Gloria Episode 8 Recap

So Yi Hyun, Lee Jong Won, Su Ji SukAt lunch, Ji Suk laughs off his comment about Yoon Seo considering him instead of Kang Suk (but we all know that he really meant it). This shocks Yoon Seo and surprises Kang Suk. Ji Suk apologizes and rephrases what he originally said by asking if Yoon Seo can love a jerk like his little brother. Yoon Seo says nothing and Ji Suk takes that as a no, but then she speaks up and says that Ji Suk must really love his brother to be so curious. This throws Ji Suk for a loop as she successfully managed to turn the tables on him.

After lunch, Kang Suk apologizes to Yoon Seo for his brother’s behavior and she replies that his family seems to be quite different from hers. Yoon Seo says that her brothers don’t think of her as a person. Kang Suk then replies that he is not sure if his brother is any different from hers. He offers her a ride home, but she says she has other places to go and leaves.

Bae Doo NaAt the recording studio, Ji Young pleads with the owner to take on some of the kids she will have to let go, but he refuses saying they have no room. Meanwhile, Yoon Bae is trying to tell Jin Jin about how the recording equipment works when the manager and Ji Young come in. The recording starts and Ji Young stays to try to convince the manager and ends up getting entranced by Jin Jin’s singing. This surprises Ji Young because Jin Jin is neither pretty nor particularly good at singing, but she can’t seem to take her eyes off of her and loves to listen to her sing.  After the recording, Ji Young approaches Jin Jin and gives her a business card and tells Jin Jin to call her if she’s interested. This surprises Jin Jin who has no idea what the card means. Yoon Bae takes it and says that it is an agency, which excites Jin Jin. As Ji Young heads to her car she can’t believe she asked Jin Jin to audition when they are letting people go right now.

Bae Doo Na, Kim Byung ChoonJin Jin is excited about being scouted and asks if her voice is that good. Yoon Bae immediately replies that isn’t the reason and then explains to Jin Jin that the company is no longer doing all that well, although they were quite successful in the past. That means that Double Sharp is looking for a sideline. Jin Jin asks what that means and Yoon Bae replies they are looking for wannabes who will pay for training and the like. Jin Jin replies that it must be real scouting as she obviously doesn’t look like someone who could afford something like that. Yoon Bae says it is still a waste of time, but Jin Jin decides to see for herself.

Bae Doo Na, Seo Ji SukYoon Seo is out walking and comes across street musicians. She stands and listens and thinks about her time with Dong Ah. Meanwhile, Jin Jin is working at the car wash. Her boss is back and feeling much better. Kang Suk pulls in and Jin Jin tells the boss that he is the one with the credit card issue. When Kang Suk enters, the boss immediately apologizes, saying there is nothing Jin Jin can do right, which obviously annoys Jin Jin. The boss canceled the first transaction and then charged the correct amount. Kang Suk takes both receipts and goes to leave, but Jin Jin follows him. She says that he heard he is getting married and asks why he won’t let Jung Nan meet his bride. He asks what it has to do with her and she says he talks like a jerk. Jin Jin then says that Jung Nan drank a lot again because she knows Kang Suk is ashamed of her

Bae Doo NaKang Suk says nothing and goes to get in his car, but Jin Jin slams the door shut and asks why he is acting like that. Kang Suk the asks her why she is meddling like she is. Jin Jin then says that Jung Nan didn’t choose to live the way she does and that Kang Suk needs to stop acting like a little kid. Kang Suk asks if she knows she’s a smart aleck and Jin Jin asks why he can’t just introduce Yoon Seo to Jung Nan once. Kang Suk tells her to move, but Jin Jin won’t give up the topic. Fed up, Kang Suk tells her to stop meddling in others lives and Jin Jin says she can’t as Jung Nan is a teacher to her and she doesn’t like seeing her hurt. Kang Suk then warns her away from the matter as he has no time for people like her. Wow. He definitely said the wrong thing this time. Jin Jin especially hates hearing “people like you.” Jin Jin asks what that means and Kang Suk says a person who doesn’t like her own life so she meddles in others pretending to be their friend – basically she’s a loser. Kang Suk then gets in his car and goes to drive off. Jin Jin yells that at least she is not like him and then hurts her foot by kicking his car as he backs off. She shouts after him that she will teach him a lesson someday.

