Personal Preference Episode 14 Recap

Personal Preference Episode 14

Getting used to my woman.

While shopping, it appears that Jin Ho and Kae In got some couple materials (matching cups, plates, etc). Kae In is playing with their toothbrushes when Jin Ho comes in and grabs his and begins brushing his teeth. This flusters Kae In who asks why they don’t just shower together then. Jin Ho asks should they and pretends to start stripping, sending Kae In flying out of the bathroom. She is annoyed and embarrassed. She wonders if they should sleep together not that their relationship has come this far while Jin Ho muses in the bathroom about just how brave he’s become.

They eat a huge breakfast and Kae In gets up to leave, but Jin Ho tells her to sit back down. Why? He’s making her do the dishes. While she’s washing, he’s standing and dictating. Annoyed, Kae In tries to drop a place and Jin Ho catches it before it can fall and break. He tells her that tricks won’t work anymore so poor Kae In is stuck doing the dishes. She goes to her room to get ready for work when Young Sun calls and Kae In finds out it is Sunday so she doesn’t have to work. Young Sun says that Jin Ho making her do all those things is “getting to know his woman” and if she gives in to Jin Ho, then Kae In loses.

Jin Ho goes to wash and air out his blanket and advises Kae In to do the same. She refuses and he then threatens her with food. If Kae In doesn’t air out her blanket, then she can’t eat Jin Ho’s lunch. Kae In does cave under the weight the of food. The two air out their blankets and then sit on a bench and nap together. Kae In lays Jin Ho’s head on her lap and traces his face. When his phone starts vibrating, she quickly pulls it out so it won’t disturb him, but is unhappy to find it is In Hee who called. This leads Kae In to wonder f Jin Ho really won’t leave her someday. Kae In then bends over and kisses his forehead.

Of course In Hee is angry that Jin Ho is “ignoring” her call. She heads in to a meeting about the Dam project where Choi announces to the team not to leak the names of the judges and he also announces that he is bringing in a special guest judge (this sets In Hee’s cogs working). Meanwhile, back at Sanggojae Jin Ho puts a sleeping Kae In to bed while and then goes to work on her mother’s workshop. While he is painting, he talks to Sang Joon who wants to know if he’s come up with any ideas for the actual Dam proposal. Jin Ho says that he has a “Kae In sky”. At that an annoyed Sang Joon hangs up.

Kae In wakes up and goes looking for Jin Ho. She is surprised when he comes out of the basement. She asks why he was down there and he says that he heard a noise and thinks its a mouse. Kae In then suddenly jumps into his arms. This shocks Jin Ho and Kae In exclaims that she hates mice the most. Jin Ho then uses this as the perfect excuse to keep her out of the basement until his remodeling is done. He then goes to cut her nails as she scratched his neck when she was sleeping, but then his mother Jang Mi calls, drunk and he leaves to visit her.

Meanwhile, Chang Ryul and team are burning the midnight oil working on their Dam proposal. Chang Ryul even brings in a person who worked on Sanggojae at its most critical stage. Using the vague references they have, they talk over Sanggojae and it’s main points. Then Chang Ryul’s assistant comes and tells him In Hee has come. Chang Ryul is less than thrilled, but meets with In Hee who hands over the list of judges. Chang Ryul goes to take it, but decides not to (good for him). In Hee, surprised, asks if he really plans to compete with Jin Ho. Chang Ryul asks if she thinks he’ll lose and then says that he will show everyone that he is not as weak as they think. In Hee can’t believe that Kae In has changed Chang Ryul so much. If he had been like that with her, maybe things could have been different. She then drops the guest judge bomb, but Chang Ryul doesn’t budge and In Hee leaves.

