Ikemen desu ne Episode 2 Recap

I said in the first recap that scenes have been cut or redone as this series will be shorter than the original. That isn’t bad because there was some silliness that, although funny, wasn’t essential to the storyline. But then we have a problem crop up with this shorter run. The problem being that I don’t think there is a good reason for Shu to have developed feelings for Mio on such a short basis to the point he is already jealous of Mio’s and Ren’s deepening friendship [which really started developing in this episode]. Sure, they’ve had some good scenes together where Shu is taking care of and encouraging Mio, but it just seems a bit too much for him to already like-like her as much as he does.

I complained in the first episode that the only thing Ren has going for him is that fact that he seems angry ALL of the time. Well, he still does, but his character keeps growing on me more and more. And it looks like Tamamori-san is getting closer to perfecting Tae Kyung’s smirk in this episode. You can’t have Tae Kyung without his trademark smirk.

And NANA. Yeah. Don’t like her. I liked Uee’s portrayal as the vixen who is known as the nation’s fairy. I have liked AKB48’s Kojima Haruna in her other series, but just can’t stand her as NANA [the Japanese version of Uee’s character]. She seems…forced? For lack of better words. And her storyline, while minor right now, just seems forced and rushed and very…shallow.

I do have to say that I like how much more Miko seems to care for Mio in this drama. I am not saying that Park Shin Hye’s Go Mi Nyeo didn’t really care for Mi Nam, it’s just that after awhile, protecting her brother’s dream just seemed to slip from the show altogether and she never really seemed to dwell on their time together as children and all of that like is seen in this drama. I think it would be great if we could actually scenes with the adult twins as I really wanted that in the original…difficult, but not impossible.

Oh…and the band scene where they are practicing…it doesn’t really seem like they are playing their instruments all that realistically. But enough complaints. You’d think I don’t like this show, which I do. It has its own little charm even if I don’t care of the lead actress most of the time. Or Yuki, which isn’t Yaotome’s fault, but Hong Gi’s for playing such a spectacular Jeremy in the original.

So yeah, the episode picks up right where the first one left off – with Ren showing Miko the proof that he has that she is really a girl. Ren calls Miko the scum of all people for her lie and walks away, determined to show the video to Ando when he returns. Miko rushes after him and begs him to at least listen to her side of the story. Ren, angry, doesn’t want to listen and pushes her to the ground. Yuki sees this and thinks he’s seen something he wasn’t supposed [him and his yaoi fantasies].

Yaotome Hikaru, Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

Ren holds out his phone as he gets on the elevator and says that it’s over for Miko, he will show it to the president. Miko, recalling Mabuchi’s words as to why her brother wanted to join A.N.JELL hurries and grabs the phone before the elevator doors close and runs off with a surprised and angry Ren in hot pursuit. He easily catches up to Miko and the two begin their desperate struggle for the phone. Ren tells Miko that it doesn’t matter if she deletes the video from his phone as she can’t delete the truth that she is really a girl. This deflates Miko and takes away all her fighting spirit. Miko’s grip loosens and when Ren goes to take his phone back it goes flying into a construction site on some netting. This makes him angrier at Miko, although it is really his fault that the phone went flying.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

So instead of the infamous truck chasing scene, we have Miko climbing up on the construction site at Ren’s behest to get his phone. Miko is at a loss, but she does start climbing up to get it. Now, I don’t know who in their right mind who try to walk on the netting, it would be safer crawling. Miko almost falls, much to Ren’s fear. This girl is going to give him a heart attack one day. He yells at her to be careful and not to fall. Just because he doesn’t like her, he doesn’t want to see her seriously hurt at all. Of course Miko gets the phone and on her way back, the ties holding the netting slip and hit Ren’s face. He looks up and there hangs Miko! He tells her to hang tight while he looks for a ladder, but there is no time, Miko is already at her limit. Ren’s solution? Spread his arms wide and tell Miko to “jump.” Um, it is more like just let go, but oh well. Miko doesn’t want to, but since she will slip and fall anyways, she eventually gets the courage to let go and lands safely on Ren who crashes to the ground under her weight.

