A Man Called God Episode 8 Recap

We back track a little to Michael on the roof getting ready to take the shot at Minister Lee. Even though I know he wasn’t going to kill Lee, it’s still a little surprising that he didn’t take that opportunity to get one of the men behind his father’s death. Woo Hyun’s two lackeys then go after Michael and Woo Hyun joins their pursuit. Yeah, it went backwards by like 2-3 minutes. While the CIS closes in, Michael rappels down the building and is seen by Woo Hyun to be entering a different floor via an open window. The CIS get there and find the roof empty and give the order to seal the building.

Woo Hyun is apprised of all the exits and is surprised to learn that there is a connecting bridge between two buildings. Michael is in the other building where he meets with one of his men disguised as a janitor. He drops of his gun and he later exits the building dressed in a suit. Thus, Woo Hyun fails to catch him. His man asks if they should look once more for clues, but Woo Hyun yells that since Peter Pan has escaped, there is nothing to find. His man goes back inside just as Bo Bae comes up to ask if the attack on the minister is true. Woo Hyun denies that Lee was shot at and states it was just a piece of rock falling from a construction site. Right. Of course, Bo Bae just doesn’t want to let the matter drop as her radar has gone off.

Woo Hyun then takes Bo Bae off to a quieter place and asks her where Hong Duk Bo is. Bo Bae asks him why he wants to know. Woo Hyun can’t tell her, but finding Duk Bo might help him solve the case. Bo Bae lies and says she only saw him once when she interviewed him. Does Woo Hyun believe the lie?

Vivian asks Michael if he successfully killed Lee. Michael tells her Lee was given a warning. This annoys Vivian as they had already warned Lee once. She then tells Michael that in Korea there is a saying that if a tail is too long, it will get stepped on. Meaning, they should have finished all this up a lot earlier. She then complains that is not acting like he normally does. Michael turns to her and says that he has no set pattern – he does as circumstances dictate. Vivian encourages him to finish his revenge and leave. She begs him to hurry and leave – afraid of what will happened if they draw it out for too long?

Lee and the CIS protection finally arrive at Jang’s. Needless to say Lee is still very frightened. Hwang then puts in a call asking for a special team and also demanding his own private security guards. So he gets an army unit. When the three men unite, Lee is bawled out for quitting after all Hwang and Jang did for him for the past 20 years. Lee tells then he had no choice as Choi Kang Ta is not going to give up and can get at Lee whenever he wants. Hwang asks if Lee actually saw Choi’s face, but Lee just goes on to say that Choi sees everything and can easily expose their misdeeds He then mutters that they should never have killed Choi Hae Ryong to begin with.. Jang once again complains about the time and money wasted on Lee. Hwang tells him to be quiet, but of course Jang won’t shut up and mentions how his precious son has been arrested. Lee then suggest doing what Michael commanded and tell the world that Choi Hae Ryong was framed. Of course, niether Hwang nor Jang like this idea. Jang threatens to kill Lee if he blows the whistle and Lee then asks what he is supposed to do as Kang Ta will kill him for sure. The trio is definitely caught between a rock and a hard place.

Back at the crime scene, Woo Hyun goes through the shooting in his head and says that the perp could have easily killed Lee, instead he aimed for the cross hanging on the rearview mirror. His man asks if it is possible for such “godly” sniper skills. Woo Hyun replies that if it is Peter Pan, then it is definitely possible. The other two CIS team members are confused – isn’t it Choi Kang Ta who is targeting the minister. Does that mean Choi hired Peter Pan? Woo Hyun replies that Choi Kang Ta and Peter Pan are one and the same. Who could believe that the notorious Peter Pan is a Korean? Woo Hyun confirms this and says that if Choi is really Peter Pan, then they can guess who he will target next. He then commands them to get a search warrant for a Seoul police station. Wae? I am not following that, but oh well.

Of course, are three murderers are still fighting over Lee’s resignation when Woo Hyun shows up. They ask what was found and who shot at Lee. Woo Hyun replies Peter Pan and this confuses the trio as well. Isn’t it Choi Kang Ta? So Woo Hyun explains once again that the two people are synonymous. Jang is shocked that the international assassin is really Choi Kang Ta. Lee then tells them that he was right, Kang Ta is not your ordinary man. Woo Hyun then asks if it was Choi who gave the slush fund copies to Lee who says that it was. Woo Hyun asks how he got the accounting book. Woo Hyun then says he believes Duk Bo stole it. Thus, Hong Duk Bo is the only one who knows what Choi looks like. So if they find Hong, then they can discover the identity and whereabouts of Choi.

Right now Hong is at the Jin house making veggie pancakes for Bo Bae’s mother. Bo Bae asks if he will close down his shop for good and Hong replies that he is waiting for the danger to be over – why do you think Hye Jung has changed schools? To avoid people who might be looking for Hong. Bo Bae then mentions Woo Hyun is a CIS agent and could help him (if only she knew). Hong turns down the offer as he trusts no one. A good practice in this business. Bo Bae’s mom comes in and then says she doesn’t trust Hong either and Bo Bae is shocked to learn Hye Jung isn’t attending a regular school but a tuition center. Hong tells Bo Bae this is to protect his granddaughter and the Jin family as to enroll Hye Jung in a new school, he would have to give their current address.

