Nakanai to Kimeta Hi Episode 8 Recap

Nakanai to Kimeta Hi episode 8

I Won’t Cry Anymore

Kimura YoshinoMiki calls an ambulance for the unconscious Sano while Kirino rushes to the hospital. Sano is stabilized and they learn that it was acute alcohol poisoning. With rest and care, Sano will be all right. Miki goes home and Kirino visits the awake Sano who starts crying, saying that what she has done has been terrible. Kirino says nothing and just lets her cry. You can tell that he is really affected by Sano’s near miss with death – especially after all that they have gone through together. They may not have gotten along at the beginning, but when Sano began to open her eyes and realize her mistakes, she and Kirino got more friendly.

Eikura NanaBack at AOI, the chefs are giving a demonstration of the Italian meets Chinese cuisine for the product launch. The combination is a success, earning Miki and her team much praise, much to Marika’s intense dissatisfaction. The chef is happy with the outcome and looking forward to making the event a success and Miki is happy that things seem to be going along smoothly, but we know that Nishijima has already thrown a monkey wrench into Miki’s and the others’ careful planning (and you never know what the insanely evil Marika will do next).

Kimura Yoshino, Fujiki NaohitoBack at the hospital, Sano apologizes for troubling Kirino and asks him to look into the 20 million yen discrepancy that Miki found and that Umezawa blatantly ignored (while saying he was looking into it, he began to slowly try to eradicate Sano from AOI). This surprises Kirino and gets him thinking. He goes back to the office where he sees the guest list for the party and notices that the Vitelli corporation has been invited as well. Will Kirino be able to find out the truth in time to save Sano?

Katase Nana, Eikura NanaMeanwhile, Chiaki helps Miki finish cleaning up from the taste test. Miki happily hands Chiaki a towel to dry her hands on and thanks her for all of her help. Chiaki then responds that she is not doing this for Miki at all since she has not forgiven her for the blog incident (and here I was hoping that Chiaki had come to understand that Miki would never do such a thing). Chiaki is working hard to make sure the event is a success for the company and she leaves the hurt Miki alone. While Chiaki puts Miki in her place, Umezawa calls in Nakahara and says that he has heard rumors about Nakahara and Miki’s relationship. Nakahara immediately laughs and denies this (their relationship was over long ago), but Umezawa says he plans on transferring Miki to another branch to dissuade the relationship and rumors. More of Marika’s dirty work.

Danta Yasunori, Fujiki Naohito, Eikura NanaMiki and Kirino get called into Umezawa’s office as well to discuss the rumor and Miki adamantly denies being involved with Nakahara. Umezawa doesn’t care and plans on getting rid of Miki, but Kirino steps up on her behalf saying that they should trust her since she has firmly denied that she is seeing Nakahara. Kirino also says that he will take full responsibility for Miki (I do sometimes wonder if he likes her a little more than just a mentor and friend). Umezawa reluctantly accepts this and Kirino sends Miki back to work. After she leaves, Umezawa immediately begins badmouthing Sano. He drops some papers and when Kirino picks it up he notices it is a report on bullying. This gets the gears whirring even more in Kirino’s head about what is going on with Sano and Umezawa.

Kimura Yoshino, Eikura NanaMiki visits Sano to checkup on her since she has been released from the hospital. Sano tells Miki that she is doing better and asks how the event is going. Miki tells her that it is going well, but that she is not confident in being the host of the event. Sano tells her to just be herself and things will be fine, besides Sano will be there to watch over her. Miki then asks why Sano went on such a drinking binge. This throws Sano off and then she admits to Miki that she saw the girl who was bullied before and how that girl refuses to forgive her. Sano doesn’t blame the girl as she wouldn’t forgive herself either as she knows she was wrong and did not do what she could to help Yamauchi.

“The happiness you got by framing someone else won’t last.”
~Kirino Seiji

Fujiki Naohito, AnneBack at AOI, Nakahara asks his colleague what was happening about the other matter and his friend says that Umezawa handed the matter over to Kirino. This seems to relieve Nakahara a bit, but then his colleague pulls him aside and warns him that rumors are spreading that Nakahara’s marriage is already in trouble, which is not good considering how he is still a newlywed. Nakahara is greatly shocked and disturbed by this warning. In the Italian food division, Miki thanks Kirino for his help and he says that is not necessary as she shouldn’t have to take responsibility for something she didn’t do. Miki bows and leaves and when Kirino looks up he sees Marika. She hurries to leave, but Kirino stops her and asks her why she won’t look him in the eye – is she guilty of something? It’s odd to see Marika so cowed. Kirino then tells her that the happiness she got from framing Miki will not last. This seems to have a big impact on Marika as she watches Kirino walk away.

Miki goes to the hospital to watch over Ai from a distance (she is abiding by her little sister’s wishes to stay away from her for awhile) while Marika can’t get Kirino’s parting words out of her head. When Nakahara comes home, she acts like a normal newlywed, but at the same time, her performance is sickening when you recall just all she did to get there. Meanwhile, Nakahara recalls the warning of his colleague, making the strained atmosphere even more strained.