Takimoto Miori

After ascertaining that she is all right, Miko nuzzles into Ren like a pillow. Poor Guy. He angrily asks how long she plans on staying there. Miko jumps up and apologizes. I am seriously getting so sick of hearing Miko saying “sumimasen” ALL of the freaking time. Ren and Miko make it back to the agency where Ren’s back is in pain. He says that only bad things have happened to him since Miko has come. He then calls her a jinx, a troublemaker, and accident prone. Miko apologizes for causing him trouble and then apologizes for lying. Miko then says she wants to become famous to find her mother. Ren doesn’t care whatsoever. This surprises Miko, but she says that she understands and will tell Ando tomorrow. Ren tells her that if she doesn’t, he will.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

At this point up comes Shu and Yuki who see Miko’s trouble face and Ren walking bent over in pain. Shu asks if Ren is all right, but Ren ignores him and just walks away. Yuki then recalls the elevator scene [and adds some yaoi spiciness to it]. He remembers it somewhat correctly and then adds a few embellishments, like the reason Ren shoved Miko away is because he wouldn’t be able to “control” himself with Miko around. Yuki shakes himself from this fantasy and slaps his face for thinking such things as “Mio” and Ren are both males.

Yaotome Hikaru

Shu went after Ren and tells Ren that he and Mio shouldn’t be walking around alone. Ren says that it wasn’t because he wanted to. He then goes to tell Shu Miko’s secret, but cant’ bring himself to for whatever reason, perhaps because Miko said she would take responsibility and confess herself? Ren then leaves with Shu staring after him. I am not quite sure what that looks is for. Does Shu realize that Ren just might know? Or is it something else? Such an ambivalent look.

Tamamori Yuta, Fujigaya Taisuke

Miko tells Mabuchi she was discovered and will tell Ando the truth. Mabuchi can’t believe she was already discovered and then the light seems to hit him and he desperately tries to stop her from confessing. Mabuchi tells Miko that Ando isn’t as nice as he seems. In fact, Ando can be quite evil when he sets his mind to it. This surprises Miko, but what can she do? If Miko tells the truth, then Mabuchi is fish food, if she doesn’t, then Ren will tell Ando. Mabuchi tells Miko to continue on with her training and such and he will confess it all to Ando. Right.

Yanagisawa Shingo, Takimoto Miori

Ren heads back to the hotel. He still hasn’t gone home yet, well he was going to until he saw Miko’s video with RINA. There, he spots his mother sitting down to dinner with someone. He then recalls a childhood memory of him crying and watching her back as she walks away. Such a cold mother. End flashback. Misuzawa looks up and sees Ren’s angry glare pointed at her. She is surprised. She gives a little start like she wants to get up and go to him, but Ren has already turned and is angrily walking away. Will their relationship have more a a resolution than in the original, I wonder?

Tamamori Yuta, Manda Hisako

Back at the house, Miko is trying to take care of her injured hand [from her fall earlier] when Shu comes in. He smiles and goes over to the coach and sits down offering to take care of it for her. Shu says she seems down and wonders just what happened earlier. Miko doesn’t give any details, just says that she is always making mistakes and burdening the people around her. Shu smiles and talks about years ago when the band wasn’t doing well and they were all doing odd jobs to get by. Shu decided to take on a super hero show as he thought it would be okay since he would be wearing a mask, however, he was late and the only role left was the princess. Shu then pulls out his phone and shows Miko the picture of him dressed as a girl. Even though it was embarrassing, Shu wanted the photo as a souvenir because he didn’t think he’d ever cross-dress again. Not a bad story, but I think I preferred Shin Woo’s accent story…