Woo Hyun enlists the aid of officer Mi Soo to help on the Peter Pan case. Mi Soo asks why and he replies that is because Mi Soo and her team is in charge of the Kang Tae Ho case. Mi Soo then asks if there is a relationship between the Kang and Lee cases. Woo Hyun explains there is a secret connection and then begins explaining about Choi Kang Ta. Mi Soo’s partner asks how can they help if Woo Hyun doesn’t even have any info on Kang Ta. Woo Hyun then asks if Mi Soo knows who Peter Pan is. She is vaguely aware and asks what the connection is between Choi and Peter Pan.

At that moment, Michael is at the Jang estate and gives Lee a call. He chides Lee for not doing as he said as he is criminal who must pay for his crime. Lee tries to talk his way out of it, but Michael doesn’t listen and tells him he will be punished soon.

Back at the meeting, Woo Hyun explains (for the umpteenth time) that Kang Ta is Peter Pan. He then gets a call telling him about Choi threatening Lee once again. Woo Hyun then hangs up and shows the photo they have the the 7-year-old Choi Kang Ta. Mi Soo looks through the pictures and pauses at the family one…Is she Michael’s baby sister who is still unaccounted for? Will we ever know? Woo Hyun then explains to Mi Soo that they will use Lee to catch Choi. Mi Soo will stay by Lee’s side as Choi will definitely make contact with Lee again. The trap is then being set. Lee is uncertain, but agrees to help. Will Michael finally be caught?

After some time, Michael finally calls Lee again and lets him know that he knows the police are listening. This surprises Lee, but Woo Hyun nods for him to continue as plan. Lee then says he has something to give Michael. Lee says he found a file of Choi Hae Ryong that contains a photo and a personal item. Michael asks why Lee would give him such a thing and Lee explains it is a way to help atone for what he did. Will Michael take the bait? Vivian times the call and motions for Michael to cut it off as it will soon be traceable. Lee keeps rambling and Michael finally agrees to meet and hangs up just before the call can be traced. Mi Soo asks what happens since Michael will know they will be at the meet, too. Woo Hyun says that won’t deter Choi as he will thrive on the challenge and break through security.

Meanwhile, Vivian asks if Michael will really go through with it. The doctor thinks Michael should not meet with Lee as it is probably all a trap. Why would they have kept the records from 25 years ago? Michael believes it is possible since Lee was the chief prosecutor on his father’s case. Vivian replies that it is bait for a trap. Michael replies that he knows, but it is a remnant of his past and if it really exists, then he wants to see it. Vivian begs him not to as it is too risky. Michael tells her to just take care of Jang Ho.

Later Vivian pays a visit to Jang to see what he is doing about his son being in jail. Vivian asks if Jang and Lee were friends. Jang says they are and Vivian then asks why Lee would betray Jang and have Jang Ho arrested. This surprises Jang who did not know the arrest order came from Lee. Vivian then replies it doesn’t matter as she has connections in DC and the Blue House, so she will help Jang save Jang Ho. In fact, Jang Ho should be home later that day. Jang wants to know how and Vivian says there is nothing that money can’t do and leaves with Jang thanking her for saving his son. He then curses Lee for his betrayal.

Jang Ho is then released and the annoyed Vivian sighs and puts on a happy face and holds out her arms. Jang Jo tells her he hasn’t showered in awhile, but Vivian hugs him anyway (which she regrets as he really stinks). Jang Ho then says that he will shower and change and they can have dinner. Vivian turns him down and tells him to call her later.

Jang tells his daughter that he won’t support her foundation. Jang says it is too hard to make ends meet so he can’t do it. Jang Mi then threatens her father saying she will leave the house if he doesn’t support the foundation. Jang Ho then shows up as she leaves. He kneels before his father and promises to never fail again. Jang then asks if Jang Ho handled Hong. Jang Ho replies he already handled the situation. Jang asks his son how Hong managed to take something out of the safe then. Jang Ho promises to find him – but Jang says it is already too late as Hong is in league with their enemy.

And their enemy is currently sneaking in for the meeting. It’s difficult, but Michael easily infiltrates the building. Lee doesn’t want to be there, but Mi Soo tells him not to worry as Peter Pan couldn’t break through the security. Of course, as soon as she says that explosions sound and smoke bombs are set off. Yeah, some security. They are completely lost and in chaos. Michael then enters the room where Lee waits and easily takes out the military guard while Lee gets more and more freaked out.

Michael successfully takes out the guards and goes to approach Lee when Mi Soo comes up behind him, gun out. Michael puts his gun down and turns around like she asks and easily takes her down. He tells her not to move as he doesn’t want to hurt her. Mi Soo stares intently at him and then Michael shifts his attention to Lee and asks if the present is prepared. Lee points out the box in front of him. Michael approaches, cautiously keeping the gun on Mi Soo. Michael opens the box, but it is empty. Lee apologizes for lying as there is nothing left. Michael then asks Lee to tell him truthfully if Choi Hae Ryung was a corrupt cop. Lee tells him that Hae Ryong was not at all. Michael then says that was the last of his father’s legacy.

