Gloria Episode 7 Recap

Lee Chun Hee, So Yi HyunWe start off where episode 6 left us – with Dong Ah holding Yoon Seo. He let’s her go and apologizes, saying he was hit in the head, so he must be a little crazy to hold her. He turns to leave and Yoon Seo grabs his wrist, he pulls his hand away and  tells her to stop it. Why? He treating him kindly will make a loser like him start to dream. Dong Ah then says that he will never come to visit again. This surprises and hurts Yoon Seo and all she can say is his name. He then tells her that while only a road separates them, their lives are as different as night and day. Yoon Seo isn’t sure what he means and Dong Ah replies that he is going to stay on his own side of the road from now on and walks away with Yoon Seo asking him to come again and telling him to take care of his wounded face (he was in a fight with gangsters to protect Mi Na).

Seo Ji Suk, Lee Jong WonWe then cut to the Lee household where Ji Suk is drunkenly confronting Kang Suk about Yoon Seo. Does Kang Suk love Yoon Seo? Kang Suk then asks how that is his older brother’s business. Ji Suk then agrees that it isn’t his business and Ji Suk then asks if Kang Suk knows he is fortunate. Kang Suk says that no one has ever called him that before and Ji Suk replies that people who live in bliss usually do not know it and that is why they make everything worse. Now, Ji Suk may think that Kang Suk has it better, but that is simply not true. Lee may prefer the son he had with the woman he loves, but it is Ji Suk who ultimately gets everything. Ji Suk turns to go into his room and almost falls down. Kang Suk catches him and is pushed away. Ji Suk then tells his younger brother that he loathes him. What a family.

Ha Yun Joo, Choi Jae Hwan, Lee Chun HeeDong Ah is walking home and stops on a bridge to give himself a pep talk. He tells himself to stop dreaming and to not go back to Yoon Seo’s ever again. Meanwhile, the people at the house are worried about Dong Ah who still is not back yet. Or, more accurately, Min Ah is worried that something bad happened to Dong Ah on his way home after fighting with the gangsters. Min Ah scolds Dong Chul and Jin Jin for they more cavalier attitudes (they don’t actually seem worried – but that’s because they know Dong Ah well). Then the man in question enters and Min Ah jumps up to immediately tend to him, which he wants nothing of, especially because Min Ah is doing her whole Dong Ah is her soul mate and really loves her routine. The ahjussis then wake up and tell everyone to stop yelling so they can sleep. Dong Ah finally shakes Min Ah off and says that he doesn’t know what love is, so Min Ah should just quickly go to sleep. When she kicks up more of a fight, Granny Oh comes out yelling and things start to quiet down.

Gloria episode 7Dong Ah and Dong Chul are in their room where Dong Chul talks about a real man needs to have tenacity. Dong Ah tells him to shut up and sleep and Dong Chul keeps talking about how Min Ah loves Dong Ah no matter what Dong Ah says and does. Before Dong Chul can talk further, Jin Jin opens the door and throws and egg at him. He quickly catches it and he scolds her for recklessly barging into a man’s room. Jin Jin ignores him and tells Dong Ah to use the egg to treat his wounded face and closes the door as quickly as she opened it. Dong Ah tells Dong Chul lights out and Dong Chul asks about the egg. Noona gave it because she was worried about Dong Ah, so the least Dong Ah can do is use it. Dong Ah repeats lights out and Dong Chul decides to eat the raw egg himself so it doesn’t go to waste.

Lee Chun Hee, Kim Young OkLater that night Yoon Seo stares out the window as if looking for Dong Ah who is lying awake thinking about what she said before she left. Dong Ah gets up and begins dumping water over his head. Granny Oh comes out and scolds him for wasting precious water and Dong Ah keeps using more until he runs out. He throws himself down and scolds himself for knowingly wasting precious water. Yoon Seo is effectively driving him crazy. He begins yelling and hitting the ground. Poor Dong Ah is tormented between reality and what he is starting to desire.