Takimoto Miori, Fujigagya Taisuke

Shu takes his phone back from Miko, smile fading. He tells her he’s made a lot of mistakes as well, so she doesn’t need to worry about it. Shu then confesses that Miko is the first person he’s shared the photo with, so she should feel free to come to him whenever she is troubled. Miko smiles and thanks him. Shu pats her head and walks away. Yuki has seen this and cannot believe that Shu seems to like “Mio”! He goes to get up and stubs his toe, falling down in pain. Miko runs over and asks if he’s okay [let me tell you her posture an the shirt she was wearing – Yuki should have been able to see down it to see she has a “chest.” Yuki starts imaging yaoi things again and tells Miko to stay away from him as he’s okay. Later in her room, Miko wonders what she will do as she doesn’t want her brother’s dream crushed, but Ren has already discovered the truth.

Yaotome Hikaru, Takimoto Miori

The next day the trio of fans [I think the original fans were better] are reading gossip on their cell phones about Mio and Ren having a fight. This enrages the girls who decide that A.N.JELL is better with three members and Mio should leave. They are then distracted by an older woman, Mio and Miko’s aunt, trying to get into the building to see her nephew. She says that she is family, but the guard turns her away, as she isn’t the only fan who has claimed to be family. Only in this case it is true.

Imori Miyuki

We then cut to two photo shoots. One with the members of A.N.JELL and one with NANA. After the A.N.JELL shoot ends, Ren angrily goes off one way and Shu, for some reason angry as well goes off another way. Miko goes to follow Ren, but stops herself, worried and depressed. Yuki, initially oblivious goes straight for the food. He offers some to Ren, but there was shrimp mixed in so Ren couldn’t eat any. Ren then stalks off Yuki notices that both Ren and Shu are in bad moods – what gives? Meanwhile, Miko keeps checking her phone wondering why Mabuchi hasn’t called her yet. He is sitting in Ando’s office spacing out while Ando talks about Mio’s first live. Ando asks if Mabuchi is paying attention and Mabuchi apologizes. He then tries to spit out the fact that Mio is really Miko and a girl, but just can’t manage to get the words out.

Ikemen desu ne 2

Meanwhile, NANA’s photo shoot has ended as well and she walks about bitching about the photographer, thinking that she is all alone when she hears a voice telling her that she is a bad mouth fairy. NANA gets up and turns around there is Ren lying across the chairs behind hers. NANA immediately adds honorifics and speaks more cutely and properly. Ren says she is still trying to be a fairy and NANA says that she must keep people’s dreams alive. NANA also throws back at Ren that he is hardly an angel as well. NANA thinks that they are compatible, but Ren just sends her a withering look and stalks off. Enter the annoying assistant. NANA yells at him to shut up [he was singing and dancing for Ren to see if he remembered]. NANA then looks at Ren’s retreating back and says that she will definitely make him look at her. Such a vain fairy.

Tamamori Yuta

RINA asks if Mabuchi managed to tell the director and Mabuchi says he only got the first syllable out, but couldn’t finish it. His life is on the line after all. This earns him a beating from RINA. Mabuchi decides to run, but on his way he is stopped by the guard who hands him the envelope from Miko’s aunt.

Yanagisawa Shingo, Katase Nana

Band practice starts and Ren unceremoniously kicks Miko out saying that she has more important things to do with her time. Miko, uncomfortable, apologizes and goes out. Shu demands to know what Ren means and Ren replies that A.N.JELL doesn’t need Miko. On her way to talk with Ando, Miko runs into RINA who tells her that Ando is out and then apologizes for her slipup. Miko tells RINA that it was not RINA’s fault that she got caught. Then up comes Mabuchi. Yay, he came back! He hands the envelope to Miko who sees the picture of her dad with her and Mio as children. Mabuchi says a middle-aged woman in blue brought it just awhile ago. Miko, not thinking about anything but finally finding her mom rushes out to see if she can find the woman in blue.