At this time, out pops Woo Hyun and his men. They have Michael surrounded. Woo Hyun says he has nowhere to go and calls him Peter Pan and Choi Kang Ta. Woo Hyun asks if Michael really believed his father had left anything behind. Michael then says he has already taken the thing his father left behind. Woo Hyun then takes out a picture and asks if Michael has seen it before. Woo Hyun then says they should send Michael’s father away first and takes out a lighter to burn the picture. After that is done, then they shall take care of Michael as well. Michael watches it burn, remembering the fire. Woo Hyun then say Michael’s father in heaven will be sad to see his son’s life end there and then stomps on the remains of the picture. Woo Hyun asks if the minister is all right and Michael quickly grabs Lee. Then a flash bomb goes off, shots sound, and when the blinding light is gone, so is Michael.

Michael makes his get away with Vivian who asks if there was an item. Michael remains silent and Vivian asks if he is okay. Michael responds with it is now his turn to give them a present. What will it be?

Vivian and someone meet and set up a stage. They replace the man with an image of Minister Lee and Vivian with Bo Bae. The blonde-haired guy working for Michael asks if it is really okay to use Bo Bae’s face as it will automatically make her a target. Of course, Vivian doesn’t care. She’s probably hoping Bo Bae will get taken out so Michael will be Vivian’s alone. Vivian says she’ll take responsibility if Michael finds out and tells the blonde to send that edited video.

Vivian then meets Jang Ho for dinner. He rented out the entire restaurant so they can be alone together. He then presents her a special credit card that only 1% of Korean’s possess. Seriously? What an idiot.

Jang, in a better mood now that Jang Ho is released, is given a CD/DVD which he immediately throws away, fearing it is a bomb. His henchman is then told to take care of it. They put it in a laptop and the forged video of Lee confessing to Bo Bae plays. This enrages Jang who asks his lackey to get the car. He then shows it to Hwang and Woo Hyun. Hwang laughs as he doesn’t really think that Lee had time to meet anyone since Lee was at Jang’s house the entire time. Be that as it may, Lee found a way to sneak out and meet Bo Bae behind their backs. Woo Hyun says that he knows the reporter and will deal with the matter. He likes Bo Bae so he wouldn’t do anything like harm her, right? Jang says that he will deal with Lee to ensure that he doesn’t hold a press conference. Woo Hyun then asks to confirm it once more.

Meanwhile, Mi Soo and her partner are bored waiting for Peter Pan’s next call. The phone rings and it is just Jang asking to meet with Lee who leaves the room to talk with Jang who just hangs up on him. The phone rings again and this time it is Michael who berates him for lying about his father’s possession…but it’s really not Michael, it is Woo Hyun! Looks like Woo Hyun is getting ready to get rid of Lee to save his father and Jang. He arranges a meeting with Lee and tells him to sneak away from the police.

Mi Soo gets a call and turns her back for one moment and just like that Lee is gone. Mi Soo starts running around, looking for him, but he can’t be found as he is in a car on his way to meet the fake Choi. It looks like blondie is in pursuit.. Lee arrives at the warehouse and calls out to Choi, but it is Jang who comes out who complains about Lee meeting Choi behind their backs. Lee tells Jang not to misunderstand. Jang then confesses all his sins in the Choi case and complains about how Lee wants to escape after Jang’s misdeeds helped Lee become a minister. Lee tries to get Jang to calm down as it isn’t what he thinks. Jang then tries to ill Lee, who manages to fend him off with a stick. But Jang Ho comes from behind and stabs him over and over again.

Michael and his men were listening, but when Jang Ho stabbed Lee, one of the times, the sound went dead. Lee falls down next to Jang and Jang Ho asks if his father is okay. Jang then complains to the dead Lee about betraying him and making Jang kill him. Looks like Jang is really sorry that he had to kill Lee and he even tears up. Jang Ho tells his father that Lee is already dead and in walks Woo Hyun who asks if Lee is dead. Jang says yes and Woo Hyun holds a handerkerchief asking for the knife. Jang Ho hands it over and Woo Hyun says he will take care of thing and tells Jang Ho to take Jang out. Jang Ho agrees and quickly escorts his father out of the warehouse. Woo Hyun then makes a call to his team leader saying Lee has been murdered by Peter Pan, or rather Choi Kang Ta.

End episode.


  • i really enjoyed myself watching……this drama #A MAN CALLED GOD#it’s really the best ever korean film. every episode is jst very interesting…… with much suspence the actions were also great really dis movie especially my main man micheal king, {song il-gook} he is a great actor!!! and he acted his role vry well i really love him. nd also vivian{han go eun} all the cast all did a great job……. i alwayz rewatch it everytime highly recommended. to those who hasn’t watch it. u can’t be bored while watching it……. it has suspence,romance,humor and actions it’s really great b’cos it’s much fun……..

  • Did chio kang ta sister died.

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