Personal Preference Episode 13 Recap

Personal Preference Episode 13

A Special Birthday Gift

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min HoKae In has a flash of memory that she had long forgotten and collapses, worrying Jin Ho. He carries Kae In to her room where he nurses her. Kae In wakes up from her nightmare of a memory and when she tries to recall what she remembered, she gets a bad headache. Jin Ho wants to go get her some medicine, but Kae In begs him not to leave as she is frightened after what happened. Jin Ho holds her hand, watches over her, feeds her medicine, gets her water, and bathes her head (what a sweetie).

Son Ye JinWhile Kae In is resting, Jin Ho goes back down into the workshop to poke around. He stares at the picture of her and her mother and looks up at the ceiling – probably wondering what happened. Just as he spies a document container, Kae In wakes up and calls to him. He goes back upstairs and asks if she is feeling better. She says yes and he tells her to go take a bath as he has drawn one up for her. Kae In goes to undress, but is startled when she hears Jin Ho’s voice right outside the door. He asks if she likes the scent and she says she does. Apparently he bought it for her on Jeju. Kae In is touched and asked what he thought when he bought it. He said that as soon as he smelled it, it reminded him of her – mild and clear (when has Kae In ever been mild or clear? Well, mild in terms of temperament, but she usually is surrounded in chaos and mess).

After her bath, Jin Ho dries Kae In’s hair. You can tell that Kae In is embarrassed by this act and Jin Ho reveals that this is his first time drying someone else’s hair. Kae In then replies that it is the first time anyone has ever dried her hair. After a little while more, Kae In asks to do it herself and takes the hair dryer. Jin Ho watches her for awhile and then plants a kiss at the base of her neck, surprising Kae In. He then hugs her and asks her not to get sick anymore as he is there and is not going to go anywhere (which, typically in dramas, means that the person isn’t going to be there for much longer, but since we are closing in towards the end of the episode, that probably won’t be happening). It is a really nice scene that catches the awkwardness of the couple and just how much they have come to care about one another.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho
Young Sun gets off the bus to have Sang Joon honk is horn and yell at her to get in – they are both heading to Sanggojae to visit Kae In and Jin Ho (Young Sun was worried because she heard Kae In was sick and Sang Joon is delivering documents to Jin Ho). Nothing like cheesy pickup lines and the bantering of these two friends. Young Sun asks if they have found a new office and Sang Joon replies no. Young Sun brings up getting help from Kae In (which she is against because she wants Kae In to invest and save her money) and Sang Joon replies that it isn’t a good idea as he and Jin Ho found out that Chang Ryul was the one behind Kae In’s sudden stroke of good fortune getting her own brand. This upsets Young Sun (and would horrify Kae In if she knew about it) and she demands that Sang Joon tell Kae In. Sang Joon says that it looks like they can’t because Kae In was so happy to get the contract.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye JinJin Ho is wrapping Kae In in a blanket when Sang Joon and Young Sun arrive. They joke about arriving at a bad time and Sang Joon teases Jin Ho about rubbing it in so early in the morning. Young Sun asks if Kae In is hot as the weather isn’t all that bad. Kae In says that Jin Ho told her that just because she has a fever doesn’t mean she should be cold. Young Sun laughs and then says that Jin Ho doesn’t just look perfect – he’s attentive too. Young Sun complains that she got up early to get abalone to make porridge and this is the scene she sees. Kae In says that she really was sick earlier when Jin Ho gets a call. It is Tae Hoon asking Jin Ho what to do as a complaint has been filed against them. Jin Ho is shocked, but does his best not to show it. He pretends that Tae Hoon is talking about the copier and gets Sang Joon to go out with him so as not to alarm Kae In. Jin Ho complains about honesty all the time when it comes to Kae In, but he is actually the most dishonest in the relationship as he constantly keeps things from Kae In, which, I believe, is called lies of omission. Really. He has no grounds for complaint when he is worse than she is.