When he gets to his house, his mother is already peacefully sleeping in bed. Jin Ho sits by her side for a moment, recalling how she said that she would never except nor like Kae In. Poor boy is torn between his true love and his mother – guess it’s the old adage of being caught between a rock and a hard place. As he leaves Jang Mi’s room, Hye Mi comes out and begins scolding Jin Ho for making Jang Mi like that. She asks him if he must keep seeing Kae In when Jang Mi is so against it. This makes Jin Ho pause for a moment, but he doesn’t rise to the bait and leaves to head back to Sanggojae where Kae In is lying in bed with her Jin Ho lion, wondering if something bad has happened. When he gets back, she quickly pretends to be asleep. Jin Ho opens her door and checks on her – I think worried about everything that is happening.

Meanwhile, Jang Mi is awake now and thinking of In Hee’s words about seeking out Kae In and talking to her about leaving Jin Ho. Jang Mi is conflicted and just doesn’t know what to do. Back at Sanggojae, Kae In calls Jin Ho and asks what happened with his mother. She offers to visit his mother, but Jin Ho says that will leave a lot of scars and unhappiness between the two and he wants to avoid those two hurting each other, so he wishes for Kae In to stay away from his mother until he can manage to get her to accept Kae In. She apologizes for trying to rush things and then says how she wished she had a mother waiting for her like he did. Jin Ho, to cheer her up, begins singing the three bear song. It does cheer her up a bit, but also brings back the memory of what happened in her mother’s workshop again. When he finishes the song, Kae In asks him to sing to her until she falls alseep. He then begins singing one of the dramas main songs “DroppingĀ  Rain” by Kim Tae Woo. During this song we have a montage of couple moments.

The next day Jin Ho is tired as he sang a lot last night. He then complains to Kae In (who slept perfectly well) that she should have told him when she fell asleep. Kae In then asks how a sleeping person can talk. LMAO – it was cute. Jin Ho drives a complaining Kae In to work and she puts one of their photo stickers (from when she dressed like a man) on Jin Ho’s phone and tells him that he is not allowed to remove it. Jin Ho says he doesn’t want it, but you can tell how much of a lie that is.

At the office, Sang Joon is complaining because Jin Ho is late and the deadline is fast approaching. Meanwhile, Tae Hoon is staring at Hye Mi’s photos that he downloaded onto his phone. Jang Mi comes to visit and goes out with Sang Joon to discuss the Kae In – Jin Ho situation. She asks if Kae In is really the cause of all of Jin Ho’s problems and Sang Joon reluctantly says yes. Jang Mi asks if she should talk to Kae In and Sang Joon immediately tells her not to as they need Kae In for the big project they are currently working on. Jang Mi agrees not to interfere for now, but you can tell she isn’t happy. Sang Joon promises to reveal everything after they manage to land the Dam proposal.

At the art gallery, In Hee walks in on Kae In goofing off and looking at candid photos she managed to snag of Jin Ho on her phone. In Hee complains about Kae In being childish and Kae In agrees that she may seem that way since In Hee is so cold and calculative. In Hee responds by asking if Jin Ho’s mother even likes Kae In (she already knows the answer) and Kae In replies of course (but we know its a lie). In Hee congratulates Kae In who manages to get everyone to like her. In Hee then tries to plant seeds of suspicions in Kae In’s mind about Jin Ho using her. Kae In doesn’t fall for this and says she has nothing that Jin Ho could possibly lose her for. In Hee doesn’t play her trump card, but does say that Kae In can’t be too sure since Jin Ho pretended to be gay and even tried using Choi.

Ok. This is really getting on my nerves. 1. Jin Ho never truly pretended to be gay. He always tried to get Kae In to realize the truth, but Kae In refused to listen to him or get all of his hints and his blatant refusals. 2. Jin Ho NEVER used Choi. He only ever admitted to being gay because he liked and respected Choi and did not want to see the man hurt. The blatant misunderstanding of the situation is driving me batty and making me want to pull my hair out. It’s the same thing with the whole Jin Ho using Kae In. He never truly used her. Sure, he moved into Sanggojae with an ulterior motive, but he never actually actively used Kae In and was always more concerned with not being the bad guy and treading and doing what he shouldn’t. End rant.

