ren dating NANA is a big surprise. Miko, face averted, agrees that it is. Shu then asks if she’s all right. Miko shakes herself and puts on a brave, smiling face. She is just fine. Right. Shu then tells Mio that she just might be one of Ren’s fans as he has some male ones as well. I know that Miko is naïve, but how she could ever believe this explanation showcases a serious case of denial. We then cut to see the mass of crying fan girls who are all upset because Ren is in a relationship. They try to stay cheerful to support Ren, but are all sobbing their hearts out. Shu tells Miko that since she is a fan, she needs to be happy for Ren. Miko turns towards Shu and says that she will be a fan who is happy for Ren. Looks like Shu feels a little guilty, but he is doing his best to try to keep Miko from totally falling for Ren since Shu, himself, loves her. He then gives her the customary pat on the head that he has been doing for awhile now.

Kojima Haruna, Tamamori Yuta

An upset NANA asks Ren just what was going on and we flash back to the earlier scene. NANA really thought that Ren was going to kiss her, but is shocked to open her eyes and find him only pretending. NANA tries to break away, but Ren won’t let her…after all, wasn’t this public relationship what she really wanted? End flashback. NANA asks Ren if he thinks that will make her shut up. NANA tells him not to be naïve and then says that they must stay together until she decides to “break up” and if he ever angers her, she will reveal Mio’s secret. Ren, annoyed, leaves. NANA looks down at an article that shows all of A.N.JELL and slams it down on the table calling Miko an unforgivable female liar. Is her lie any worse than NANA being a fake fairy?

Yaotome Hikaru, Tanoshingo

We then get a brief look at Yuki. I have to say that even in the Korean version, Lee Hong Gi’s Jeremy did not get near as much screen time either and most of it was him acting like a complete idiot. Here, Yuki is all dreamy because he wants a girlfriend, too. He then freaks out when he pictures “Mio” as his girlfriend. Yuuki freaks out and walks off just as Toru comes out all upset that his “Ren-sama” is now dating NANA. He sees Yuki and puts his arm around him, asking if he wants to go out that night for a little love injection until morning. Yuki declines and Toru’s voice suddenly deepens as he says that Yuki is obviously like him.  Gasp! No Yuki isn’t. Freaked out, Yuki runs away.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

That night Ren comes home to a congratulations party for him dating NANA. Needless to say Ren is less than amused, especially when Miko comes up and congratulates him saying they look good together. Ren’s lip  curls up and he calls Miko an idiot. Just who is he dating NANA for? How anyone couldn’t hear this is beyond me. Miko keeps smiling like a complete idiot, though. How much pain and such could be avoided if Ren was up front about the “relationship” to begin with?

Tamamori Yuta

The party is interrupted by Ando and Miko’s aunt’s arrival. Apparently Shigeko experienced a small house fire and now has nowhere to live, so she will be moving in with the boys for awhile. As such, Miko must give up her room to her aunt and bunk with one of the other members until her aunt leaves. Ando asks Miko to choose and she carefully looks from face to face [Yuki looks worried and Shu looks like he really wants Miko to choose him while Ren looks like she had better not say his name], but decides on Ren. Ren immediately refuses this [while Shu and Yuki look all depressed that Miko didn’t choose them] and Ando tells Miko to move in with him for the duration – they can sweat it out in the sauna. Both Miko and Mabuchi shoot Ren glances and he caves in and grudgingly lets Miko stay in his room.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

As Miko is packing up things to take to Ren’s room, she pulls out his hairpin, which she quickly hides when Mabuchi and RINA enter. RINA hands Miko a stun gun “just in case.” Nothing should happen, but Ren is male and Miko is female, so it is better to be safe than sorry. RINA and Mabuchi then show Miko how it works. Miko then goes to Ren’s room where he is working on composing. He asks Miko why she chose him as Shu is nicer and Yuki is funnier, so why did Miko ultimately choose him? Ren is unhappy to learn that it is only because Ren knows the secret of her being female. Guess he was expecting a little something more. Poor Ren. Miko wonders what is wrong and Ren angrily replies that there is nothing and leaves. Miko then says that she is kind of nervous. She looks around  Ren’s room and says that she is only one of his many fans. Baka, baka, baka!

Fujigaya TaisukeYaotome Hikaru

Miko goes out into the kitchen where she bids Shu goodnight. He asks if she is anxious being with Ren and she replies that she is a little nervous. Shu then tells her that if anything is troubling her, anything at all, she can come talk to him. I kind of get the feeling that Shu wants Miko to trust him enough to confess her secret to him. Not going to happen though. Yuki then watches Miko go into Ren’s room and comments that it is the first night. He then imagines Miko seducing a reluctant Ren. Ah, Yuki-kun! He then shakes himself and reminds himself that Mio and Ren are two males and he shouldn’t be thinking such things.