Jo Eun Ji, Son Ye JinOn the way out, Sang Joon asks what’s wrong and Jin Ho says he’ll explain on the way. Young Sun asks if Kae In is really sick as her coloring looks better. Kae In says that she was sick and needs to eat well and be healthy to keep “her” Jin Ho from worrying. Young Sun makes a comment about just how Kae In is troublesome for Jin Ho and Kae In asks what she did wrong now. Young Sun says never mind as Kae In would need to be born again as a “real woman” to understand. Kae In then says she thinks she is one and then talks about a kiss. Young Sun gets all excited, but deflates when she hears it wasn’t on the lips. Young Sun then explains about the different meanings of kisses. Kae In asks what a kiss on the back of the neck means and Young Sun regains her excitement as it means Jin Ho is interested in Kae In physically. Young Sun jumps up and says the moment has come and tells Kae In to follow her. What next?

Jung Sung Hwa, Lee Min HoMeanwhile, Sang Joon and Jin Ho arrive at the hospital and are greeted by the boss in charge of construction on their last project. Jin Ho asked what was wrong, if anything was mishandled. The boss says no, that the man complaining was perfectly fine when he left the hospital the first time. Sang Joon then wants to know what happened. What happened indeed. The three visit the complainant and the boss asks why a completely healthy person is back in the hospital. The man says that he is not well at all (quite vivaciously for an ill person). He says that his joints ache and he gets dizzy every time he moves. Jin Ho says that he should definitely get treatment for any residual problems (even though they’re all lies?) and then he says that he will take care of all the expenses. The boss then tells the worker to be happy and drop the complaint as Jin Ho will take responsibility. The boss then says you charge someone for disregarding and accident, not for being responsible and taking care of things after one (too true). The complainant then says he has no idea how much it will cost, so he won’t wait around for Jin Ho to stab him in the back and stiff him on expenses (eyeroll). The boss then asks if the complaint has anything to do with the guy who was sniffing around asking questions about Jin Ho. The patient adamantly refuses, but you can so tell that he is lying through his teeth. Jin Ho asks what is going on and Sang Joon asks if there was someone pestering the construction workers about problems while the worked with the company.

Kim Ji Suk, Lee Min HoAs they leave the room, the boss asks if Jin Ho knows of anyone with a grudge or a competitor who would do something so low. Jin Ho thinks for a moment and then tells Sang Joon to go back to the office first. Guess where Jin Ho is going? To see Chang Ryul of course. Jin Ho asks what kind of crap he is trying to pull and Chang Ryul says he is using underhanded tactics against an underhanded guy. Jin Ho asks what underhanded thing he had ever done to Chang Ryul who then asks why Jin Ho moved into Sanggojae. This always manages to shut Jin Ho up (even when he’s in the right). Knowing he has the upper hand, Chang Ryul asks if Jin Ho knew that Sanggojae was the concept for the gallery and that is why he moved in. Plus, if Kae In found out, would she overlook such a fact? Jin Ho rebuts that no matter his reason for moving in, he is sincere in his feelings for Kae In. Chang Ryul doesn’t believe this and recounts the story of the boy who cried wolf, basically saying after everything Jin Ho’s done, how can Kae In possibly believe him (as much as I actually like Chang Ryul when he’s not being a complete idiot, I was shocked by such an intelligent saying coming out of his mouth)? Jin Ho affirms that he believes that Kae In will believe him (given how easily she forgave the whole not gay thing, he is pretty right in believing that she will choose to trust him). Chang Ryul tells Jin Ho to continue believing that and Chang Ryul will watch to see how long this will continue. Jin Ho tells him to keep watching and this pisses Chang Ryul off and he accuses Jin Ho of messing with Kae In for revenge on Chang Ryul’s father to the end. Jin Ho tells him to believe what he wants and walks out.

Ryu Seong RyongAt the art gallery, Choi is giving instructions to In Hee about an upcoming exhibit. He has full confidence in In Hee’s abilities as she is always meticulous and gets the job done (I think it would be better if she acted more like she acts at work in her every day life). Choi then says he noticed that today was Kae In’s birthday. He asks if In Hee has plans to go out with Kae In. This surprises In Hee as she has totally forgotten about Kae In’s birthday. She quickly covers and says that she will be going out with Kae In to celebrate (I don’t know why, but I thought that Choi was aware of the strained and antagonistic relationship those girl had now – guess not). After In Hee leaves, Choi takes out an envelope with three tickets and smiles. Looks like he has a present prepared for Kae In. I can’t read the tickets, so at this point I had no idea what he was planning.

