TROUBLEMAN Episode 8 Recap


Tokuda’s Story Part 1

It is now time for Tokuda’s story at long last. And just what do you think his back story is? I’m pretty sure at this point people probably have a good guess about our seeming nice and polite Tokuda, especially after the last episode where he recognized the rock.

We start at a train station where a young woman is waiting. After the train goes by, she sees a young man across the platform and complains that he is late. Tokuda apologizes saying he missed the first train. The girl complains that she had warned him about how the trains only run once an hour. Tokuda then says maybe they should give up since they are late. His girlfriend tells him that he doesn’t have to worry as she made sure that there would be plenty of time to get there as she is used to him being late. She then tells him to hurry up so they can make their appointment.

Satsukawa Aimi, Kato ShigeakiAs they walk along, Tokuda asks if his girlfriend is hungry. He is and he is thinking curry. No udon. No, definitely curry. Oh, how about curry udon. Seriously. This is a conversation he has by himself as his girlfriend doesn’t respond and just keeps walking. Tokuda then mentions again about being late and just giving up, but his girlfriend refuses as it is really hard to get reservations. His girlfriend says they are really talented and Tokuda responds that he thinks it’s impossible (what is?) after all. His girlfriend says she heard that these people are really talented. Tokuda replies that it isn’t even his unlucky year and his girlfriend responds by saying she doesn’t think that matters when it comes to fortunetelling. Of course at this point Tokuda has to tell her that he believes all fortunetelling his fake. His girlfriend tells him to ask about work since he quit his job as an animator (because the people were weird), but she insists that he must ask.

They finally arrive at their destination – a barber shop. Needless to say, this does not inspire the skeptical Tokuda to believe in how good these psychics are supposed to be. But his girlfriend doesn’t care about his doubts and walks ahead. When Tokuda catches up, she pushes him inside where they see a row of expressionless people getting their hair done. The barber asks what they are there for and Tokuda’s girlfriend mentions the fortunetelling. The barber then asks if they have an appointment and she replies that they do. The barber then tells them to sit an read a magazine and someone will call them in shortly. He then asks if Tokuda would like a perm while he waits. The barber uses big curls versus small as small curls supposedly shatters happiness into little pieces. Of course, Tokuda refuses the perm. I don’t blame him there.

Kato Shigeaki, Satsukawa Aimi

The young couple sits down and Tokuda glances over at the others once more. They are still expressionless and all are sporting the big curl perm that the barber recommended. Tokuda looks up from his magazine, but freaks out when the woman getting her hair done catches his eye and smiles. When he looks up again, she sticks out her tongue at him. Tokuda then whispers to his girlfriend that it is weird and creepy. His girlfriend tries to calm him down, but even she can’t argue that it is a really weird atmosphere when a girl with an afro comes out, humming and grabs his nose, telling him not to worry and be confident. As that woman leaves, Tokuda’s name is called and he embarrassingly goes upstairs for his appointment.

Kato Shigeaki

Upstairs, Tokuda checks room by room until he fins a woman putting on garish red lipstick. She notices him and tells him to come in. Tokuda comes in and sits down. There is an awkward silence before the woman finally breaks the silence by asking him how hold he is. He replies 25 and the woman then asks him to show “it” to her. Not understanding what she means exactly, Tokuda’s hands immediately go to his lap, thinking she is referring to “that” thing. It doesn’t help that she keeps urging him to show her and didn’t he come there to do “it.” She finally yells at him to show her his hand and he hesitantly holds it out. She grabs it and looks at it closely and intently. She pulls back, laughs and nods, and then looks Tokuda over, rubbing his arm up and down. The poor guy is even more uncomfortable. She makes him stick out his tongue telling him he is lonely. She then massages his thighs and tells him he’s a late bloomer.