Takimoto Miori

Miko goes into the bedroom and shuts the lights off, immediately causing Ren to jump up in bed and demand that she turns the lights back on. Ren tells her that he cannot sleep with the lights off and Miko says that she can’t sleep with them on.  Ren triumphs because it is his room and Miko is just a “freeloader.” Miko lays down and just can’t go to sleep. She decides to get a glass of water [WHY did she take the stun gun with her?] and notices how gentle Ren looks when he is sleeping. She then drops the stun gun which goes off and she collapses on top of Ren who is apparently a very heavy sleeper as he didn’t notices the big thump of someone landing almost on top of him.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Miko wakes up in the morning and is shocked to find herself sleeping beside Ren. She freaks out and tries to get off the bed before Ren wakes up, but too late. Ren is out of it at first but quickly jumps up when he realizes that Miko is in his bed. Miko apologizes and says she just somehow fell asleep there. Ren replies that he obviously cannot trust her and gets out of bed, checking to see that he is fully clothed still. At breakfast, the others ask how Miko slept in someone else’s room and the annoyed Ren comes and replies that Miko slept very well. I think this disappoints Shu instead of relieving him. We also learn that it is Miko’s father’s death anniversary. Shigeko will be going to take care of the grave in Miko’s place as Miko is  to begin recording her solo debut.

Kojima Haruna, Takimoto Miori

Miko tries in the recording studio, but just can’t get into the emotions of the song, even when recalling what happened with Ren and NANA [probably because NANA’s bouquet and flaunting of her “relationship” with Ren really threw Miko for a loop]. Mabuchi explains the emotions of the song, but Miko decides that she needs a break and asks to be taken to her father’s grave. Mabuchi tells Ren this, and Ren takes Miko while Mabuchi fills in and escorts NANA to some party they were to attend together.

Takimoto Miori

Miko wonders why Ren decided to  take her and Ren says so he can give her intense song training which makes Miko happy. On the trip down, Miko buys Ren juice which splashes all over him since she ran, shaking the can up. Miko sees a roadside stand and buys Ren some clothes which he is less than thrilled with. He complains about Miko’s horrendous taste. It’s just jogging paints and a jersey. Sheesh. I do love how Ren calls Miko “You Accident Express Delivery!” She really is – to him at least. Although, definitely not intentionally.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

They meet Shigeko at the grave site and Miko tells Ren to wait there while she and her aunt go to visit Miko’s father. Already at his grave his Ren’s mother! She burns incense and places flowers on the grave. She also says, rather ominously, that she wants to sing his song one more time. It’s basically her last request. Makes it sound like Mizusawa is dying…but I don’t think she is…weird. Meanwhile, Ren is enjoying Nature until he meets a little pig and runs screaming like a girl from it.

Tamamori Yuta

Miko and Shigeko pass Mizusawa on their way to the grave. Shigeko pauses as she believes Mizusawa looks familiar – maybe she is someone famous? The two get to the grave and notice the incense and the flowers. Miko then rushes down the path hoping to find Mizusawa as the woman just might have information about her mother. It’s too late and Mizusawa is already gone. It’s at this time that Miko notices Ren is missing from the car. She doesn’t seem too concerned at that point.

Manda Hisako, Takimoto Miori

Meanwhile, Ren is in the river washing his t-shirt. Eye candy, I suppose, as you get to see he’s got a rather nice chest. He wonders just where he is. He tries calling Miko, but her phone is in the car. He complains that she isn’t there when he needs her help. He then goes on Twitter and tweets that he is lost in the mountains. He immediately regrets sending that tweet and tries to do a follow-up damage control tweet, but his phone dies before that can happen. This causes an uproar back home. The members and Ando are all worried, wondering how such a thing could happen. NANA is horrified and the fans are shocked. The reporters, however, are giddy and decide to go look for Ren as it could prove to be the scoop of a lifetime.

Tamamori Yuta

Miko learns from her aunt that Ren has gone missing. Apparently it’s already hit the news stations and they are reporting on it. This freaks Miko out and she packs some gear and goes off to find the missing Ren. The only question is how to find him? Miko then recalls everything she knows about Ren and that leads her straight to him, from avoiding the stinky trail, to avoiding the scary trail, to knowing that Ren would immediately want to wash himself after falling in a mud puddle. She finds Ren at the river. He acts all nonchalant, like he’s not lost at all. He then asks to borrow her phone, to let the world know he is okay, but her phone is in the car. Oops. Miko then unpacks all of her gear and takes care of Ren who is actually impressed by how prepared Miko was. I think what impresses Ren more is that Miko says she found him by thinking about him the entire time. The boy is touched!!!