Wang Ji HyeOf course, as soon as In Hee leaves she’s on the phone with Chang Ryul to let him know about Kae In’s birthday in hopes that he can win over his ex by doing something for her birthday as last year he got Kae In’s hopes up by talking big, but he ultimately forgot it. This shames Chang Ryul as he remembers what he did. Chang Ryul asks In Hee if she thinks it’s okay for him to give Kae In a present after all that’s happened. In Hee says that a present would show Chang Ryul’s feelings and Chang Ryul asks if that is a good thing (what an idiot! He has his brilliant moments just to be followed up with stupidity, immaturity, and naivete). This also annoys In Hee who says she can’t think of everything for Chang Ryul and then she hangs up on him.

Kim Ji SukAfter getting off the phone with In Hee, Chang Ryul ponders just what to do for Kae In. He calls in his assistant and asks him to order 100 roses and have a jewelry store send over a catalog of new items. His assistant goes to do this, but then Chang Ryul changes his mind as that is the kind of things that would win the calculative In Hee over, but not Kae In. He cancels his initial order, sends his assistant away and tries to figure out what to do to please Kae In. At least he realizes that the two girls are different, but Kae In would have probably liked flowers, not the jewelry, but flowers at least. Whatever he comes up with, you know his gift will have two purposes: 1) please Kae In and 2) annoy Jin Ho.

Son Ye Jin, Jo Eun JiYoung Sun takes our innocent Kae In out lingerie shopping for sexy underwear for the time when Kae In and Jin Ho should choose to take the next step in their relationship (which Young Sun hopes will be soon while Kae In is still not quite prepared for intimacy). Kae In is uncomfortable with the sexy underwear Young Sun picks out (lol, Kae In was looking at boxer-like underwear). Kae In calls it scandalous and Young Sun gets annoyed and says that it takes two people and that Kae In needs to grow up some more (she does have a point as Kae In is still very immature in some departments).

Kim Ji Suk, Wang Ji HyeChang Ryul shows up at the gallery to surprise Kae In and runs into In Hee who does not see a gift in hand and wonders if Chang Ryul actually prepared something. In Hee then goes on to say that a necklace or ring (which could easily be hidden on Chang Ryul’s person) would fail to move Kae In. Chang Ryul says he knows this because Kae In is on a different level than the In Hee that Chang Ryul knows. This annoys In Hee who laughs and says that must be the level Chang Ryul is on as well. She put back her angry poker face and says she looks forward to watching Chang Ryul (at least he has some redeeming qualities while she has none).

Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji SukMeanwhile, Kae In is sitting with the underwear in front of her annoyed at Young Sun. She picks up the bra and asks just who Young Sun thinks “her” Jin Ho is. Kae In hears someone come in and quickly packs up the underwear. Chang Ryul says he thought Kae In was working hard, but here she is talking about “her” Jin Ho. Chang Ryul’s tune changes when he sees Kae In’s coloring. He asks if she is sick and quickly goes to take her temperature, but Kae In bats his hand away. These two are still as awkward as ever. Kae In says she was just a little unwell recently and Chang Ryul asks if she was ill because of Jin Ho. He then says he knows the general story that Jin Ho is having problems (well, he should know as he is the main source of all of Jin Ho’s problems). Kae In then says that she is uncomfortable being with Chang Ryul who says that he knows without her telling him. He then pulls out an envelope and says that he came to give her that as a birthday present. This confuses Kae In who had no idea that today was actually her birthday. She thinks about it and realizes that it is actually her birthday. Chang Ryul says that he wanted to do something properly for her birthday for once. Kae In tells him that there is no need for him to do that. He ignores that and says he thought a lot about what to do for his ex and realized that a present for Jin Ho would touch her more than anything he could give her. Truthfully, a girl would have to be pretty tactless to accept something for her current boyfriend from ex-boyfriend and despite Kae In’s innocence and naivete – she isn’t that stupid. Kae In asks why and he says again that it is for her birthday and then leaves.

Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Min HoKae In looks at the envelope for a moment and then runs after Chang Ryul. She gives him back the envelope, disappointing him. He asks why he can’t even do that for her. Kae In then breaks the news saying that if had been flowers, then she would have probably accepted those. Chang Ryul asks if Kae In really should return the money and she replies that she couldn’t possibly give the money to Jin Ho without telling him where it came from and she doesn’t want to lie. Chang Ryul takes the money back and says that he knows better than anyone just what kind of woman she is and here he is making such a mistake. He then says he leaves and Kae In’s eyes get big. Chang Ryul sees this and turns around and there is Jin Ho. Chang Ryul’s face turns to a glare and he walks away intentionally bumps Jin Ho’s shoulder (nothing too hard, but still). Needless to say, Jin Ho doesn’t look happy at all.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min HoJin Ho walks away and Kae In quickly chases after him asking if he is mad. He said that he came because he heard that Kae In had gone to work and he wanted to scold her and bring her home, but he sees there is no need for that. Kae In tells him not to misunderstand again and Jin Ho said he saw the envelope being taken and given, so how could any one not misunderstand (it wasn’t covert or anything, but just what the heck is he thinking?). Kae In says there was no giving or taking, just returning. Jin Ho then asks what was in the envelope and Kae In clams up, refusing to tell him (she should just be honest, but maybe she is afraid of what Jin Ho would do to Chang Ryul if she told him) as she points out it doesn’t matter as she refused it. Jin Ho tries once again to figure out just what Chang Ryul was tempting Kae In with, he asks if it was money and Kae In says don’t talk about Chang Ryul that way as he is not a bad person (not inherently, no, but generally he actually is), plus he seems to be thinking of Jin Ho a lot lately. Since Jin Ho hasn’t been telling her what is going on with Chang Ryul, Kae In has no idea that all of Jin Ho’s problems stem from Chang Ryul. Jin Ho gets angrier and says he is so thankful to Chang Ryul he just might shed tears of gratitude (sarcasm anyone?). Jin Ho then attacks Kae In by asking if she is considering his feelings at all. This hurts Kae In who asks how Jin Ho can talk to her like that. Jin Ho doesn’t reply and just walks away (he is actually pretty good at doing stuff like that – getting angry and walking away versus listening reasonable and discussing from the start).

Son Ye Jin, Rye Seong RyongLater Choi gives the depressed Kae In some coffee and asks why she looks so down when she has officially withdrawn from the unrequited love club. Kae In smiles and Choi asks if it’s because of Jin Ho. Kae In nods and Choi asks her if she was good at math in school. Math? Kae In confesses that she really wasn’t the best at the subject and asks how Choi was. He says that it wasn’t his best subject either. What does math have to do with love? Choi said he always thought his friends who excelled in math would be able to easily solve the problems of love (lol, totally random, but reminds me of a scene from My Sister-in-Law is Nineteen where our resident math genius Seung Jae comes up with an equation for love). Choi further elaborates by saying if there was an equation to which people knew the answer to, then maybe we wouldn’t hurt each other, misunderstand each other and could just love each other. Choi then looks at Kae In and says that he thinks Jin Ho is even worse at math than either Choi or Kae In. This makes Kae In laugh, and I definitely think there is truth to this analysis of Jin Ho’s personality. Choi then gives Kae In his present which was tickets to an ice rink. They were only good for one more day and he wants Kae In to go with Jin Ho (he secretly throws out the third ticket – what a bittersweet moment). Now that is a gift Kae In can happily accept.

Jung Sung Hwa, Jo Eun JiOn their ways home, both Kae In and Jin Ho seem a little depressed. You can tell that Jin Ho regrets losing his temper at Kae In. Meanwhile, Sang Joon and Young Sun meet at the office to discuss how to get Jin Ho and Kae In to take the next step. They argue, fight, plan and begin to feel a little attraction for one another in the process (ironic considering Young Sun finally worked things out with her husband again). They come up with a plan and Young Sun says how that plan worked for her and then she elaborates how her husband won her over (with her description, you have to wonder how they ended up married in the first place). Sang Joon says that doesn’t sound too bad and it looks like the two might kiss, but then in comes Jin Ho, shocking the two. Sang Joon then asks if Jin Ho is aware that it is Kae In’s birthday this surprises Jin Ho (guess he didn’t, which isn’t too surprising as Kae In had forgotten herself).