Chun Bo Geun, Oh Hyun KyungAgain at the house, the borders are complaining about food. Why? They are either eating leftovers straight up of leftovers in mixed rice. But they shouldn’t complain as they are at least eating, right? Min Ah and her roommate return and give Dong Ah a sandwich, excluding everyone else. How inconsiderate. Dong Chul was going to eat the sandwich because Dong Ah refused it, but Dong Ah grabs it out of his hand and gives it to Eo Jin who shares it with Jin Joo who initially refuses, but Eo Jin sweet talks her into eating (I love the moments between Eo Jin and Jin Joo, they are really cute). Jin Jin laughs at their sandwich eating and Dong Chul complains because it seems like Eo Jin and Jin Joo are so happy and in love.

Bae Doo Na, Seo Ji SukJin Jin rushes off to the car wash where she is scolded for being late. The guys complain that the are hungry and are debating what to eat (pork or beef ribs). Jin Jin comments about their food choice and says that she will take of all the cars that come in. As she is happily washing a car, a new customer comes up and it just so happens to be Kang Suk who is surprised to see Jin Jin there. Jin Jin says that she works part time there and Kang Suk tells her to wash and clean it well. Jin Jin asks if he wants the car waxed which will give and even amount charged 35,000 won. Kang Suk leaves it up to her and goes inside to sit and wait for the car to be cleaned (as Jin Jin is finishing up the first one). Kang Suk sits and reads the paper, but finds himself looking up at the hardworking Jin Jin and recalling the other day when he saw her holding Jin Joo who had become disoriented in the middle of an intersection. He is curious about Jin Jin and I think that a part of him might like her, but it’s hard to tell because Kang Suk is the master of the poker face (he usually only expresses arrogance or just has a non-expressional mask).

Oh Hyun Kyung, Chun Bo GeunMeanwhile, Eo Jin is trying to find out how much a  ticket to the US costs as he wishes to go and find his mother. Eo Jin has no luck with the airlines and gives the phone to Jin Joo to try since she is an adult, they will take her more seriously. Jin Joo says that she is impaired, but Eo Jin says they won’t be able to tell over the phone. Jin Joo gives it a  try but ultimately fails too when they ask her just where in the US she wants to go and she just keeps repeating the US and eventually gets hung up on. Jin Joo isn’t happy that Eo Jin wants to go to America, but Eo Jin says that he planned on going, earning money, and sending for Jin Joo (sounds like something a husband would do – or a brother, too, I suppose), but Jin Joo says that she doesn’t want to be without Eo Jin. This makes the little boy crestfallen as that means he will have to earn a lot more money to take Jin Joo to America with him from the start.

Seo Ji Suk, Bae Doo NaBack at the car wash, it’s time to pay, but Kang Suk doesn’t have enough cash! He asks if he can use a credit card and Jin Jin relcutantly replies that he can. She takes the card and grumbles about how he should have had the cash before bending over and trying to get the machine to work. She successfully processes the transaction and hands the receipt to Kang Suk to sign. He goes to sign it but notices the total amount charged was 350,000 won (roughly $350). Poor Jin Jin doesn’t know what to do and calls the boss to take care of the matter. He tells her how, but she doesn’t get it and tells him to hurry and come. Jin Jin looks regretfully at Kang Suk and tells him he will have to wait.

Gloria 7 screecapJong Bum (the MC) and Yoon Bae (the band leader) are on their way to see Jin Jin at the car wash. Yoon Bae has just got a job offer to help a friend of a friend that will net a handsome profit, making Jong Bum jealous. They get to the car wash and Yoon Bae calls Jin Jin out and asks her to do a duet with Jung Nan. Jin Jin readily agrees and asks about payment. Yoon Bae quotes her 150,000 won, but Jong Bum tells her to go for 500,000. Yoon Bae says he’ll do 400,000, but Jin Jin gets him to give her 450,000.

Bae Doo Na, Seo Ji SukEo Jin and Jin Joo are out collecting bottles and Jin Joo asks if Eo Jin knows English, he says he learned it in school and speaks a very basic introductory phrase (without a very strong accent, which is impressive). Jin Joo then drops the bomb saying she can’t leave without Jin Jin – she needs to have her big sister. This depresses Eo Jin because now he has to earn money for 3 tickets versus one. Back at the car wash, Jin Jin keeps working and tells Kang Suk that he can come and help if he wants (lol, like that’s going to happen). He asks why and Jin Jin says it’s not like they are strangers. True, but nor are they friendly enough for him to help her either. Jin Jin then brings up his mother and asks for his help, but Kang Suk doesn’t reply and just turns his head. Jin Jin then grumbles about him being a driver, so he should be able to help her wash a car. Kang Suk then moves and Jin Jin is happy thinking that he will be helping, but he is, in fact, leaving. This annoys Jin Jin who says owner didn’t ask Kang Suk to hurry back, besides how is he going to explain the uncanceled transaction? Jin Jin tells him to wait until the boss gets back so that he doesn’t get in trouble with his boss. Kang Suk then asks when that will be and Jin Jin yells that she doesn’t know. Temper, temper, temper.