Yanagisawa Shingo, Katase Nana, Takimoto Miori

The angry fans swarm around Miko who pushes through them. Ren sees this and wonders just what the “idiot” is doing. Miko bumps into a woman in her haste and drops the picture. When she stops to pick it up, she becomes surrounded by screaming fans. Soon the fans leave her and scream louder because Ren has come. He grabs Miko and pulls her after him, telling her to get in the car. Miko doesn’t want to as she might be able to find her mother. Ren doesn’t care, he wants to get out of the crowd. Miko pulls away and yells that he has no idea how she feels. Ren recalls staring after his retreating mother’s back and crying. He knows, but he won’t reveal that to Miko. Not yet anyways. Ren explodes saying he doesn’t know nor does he want to. He is sick of hearing about Miko’s mother. Ren then tells her to stop burdening the band. This scene has drawn quite a crowd and one of A.N.JELL’s personal stalkarazzi is on the scene and is overjoyed to get the scoop on Mio and Ren being on bad terms after all.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

Ren and Miko are back at the agency and run into Ando. Ren tells Ando that he, or rather Mio, has something important to tell Ando. Just as Miko is finally about to confess, she is told that it has to wait as Ando is on his way out the door for a lunch meeting. Actually, Ren has to come with him. This annoys Ren that the truth is being pushed to the side once again and that his presence is requested at the meeting.

Takashima Masanobu

Ando and Ren get to the meeting place and Ren is shocked to see his mother there. She feigns that she doesn’t know him and introduces herself. Meanwhile, Shu approaches Miko to ask her to go somewhere with him. Back with Mizusawa, it appears [like in the original] that she wants Ren to rearrange a certain song. Ando is all gung-ho about this, but Ren is obviously less than thrilled. Ando accepts the offer while Ren outright rejects it. This stuns Ando who scolds Ren. Mizusawa smiles and says that they can discuss it over lunch. Ando digs in, but Ren doesn’t. Ando scolds him and Ren takes a reluctant bite. His throat immediately starts swelling up. Ando asks what is wrong and Ren replies that it has shrimp in it and gets up. Misuzawa asks what’s wrong as Ren leaves and Ando apologizes, saying Ren is allergic to shrimp, but she shouldn’t feel bad because how could she know? But she really does feel bad because she didn’t know as his mother.

Ikemen desu ne 2

Ren makes it to the bathroom where he recalls the scene at the restaurant where he is finally able to see his mother again after a long time. Misuzawa scolds him for being picky and not eating the meal she ordered for him. She dislikes this pickiness. Instead of informing his mother of his allergy, the little boy Ren digs into the…whatever… and eats a piece of shrimp. Immediately he starts choking and crying, alarming his mother. End flashback. Recalling this, Ren angrily slams his fist against the sink. Misuzawa still doesn’t’ remember.

Tamamori Yuta, Manda Hisako

Shu has prepared an awesome feast to celebrate Mio officially joining A.N.JELL. Miko is happy, but wonders why Shu treats her so kindly.This makes Shu pause. you can tell that he wishes to confess he knows the truth and that he even likes Miko, but he can’t. He smiles and says because they are friends. Miko digs in and immediately drops food on herself. She apologizes and goes to wash it off while Shu continues eating and smiles at the always klutzy Miko.

Fujigaya Taisuke

Approaching the bathroom, Miko is torn at first, but goes into the men’s room where she runs into the ill Ren. She asks what is wrong, but Ren says it is nothing and makes to leave. Miko then asks if he ate shrimp. This really hurts Ren. Even Miko knows such a thing when his own mother doesn’t. Ren heads out and Miko follows after him. Shu is waiting for Miko’s return when he gets a call from her saying she ran into Ren who seems ill. As Miko is worried about him, she feels she has to stay with him. Shu says he understands, but looks really depressed. Yep. All his good efforts will go to waste. I never really like such storylines, but they are a staple to these dramas. And the sad part is they never get the girl in the end…or rarely…sometimes they might get the girl.