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min HoKae In is back at Sanggojae and it looks like she is eating some ramen and maybe some kimchi while talking to Young Sun who apparently told Kae In that she couldn’t celebrate her birthday due to a death anniversary in her Young Sun’s husband’s family. Kae In then tells her not to worry as she made a big pot of seaweed soup and she hangs up. Jin Ho comes in and asks when seaweed soup turned into ramen, shocking Kae In. Kae In tries to gather her scattered wits and asks what Jin Ho is doing coming into someone else’s house. Jin Ho asks how it is someone else’s when it is “his woman’s” house (lol). Kae In asks who is his woman and Jin Ho smiles and says then he’ll just have to be her man (these two are so cute when they fight and try to make up). Jin Ho then tells Kae In to go and change as he is sorry for what happened earlier and wants to go on a date to make it up. Kae In then says for Jin Ho to relay the message that Kae In doesn’t want to go on a date with such a petty man (talk about lying, we all know she does). Jin Ho then counters by saying that a woman who doesn’t accept an apology is more petty (😛). Kae In slams her chopsticks down and says that is right and that the tickets expire today and she doesn’t want to waste them. She tells Jin Ho that they are going out because she doesn’t want to waste the tickets and this makes him smile, but he is utterly confused when he sees the outfit Kae In changes into.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min HoWhen Jin Ho and Kae In leave, Jin Ho leaves the door cracked so that Young Sun and Sang Joon can sneak in to Sanggojae for their special plan. Jin Ho is surprised that Kae In has taken him to such a typical date spot. Kae In reveals that the tickets were a gift from some man. The smile immediately leaves Jin Ho’s face and he quickly looks at Kae In (who said that just to get his dander up, obviously). Jin Ho asks why she didn’t go with that man instead then and Kae In said it was because “that man” told her to go with Jin Ho. Kae In finally laughs and tells Jin Ho that it was Choi who gave her the tickets. Jin Ho then helps Kae In lace up her skates and they have a typical skating rink date complete with teasing, holding, falling, laughing, and a stolen kiss. It’s a cute scene and I love the banter between the two, but it has been done many times before as the skating date scene seems to be a staple in Asian dramas.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye JinSang Joon and Young Sun manage to finish their preparations just before Jin Ho and Kae In get back. After they leave, they make a vow of friendship and head off. Kae In is in total awe when she gets home and sees all the candles and the romantic setting for two complete with wine and cake. Kae In smiles and Jin Ho grins, happy to see her pleased expression. As he pours the wine, Jin Ho tells her that she is unnecessarily closed lip (because she didn’t tell him about her birthday). Kae In smiles and says that she honestly forgot that it was her birthday. She then goes to blow out the candles, but Jin Ho stops her and says they need to make a wish first. Kae In closes her eyes and then blows out the candles. Jin Ho claps and wishes her a happy birthday and then asks what she wished for. Kae In makes Jin Ho feel horrible by saying she wishes that they would never deceive each other again. Kae In then asks what he wished for and he says that he wished his true feelings would get across to her. This surprises Kae In as she recalls what Young Sun said earlier. Jin Ho asks if Kae In wants to hear them and she says yes. Just as he is working up the courage to tell her about why he moved into Sanggojae, she cuts him off and says that if he tells her, then the wish won’t come true. She then asks if he has any other presents prepared. Jin Ho smiles and asks if she needs anything else as isn’t he enough of a present (omo, romantic and corny – I would be too embarrassed to say that). Kae In repeats his words and Jin Ho asks if she doesn’t want him. Kae In tells him to hang on as she needs to get ready. She gets up and leaves Jin Ho wondering just what she is talking about (lol, she thinks that he wants to finally sleep together and that is not what he meant at all).

