My Prince Episode 15 Recap

Zhi Wen arrives on site for the fashion show only to have a small group of reporters hound him about his work being frozen, his breaking up with Ai Yin, and his best friend taking over his jobs. Zhi Wen, classy guy that he is, refuses to comment and says that they should focus on the models and the show. Handled nicely indeed. Zhi Wen goes inside and is immediately berated by Ai Yin for not being on time. Su Ze said this is because he told him to come later. Ai Yin says that even though they are friends, for future reference, Zhi Wen is to be there on time and Su Ze has no power to tell him not to.

Wu Di Wen, Chen Ze YuZhi Wen goes to help Su Ze get ready only to have Su Ze complain about his stomach hurting. Ai Yin tells him to just go to the bathroom to which Su Ze replied that he has already gone 10 times! Omo, seriously? Ai Yin asks if he ate junk food before coming, which he wasn’t supposed to do. Su Ze then collapses in pain and Zhi Wen catches him at the same time telling Ai Yin to call an ambulance. I originally thought that Su Ze might be faking for the sake of getting Zhi Wen his job back, but no, Su Ze is really sick…as are ALL of the male models!

After the male models leave by ambulance, Ai Yin immediately scolds their manager for letting them eat before the show, thus having them all get food poisoning simultaneously. The fashion show director comes out and Ai Yin says not to worry. The director then threatens Ai Yin that if she cannot find more models and the show is a failure, then she will sue for the highest compensation and destroy Ai Yin’s company. Ai Yin does sort of deserve this for letting her personal life interfere with her work life. The assistant asks what they can do and Ai Yin tells her to go back to the office to check to see who is available while she makes calls to various agencies for help.

Song Xiao Bo, Zhong Kai, Wu Di Wen, Zhang Xiao ChenAi Yin makes call after call only to be rejected by every single agency. One agency’s models aren’t in the country, another agency refuses to work with her on such short notice, and another refuses to work with her because she stole one of their top models. The assistant comes back and then drops another bomb – all the rest of the company’s male models are on a vacation! [Seriously, what company does that?] Zhi Wen sees Ai Yin struggling to get everything back on track and runs off. [To me it was SO obvious he was going to join in and help AND drag his brothers along as well.] Ai Yin begins to despair as she watches all of her hard work go down the tube. The female models prepare to pack up and leave since there are no male models, but then someone arrives and next thing we know, they are announcing the start of the fashion show much to Ai Yin’s shock. She rushes into the room, is blinded by the spotlight and then sees her knight in shining armor has saved her! There struts Zhi Wen and he is soon followed by each of his three brothers. Xiu Yun watches from the audience, proclaiming to everyone around that all four of those handsome boys are her sons. Thus, the fashion show comes to a successful end and Ai Yin saves face.

Song Xiao Bo, Zhang Xiao Chen, Zhong KaiAt the sauna, Zhi Wen teases his brothers for their mistakes thus ensuing a splashing war. Zhi Wen gives and his brothers ask why he chose to help Ai Yin. Zhi Wen says that despite of all the horrible things she did, she is still the one who saw something special in him and gave him a chance when no one else was willing to. In that way, Ai Yin was his Bo Le [a reference to a Chinese legend where the immortal Bo Le was a master at choosing the swiftest horses which then turned into a Chinese idiom for spotting those with great talent]. Zhi Kai praises his brother for seeming carefree and shallow, while actually having a clear mind and heart. Zhi Wen says of course he is smart and Zhi Chen asks if Zhi Wen has had any news of Xiao Mi. Nope, no news. Zhi Wen is upset that the one person he wishes to find is the one person he can’t, while everyone he doesn’t wish to see seems to keep popping up in his path. Zhi Chen asks how can that be that Zhi Wen can’t find her as Wei Wei had no problem in finding Zhi Chen when he tried so hard to disappear. Zhi Kai then asks what Zhi Chen plans to do about his future with Wei Wei. Zhi Chen doesn’t know – he’s afraid to see her as whenever he does, his heart softens. Zhi Wen says that proves he likes her so he doesn’t understand why his little brother is making things so difficult. Zhi Kai concurs and then adds that Zhi Chen cannot leave for France with regrets and things unresolved. Zhi Xiao nods his agreement and Zhi Chen tells his brothers to just forget about it and let things be. Zhi Wen then warns his brother that men who let things be will lose courage in the end. This shocks Zhi Kai as it is something he would say. Zhi Wen, forgetting his naked state, climbs out of the bath and righteously asks why Zhi Kai can only give advice and scold people. All of his brothers burst out laughing and this and Zhi Wen looks downs and remembers and becomes embarrassed.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Zhou Lan, Song Xiao Bo, Zhong Kai, Wu Di WenThe next day, Xiu Yun laughs at seeing her sons and herself in the paper for saving the fashion show. Wang praises Xiu Yun for being the first woman in the neighborhood in the paper and Zhi Wen for being the first male (though most of his newspaper time was spent on silly scandals). Zhi Wen then tells Uncle Wang that he is so good at kissing up, it’s a wonder Xiu Yun hasn’t broken down and accepted him. This pleases Wang who believes that Zhi Wen means that Xiu Yun SHOULD accept him. This annoys Xiu Yun who then kicks Wang out of the house. Poor Wang. Wen Ting comments on Wang’s pitiful state and Xiu Yun says how is he pitiful, he should be happy to have a crush on such a pretty woman as herself – he should be so lucky for the rest of his life. Her children turn to stare and smile while Zhi Wen happily claps. Xiu Yun, understand dawning at what her words could mean, quickly tells her kids to knock it off and finish eating so that they can shop to prepare for Zhi Chen’s trip.