Oh Hyun KyungJin Joo is out with Eo Jin and stops when she sees a pretty diamond ring in the window. Eo Jin tries to get her to move, but Jin Joo refuses and Jin Jin walks up with flowers asking what’s going on. Eo Jin replies that Jin Joo is acting up again and Jin Jin asks her unnie if the rings are new. Jin Joo says yes and that they are so pretty and sparkly. Jin Jin says they are beautiful and asks her unnie if she wants one. Jin Joo nods and Eo Jin scolds her for asking such a thing since diamonds are expensive. Jin Jin then tells Jin Joo that she will definitely buy her that ring. Eo Jin again scolds Jin Jin for making a promise like that. Jin Jin says she has never broken a promise before and she will do her best to buy that ring for her sister. Jin Jin gives the flowers to Jin Joo and they go off to the club.

At the club, Tae Soon and Mi Na are getting hit on by drunk customers. Mi Na and Tae Soon keep politely refusing, but the customers don’t listen. They begin to get loud and unruly, bringing Dong Ah and Dong Chul over. Dong Ah tries to get the man to stop, but he refuses. Dong Chul then tries to explain that it isn’t a hostess bar, so they can’t behave like that. The man shoves Dong Chul and Dong Ah loses his barely held temper. Dong Ah grabs the man and tells him to stop. The man slaps him and Dong Ah says he must be rich and tells him to keep hitting him then. He headbutts the man and the man gets back up and tries to fight Dong Ah who gets annoyed and pushes him. The customer flies over the table and immediately begins complaining about a back problem.

Of course this lands Dong Ah, Mi Na, and the customer all at the police station. Mi Na is crying and hiccuping, trying to explain that it wasn’t Dong Ah’s fault, while Dong Ah just asks to be locked up. Then in runs Dong Chul, Jin Joo, Jin Jin and Woo Hyun. Woo Hyun immediately goes over to the customer and asks if he is badly hurt, the man replies that his back is out and Jin Jin starts hitting Dong Ah for causing trouble yet again. Dong Ah tells the president not to apologize, he’ll willingly spend the time in jail. Woo Hyun tels him to be quiet and Dong Ah slams his fist down on the table. Woo Hyun then asks if the customer should seem treatment and Dong Ah replies he’s obviously faking. Woo Hyun tells him to shut up again and Jin Jin starts hitting him again. Jin Joo tries to stop her and Dong Ah finally yells at them all to leave and Woo Hyun raises his voice and tells him to shut up again. Wow, Woo Hyun actually yelled. Then in comes the customer’s wife. The woman is furious and begins beating and yelling at her husband. Mi Na goes over and explains how he was touching her all over. The customer finally gets up and runs out proving his back was just fine. Thus, Dong Ah is free to go without getting charged or locked up.

While the others go home and debate whether or not Dong Ah will get fired, he is out drinking with Woo Hyun. Dong Ah tells him he wants to live quietly, but that people are not letting him. Woo Hyun says he wishes to live quietly too, so he hates it when things like this happen to disrupt his business. Dong Ah replies that he knows this and Woo Hyun asks if he knows why he allows Dong Ah to work there. Dong Ah says because he’s cheap and Woo Hyun laughs and pours him a drink. Woo Hyun says he likes genuine people and Dong Ah is the most genuine he’s met, however, he is not sure how long he’ll be able to keep Dong Ah if he continues to act like he does. Woo Hyun pours him another drink and tells him that life is short and he can’t just keep doing what he’s doing.

Yoon Seo waits outside for Dong Ah, but its just a drunk Ji Suk who comes. He grabs her and she tells him to let go as she is the woman who will marry his brother. Ji Suk lets her go and asks if she really plans to marry Kang Suk. Yoon Seo says that she will marry him. Ji Suk then explains that Kang Suk is not the type who will love her – can she accept that still. Yoon Seo says she can because she is just like he is. Yoon Seo then asks him to stop coming and being rude. Ji Suk then says that Kang Suk only wants to marry into the Jung family. Yoon Seo doesn’t care and this upsets Ji Suk to know that she will accept a contract marriage. He was hoping she was different. Ji Suk then says that if she’s willing to do a contract marriage with Kang Suk, then she should do it with him instead because he’s the better choice. Yoon Seo says nothing to this and walks into the house while Ji Suk angrily slams his fist against the gate.

Dong Ah is walking and finds himself walking across the street that separates him from Yoon Seo. He stops in the middle of the intersection and tells himself to be strong and not go over. The light changes to red and cars go around him honking. He turns around and begins walking back. Dong Ah does not look around or even care that he almost gets hit. It’s amazing that he made it across without bodily harm.