Lee Min HoWhile Kae In is “getting ready,” Jin Ho is back in the basement. He puts in a new light bulb and looks around with a notepad, jotting down ideas about what he will need to fix her mother’s workshop. A new glass ceiling and fresh paint are all needed. Jin Ho looks around and smiles, thinking that Kae In will be happy if he fixes up her mother’s workshop for her. You have to wonder because of the incident that she can’t quite recall, will Kae In be genuinely happy? Jin Ho again notices the document container and goes over to look at it. He opens it up and finds the original plans for Kae In’s mother’s workshop, which is definitely helpful since he wishes to restore if for Kae In.

Son Ye JinMeanwhile, Kae In has the sexy underwear out on her bed and she is on the phone with Young Sun saying how Jin Ho has hinted that he wants “that.” This excites Young Sun who is out working out at a local park-type place. Her happiness is stopped short when Kae In says that she stopped Jin Ho from actually saying anything. Young Sun scolds her and then Kae In tells her what Jin Ho said about him being her present this excites Young Sun more and Kae In asks if that is what she thinks it is. Young Sun says of course and asks what Kae In is doing. Kae In replies that she is fretting about it and asks what to do. Young Sun tells her to put on the lingerie and then create a relaxed mood by playing a game – one that requires a little physical contact.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min HoKae In’s idea of following Young Sun’s advice? Playing Jenga. I don’t think that’s quite what Young Sun had in mind when she was telling Kae In what to do. Why? The physical contact was the loser gets flicked in the head by the winner – definitely doesn’t promote the right kind of atmosphere. This is especially true as Jin Ho kept losing and Kae In kept gloating over her victory and flicked him quite hard (5 times! He lost 5 times!). Jin Ho keeps his head down and Kae In begins to worry. She asks if it hurts and he replies why wouldn’t it hurt. She asks him again to lift his head and when he finally does we see a huge red spot on the middle of his forehead (poor Jin Ho)! This shocks Kae In and she says she will blow on it for him. He asks why and she says it helps and begins blowing, when Jin Ho lifts his head there is Kae In’s face inches from his own. Well, that definitely promotes the right kind of feeling. Jin Ho then jumps away from Kae In, scolding her for blowing (lol, he isn’t quite ready or prepared either) as it isn’t going to help it get better. Kae In says that Jin Ho said not to go easy and Jin Ho replies that this proves Kae In is unhappy with him over something. Kae In immediately denies this, calls him petty, and asks why he is getting so upset over a game. Jin Ho then says she should already know he is a petty guy. Nothing like squabbling to diffuse sexual tension. Or add to it. The two then go to their opposite rooms. Basically a typical moment for the couple.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min HoIn their respective rooms you can tell that both are hot and bothered, but Jin Ho smiles while Kae In worries. She even fantasizes about Jin Ho coming into her room to do the deed. She shakes herself out of her fantasizing and picks up Jin Ho the lion, saying she must be crazy. She then recalls the night she and Jin Ho got drunk and Jin Ho broke down relationships for her.  She especially recalls when he said that one of Chang Ryul’s comments had to do with her not sleeping with him (which is one of the reasons their relationship ended). Kae In wonders if she is okay staying the way she is (meaning, holding out on a physical relationship?). Meanwhile, Jin Ho is also starting to feel more flustered. He goes to get up and got to Kae In’s room when he recalls what Kae In said that same drunken night: “do people have to have a physical relationship for it to be love.” They go back and forth recalling the conversation. It pushes Kae In forward to considering doing it (even thought she is afraid) and puts a halt on Jin Ho’s libido as he wants to respect Kae In.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye JinJin Ho goes back to work when lightning flashes and thunder booms and in comes running a frightened Kae In. This shocks Jin Ho, especially when she asks to sleep with him. Jin Ho says that she can’t and she begs him to let her. Jin Ho asks what she would do if he wasn’t there. Kae In said that she used to sleep with In Hee whenever there was a thunderstorm. Thunder crashes again, causing Kae In to scream and Jin Ho to break down and agree to let her stay. Lying in bed together, Jin Ho tells Kae In more about his past only to find her asleep. He touches her face and asks if she forgot that he was a man as her doing that makes it really hard for him. You do have to love how these two have spent numerous nights together without ever doing anything inappropriate, though Jin Ho is sorely tempted to.