Bae Doo Na, Seo Ji SukJin Jin fixes Kang Suk a drink, which he refuses, but she tells him he should take it since it’s free. Kang Suk, however, still refuses. The awkward Jin Jin then asks why the boss is so late. She gets a call from the boss and finds out he’s been hospitalized. Kang Suk asks what is going on and she tells him about the boss’s hospitalization and he then demands what will happen to the transaction. She tells him that he will have to come back the next morning when the boss is better. He gripes about being held up when he was going to leave earlier and Jin Jin loses her temper and says how was she supposed to know the boss would get sick at lunch. Jin Jin locks up the shop and hints about a ride to the club since she is running behind, but Kang Suk refuses and just leaves. Jin Jin runs after him a little and he smirks at her running figure in the rear view mirror. He then gets a cal from his mom telling him to go to the club. Classic.

Seo Ji Suk, Bae Doo NaJin Jin gets to the club tired and out of breath only to be reminded of the flowers for Jin Joo. It’s just not Jin Jin’s day. She goes to run back after the roses when Kang Suk pulls up. Jin Jin then chides him for coming to the club by himself while she had to run like crazy. Kang Suk does his usual non-reply and tires to go around her, but she jumps in front of him. She then tells him to be good to his mother. He asks what she is talking about and Jin Jin goes onto list all the stuff that he does to hurt his mother. Kang Suk then tells her to stay out of his business and Jin Jin says he has to stop living being only concerned about himself. Kang Suk then walks into the club and Jin Jin says she doesn’t want to marry and end up with a son like him (Omo, so funny). This seems to annoy Kang Suk who turns around to watch Jin Jin run off to buy flowers.

Na Young Hee, Seo Ji SukIn the club, Yoon Bae is trying to convince Jung Nan to help out with the election recording and do a duet with Jin Jin. Jung Nan refuses and tells Yoon Bae to let Jin Jin do it alone as she really needs the money. Then enters Kang Suk and Jung Nan kicks the other two out of the dressing room. Once alone, Jung Nan asks to meet Yoon Seo. Why? Since Jung Nan is the mistress, it’s not like she’ll be able to attend her son’s wedding, plus she wants to see the kind of girl her son is planning on marrying. Kang Suk replies next time and Jung Nan asks just when that will be. Kang Suk replies that he will let Jung Nan meet Yoon Seo only just before the wedding. Jung Nan then asks if she meets Yoon Seo and disapproves of the marriage what will happen. Kang Suk replies that he will still go ahead with the wedding even if his mother doesn’t approve. She then kicks him out and after he leaves she throws the dress she was holding upset that he didn’t even say that he would consider her disapproval.

Bae Doo Na, Seo Ji SukWhile driving home, Kang Suk catches sight of Jin Jin running with a handful of roses. He recalls her words about only being concerned with eating and living well himself. He then sees her fall and immediately breaks. It is raining and he is about to get out of the car to help her up, when he stops and just looks at her. Jin Jin wipes herself off and picks herself up and continues running on towards the club. Kang Suk has really let Jin Jin start to get to him and I don’t think he really likes that. But just like Dong Ah is good for Yoon Seo and Yoon Seo is good for Dong Ah, Jin Jin will be good for Kang Suk and he will be good for her as well.

Kim Ki Hyun, Lee Jong Won, Yeon Kyu JinJung, Lee, and Ji Suk are meeting for a meal and Jung announces that he sees no reason in delaying things between Kang Suk and Yoon Seo. This obviously makes Ji Suk unhappy and you can tell that Lee doesn’t want to rush Kang Suk into marriage, especially now that he knows his son’s feelings towards Yoon Seo have nothing to do with liking and only to do with the fact his father recommended the match. Jung then brings up the inheritance issue. Since Ji Suk is the firstborn legitimate son, that means he stands to inherit Lee’s company, but what about Kang Suk? Jung plans on giving Kang Suk shares of his company as a wedding present. He also proposes that he and Lee work to set Kang Suk up in his own company since he is talented and has a head for business. Needless to say, Ji Suk is very unhappy to hear all of this and Lee just says that he will think about Jung’s proposal.