Back at the house, Eo Jin and Jin Joo are sleeping while Jin Jin remains awake. Jin Joo talks about how Jin Jin doesn’t lie and keeps her promises while Eo Jin calls Jin Jin noona mean for making such an impossible promise. Jin Jin laughs at their sleep conversation and stares at Ji Young’s business card. She hears Dong Ah enter and immediately opens the door. Dong Ah asks if Eo Jin is sleeping over and Jin Jin asks if he was fired. Dong Ah says that Jin Jin wishes he was. She asks again whether or not he is fired. Dong Ah says that he was not fired because there is no one to replace him and Jin Jin says it’s because he’s cheap. Dong Ah then asks her about the other neighborhood. Jin Jin asks him what about it and he says that if they were born again, wouldn’t she much rather be born in that neighborhood. Jin Jin tells him that is nonsense and he agrees. He tells her to let Eo Jin continue sleeping there and goes off to his room. Jin Jin closes the door and goes over to pat Eo Jin’s head, happy that he never talks nonsense like his uncle. She looks at the business card again and you can tell just how conflicted she is.

The next morning Jin Jin is out delivering papers. She gives both the sports and daily news to the Lee household. She angrily recalls Kang Suk’s words from the day before and shakes her fist at the house. She says she is not pretending to be caring – she is caring. She then calls Kang Suk an uncaring jerk. Inside the house, the main housemaid is trying to figure out why they are now getting two papers since they did not order the sports paper. Song opens the paper and gets Lee out of bed. Why? There is an article about Jung Nan. At breakfast, Song scolds Kang Suk for letting his mother get away with her actions. This annoys Kang Suk. Mrs. Song leaves the table while the clueless Ji Suk tries to figure out just what happened exactly.

Lee has gone to Jung Nan’s. He tells her that he has plans for their son and Jung Nan asked if he came that early just to say that. Lee then says that Jung Nan was in the sports paper. This surprises Jung Nan who didn’t know. Lee tells her to stop singing as it makes Ji Suk’s mom unhappy as she is very sensitive (this is why she should have divorced him when she had the chance years ago). Jung Nan said Mrs. Song must have nagged him to bring him that early. Jung Nan then corrects herself. Song is a lady she doesn’t nag, but rather says things like “what are you going to do about this woman.” Totally right. Lee then says that Jung Nan should quit as it is Song who will be taking care of Kang Suk’s wedding, so it’s best to appease her and stop. Jung Nan refuses to stop her singing. Lee says that no matter what Jung Nan does, he won’t let her go. Oh, how ridiculous.

Back at the boarding house, Yoon Bae is having problems receiving payment for his help with the campaign. This makes Jin Jin worry about whether or not she will get the promised money while Jong Bum complains about eating Oh’s leftovers yet again. At the club, people are busy cleaning and getting the food stall set up and getting the flowers ready for selling when Jong Bum comes out and says people need to work harder instead of being half-assed since their popularity is down right now. Then up runs Dae Baek with the sports paper. He shows everyone the article on Jung Nan. Everyone is surprised to see that Jung Nan was so famous. Jong Bum says he told them she was, but they didn’t believe it. Jong Bum then says the need to blow it up, laminate it, and post it in front of the club to help increase business.

Woo Hyun is yelling at his reporter friend for writing the article without permission and slams down the phone. Jung Nan asks what he is so worked up about when the article will help the club. Woo Hyun then asks if she is okay. Will Chairman Lee be okay with this. Jung Nan says Lee isn’t how he used to be and Woo Hyun asks if she is okay with getting her life messed up. Jung Nan replies that there is nothing she can do and if it ends now, she will be thankful.  Woo Hyun tells her to stop singing and just do what chairman Lee wants, but Jung Nan refuses. Now she will live as she wants because she is sick and tired of living as she is told to.

In the dressing room, Dae Bak is sucking up to Jung Nan in hopes of her helping him get an article as well. Jung Nan wants nothing to do with his brown-nosing and Tae Soon gets irritated by Dae Bak’s actions. Mi Na leaves saying again that Tae Soon sees Jung Nan unnie as a rival and leaves. Dae Bak keeps sucking up no matter what spiteful things Jung Nan says. Jin Jin butts into the conversation, making Dae Bak mad. Jung Nan finally turns to him and tells him to just go on stage already. Dae Bak then goes off to perform and Jung Nan asks what Jin Jin wanted to show her.

