My Prince Episode 5 Recap

Yu Ya, Zhong Kai

“I had dinner with a coworker”

Zhi Kai comes home and learns that Zhi Wen has failed yet another audition. He tells Xiu Yun that is why Zhi Wen should just give up on modeling in the first place as it is a hard world to break into. Xiu Yun says that Zhi Xiao prepared a snack for his eldest brother, but Zhi Kai says that he already ate with a coworker. This makes Xiu Yun happy when she finds out it was with a female coworker.

Wu Di Wen

“Stop being creepy”

The next morning, Xiao Mi is scolding Zhi Wen for having drunk so much the night before. She then gives him some special hangover soup that she made herself, just for him. Who is she fooling? Anyone can tell that she likes Zhi Wen. Xiao Mi then wonders how Zhi Wen could go through so many auditions without even getting picked once. Is his aura too unique? She then encourages him to keep trying as there will eventually come someone who can appreciate the talent he has. Zhi Wen asks where that person is and Xiao Mi tells him to get his act together as there is a very important fashion show audition coming up soon. Zhi Wen then thanks his “little brother” for always supporting him. Xiao Mi tells him to stop being creepy and gives him the soup to drink.

Ai Fan My Prince Episode 5

Ai Fan happily stares at cut finger

Xiu Yun goes to her flower arrangement class and is mystified by Ai Fan staring at her wounded finger in a blissful state. Xiu Yun asks what the matter is for Ai Fan to get a cut and have such a happy look. Ai Fan says it’s because her secret crush wrapped it for her. This worries Xiu Yun as she is hoping to get Ai Fan for Zhi Kai. Xiu Yun asks to introduce Ai Fan to her eldest son, but Ai Fan is head over heels for this guy. Xiu Yun then starts bashing Ai Fan’s crush – saying such horrible things about him (lol, she doesn’t know she’s running her own son into the ground). Ai Fan then tells Xiu Yun how they first met and how she wishes that he would remember her. She still has Zhi Kai’s badge. With that, she found out his name and what department he worked for and had her dad put her in as an intern. Clever girl. Xiu Yun is shocked when she sees that Ai Fan is in love with her son. Her shock quickly turns to pleasure. Ai Fan is trying to figure out how to make Zhi Kai happy and Xiu Yun tells her to cook for him. But Ai Fan doesn’t know how to cook or what to cook. Xiu Yun tells her braised pork, which surprises Ai Fan. Xiu Yun passes off her knowledge as something common – what guy doesn’t like meat?

Yu Ya

Joining matchmaking forces

After class gets out, Ai Fan says that it’s her parents wedding anniversary and that she wants to buy a bouquet from Xiu Yun’s shop. Xiu Yun is not pleased as she has pictures of Zhi Kai up in her shop. She tells Ai Fan and her father to take their time and come after they park the car. Xiu Yun then hurries back to the store where she startles a working Zhi Xiao by her frantic ripping down and hiding of pictures. Xiu Yun manages to hide it before Ai Fan and her father come in. Ai Fan sees one of Zhi Xiao’s handcrafted necklaces and says it’s similar to the one her father bought her. Her father hurriedly ushers her out the door to run an errand. Once she leaves, he introduces himself as Zhi Kai’s boss. He says that he really hopes to have Zhi Kai for a son-in-law. He then joins forces with Xiu Yun to bring the young people together, which annoys Xiu Yun’s neighbor and longtime suitor. Ai Fan comes back in and almost catches the two plotting. Zhi Kai’s boss quickly picks up a plant and ushers her out of the store. A happy Xiu Yun tells Zhi Xiao that she is going to buy fish for fortune cat Zhi Cai.

Song Xiao Bo

Zhi Xiao meets mystery woman

Once Xiu Yun leaves, the little girl that’s been coming to the store and ordering 11 roses and then giving them to Zhi Xiao returns. Zhi Xiao asks her what is going on and the little girl takes his hand and tells him that an older sister was the one who ordered the flowers and she takes him to the “jie” who asked for her help. Zhi Xiao is surprised to find an attractive young woman waiting for him. Zhi Xiao asks if she was the one who sent him flowers and she replies that she was. He then asks why and she confesses that she likes him! This shocks Zhi Xiao, but makes him extremely happy and puts him in a lovesick daze. I would confess to Zhi Xiao, too. He is good-looking, family-oriented, very capable in housework, and very sweet and talented.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Song Xiao Bo

“Do you have a fever?”