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

The two start on the journey home, but don’t manage to make it before night fall which annoys Ren. Apparently the flashlight Miko took is dead as well. Oh well, at least they are both safe. Miko is quite amused by Ren’s fear. He hears noises and worries that it might be a rabbit and Miko wonders why that is scary as rabbits are cute. Ren says they look cute, but are vicious and can bite. The more scared he gets, the more Miko laughs. The two finally sit down and rest and Miko talks about how she always thought of her mom as a star. Well, now Miko is getting comfort from a different star that seems cold, but is really gentle. The problem is the star is too far out of her reach. Ren comments that Miko saying such things is odd. Miko is the one who talked about faith and prayer and believing enough in something so it actually happened. He tells her to have faith and pray this time that she will be able to reach the star and it just might happen. This makes Miko cry as she is referring to Ren as the star. [And somewhere in this conversation, Miko confesses she is a fan and Ren tells her that she is not a fan, but a special person who sings his songs…awww…how sweet!]

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto MioriTamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Ren notices that she is crying, but before he can say much of anything, a car pulls up and blinds them with the headlights. It is NANA who came to the mountains in search of the missing Ren. She is happy that Ren is safe, but unhappy that he is with Miko. Ren asks to borrow NANA’s phone so he can twee that he is all right. In that time, Nana scolds Miko for butting into their precious time together. Miko takes the hint and tells Ren that she is spending the night with her aunt so he can go back with NANA. Just what about Mabuchi’s car? Ren isn’t happy about this, but reluctantly leaves with NANA.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori, Kojima Haruna

The reporters are lost and need help. It injects humor into a not-so-humorous situation. Miko goes back to her aunt’s where she recalls Ren’s words about praying. The next day dawns and Miko is in a state of confusion, wondering how she can sing the song. Her aunt comes and tells her that someone has come to pick her up. Miko jumps up and happily puts on her shoes and rushes out to greet the person and is stopped short as it is Shu and not Ren. Poor Shu gets the unhappy face. He asks if she was expecting Ren and Miko immediately replies she isn’t. Shu tells her that she is an important person to him and then ruins the moment by saying it is because she is a member of A.N.JELL. Miko thanks him for being so nice to the weak her, she then vows to do her best at singing Ren’s song. Shu tells her if it is too painful, she can quit. Miko recalls Ren’s words about her being a special person who can sing his songs and she tells Shu  that she will not quit and will try her best. Shu pats her head and tells her to come to him if she needs any help. She never does…she always ends up going to Ren…poor Shu.

Takimoto Miori, Fujigaya Taisuke

Shu takes Miko back, surprising Yuki as he thought Mabuchi was going to fetch her. Shu says nothing to this and just tells Miko to get ready for the recording session. Yuki has yaoi thoughts once more and says he’s wrong. He slaps himself, but decides he can’t lie to himself any more. That’s new. Miko goes to the recording studio where Mabuchi tells her to let out the feelings of overflowing love. Miko says she understands and goes inside the booth. Ren shows up and Shu shoots him a look. Ren stands watching and Miko sees him. She closes her eyes briefly and begins singing. The song “Without Words” really sounds weird in Japanese to me. Not bad, just weird. Like I said, I am just so used to the Korean versions of the songs. It’s a really pretty song and Takimoto-san does a great job of injecting it with emotion. Her singing is definitely growing on me.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

The passion and emotion that Miko is injecting into the song pleases Ando and Mabuchi and shocks Ren. She is staring at him and singing that she wants him “more and more.” Does the boy not realize this? Nope. Yuki smiles at Miko’s passion while Shu tears up as he knows where the pain is coming from. Ren just looks stunned. Miko successfully finishes singing the song and Ando claps, telling her it was good. Miko stands silent and cries while Shu shoots a glance over at Ren. Unable to take anymore, Miko runs out and Ren wonders just what happened.