Katase Nana, Kaname JunIt is now the day before the big event and the team is busy making final preparations. They go to the hall and begin setting up and rechecking the facilities. Back at the office, everything is confirmed to be going well and Nishijima lies that the food will arrive on time (well, it will, but not the amount they actually need). Everyone packs up and calls it a day except for Chiaki who has to prepare materials for the next day’s board meeting. After everyone has left, Chiaki accidentally discovers Tazawa’s hidden camera and watches his videos. She is horrified to realize that all of the time she has been blaming Miki, it is really Marika who was doing the dastardly deeds. Nakahara then comes in and sees the distraught Chiaki. Finally, he will learn of his wife’s actions.

Eikura NanaWhile all that is going on at the office, Miki meets with Yamauchi. Miki confesses that she was just like Yamauchi and had even thought about killing herself. But Miki realized that there was support for her and help, thus she decided to not cry any more and try her best. Yamauchi seems touched by this, but ultimately says that she cannot forgive Sano for what she did and that people can’t change all that easily – if they could, then why is there suffering? Miki begs her to forgive Sano as Miki and the team still need her. Yamauchi leaves after saying that she and Miki are different since Miki has support while Yamauchi had no one. Poor Miki, is her mission a complete failure?

Anne, Kaname JunNakahara arrives home and recounts watching Marika put the purse in Miki’s bag and listening to Chiaki’s tale about what was done to Miki. He seems equal parts shocked, horrified, and angry. Then enter his wife with her lovey-dovey act. When she touches him, he shakes her off and he asks her if she remembers what Suzuki said about Miki being in trouble due to some misunderstanding. He then leaves the bedroom and when he sees the dinner table set out, he loses his cool and wipes the table clean. He also starts throwing things off the books shelf while Marika sits stunned in the bedroom. She doesn’t need an explanation, she knows that he knows now and he is definitely not happy.

Katase Nana, Konno Mahiru, Eikura Nana, Machida MarieThe day of the event has arrived and everything is going smoothly while the team are busily putting together the final touches. The chef and his team arrive and all seem to be looking forward to the rest of the day. Then in comes the deliveryman with the food. One box. Miki signs for the order and as the man goes to leave, she asks where the rest is and the man said that is it. Miki is in shock as she looks through the meager contents of the box. The chef is angered at the horrible flub. The girls check the order slip and see the numbers were changed, but Nishijima refutes that he placed the correct orders and will get the invoice to prove it. There is no time. The chef goes to leave, but Miki, Chiaki, Sanae, and Kurita beg for another chance. The chef agrees and the team scrambles to call every supplier in the area to obtain the needed ingredients. This makes Nishijima less than thrilled as it means there is still a chance for Miki to succeed.

Sano goes to Umezawa to tell him of her decision (leave or force the company to be sued by Yamauchi). Sano wants to see the event succeed and have a month to wrap things up, but Umezawa tells her that he is taking her actions to the board at that day’s meeting, so she will probably be fired before the day is out.

Nakanai to Kimeta Hi episode 8Back at the hall, the team has managed to gather nearly everything they need except for the hard-to-find Chinese vegetables. There is no other choice to head to Chinatown which is too far away. Miki says that if there is even the slightest chance of success, then they must go. The chef, heartened by the hard work of the team to salvage the event, opens his mouth and tells the group of another, closer alternative. His 2nd in command is happy that his boss is finally lending a helping hand and takes the team to a place where they can get the crucial final ingredients.

Marika sits among the results of Nakahara’s wrath, twisting her wedding ring on her finger and looking crazy as all hell. Meanwhile, her husband sits alone outside, probably still in shock over learning the truth behind the lies. Umezawa makes the bullying report copies and gets ready to implement his plan to finish off Sano.

Fukiji Naohito, Kimura Yoshino, Eikura NanaBack at the hall, the food safely arrives and they have everything they need to finish prepping for the event and just in the nick of time. As the event begins, Kirino meets with Vitelli and arranges a dinner meeting with them to discuss the discrepancies that Sano found. The time comes forĀ  Miki’s speech and Sano and Kirino arrive right on time. Miki starts off strong, but then forgets the rest of her speech. As she goes to take it out, she decides to talk about her time at the company versus the ingredients. Her coworkers and Kirino and Sano are all touched by the speech and it is met with great success (even though it actually had nothing to really do with the event or its meaning at all – funny).