Ikemen desu ne

Miko brings Ren a bottle of water and he asks he about what Miko said earlier about wanting to sing in order to find her mother. He tells her that it is pointless as Miko was obviously abandoned and her mother has long forgotten about her. Miko says it isn’t true, but Ren insist that it is and that Miko will just regret it later if she keeps pursuing this. Miko yells that she doesn’t want to give up. She has always been lonely and wanting to see her mother to the point she used to pretend the stars were her mother. Miko believes that someday she will get to see her mom again and that her mom feels the same way, thus Miko won’t give up until she succeeds. She then pleads for Ren to let her stay in the band until she has reached her goal. When Ren initially says nothing, she gives him the only memento of her mother – the ring – to show her faith.

Takimoto Miori

Ren, testing her faith, throws the ring into the nearby pond. Miko calls him cruel since she told him that it was important to her. Ren says it is a test – if praying can really help, then Miko should be able to find the ring. Miko says she understands and will absolutely find it while Ren leaves. Meanwhile, the three press stooges are happy with their scoop on Ren’s and Miko’s bad relationship.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Miko spends all night looking for the ring while Ren watches from afar, the ring in his hand. He leaves her searching and goes back to the hotel where he tosses and turns all night. In the morning, he looks over at the ring and rushes over to the pond to see if Miko is still there. He doesn’t see her and smiles, thinking he was right, that she couldn’t possibly still be there, but then Miko pops up. This surprises Ren. Miko is tired and passes out. Ren immediately jumps in to help her, falling in his haste. He picks himself back up and tries to get her to wake up. When Mio opens her eyes, the first thing she does is apologize for troubling him. She then gets up and begins searching once more. Ren tells her to give up, but she refuses. He finally stops her and pulls out the ring. Unlike in the Korean version, Mio believes that Ren found it. Before he can confess that he had the ring all along, Miko throws her arms around him and thanks him over and over again. Miko says it is true that praying from the heart works. She slips on the ring and asks if Ren will keep his promise. Ren says he will and you can tell he’s been touched by Miko.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

Ren, recalling his cool attitude, then says his promise is to only keep her secret. If Miko doesn’t perform well at their first live as a quartet, then she is out of the band. Miko says that she will work hard. Ren then looks down and complains about his wet state and he cannot believe he is in such a filthy place. Miko looks up and says that something is cute. Ren raises his eyes skyward and then puts his hand on top of his head, bringing a frog down. This is it. Ren is at his limit and passes out, shocking Miko. Following this is nothing but good press about how Ren and Mio aren’t really on bad terms at all. In an instant, they turned around the reporters’ negative press.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

Ren returns home and the members rush out to greet him. Yuki asks if he is okay and Ren says he is, it was just anemia. Shu is happy that it is nothing serious. Miko giggles like a silly girl and welcomes him home. Ren goes off to his room and Shu goes off, not happy to see Miko’s smiling face looking at Ren. Yuki takes it all in and wonders just what is going on. Does Mio like Ren? Why does Shu look at Mio so lovingly? It just doesn’t make sense to him.

Takimoto Miori, Fujigaya Taisuke

We then go to the practice scene. The band is rehearsing for “As Ever.” Of course Miko has a lot of problems and is always slow. Shu tries to teach her with kindness while Ren scolds and yells and watches over her like a stern task master. Finally, after practicing and practicing, they manage to make it perfectly through the song. Miko yells in joy and hugs Yuki, thanking him. This makes Yuki wondering again why he has such warm feelings towards Mio who is a guy.

