Gakeppuchi no Eri Episode 2 Recap

I know this show is a comedy and I do enjoy it, but I do dislike how they portray Eri’s attitude and actions when it comes to money. And I really don’t like how they portray the wealthier people. Not all rich and poor people act like they do in the drama and it seems at times too stereotypical and over-the-top which dampens the enjoyment of the silliness that is this drama. If Eri is told in every episode by a rich person that the poor stay poor and should get used to it, I will seriously scream as it is frustrating. She got that in episode one and here she gets another self-righteous speech of the same nature. It is very ridiculous and not a happening to occur so much in succession in these overly dramatic monologues.

Yamada Yu, Tsukaji Muga, Watanabe Eri

“You can’t quit school!”

Eri chases down her no-good relative that stole her money right out of her hands. She catches up to him several times, but manages to lose him in the long run when she literally runs straight into somebody. And what are the odds the person she collided with would be her mother? Eri takes Mitsuyo back to her apartment where Kumoda gives her a compress for her ankle. Eri asks why Mitsuyo is in Tokyo and Mitsuyo says she was paid a visit by Eri’s uncle telling her that he wants repayment of a 10 million yen debt that Aihara owed him. Not having the money, Mitsuyo packed up and moved to Tokyo to find a job to pay off her late husband’s debt. Hearing this makes Eri feel guilty and she says she will quit school to find a job to help pay the debt, which sets her mother off and the two start arguing and hitting each other.

Yamad Yu

“I want to be an illustrator”

Eri goes to school where she calculates the costs of all of her supplies and what would happen if she quit and worked full-time. If she did, it would still take 10 years to pay back all of that debt what with rent and living expenses. This depresses Eri greatly. At lunch she overhears classmates talking about an illustrator, Mizushima Ryuuichiro, whose lithographs go for millions of yen. Eri takes a look at his work and cannot believe people pay such large sums for it. As a joke, her classmates tell her that she should give it a shot as her drawings are just as good as his. Taking them seriously, Eri makes a small portfolio and goes from company to company in search of work, but no one wishes to hire her. She steps into this seedy office and tries to look for work there as well (and she might have been successful), but she runs into Hirabayashi whom she remembers works for the sleazy magazine that Kumoda used her picture for. She gets angry and storms out, leaving the office bewildered as to her attitude and behavior.

Yamada Yu

Eri asks Nonomiya for a job

Eri complains to her young friend Takeru that she made in the first episode and he tells her to cheer up as the best part about her is her idiotic cheerfulness. He then tells her she should get to work before the cabaret docks her pay. Eri is still amazed by how much Takeru knows about what goes on there. She asks him if he’s the secret owner of the club – we don’t get to hear an answer. She gets to work where she overhears that clients work for a magazine that gave the famous illustrator Mizushima his start. Eri immediately goes over and grovels. Yoko tries to get her to stop, but Eri doesn’t listen. The editor, Nonomiya, says that it is okay and that he would love to see Eri’s illustrations so she should stop by the company any time.

Yamada Yu

Eri volunteers to help

Nonomiya gets the shock of his life when Eri actually shows up the next morning. When she talks about the cabaret, he hushes her up and takes her with him. She sneaks in on his boss’s meeting and introduces herself. He catches up with her and pulls her along with him before she can do too much damage. She finally gets to show him her drawings and he cannot believe that she is even in art school and wonders if she bribed her way in. Eri states that she is poor so there is no way for that to happen. Nonomiya then tells Eri her drawings do not have the class to appear in Primavera (the magazine he works for). Eri is disheartened to hear this. As she is getting ready to leave a coworker approaches Nonomiya and says that there illustrator fell ill and hasn’t even started on the 80 color illustrations he was supposed to. Eri immediately volunteers to take care of it.