Takimoto Miori, Fujigaya Taisuke

Miko is soon found by Shu. She apologizes as her chest hurts and her tears won’t stop. She doesn’t want anyone to see her face. Shu then tells her that he will hide her face for her and grabs her to his chest. Miko is surprised at first, but then leans into the embrace and cries her heart out. At this point out rushes the worried Ren and Mabuchi who stop short when they see Shu hugging Miko. Yuki sees this as well. Miko raises her head and sees  Ren. She then runs away and Ren goes to follow, but Shu stops him, telling Ren to leave Miko alone for now. Ren angrily shakes his hand off and goes back inside the studio where Mabuchi wonders if Miko likes Shu. This shocks Ren and he gets annoyed.

Yaotome Hikaru

Miko sits alone and wonders why it hurts so much to think about Ren. Is this what it feels like to like someone? Yuki then calls out to Miko and tells her not to cry any more. He then says that if it was him, he wouldn’t make Mio sad anymore. End episode. Really!? What a surprise ending. I don’t really remember Jeremy “confessing” when Mi Nam was a guy. He never got his chance and got his heart broken when he learned that Mi Nam really loved Taekyung,


  • I liked the ending, it’s nice to have something completely new and unexpected. It means we won’t have the bus scene, but I assume a similar scene will pop up eventually. I didn’t understand what Toru said, about Yuki being like him. Yuki took it as meaning ‘gay’ but I don’t know why Toru would think that of Yuki, so did he mean something else?

    • I’m thinking Toru did mean gay…or it could mean that Toru is talking about unrequited love as well since Toru really seems to like Ren and was upset to learn he and NANA were dating. Don’t count the bus scene out, it looks like it’s coming in the previews for episode 5.

      I do like the little plot segues. They are nice. The pacing and everything seems okay, and yet some parts seem a tad rushed. Still good overall, though.

  • I’ve got to say that I liked the way they rewrote the fantasy sequence here by having Yuki imagine that Miko is intent on seducing Ren. It was consistent with Yuki’s character. Yes, I agree this is starting to feel rushed after watching episode 5.

  • I’ve got to say that I liked the way they rewrote the fantasy sequence here by having Yuki imagine that Miko is intent on seducing Ren. It was consistent with Yuki’s character. Yes, I agree this is starting to feel rushed after watching episode 5.

    OH and I have to say it. Tamamori looks a lot like Calvin Chen with that hairdo circa Romantic Princess.

    • Now I am going to picture Calvin Chen every time I see Tamamori! I totally didn’t notice that their hairstyles are quite alike. Sigh. I liked Calvin with his longer hair.

      • Right? I kept thinking maybe Calvin shouldn’t play nice; maybe he should play a jerk with a heart of gold. I wonder what Calvin would look like with that snarl on his lip…sexy!

        • Well, Calvin did have some darker looks in Love Buffet, but no snarl. He is supposed to get the girl in that drama, but I don’t think the ending really portrayed that at all. The nice guys ALWAYS finish last…or nearly always. He could play the jerk with the heart of gold. He was a bit of a jerk in the K.O. series, so I think he could pull it off.

  • ^ Ooh. That’s just what I’ve been thinking. Anyway, I love how hot Shu is here. I didn’t expect to experience a second lead syndrome here because I never shipped them in the Korean version (I guess I should blame it on Yonghwa’s act? But I love Yonghwa…when he sings). But I feel like I’m going there. He’s adorably cute. And fun. And cute. 🙂

    • It does amaze me how you have singers who exude such talent and charisma on stage [and in MVs], but when you place then in a real acting situation, they just kind of fall apart. Kim Hyun Joong is like that. He has great presence and charisma on stage and in SS501’s MVs, but put him in front of a camera to act and he just falls flat.

      I feel bad for Shu, but he brings it all on himself by keeping silent. Always keeping silent. That is the problem with that character in general.

  • Jeremy did. it was the same scene when Minnam say she feel like being invisible so that she wont bring harm to A.N.JELL. and Jeremy just appear opposite her and asked her not to disappear and they went on a special date with chillie food, ice cream, arcade and THAT special bus ride. ((:

    • Yeah, it had been like…2 years? Since I had watched the original and at this time I had been re-watching it, but it takes sooooo long to get to this part in the kdrama, that I wasn’t quite sure if such a scene happened BEFORE his other confession where Mi Nam broke his little heart.

  • HAHA, yeah. i only just started watching the korean one, and immediatly move onto the jap one. huge contrast i must say.

    • It is a big contrast and I got in trouble with some readers for comparing them too much in the beginning 😛 But by the end of the series, I found I had managed to divorce the two and was able to enjoy IDN for itself and it’s more fast-paced plot…although…as you say in your own posts the pacing did effect some believable character and emotional development.

      • I can’t help comparing since i’m watching both one after another, but i’m going onto ep 5 now it’s getting better. heheheh.

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