Gloria - the Lee familyThat night, Lee meets with Kang Suk and asks when he wants the wedding to take place. Kang Suk states it doesn’t matter and Lee asks if Kang Suk is really okay with the marriage. Is his son confident he won’t regret it later? Kang Suk says that he is and Lee says okay. Guess that means daddy will go ahead and work on the marriage plans. Ji Suk goes into his room to be met by his mother. Song tells her son to meet with a 37 year-old minister’s daughter. Ji Suk asks how she stayed single for so long and Song replies that she has a doctorate and has never married. Ji Suk guesses that she isn’t the prettiest either, but Song doesn’t care as it is a good match with great connections for her son and the Lee family. Ji Suk then says he doesn’t wish to meet the person and Song says the Kang Suk doesn’t care about looks and only about getting Jung’s help (which is totally not true at all). When Kang Suk marries, then what will become of Ji Suk? Ji Suk makes a joke about being second class and Mrs. Song tries to get her son to think more seriously about his future. Ji Suk tries to get it through his mother’s thick head that her scheming and plans are much too naive and Lee won’t react like she has planned. Song ignores this and begs Ji Suk to listen to her. Ji Suk retorts that Song should have divorced Lee when she had the chance. Song then says she didn’t for Ji Suk’s sake which her son doesn’t believe at all. Look at how much pain and suffering could have been stopped if Song had gone through with the divorce instead of dragging things on with Lee.

Chun Geun Bo, Oh Hyun KyungSpeaking of Yoon Seo, she is standing outside of her house waiting for a certain someone. While she waits for him, Dong Ah diligently keeps his promise not to visit her again. This, however, does not make him happy at all. He is quite mopey at the club and doesn’t even greet the customers coming in. Oh complains about his poor work ethic when Jin Joo comes bouncing out of the club after selling most of her flowers. Oh tells her to take the sleeping Eo Jin home since she is done selling for the night. Jin Joo piggybacks Eo Jin home. He tells her to put him down, but Jin Joo refuses saying that he is not heavy at all. Eo Jin then reveals his mom used to piggyback him all the time and she used to sing to him as well. Jin Joo then starts singing for him and he compliments her singing and Jin Joo tells Eo Jin that she only sings for him now. Eo Jin starts going back to sleep and says that he misses his mother and Jin Joo says she also misses her as well and keeps on walking and singing the song. You can’t really see her handicap in this scene and she seems more like a mother than a “wife” like she usually seems with Eo Jin. If things had been different, Jin Joo would have made an excellent wife and mother.

Kim Ki Hyun, Jung So Nyu, So Yi HyunChairman Jung pays a surprise visit to his mistress and daughter. Yi asks why Yoon Seo came in with her father and Jung asks how come she did not know that her daughter went out. Yi replies that she was in bed with a headache to which Jung comments that she always seems to have headaches. We then cut to Yi slamming down her tea cup and complaining to Jung. She has already stated that she sincerely disapproves of Yoon Seo marrying Kang Suk, so why is Jung going ahead with pushing through the wedding. Jung asks why Yi is so emotional and tells her to stop meddling in men’s business. Yi says that it is her daughter’s marriage so she can’t not meddle or get emotional. Jung then says it is not a simple marriage, but also a business deal between Lee and himself. Yi says that is fine, however, Jung should pick a more suitable person and not the son of a mistress. Jung tells her to watch herself as he did not decide this lightly. Kang Suk has a lot of promise. Yi then complains about how people will point and stare at the wedding of two illegitimate children. Yoon Seo then breaks into the conversation and asks when the wedding will take place. This annoys her mother, but makes her father happy.

Lee Jong Won, Seo Ji SukThe groom in question goes home and is greeted by a drunk Ji Suk. Ji Suk asks Kang Suk for a drink, but Kang Suk refuses saying that he is going out. Ji Suk then asks what his little brother thinks of Yoon Seo. Ji Suk then says she is the dowry Jung will give Kang Suk. Kang Suk turns and looks at his brother who continues by asking him what Yoon Seo will think if she knows she is merely a dowry. Kang Suk then says it is strange as his brother never seemed to care about him before. He then asks Ji Suk why he is so interested in his marriage and leaves. Ji Suk raises his glass to his brother an keeps drinking.