In Hee goes to leave and Kae In stops her tells her to stop acting the way she is. In Hee does not like the idea that Kae In is actually trying to give her advice. Kae In stops In Hee again and tells her old friend that it isn’t advice. It is Kae In’s last truth to the person who used to be her friend. What exactly is Kae In’s final truth? If In Hee keeps acting the way she is, she will eventually alienate everyone around her so in the end she will have no one left by her side. Kae In is totally right in that department. Of course, hearing this In Hee declares that she will basically have her revenge on Kae In for such words. Seriously, the girl needs a clue.

Sang Joon returns to the office and Jin Ho asks him where he went. Sang Joon recalls he promised to keep Jang Mi’s visit a secret and lies and says he’s been in the bathroom all this time. Sang Joon asks about Sanggojae and Jin Ho recalls the blueprints he glanced out and says that Sanggojae’s success is in the details. This confuses Sang Joon who asks what is going on and Jin Ho says all in due time which causes Sang Joon to worry as the deadline is fast approaching. Before he leaves Jin Ho’s office, Sang Joon tells Jin Ho that he needs to teach Kae In how to cook and clean so Jang Mi can accept her potential future daughter-in-law better. Poor Sang Joon is aware of how much Jang Mi detests Kae InĀ  and equally aware that his good friend is truly in love with Kae In.

Chang Ryul’s father congratulates him on working hard on the Dam proposal, telling him that he is finally starting to act like a human. Ouch. Han asks if Kae In made Chang Ryul do a 180 and then advises his son that it takes a good woman to help a man. Han then asks how their relationship is going, but he doesn’t really give Chang Ryul a chance to talk (not that he’s willing to) before changing the topic to Professor Park. It looks like Kae In’s daddy is coming home! (With only 2 episodes left, let the fireworks begin.) Chang Ryul smiles at this and says things are going to get interesting. No doubt, no doubt indeed. I really must comment on Kim Ji Suk’s acting. After his comedic role in Chuno, he really shows his acting chops in the role of Chang Ryul who is both comedic, and yet a serious and vindictive character – very multidimensional which can be hard to portray, but he does a good job of playing the spoilt rich kid who grows up, regresses, and grows up some more. End Gush.

Back at the gallery, Kae In takes out her phone and begs Jin Ho to call. When she looks up, there’s Jin Ho! She rubs her eyes, but its really him in the flesh. She asks if he specifically came to see her and he says no, he has business. They go downstairs so Jin Ho can turn in his proposal for the Dam project for the preliminary judging. Chang Ryul is unhappy to see the happy couple together and Han is equally unhappy. But Chang Ryul tells his father not to worry as he has the Kae In situation under control. Han says he is trusting his son and goes to greet Choi who is just coming down with In Hee and others in tow. Han needs to know when to shut up because he always seems to stick his foot in his mouth. He talks about how they showed up to lend their support, but they aren’t worried about the preliminary round at all. Gag. Choi thanks him for coming and Han mentions that Park is coming back and then mentions Chang Ryul’s impending marriage. Han then says he hopes the judges can choose work that comes from the heart, and Choi then says Han has overstepped his bounds. Burn. He then says he has work and leaves. Heehee. Han then says he can’t wait to win and take Choi down a peg or two since his position was given to him by his father. In Hee then tells Chang Ryul it looks like Park will be the guest judge.