The next morning Zhi Kai complains that Zhi Xiao put in too much sugar and he asks Zhi Xiao what happened as sugar costs a lot of money. Zhi Xiao stares straight ahead in a daze. Zhi Kai asks his mom what happened. Xiu Yun says that she doesn’t know. He’s been like that since he came back and he won’t tell her what’s going on. Zhi Chen checks Zhi Xiao’s forehead, startling his younger brother out of his daze. Nope, no fever. Zhi Xiao then asks his mother to watch the flower shop as he is going out. Another unheard of event! It’s really cute to see just how much the family cares for their youngest member and to see the sunny Zhi Xiao completely spaced out worries them a lot. Xiu Yun asks him where he is going, but he just smiles, gets up from the table. Zhi Wen joins the others a bit late and wonders what’s with everyone’s odd looks. Xiu Yun tells him that Zhi Xiao has taken the day off. Zhi Wen wonders what his baby brother could possibly have to do and then wonders if maybe he is meeting a girl. Zhi Kai says that’s impossible (and why is Zhi Xiao meeting a girl impossible, I wonder?). Zhi Kai stands up and says that he is going to ask Zhi Xiao what’s going on, but is stopped when Zhi Xiao walks out with his bag, smiling, eyes still dazed. Zhi Wen sees his little brother and says it must be a relationship as Zhi Xiao’s eyes are unfocused. This causes everyone to stare after him and wonder just what is going on with their precious Zhi Xiao.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Zhong Kai, Yu Ya, Wu Di Wen

What’s the matter with Zhi Xiao?

Zhou Lan, Song Xiao Bo

Zhi Xiao dates Mary

Mary and Zhi Xiao meet and spend the day together doing what couples do, I suppose. They walk around, browse stores, eat lunch, and play at the arcade. They get along rather well and don’t seem to have too many issues when it comes to communication. Always good. Though I don’t think Mary knows all that much sign language, so its a good think that Zhi Xiao can read lips. The family worries even more as the daze he’s in seems to be lasting and not going away. He even almost ate an orange whole without even peeling it because he was so distracted. Zhi Xiao even keeps his elder brother away with all of his late night texting. When Zhi Kai woke up and went to see what was going on, a happy Zhi Xiao hurriedly turned the phone away from his eldest brother’s eyes. Zhi Kai goes back to his own bed, but continues to watch Zhi Xiao. When Zhi Xiao notices this, he ducks under the covers. Cute. But you have to wonder why Zhi Xiao is keeping dating Mary from his family. Is it because he knows what their reactions will be?

Zhou Lan, Xong Xiao Bo

“From now on, I’ll be your voice”

On Zhi Xiao’s and Mary’s next date, they are eating at a restaurant and Zhi Xiao takes out a pad and pen and writes down a request and holds it out to the waitress who ignores it. Mary notices the note and what it says and asks for the vinegar and pepper for Zhi Xiao. The waitress asks why he didn’t just ask for it in the first place instead of thrusting paper at her. Zhi Xiao replies that he is deaf. Mary asks if he is bothered by the waitress and Zhi Xiao texts that he isn’t as he is already used to such behavior from others. Annoyance when they don’t know he’s deaf and then pity when they learn that he is. You have to like Zhi Xiao’s attitude. He doesn’t let his disability get in the way or make him a bitter person. Good for him (which is actually how Song Xiao Bo is in real life as well – always remaining positive and optimistic despite his infirmity). Mary then tells him that next time, all he has to do is tell her and she will be his voice. Very sweet!

Zhong Kai

Ai Fan is complimented by Zhi Kai! Twice!

Xiu Yun is sitting bored in the shop eating instant noodles when Ai Fan’s dad comes in. He asks if Zhi Kai ever mentions Ai Fan. Xiu Yun says no and that Zhi Kai says nothing even when she asks him about it. He also said that he won’t talk about that kind of thing at home. This disappoints Ai Fan’s father. Xiu Yun asks about Ai Fan and her father replies that she attempts making braised pork everyday to the point that he is sick of it. Xiu Yun says that if she knew how much Ai Fan was going to put into making the braised pork, she would have just invited her over for Zhi Xiao to teach as Zhi Kai really loves his little brother’s braised pork. They promise to keep in touch about the situation and Xiu Yun’s neighbor comes in with fresh milk. He definitely doesn’t like how buddy-buddy Xiu Yun is with Ai Fan’s father and Xiu Yun refuses to offer him an explanation. Meanwhile at work, Ai Fan receives a huge bouquet of flowers from an admirer in a different department. Zhi Kai doesn’t seem to have any reaction at all and just tells her to put the flowers in a vase. Ai Fan puts her flower arranging classes to the test. Zhi Kai comes up and says that although she is slow, it isn’t half bad. At last there is a woman who can arrange flowers in their office. Snaps for Ai Fan! The workers then get in an argument over boxed lunches or eating out – eventually deciding on getting boxed lunches. Ai Fan breaks out her braised pork for everyone. They try it and say it is really good. Zhi Kai gives it a try and loves it! It looks like all of Ai Fan’s hard work is paying off. He compliments her and she asks how close she is to being an ideal woman. This takes him aback, but he says that she is very close, pleasing her. He turns back to get more pork only to find that there is none left. Heehee, poor Zhi Kai. Ai Fan’s dad watches happily from outside and then grumps about not getting any of the good braised pork after eating all of her disasters.

Yu Ya, Wu Di Wen

“Is this fit for humans?”