Watanabe Eri

Mitsuyo takes over for Eri

Yoko helps Eri get four days off from the cabaret, but warns Eri that Nonomiya might be playing her, Eri’s mom goes in to work for her daughter. The boss wouldn’t let her be a hostess, but did let her work in the kitchen. Meanwhile, thinking it is her first chance to prove herself, Eri works tirelessly day and night for four days straight to make the publication deadline. Her illustrations aren’t bad, mind you, but they definitely don’t suit an upscale magazine. She should have actually looked at the magazine first. It starts raining the night before the deadline which means Eri has to pack everything up and she heads over to Kumoda’s apartment which is surprisingly leak free. He works on his photographs while she works on her illustrations. Her mom stays over at Kumoda’s apartment as well and he gets to witness a touching late night scene between mother and daughter with Mitsuyo encouraging Eri by telling her that she knows her daughter will make it someday.

Watanabe Eri, Yamada Yu, Tsukaji Muga

“You’ll definitely make it someday”

Tsukaji Muga, Koizumi Kotaro, Osugi Ren

“Oh, that weird little girl!”

Eri gets all the illustrations finished at dawn and gets cleaned up before heading over to the company. Eri is told that Nonomiya is in a meeting and the secretary doesn’t know when he’ll be back. Eri says she’ll wait for him. A meeting, huh? He is actually playing squash with the chief editor whom he appears to have a relationship with. Kumoda takes his photos into the magazine and the editor, Umemoto, asks what the illustration was that was mixed in. Kumoda tells him that it’s Eri and Hirabayashi remembers her and tells Kumoda that she came to the magazine seeking work. This surprises Kumoda and they talk about how she is a weird girl. Umemoto seems to like her illustration. If things fall through with Primavera maybe Eri can work for Weekly Treasure.

Yamada Yu

“I said stop it!”

Eri finally meets Nonomiya only to learn that the issue went to print the day before with another illustrator’s work. This upsets Eri and she accuses him of cheating her. This annoys Nonomiya who pulls her aside and says that he never promised to publish her work. He then says he will consider her drawings for the next issue if she sleeps with him. Eri goes with him to a hotel where she paces back and forth contemplating what to do while he takes a shower. Eri can’t decide if its the right thing to do or not. He lied to her before, but if sleeping with him secures her a place in the magazine, wouldn’t that be beneficial? Eri decides not to do it which annoys Nonomiya to no end. He calls her a swindler (um, that would be him) and then throws her drawings on the floor basically calling them and her poor trash. Eri tells him to shove it essentially and says despite her being poor, she still has her pride and she storms out of the hotel room.

Yamada Yu, Tsukaji Muga

Kumoda helps inspire Eri

She immediately goes to Kumoda to ask for help. He takes her to the magazine where he works and she begs Umemoto for a chance. Umemoto tells her if she can draw risque illustrations, then he’ll give her a chance. Eri happily accepts and goes home where she has no inspiration. Kumoda comes and asks how she is doing and she tells him that she is stuck and he gives her some advice which makes no sense to Eri, but does inspire her. When Eri checks back in with the magazine, she learns that her illustration was used. Nonomiya gets demoted by the chief editor for the comic as it depicts what Nonomiya tried to do to Eri. Now that is poetic justice. Eri is ecstatic that her first illustration was published. She joyfully tells Kumoda that she will buy him the ribs she promised. After she is gone, Kumoda, Umemoto, and Hirabayashi comment on Eri’s weirdness again.

Yamada Yu, Osugi Ren

Eri got published!

Koizumi Kotaro, Yamada Yu

Hirabayashi invites Eri to a love hotel!?

Eri only got 800 yen for her illustration, but is happy. She forgoes her nori bento and skips home only to find her mom fighting with the scoundrel who stole Eri’s money. He tells them that he invested the money in beetles and when he makes it big, he will pay Eri and her mother back all that he owes them. As he leaves, Eri gets a call from Hirabayashi (she angrily answers the phone and he wonders why she always seems angry, lol). He tells Eri that he has work for her and the meet up in front of a hotel. Eri goes to ask about the hotel and Hirabayashi confirms that it is specifically a love hotel and asks her to go in. Eri stands outside in shock, unable to believe there is a repeat event with a different editor. Um, given Hirabayashi’s nature, I don’t think it’s what Eri thinks it is. But we won’t know til the next episode.

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