Lee Young Ha, Na Young HeeAt the club, and old friend of both Jung Nan and Woo Hyun comes in. After her number, Jung Nan joins the two old friends and finds out that Woo Hyun was in love with her all those years ago when the scandal about her Lee was just breaking. This shocks Jung Nan and she later goes into Woo Hyun’s office and asks why he never proposed or tried to go after her. Maybe things would have been different if Woo Hyun had tried his luck. Woo Hyun in turn asks if Jung Nan would have done any thing differently. Jung Nan replies no and that is why Woo Hyun did not ask all those years ago. I knew it. I knew that he must have liked Jung Nan as more than a friend. I am surprised that she wasn’t aware of it, but at the time she could only see Lee anyways. I am keeping my fingers crossed that these two old friends might become lovers and find some happiness at last.

Gloria episode 7 screencapAfter Jung Nan finishes her talk, she goes back to the dressing room where Min Ah’s roommate Tae Soon complains that Jung Nan was breaking the rules because she drank while working. Jung Nan then says she drank with the president, so it’s okay. Tae Soon then complains about people using other’s status to protect themselves and walks out. Min Ah then tells Jung Nan that Tae Soon likes Woo Hyun. How unexpected! Thus Tae Soon has thrown down the gauntlet and declared Jung Nan her rival. Jin Jin turns around in shock and asks if that is really true and Min Ah says that it is and that Jin Jin has been blind to not realize it all this time. Jin Jin then asks what Jung Nan’s relationship is with Woo Hyun after Min Ah leaves. Jung Nan asks what kind of relationship Jin Jin thinks they have and Jin Jin asks if Jung Nan shouldn’t marry Woo Hyun. Jung Nan picks up kimbap and stuffs it in Jin Jin’s mouth for that comment.

Bae Doo Na, Na Young HeeKang Suk goes to train and then fights, recalling all the words his mother and brother said. He becomes quite merciless and unforgiving in the fight, but its one of his only releases. Meanwhile, Jung Nan goes out to drink with Jin Jin. Jung Nan laughs when Jin Jin calls Kang Suk a jerk. She agrees that he is one and her smile fades away and Jin Jin asks if she is mad because she badmouthed Kang Suk, which makes Jung Nan laugh again. Jin Jin then tries to get Jung Nan to stop her excessive drinking, but Jung Nan again refuses and says she will just have to trouble her son again who is really a jerk and won’t introduce her to the woman he’s marrying. Jin Jin is shocked to hear that Kang Suk is getting married and become furious when Jung Nan says that Kang Suk is embarrassed by her her so that is why he doesn’t want to introduce her.

Lee Chun Hee, Bae Doo NaOn the way home, complaining about Kang Suk’s attitude to herself, Jin Jin sees Dong Ah sitting by himself. She goes up to him and asks why he is there since he normally goes straight home from work and sleeps. Dong Ah asks how she can talk to him like that and Jin Jin puts up her fists and asks if he wants to fight. Dong Ah gets up and says its boring and he won’t fight like this anymore. He then puts his arm Jin Jin and says they should just live like this without dreams. Jin Jin shakes him off and says she doesn’t want to live like that anymore and she wants to try having a dream just once. Dong Ah says he will wait for her to wake up from her failed dream and Jin Jin asks what kind of friend he is. He then puts his arm back around her and they walk home (still explosive, but you can see how much they really sincerely care about one another).

Seo Ji Suk, So Yi Hyun, Lee Jong WonAt Double Sharp, Ji Young begs Kang Suk to let her keep two of the kids he wants to get rid of, but he doesn’t listen. Ji Young complains about this and he says he has no need to listen to stuff he has no interest in hearing. He then gets a phone call from Ji Suk inviting him and Yoon Seo out to lunch. Kang Suk then calls Yoon Seo who agrees to go. Ji Suk properly introduces himself, but Yoon Seo does not return the greeting nor shake his hand. During the lunch, Ji Suk complains about their sudden decision to marry and then runs through a list of Kang Suk faults before asking Yoon Seo to consider him instead. What a complete jackass! And that’s where this episode ends.

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