Tamamori Yuta, Fujigaya Taisuke, Yaotome Hikaru, Takimoto Miori

The night before the performance, Miko goes outside where Ren his strumming his guitar and thanks him for teaching her many things. Ren tells her not to get ahead of herself as the actual performance hasn’t taken place yet. Miko turns to head back into the house and Ren calls out over his shoulder that it would be nice if the song reached Miko’s mother. Miko agrees, but says it isn’t just for her mom, but for the band, too. Miko wishes to make it a success. Hearing this makes Ren happy. Shu watches all of this from inside the house, not pleased at Ren’s and Miko’s bonding.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Finally the day of the live has arrived and Miko is nervous and stiff. Yuki tells her to relax, but Ren tells her it is best not to as who knows what will happen. Thus starts them making faces at each other. The annoyed Miko puffs up her face [not as good as Park Shin Hye, but pretty dang good] and Ren gives her his angry lip curl. Then enters Ando followed by Mabuchi who pulls Miko aside. He tells her that the woman in blue has returned to the studio, but since Miko has the live, she can’t go. Mabuchi says he will talk to the woman in her place and let her know what is what.

Yanasigawa Shingo

After their final rehearsal before the live, Miko keeps checking her phone. Ren sees this and angrily takes her into the stairwell. Miko tells him what is going on and asks for her phone. Since Miko wants this to be a good performance for the band and for her mother, she cannot afford to be distracted. Miko understands this and gives her phone to Ren. The live goes on successfully. Ren’s and Miko’s voices go well together. It’s still weird to hear the song in Japanese when I am used to the Korean song. But it is still addictive. When the performance ends, the fans beginning chanting for Mio. Now, I am not saying it’s a bad thing, but it seems a little odd that all of them would be yelling support for Mio at the end of his first live, but maybe that’s just me.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

Offstage, Miko jumps around looking for Ren to get her phone back. When she doesn’t see him, she asks to borrow Shu’s phone so she can call Mabuchi who had just texted her the news. Ren sees this text in the dressing room and goes to find Miko. Mabuchi is unhappy that he has to tell Miko in person. But he reveals that the woman was her aunt, not her mother and that her mother has passed away. Miko is shocked and then runs away with Yuki and Shu calling after her, wondering what is wrong.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta, Yaotome Hikaru, Fujigaya Taisuke

When Miko is alone, she breaks down and cries. Ren sees this and you can tell he is hurting with her. Miko turns around and sees him. She says his name, but can say no more and turns and just keeps crying. Ren slowly walks over to her and puts his arm around her shoulder. He understands her pain. She tries to tell him what Mabuchi said, but he tells her he knows and she doesn’t have to say anything. He just does his best to comfort her. This is where Yuki and Shu run up as they were worried about Miko and were trying to find her. Shu shoots a pretty dark look at Ren who is comforting her and that is wear this episode ends.

Takimoti Miori, Tamamori Yuta, Yaotome Hikaru, Fujigaya Taisuke

Wow. Definitely speeding forward compared to the original, but cutting some scenes and changing others isn’t really all that bad.


  • Yay good news that he’s getting the smirk ^.^ Eh well it’s getting there. That was Tae Kyung’s signature. Really Ren is growing on me. Like a lot. He seems to be playing the part of Tae Kyung well. I’m still somewhat disappointed about Yuki 😦 It seems like the plot of this one is staying true and diverging.

  • I really feel sorry for the for the guy playing Yuki, because he never had a chance when being compared to HongKi. Hongki just played it too well. Plus, he’s the original. I totally agree about Shu. He started liking Mio pretty much straight away, and that made no sense. Both the guy playing Shu and Yonghwa look adorable in a hat though. Ren is also growing on me, but I wish the show went a bit different to the Korean version. It’s exactly the same, which of course is fine because it is a remake, but it would be nice if they changed things a bit. Like, the Shu/Mio at the shops scene. Exactly the same. That was something they could’ve done differently if they’d tried. But overall, I think I like this.

    • I know, right? Yaotome, even though his acting isn’t bad, just can’t live up to the original. With a character as portrayed by Hong Gi, it really is hard to erase the original from your thoughts. I was wondering how they would deviate from the original. Some things are nice to have the pure silliness cut out, but some things could have had a different direction as well. I do believe that the series has definitely more positives than negatives right now. I am enjoying it.

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