Jong Bum finishes putting up the blown-up article when Kang Suk arrives. Jong Bum says he must be happy because Jung Nan made news. Kang Suk says nothing and just walks away. Jong Bum wants to know if he’s acting that way just because his mom’s somewhat famous. Dong Ah says he doesn’t know and Eo Jin says that it looks like his uncle is acting jealous. Jin Joo echoes him and Dong Ah yells at them both to go home.

Back in the dressing room, Jin Jin is showing Jung Nan her new performance of “Gloria” and Jung Nan’s response is to ask if Jin Jin is a neighborhood ahjussi (it was really bad). Jin Jin asks if it looks funny. Jung Nan replies that Jin Jin’s singing and dancing are not in rhythm and she gets up to help her and discovers that Jin Jin is ticklish. So she starts tickling the younger girl and in walks Kang Suk on this scene. I have to wonder if he’ll ever be jealous of Jin Jin because she is getting a motherly affection from Kang Suk’s own mother which he never really received in his entire life.

Kang Suk’s presence brings down the mood. Kang Suk asks to talk and Jin Jin goes to leave, but Jung Nan says she has no secrets, so he can talk freely. Kang Suk complains about the article and tells Jung Nan that he will escort her to Hong Kong. He grabs her and goes to leave, but Jung Nan tells him to let her go. Kang Suk refuses, and Jin Jin gets in between them, complaining about Kang Suk’s behavior. Kang Suk shakes Jin Jin off, throwing her to the ground, which makes Jung Nan unhappy. Jin Jin picks herself back up and says that it is really a good thing that Jung Nan is in the paper. He tells her to stay out of it and Jin Jin says he is acting like he has to bear all the burdens in life (he does bear quite a few thanks to his parents’ mistakes). Jin Jin then says that Jung Nan wants to sing here, so who is Kang Suk to interfere with that. Kang Suk asks what she knows and Jin Jin then asks what does she need to know. Jung Nan finally yells at the two to stop bickering as they have to go onstage soon. Kang Suk asks her if she plans on continuing and at her affirmative, he stalks off. After he leaves, Jung Nan asks isn’t her son’s temper a sight to see. If she stays, she will get to see more of him and his temper. Jin Jin asks if Jung Nan likes that and Jung Nan replies that she does and Jin Jin calls both parent and son strange. Jung Nan agrees that they are.

Kang Suk gets home and Song immediately asks what his mother plans on doing. Ji Suk comes downstairs and asks his mother why she is so worked up about a newspaper article. Song replies that she wouldn’t care if they were any ordinary family, but they aren’t. Ji Suk then says their father will know how to handle it. The phone rings and Song answers. Both Ji Suk and Kang Suk stop their ascension up the stairs at the mention of Kang Suk’s name. Song replies that she is Kang Suk’s mother (she has to for appearances’ sake and Yi introduces herself at the mother of Jung Yoon Seo. Yi doesn’t beat around the bush and immediately says she doesn’t want to see Kang Suk and Yoon Seo marry. Yi gets a surprise when Song asks to meet to talk. Yi refuses to meet and Song refuses to meddle. Song gets annoyed by Yi’s attitude and tone. Ji Suk asks who it was and Song looks over at Kang Suk and says he has a charming mother-in-law. She guesses Yi knows who his mother is and that is why she is protesting the marriage so much. Yi should have known better. Song may hate Kang Suk, but she is one who always upholds the boundaries of decorum, etc. Song will not side with Yi. This makes Ji Suk happy, though.

Kang Suk goes to fight and beats his opponent mercilessly. They have to pull him off as he kept hitting even after he won and his opponent gave up. When they finally got him off, he screams out his fury. Poor Kang Suk. Meanwhile, Lee meets with Jung and he says that his son is more petty than he is and will not let insignificant matters go like Lee will. Jung asks what he means and Lee replies if the mother-in-law is unpleasant, it will make things unpleasant for his son. Jung says his wife is sick in bed, so what can Lee possibly mean. Lee then says he is talking about Yoon Seo’s birth mother. The shit has officially hit the fan.