Zhang Xiao ChenWow, we are finally seeing Ai Fan again for the first time in awhile. Zhi Kai just spends his time at the store staring at her while she holds his arm and they push along a cart. Ai Fan scolds him for staring instead of doing what he came their to do and Zhi Kai replies that it doesn’t matter if they don’t buy Zhi Chen anything as Xiu Yun will make sure he has everything he needs (and then some). Boy, his he right. Xiu Yun has her cart full of stuff (definitely things that Zhi Chen wouldn’t be able to take on the plane and would actually have to be shipped to him). She picks up two huge containers of soy sauce as Zhi Wen comes up and chides her for it. Xiu Yun says she heard France didn’t have soy sauce and Zhi Wen warns her that Zhi Chen might not be willing to take it. Xiu Yun says that they can just use it if he doesn’t, but does put it back. Meanwhile, Zhi Xiao is buying things for Wen Ting and the baby instead of Zhi Chen. Wen Ting scolds him and asks him if he intends to give the diapers to his brother to use on the plan. Zhi Xiao makes a cute face and puts the diapers back on the shelf. Zhi Chen isn’t shopping at all and just hangs around the wine section looking depressed. He then gets a call from Han Fei who asks him to meet Han Fei at the wine store at 9pm. What does Han Fei have planned?

Zhang Xiao ChenZhi Chen arrives at the wine store to find two wine glasses and bottle set out. He calls for Han Fei who is nowhere to be seen. As he turns to go, Wei Wei walks in. Both want to know why the other is there. It turns out that Han Fei had this set up. He called them both to the wine store so that they could finally work things out. Wei Wei asks when Zhi Chen is leaving and he replies the day after tomorrow. Wei Wei says they cannot waste Han Fei’s good intentions and that she will see him off, so the two sit and drink wine together like in the old days. While drinking, Wei Wei comments on Han Fei’s generosity and Zhi Chen comments that Han Fei is powerful. Wei Wei is sad that the two are so alike and yet cannot be friends all thanks to their rivalry on trying to win Wei Wei. Zhi Chen then breaks in and says that Han Fei is very compatible with Wei Wei who agrees on this, but then says she does not love Han Fei. Wei Wei then tells Zhi Chen he must listen to her. Wei Wei then lists all of the things he cannot do in France (all revolving around girls). She instructs him to say that no matter how pretty a girl is who likes him, he must explain about the magical ring and how their is a Chinese girl waiting for him who is the owner of the other one. And then three years will pass with her waiting and as long as he is willing to return, Wei Wei will marry him. Zhi Chen listens to this with tears in his eyes. Looks like their issues are finally resolved. Wei Wei will wait for him and he will no longer run away, but come back to her.

Zhang Xiao ChenThe next day, Li Li and Xiu Yun are outside the wine shop staring at their children. Looks like a scene from earlier in the series. Li Li complains about Zhi Chen getting Wei Wei drunk again and then the two go back to their old bickering. Xiu Yun complains that Li Li is a money hungry woman who tries to destroy her own daughter’s happiness. Li Li retorts that Xiu Yun is the money hungry one and points out that obviously she was not successful in breaking the pair up. During this time, Zhi Chen and Wei Wei wake up and come out of the wine story arm in arm while their mothers fight. Li Li watches in horror as Xiu Yun watches in pleasure that her son has finally got the girl he loves.

Later, Xiu Yun, Ai Fan, Li Li [Ai Fan’s mother, not Wei Wei’s], and Wang are all out together to look at a venue for the engagement party. Xiu Yun cannot believe the size and grandeur and is shocked to hear that Ai Fan’s side is inviting 300-400 people. Ai Fan then replies that her father wanted to invite EVERYONE initially. Li Li also explains that they want an even grander event as Zhi Chen might not be able to make it back for the actual wedding. This touches Xiu Yun, but her happiness and joy at the plans is hindered by the presence of Wang. She wants him to leave, but Ai Fan and Li Li keep him around and ask his opinions. You can tell how much he cares about Xiu Yun and her sons by the thoughts and suggestions he gives [which constantly annoys Xiu Yun even though they are on the exact same page as her own].

My Prince 15Later at the Li house, Wang has a clipboard and pen and is giving out assignments, much to Xiu Yun’s annoyance. Zhi Chen is put in charge of wine, Zhi Wen in finding a host, and Zhi Xiao is in charge of flowers. Xiu Yun kicks out Wang yet again and the children stare on in pity. The family sits down to dinner and later when Zhi Kai goes to take out the trash, he is shocked to see Wang still sitting on the front porch. Wang then says he will do whatever he can to become Zhi Kai’s father by the time of the engagement ceremony. Wang then shocks Zhi Kai by asking for his approval to propose to his mother. Zhi Kai knew of Wang’s affection, but is still surprised to hear about marriage already. Zhi Kai doesn’t disapprove, but says that he only wants whats best for his mother and what she wants to be happy. Wang is glad to get Zhi Kai’s approval and then declares he will seek out all of his brothers for their votes, too. Once he has gathered all four, then he will make his move.

The next day Zhi Xiao comes back from a delivery and a now very noticeably pregnant Wen Ting [she ballooned like crazy. she was flat forever and all of a sudden she has a bowling ball for a stomach]  tells him that with the flower shop and booming internet business, he now has to hire another employee to help him out. Wang then shows up and asks for Zhi Xiao’s blessing to propose. He is at first hurt when Zhi Xiao doesn’t respond right away, but Wen Ting replies that is just from shock. Zhi Xiao then signs something and Wang is afraid it is rejection, but Wen Ting interprets that Zhi Xiao has happily given his approval to Wang. This makes the old man excited and he runs into everything on his way out to find Zhi Chen and Zhi Wen.

End episode.

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