Domoto Koichi Releases New Solo Album

What can I say? Today is a music day for me with a lot of good new releases coming out of Japan. Well, Rain released a new digital single, but I am not a huge fan of dance music (it starts sounding so cookie cutter after awhile), so it isn’t getting any spotlighting from me. Google it for yourself.

Domoto Koichi of Japanese duo KinKi Kids has released a new solo album today! It is his first solo album in four long years entitled BPM. If you ask me, he is the most talented in the duo (in terms of looks and singing ability). He will be starting his tour to promote the new album on September 11.

Domoto Koichi

01 Bad Desire
03 妖~あやかし~
04 暁
05 Slave of love
06 absolude love
08 Bounce up
09 Love Shines
10 Bad Desire-remix-
12 妖~あやかし~-2010- ※通常盤のみ収録
13 No more-ver.DK- ※通常盤のみ収録

You can also now view the PV for his fist single off the album, “Bad Desire,” which showcases some very, ahem, hot dancing. In terms of Johnny members, it is definitely one of the most mature performances you see and the look (no silly costume, thank god) suits Koichi well. I am want this album if the tracks are all as good as this one.

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