Jung Sung Hwa, Im Seul OngWhen Kae In wakes up the next morning, Jin Ho is already gone. She smiles and grabs his pillow, smelling it. She then calls Jin Ho who complains about snoring and teeth grinding (he is just teasing her). She says that he is lying and he then tells her to check her face for drool. Kae In quickly checks for dried drool and Jin Ho asks how a woman can sleep like an oaf when Sang Joon pokes his head into the office. Kae In angrily hangs up on Jin Ho who smiles and then is shocked  by Sang Joon telling him that he is proud of Jin Ho going the distance and proving his manhood (snort). Jin Ho says it isn’t like that and stop jumping to conclusions. Sang Joon says Jin Ho doesn’t have to give him details and giggles like a demented elf when Tae Hoon comes into the office. Tae Hoon is not happy to hear that Jin Ho’s and Kae In’s relationship has gone that far (but it hasn’t) already. Of course he asks what about Hye Mi and Sang Joon tells him to do something about her. Tae Hoon then asks what is he supposed to do and Sang Joon asks Jin Ho to teach him. Jin Ho replies that it isn’t like that and leaves annoyed. Sang Joon then tells Tae Hoon that Jin Ho’s intensity is the key, Tae Hoon just needs to be more intense. Omo, how ridiculous.

Song Ye Jin, Jo Eun JiMeanwhile, Kae In is at the art gallery with Young Sun who is taking pictures of Kae In while she works on the children’s room. Kae In tells Young Sun that the slept together and Young Sun said since they just held hands, can that be called sleeping together (well, if you go literarly, then yes, if you go figuratively, then no). Young Sun is frustrated that things turned out like that. She is used to Kae In’s personality, but is totally astounded that Jin Ho did nothing as well. Kae In then says that Jin Ho is very impressive as he took care of her and looked out for her. Kae In says that Jin Ho is the man that she had been dreaming of. Young Sun tells her to go on holding hands and dreaming forever.  Young Sun then tells her to smile and she snaps another picture. Kae In asks what she is doing and Young Sun says she is doing this to help drive up Kae In’s sales, which annoys Kae In a bit.

Wang Ji Hye, Jo Eun Ji, Son Ye JinThe good mood is spoiled when In Hee comes in to check up on Kae In after overhearing Kae In talk about the Doyle brand with Young Sun who was about to spill the beans about Chang Ryul getting the brand for Kae In. Kae In immediately tells Young Sun not to talk about Chang Ryul as he caused a fight between her and Jin Ho yesterday. Just as Kae In is about to tell Young Sun what happened, In Hee comes in to ridicule Kae In. In Hee immediately congratulates Kae In for managing to get a birthday present now that she has broken up with Chang Ryul. Young Sun immediately gets up and yells at In Hee for completely ignoring her. In Hee says that they were never on greeting terms and Young Sun turns to Kae In and says that In Hee must what her head bashed in. Kae In stops Young Sun from fighting with In Hee and Young Sun says that’s right, they should just ignore her. Young Sun then asks what present Kae In got from Chang Ryul and Kae In says that she did not get one when In Hee asks what she means as when she told Chang Ryul it was Kae In’s birthday, it seemed like he was preparing something special for her. Kae In then asks why In Hee would even bother telling Chang Ryul that it is her birthday. In Hee says she told Chang Ryul so that he and Kae In could enjoy themselves. Kae In then asks In Hee that when In Hee pushes her and Chang Ryul together, does that make In Hee feel better and make her think that she can get together with Jin Ho (hit the nail on the head with that one). This angers In Hee (because its’ the truth), but Kae In won’t let In Hee get the last word in. Kae In says In Hee must have a lot of free time on her hands to remember Kae In’s birthday, but Kae In was too busy to even remember her own birthday and Kae In asks In Hee to leave. She managed to be down In Hee like a pro which makes Young Sun happy, but you know In Hee won’t take it lying down, she’ll do something even more devious using Hye Mi and Jin Ho’s mother.