Yoon Seo and her mom are at the hospital visiting Jung’s mother who is supposedly on her last again when Yi gets a call from Jung. He asks where she is and she tells him his mother is unwell again. They get up to the room and Yi immediately begins complaining about how the old bird is pulling through again. Jung comes in and asks how his mother is. Yi replies she is fine and that Jung did not have to come. Jung sends Yoon Seo off by herself so that he can talk to Yi. After she leaves, he says that he will not marry Yi. She replies that she has already given up such hope as he would never marry her while his mother is alive. Jung replies that he wouldn’t marry Yi even if his mother died as the wife of the Jung family needs to be respectable and proper. Yi asks why he is bringing such a topic up again and he immediately tells her to wake up as Yoon Seo being able to marry Kang Suk is enough. No other son from a respectable family will want Yoon Seo is the mistress’s child. Jung then reminds Yi that people still remember she worked at a hostess bar. Yi is really upset to hear this. That’s right, she talks big and wants something even better for her daughter, but she herself is just as shameful as Jung Nan. Perhaps even more so.

On the way home, Yoon Seo sees Dong Ah and tells her driver to stop. He does and she immediately runs out of the car and calls out to Dong Ah who is busy hanging advertisements. He doesn’t hear and she runs across the road and is almost hit. The sounds of the honking and squealing tires catches Dong Ah’s and Dong Chul’s attention. Dong Ah immediately rushes over to the fallen Yoon Seo (hood sliding across an oncoming vehicle – cool, but very dangerous). He reaches Yoon Seo who asks why he didn’t come as she waited for him. This surprises Dong Ah. He gently takes her hands and lifts her to her feet and takes her back across the road safely while Dong Chul watches on in shock.

The two walk hand-in-hand to the place where they first met. The wall where Dong Ah thought she would jump from. He then tells her about how they really first met. Yoon Seo then recalls that moment and remembers that she saw him then. He says that he thought he had found someone as equally sad as him. He was then shocked to find out that she was from a wealthy family so he wondered why she would feel like that. Dong Ah says for that reason he went to her house. Yoon Seo then replies that she felt like she couldn’t breathe and Dong Ah turns around to look at her. Every moment in that house, she always felt like she couldn’t breathe. She then says it will be like that from now on since her life has already been decided for her. Yoon Seo then tells Dong Ah that she can breathe around him and thus wants to be wit him longer. Dong Ah then asks what exactly she wants from him.

Dong Chul is outside the club explaining the scene, but no one believes that Dong Ah ran off hand-in-hand with a beautiful girl. It doesn’t seem possible when you think of Dong Ah, but poor Dong Chul is actually telling the truth. Back to Yoon Seo and Dong Ah, she tells him that she doesn’t know what she wants. Other than dancing, she has never thought about anything else, but for a little while in a different world, she wants to live there for a moment as her life become meaningless. Being with Dong Ah and experiencing new things will give her a little bit of happiness before she settles into a lifetime of unhappiness. When Dong Ah comes to the club, Dong Chul asks him about the beautiful lady. Dong Ah refuses to say anything about Yoon Seo and greets some customers. Eo Jin says he wishes his uncle would really meet a beautiful lady and get married.

The next day Jin Jin goes to Double Sharp for an interview where Ji Young is cussing out workers who failed to get their talent to an audition in time. Another worker comes in and says that the president won’t be there for much longer because he is getting married soon. Ji Young then notices Jin Jin and motions her over. She asked if she brought the demo tape and Jin Jin relplies that she doesn’t have one and asks if she can just sing live. Ji Young then goes to go into the studio to record the demo, but Kang Suk walks in shocking Jin Jin. Ji Young is surprised that they know each other and Kang Suk annoys Ji Young by refusing to listen to Jin Jin as he hates wasting time.

While Ji Young argues with another worker, Jin Jin angrily storms into Kang Suk’s office asking if he really is the president. He asks what will happen if he is. Jin Jin then says if its because he’s a rich man’s son that he treats his mom that way. Ji Young comes in, but Kang Suk sends her back out. Jin Jin then asks if he is embarrassed because his mom is a mistress and Kang Suk says its not because she’s a mistress, but because she hangs out with good for nothing’s like Jin Jin. Kang Suk then tells Jin Jin she came because she wants to be a singer, but she should accept the facts and leave because a person like her has no chance to become a singer. Jin Jin then asks how he knows and he tells her to wait. The day until a dog or pig can become a singer will be the day that she becomes one. Jin Jin throws down the gauntlet and tells him to wait, she will become a singer one day.

Things are getting more interesting and complicated.

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