Kato Shigeaki

Looks like it was all for show as she suddenly sits up and says let’s get down to the main part. Tokuda reluctantly gives her his hand. She takes out a magnifying glass and gets even more serious saying that it must have been tough on him, all that trouble, all that worrying alone. Something clicks and Tokuda shocks her by grabbing her hand and scooting closer, asking her what he can do. The woman then tells him that his troubles will only increase from now on. Definitely not what Tokuda wanted to hear. He asks for how long and she replies for quite a long time. The fortuneteller tells him he attracts and causes trouble. Tokuda agrees with this and the psychic tells him to keep those he loves at a distance for awhile. Tokuda flashes to moments with his girlfriend and the woman replies that if he doesn’t, then they will be put in danger and he will lose them.

Kato ShigeakiTokuda walks zombie-like downstairs where his girlfriend awaits, nervous. The barber asks if he is done and then asks if he wants a big, curly perm once more. Tokuda says nothing and walks past his girlfriend and right out the door. His girlfriend jumps up and immediately follows after him. Having caught up, his girlfriend asks what happened. Tokuda replies that the psychic only told him he was lonely and a late bloomer. His girlfriend asks if that is all and he replies yes and that seems to relieve her a little. They continue walking on and see a sign about warding off evil. His girlfriend doesn’t want to as it looks creepy, but Tokuda, probably wanting to ward off his bitter fortune is determined to visit the shrine of the god of worms.

He and his girlfriend make their way through a creepy, foggy forest. They finally come across a hut where a woman sits, tangled black hair hiding her face. Tokuda approaches this woman and asks what is the “God of Worms.” The woman replies that he resides deep in the earth and carries the evil spirits attached to people. She asks if Tokuda would like to give it a try for a 1000 yen. Tokuda replies that he does and he is given a purple headband to tie around his head. After he does, the creepy woman hands him a bowl of worms and tells him to choose one. Tokuda points one out an the woman said she cannot believe he chose that one. Tokuda asks why and the woman replies that he must have been through a lot. The woman says that even though that worm is the best, no one has ever chose him before. Why? Because Tokunosuke was waiting for Tokuda all this time.

Kato Shigeaki

Kato ShigeakiThe woman asks for Tokuda’s name and is shocked to hear it. This definitely proves that Tokunosuke and Tokuda were fated for each other. The woman then prays, with Tokuda praying along. The woman asks for Tokunosuke to sacrifice himself and take all of Tokuda’s troubles and worries away. She then throws the worm (almost flinging it on top of Tokuda’s girlfriend). The worm lands and she begins beating a drum and chanting. Tokuda then pleads with the worm to make it safely back into the ground, encouraging the worm. As the worm begins to go into the ground, up comes a chicken and eats it. This shocks everyone. The woman cannot believe what happened – that was a first. The resigned Tokuda takes off the headband, hands it back and gets up to go with the woman telling him to hurry and catch the chicken. IF that worm doesn’t carry that curse underground for Tokuda, bad things will happen! She yells at Tokuda’s retreating back that it is his last chance, but he just keeps walking.

His girlfriend tells him not to worry about what happened and Tokuda replies that he isn’t. But it seems like his girlfriend is worrying about his whole reaction to the incident. She then says that the woman was ridiculous as worms can only dig a few centimeters anyways, so there was no way that worm could dig deep into the earth, right? Tokuda tells her to forget about it as he isn’t worried about what happened. Not entirely true, but you know. The two then come across a man in an alley. HIs girlfriend wants to leave the guy, but Tokuda immediately wishes to help him and goes over to him As he goes to help him, the yakuza come out and grab the man. Looks like he was trying to hide and Tokuda made him more visible. Goes to prove that Tokuda is a verified jinx.

They start walking again and Tokuda recalls the first psychic’s words about keeping your loved ones at a distance. His girlfriend then says they should go get some curry, but the depressed Tokuda says he will just go home. His girlfriend asks if he is okay and he replies that he is just tired and he walks away with her staring after him. At this point, out pops Tagawa who starts following him.

The flashback ends and we see everyone sitting around him in silence while Tagawa is still hypnotized and continuing remembering his part of the story. He flashes back to where he was following Tokuda. He takes his gun out, getting ready to shoot, but as he does, Tokuda turns around and Tagawa keeps walking. Tokuda looks back at his girlfriend who gives him a warm smile and he smiles in return.

Riju Go, Kato Shigeaki

End episode!

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