Lee Min Ho, Jung Sung HwaAt the office, Jin Ho begins to unroll the plans he found in Sanggojae’s basement and looks them over once more when he notices that there is something else in the document case as well. He takes that out and unrolls it and is shocked to find the original plans for Sanggojae! Him having them will not reflect well even though he did not intentionally take them. Jin Ho recalls all the information he received from Sang Joon about Sanggojae and what Kae In told him about her father’s plans. You can tell he is conflicted – he just doesn’t know what to do. He rolls up both sets of plans and puts them back just as Sang Joon walks in. Sang Joon says he and Jin Ho have both seen Sanggojae and according to Sang Joon, it isn’t great enough to want to base the art gallery project around. He then asks Jin Ho to ask Kae In about Sanggojae to see if she might know anything. Jin Ho’s reply is does his friend want to make him into a bad guy. Sang Joon says that with everything going on, they cannot back down from the Dam project. Jin Ho says that he will take care of everything so quit involving Kae In in the matter.

Ahn Suk Hwan, Kim Ji SukChang Ryul is driving with his father when Han asks him if he ever heard Kae In mention Park’s design plans for Sanggojae. Chang Ryul replies in the negative and Han says he looked into Sanggojae and it is no ordinary hanok (traditional Korean house). Chang Ryul asks what it is and Han replies that it is only one part of a bigger picture created by Park. That is why Choi wanted Park to do the design. Han says they need the original plans to be able to win the Dam project (which Jin Ho know has in his hands). I sincerely hope that Jin Ho will resist temptation and not use the plans of Sanggojae for his own bid on the Dam project.

Ryu Seong Ryong, Wang Ji Hye, Park Hae MiJin Ho’s mother goes to the art gallery where she is spied by Choi. He approaches her and asks to be her guide if this is her first time there. She asks who he is and he introduces himself before asking her if there is anything in particular that she is looking for. She reveals that she is there to meet with Kim In Hee. Choi then asks what her connection is and she reveals that she is Jin Ho’s mother. Choi bows and calls her mother and then compliments her saying that Jin Ho gets his good looks from his beautiful money. She is both flattered and embarrassed. In Hee comes at that moment and watches on as Choi says he will show her around. Jin Ho’s mother readily accepts and then asks if it will be taking up too much of Choi’s precious time. He replies in the negative saying that he respects Jin Ho so much that she is just like a mother to Choi (um yeah, definitely not the best thing to say considering they are a lot closer in age to each other). Jin Ho’s mother brings up the age thing and Choi catches his embarrassing mistake. He goes to lead the way when In Hee comes up.

Wang Ji Hye, Park Hae MiWhile In Hee is poisoning Jin Ho’s mother further against Kae In, Jin Ho and Kae In are enjoying some time together drinking coffee and grocery shopping, totally unaware of the new storm that is brewing and coming to drive them apart. Jin Ho’s mother said she only came because Hye Mi told her to and she then asks In Hee what this is about. In Hee says she felt that she needed to tell Jin Ho’s mother about Jin Ho’s many problems that he is facing because of Kae In. His mother has no idea that anything was going wrong, so she is shocked to learn about the office loss and the formal complaint. In Hee then reiterates that everything is Kae In’s fault as she did not end things clearly nor cleanly with Chang Ryul who is doing his best to separate them. In Hee then lies saying that Kae In is dating both men and that if Jin Ho doesn’t break up with Kae In, then who knows what Chang Ryul will do next. An agitated mother asks what to do and In Hee convinces her to talk to Kae In personally. Oy vey. The wicked witch has reared her ugly head in a way that will be hard for Kae In to overcome this time. I have a lot of things I’d like to say, but all that would come out is a string of expletives. His mother asks why In Hee would want Jin Ho and Kae In to break up as it would me Chang Ryul and In Hee could get back together. In Hee says she has no personal motives, she just wants to see Jin Ho succeed at landing the gallery project. Lying wench.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

At the market, Jin Ho says that he doesn’t want to go home and will spend the nights at his office if Kae In won’t let him stay with her. Kae In asks why he just doesn’t go home and he replies because he wants to be with. Kae In says thank you and the two walk together happily. How soon will the happiness be shattered?


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