Fujiki Naohito, Kaname JunThe food is served and Kirino and Sano watch on as Miki knowledgeably explains the dishes and ingredients to the guests invited. Sano tells Kirino that watching Miki makes her wish that she could stay longer and she then thanks him for everything. Sano then reveals about her past mistakes and how she hurt Yamauchi irrevocably. Kirino puts two and two together and realizes that Umezawa’s goal has been to get rid of Sano all along. He informs her of this and runs out to find the Vitelli men again. They refuse to talk and say that there were no illegal dealings whatsoever. He then heads to his office where he meets Nakahara who wishes to have his advice (probably about what do about Miki and Marika) when Kirino asks for his help to save both Sano and Miki. The two then do their best to get the dirt against Umezawa to save Sano. Nakahara calls a friend at a different company to find out the actual price of the Vitelli wine while Kirino once again confronts the Vitelli men and pleads with them to help save Sano as well.

Fujiki Naohito, Danta YasunoriThe board meeting starts and Umezawa distributes the bullying report much to the horror of the board members who fear what will happen if the press gets a hold of such information. Umezawa then requests for Sano’s punitive dismissal. At this time, Nakahara finally receives the email evidence against Umezawa and Kirino runs back to AOI after confirming the truth from the Vitelli representatives. The two rush to the board meeting where the present evidence that Umezawa has accepted kickbacks and is thus more of a threat than Sano. Finally, Umezawa is getting his just desserts.

Hasegawa Jun, Katase Nana, Eikura Nana, Igarashi Shunji, Machida Marie, Konno MahiruBack at the party, Chiaki confronts Tazawa about his hidden camera. Tazawa tries to ignore Chiaki, but she manages to cow him into admitting everything by saying she won’t make a big deal about it as she just wants to know the truth – did Tachibana write the blog as well? The event wraps up successfully and the chef compliments Miki and the team on their good job. He also invites them to stop by his restaurant anytime. After they leave, Kurita confronts Nishijima about the ordering mistake. He reveals his dislike for helping out a newbie like Miki, especially after all the crap she supposedly pulled. Chiaki speaks up and says that she has found out the blog and wallet was not Miki’s doing after all, which shocks everyone (well, except for Tazawa). Chiaki then apologizes as well as Kurita and Sanae. The men say nothing, but you can tell they are sorry as well. Miki says it is okay as she is really happy now. They are supporting her and now know the entire truth (well, at least that she for sure didn’t do anything). Marika witnesses thisĀ  and is even more crazily angry.

Anne, Kaname Jun, Eijura Nana, Fujiki NaohitoThe others have left and in stumbles Marika. Now, I don’t know if she’s just drunk and unstable or unstable in general. Marika picks up a wine carafe and throws the water on the unsuspecting Miki who she blames for ruining her happiness. She asks why Miki gets her in her way and then breaks the carafe, picking up a shard of glass. Not caring about getting cut, she lunges at Miki who tries to evade the stabbing motions of her former “friend.” Marika finally manages to rustle Miki to the ground, but Nakahara and Kirino come in time to save Miki from the crazy woman. Nakahara grabs Marika and slaps her hard across the face while Kirino rushes over to see if Miki is okay. Marika starts crying and says that she doesn’t care if Nakahara knows about her deeds – she will do everything it takes to hold on to him, to be with him. She collapses to her knees and starts wailing, asking why its Miki and not her. Um, she does realize that Nakahara chose her in the end, right? He will always be close with Miki, but not romantically anymore. Sheesh, that girl.

Fujiki Naohito, Eikura NanaSo, that’s it. No more major happenings whatsoever. Miki is finally starting to look on the bright side of things and sees light at the end of the long, dark tunnel she’s been traveling since working at AOI, Sano is forgiven by Yamauchi thanks to Miki’s impassioned plea, Kurita finally divorces her abusive husband and decides to take Nishijima to hand and reform his attitude, Chiaki decides to do the same for voyeur Tazawa, Nakahara requests a transfer to the New York branch and invites Marika to move with him so they can start fresh, Sano resumes working again, Kirino informs Miki that they will be taking a trip to Italy together to meet with clients, and Ai and Miki mend their relationship.

So much crammed into the last few minutes. But the most shocking event is Nakahara giving the crazy, obsessive Marika another chance. I really can’t accept that. Well, maybe I could if he talked about her getting some much needed counseling, but who in their right mind keeps a woman that dangerous and crazy around? It’s not like she can do a complete 180. But, typical for an ending in many respects. I suppose they didn’t have to expose Tachibana’s wrongdoings, but its kind of interesting how they all just accepted Chiaki’s words that Miki had done no wrong, without evidence, but then again, it’s not a bad thing that they are finally starting to trust each other.

Then we have the Umezawa plot which doesn’t seem to really fit, though it has been hinted at for quite awhile. I new he had something to hide with that money, but didn’t quite expect what happened there. Everything was always just danced around and hinted at and he never liked Sano to begin with (even before Miki uncovered the discrepancy and Sano took up the research). Oh well. It is a pretty good, although fairly intense drama. I’m not saying that all of that can’t happen to a person, but it seems that it is way too extreme. Just like what you see in manga as well as in dramas – the main characters get everything thrown at them all at once with only one or two very brief respites. But to quote American author Charles Baxter: “Hell is story-friendly. If you want a compelling story, put your protagonist among the damned.”

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