Kae In and Jin Ho are walking to his car and she asks if he really has to leave. He turns around and Kae In smiles, saying that everyone is probably waiting for him to return anyways. Jin Ho then grabs her neck and says to take a good look or she’ll regret it when she turns around. Kae In says she’ll see him at home in a few hours anyways, so he should just leave or she’ll want to grab him and not let him go. Jin Ho then asks why she doesn’t do that and this kind of scares Kae In because it makes it sound like he’s going somewhere far away. Jin Ho then says he can’t see her for awhile because he needs to fully concentrate on his proposal. Kae In isn’t too depressed until Jin Ho says that he will be too busy to see her. Jin Ho smiles and tousles her hair and then leaves. This annoys Kae In and then he turns around and tells her not to stray while they are apart. This annoys Kae In, especially because he dropped polite speech again, but she quickly forgives him as he couldn’t “threaten” her politely.

Meanwhile, Sang Joon is at the office wondering if there is a problem with the proposal since Jin Ho wasn’t back yet. When Jin Ho returns, Sang Joon asks what happened and Jin Ho hands over the preliminary results. The two get ready for battle mode and the busy fight ahead when Tae Hoon runs in with an eviction notice. Looks like Jin Ho and company have been officially evicted from their office. It couldn’t come at a crappier time. Back at the Han office, Chang Ryul’s assistant informs him of the eviction, making Chang Ryul happy and he wonders just how great Jin Ho’s proposal will be now. He goes into the boardroom and tells his team that he fight is just beginning and they need to work hard.

Jin Ho manages to find a small office, which displeases Tae Hoon and Sang Joon. To lighten the mood and inspire Sang Joon and Tae Hoon, Jin Ho says he will treat them to barbecue. Tae Hoon refuses the offer and Jin Ho says that he can still afford it. They begin unpacking the office and Sang Joon offers his support to Jin Ho, knowing that it couldn’t have been easy to get the office.

Kae In calls Jin Ho and asks if she should bring lunch and he tells her not to come because he won’t be able to work if he sees her. Kae In smiles, touched by his words and then tells him to dream of her. Jin Ho says she cannot even enter his dreams and then says he will even go so far as forgetting her face and name. This irks Kae In, but then he does the cheesy line of how she is etched in his heart. Omo, it is romantic and yet cringe-worthy in its sappiness. Kae In tells him to work hard. She is happy that she has his love and she knows he has to work hard for the project, but she is depressed that she can’t see him often now. After getting off the phone with Kae In, Jin Ho takes out Sanggojae’s plans once more. He is conflicted, poor guy.

Jin Ho goes to Sanggojae while Kae In is away and checks on the progress of the shatterproof glass he ordered. Aww, he is still taking time to surprise Kae In. When she gets home, Jin Ho has already left and she is depressed by how empty and big the house seems now that she is alone. She takes out her phone, but does her best to resist the urge to call him as she knows he needs to work. Jin Ho is back at the office working hard. He hands the preliminary plans to Sang Joon and Tae Hoon asks if they are done and Sang Joon says that the real work is just beginning. Tae Hoon complains about not being able to see Hye Mi and Sang Joon says he knows there’s someone else who feels the same way. Jin Ho doesn’t say anything to this comment and says he will be going out for a little while.

At the gallery, Choi visits the depressed Kae In who scolds Choi for making her Jin Ho unable to visit because he’s so busy. Choi then asks if he should make an opportunity for Jin Ho to come visit Kae In. Kae In asks him how and he says he could invent a story about her getting hurt at work so that Jin Ho would come rushing. This brings a smile to Kae In’s face as she is touched he would do that for her. Choi then makes another one of his bad, corny jokes and when Kae In looks confused, he mentions how his jokes never get good feedback which makes her outright laugh. Choi then tells her that she looks best when she laughs and that her laugh/smile will give Jin Ho strength. Kae In thanks Choi for that and also says that he seems like a father-like figure to her. Choi asks after her father and she says that she heard the news. Choi then asks Kae In if she knows why Park is returning so suddenly. Kae In then reveals how strained her relationship is with her father. You can tell that this really strikes a cord for Choi and that he hurts because Kae In’s relationship with her father isn’t good at all.

At Sanggojae, the glass flooring is successfully installed and Jin Ho calls Kae In. She is happy to hear from him and then comments about Kae In isn’t there as he has said he will forget her. Jin Ho then asks if she knows where he is. Kae In immediately looks around for him and he laughs and says he is at Sanggojae and asks her to quickly come. Kae in ribs him for being so demanding and then says he cannot move until she gets there. They hang up and Jin Ho looks around at the refurbished workshop which he has finally finished. His happiness is broken a little when he accidentally knocks over the picture of Kae In and her mother, breaking the frame. Have you ever noticed in Korean dramas that breaking of picture frames is usually an ill omen?

Hye Mi calls Jang Mi to tell her that Jin Ho was kicked out of his office. So not good. In Hee also answer a call at the gallery that shocks her. She passes the phone to Choi, saying that professor Park is on the phone. We then cut to the airport where Park is on a payphone while Han, Chang Ryul, and the assistant look for him. Han asks home come Chang Ryul doesn’t even know what his future father-in-law looks like. Chang Ryul says nothing and the trio goes back to searching while Park makes another call, this time to Sanggojae.

Kae In doesn’t make it to the phone on time and then goes running through the house looking for Jin Ho who is nowhere to be seen. She is upset that he isn’t there after he promised he would be. Jin Ho is in the car having gotten a new frame for the picture when Sang Joon calls asking for the preliminary plans for the Dream Art Center for a colleague who wishes to give them work. Jin Ho tells him where they are and that he’ll be back to work in a little while. Jin Ho then recalls the corner where he hid the Sanggojae plans and his cheery mood evaporates. At the office, Sang Joon drops the lid to the plans he asked for and notices the battered document container. He pulls out the workshop plans and smiles. When he goes to put them back, he notices something else and pulls out the Sanggojae plans. Young Sun comes into the office, complaining about the hard-to-find location and there sits Sang Joon, holding the plans like he won’t let go. Young Sun asks what it is and he says blueprints and begins a little crazy laugh. This can’t be good either.

Kae In tries calling Jin Ho and becomes even more annoyed when she can’t get through to his phone. When she turns around, she notices Jin Ho the lion sitting where the table and benches used to be. When she picks him up she notices something strange and pulls back the rug to see the glass. Kae In then recalls a little of what happened. She goes to the basement trapdoor and sets down Jin Ho and her phone. She haltingly goes down and sees the newly remodeled workshop and finally starts recalling the full memory when Jang Mi comes. Kae In invites her in, but Jang Mi refuses. Meanwhile, Jin Ho is stuck in traffic due to an accident and tries calling Kae In whose phone is on vibrate in the room that leads to the basement.

Jang Mi sits down with Kae In and immediately gets to the point of having Kae In break up with Jin Ho. At this point, Kae In is beginning to recall everything that she has managed to forget. Jang Mi just cannot seem to get how horrible Kae In’s mental state is and goes on with her speech. The final memory comes. Kae In was trying to get her mother’s attention and began hammering on the glass floor with a toy. She cracked the glass and when her mom looks up, it’s spiderwebbing. She screams Kae In’s name and then the glass shatters. Kae In remembers hearing people whisper about how she caused her mom’s death. Seeing Kae In break down, Jang Mi apologizes for telling her to break up with Jin Ho and begs her to understand and then runs away. Seriously.

As Jang Mi leaves, Professor Park comes in. He looks at his shaking and crying daughter and you can see his concern as well as Kae In’s pain. Park asks her what is wrong and Kae In asks if that is why he was like that, is that why he hated her so much. Park just stares at her and she continues asking if that’s why he hated her, why he was so mean to her as a child. Kae In then says if it had been her she would have been the same way – how could you love a daughter who killed her own mother. This shocks Park who asks what she means and Kae In starts bawling uncontrollably. Jin Ho then comes in and sees Kae In’s state and yells her name, causing Park and Kae In to look at him. What will happen next?

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