Xiu Yun decides to try being a good mother and prepares a meal for all of her sons. Who, unfortunately, find it all inedible. Zhi Kai, Zhi Chen, and Zhi Wen all spit their food back out and Zhi Wen asks if such a meal is fit for humans to eat? This annoys Xiu Yun, but she knows she can’t cook, so its not too shocking. The boys make instant noodles instead, which they’ve been eating a lot of because Zhi Xiao is always gone and doesn’t even prepare meals for them anymore. Who knew love would make the dependable, hard-working Zhi Xiao neglect his family? Although, they should do things on their own and not depend on their little brother so much. Zhi Kai then brings up Zhi Xiao’s odd behavior. Xiu Yun has no clues and Zhi Wen wonders about how Zhi Xiao is doing with his communication problems (he reads lips, but its difficult to communicate when you have to write everything down for someone else). Zhi Kai then mentions the text messages late at night and Zhi Wen says to take Zhi Xiao’s phone and look behind his back, which Zhi Kai does not approve of at all as Zhi Xiao is a very sensitive young man and it would hurt him to have his brothers’ invade his privacy. Then we have Zhi Kai and Zhi Wen fight. Zhi Kai criticizes Zhi Wen’s methods and Zhi Wen says he knows better what Zhi Xiao needs as he used to protect Zhi Xiao when he was bullied in school. The two argue until Xiu Yun steps in. She asks if the two still see her as a mother and the two turn their anger on Xiu Yun and asks if she’s ever acted like a mother. How cruel! But still hilarious. She then slaps her sons upside their heads.

Zhong Kai, Yu Ya, Wu Di Wen

“Do you act like a mother?”

Zhou Lan, Song Xiao Bo

Mary kisses Zhi Xiao!

Zhi Wen goes to the bar to vent his anger by doing magic for pretty ladies and getting wasted. When he begins to feel ill, he leaves the bar and sees Zhi Xiao with a girl! Zhi Wen calls out to his little brother and runs after him, but doesn’t get to him before the cab leaves. Zhi Xiao and Mary are on their way home from a concert. She apologizes for asking him to go when she knows he can’t hear, but she couldn’t resist taking her cute Zhi Xiao. Plus, she really enjoyed his broad shoulders and using them as a headrest. They go to part ways, Mary says she can walk home alone as it’s not far, when she turns around and smiles at Zhi Xiao. He turns back to face her after picking up his bag of drinks and snacks and makes a question mark in the air. She waves her hand telling him to come closer and then surprises him by kissing him! Aww, Zhi Xiao’s first kiss! They do a really cute cut where they show the two shadows kissing and Zhi Xiao dropping his bag of groceries in his surprise/bliss.

Wu Di Wen, Zhang Xiao Chen, Zhong Kai, Yu Ya

Zhi Xiao has a girlfriend!?

Zhi Wen tells his mother that he saw Zhi Xiao out with a girl. She thinks that he might of saw wrong given his drunken state. Zhi Wen says that even if he did, it doesn’t matter as Zhi Xiao isn’t back yet and it’s already this late. Xiu Yun goes to look for him and opens the front door only to find Zhi Xiao standing there spaced out again. This shocks Xiu Yun who then scolds him and ushers him inside. Zhi Kai stops him and asks what he’s been doing out so late as they were all worried. Zhi Wen then asks him about the girl which causes an uproar. Zhi Chen asks if it’s true and Zhi Kai asks who she is and what she does.Zhi Xiao ignores all the questions and just smiles and walks up to the room he shares with Zhi Kai, leaving his family even more confused and worried. Zhi Wen says he’s definitely in love. Zhi Chen wonders where Zhi Xiao managed to meet a girl as he is always alone in the flower shop all day. Zhi Wen tells Xiu Yun not to worry as he will investigate. Zhi Kai tells him not to do anything rash and Zhi Wen tells him not to worry as they can depend on him and then has to run out of the room before he throws up. Great.

Wu Di Wen, Zhong Kai

Zhi Wen snoops through Zhi Xiao’s phone

Later that night while Zhi Kai is doing some work and Zhi Xiao is sleeping, Zhi Wen comes into the room to look at Zhi Xiao’s phone. Zhi Kai tries to stop him, but Zhi Wen refuses to listen. He tells Zhi Kai that it doesn’t matter who anyone dates in their family, but it is different with Zhi Xiao as he is mute and deaf. They need to find out what kind of girl he is dating. Understandable. They want to make sure she sincerely likes Zhi Xiao and that she is good person as well. He finds out that Zhi Xiao is seeing some girl name Mary. He reads a few texts and puts the phone back, trying to figure out why that phone number seems so familiar. Uh-oh. Zhi Kai wonders what the problem is with the phone number, but Zhi Wen just can’t remember. Zhi Wen then leaves and Zhi Kai goes to take the phone to look for himself, but just can’t do it.

Zhong Kai, Yu Ya, Wu Di Wen

Zhi Xiao wonders what happened

The next day, Zhi Wen goes to an audition where another model asks him how he will thank her for the job. Enter another girl who is very snide with Zhi Wen. Why? She is one of the myriad of women that he has dated. Although, he was very upfront about not expecting anything, apparently she is miffed at how their relationship went. After she leaves, the other model complains about “Mary’s” attitude. Mary? Zhi Wen puts two and two together and runs after Mary. He remembers that the phone number he saw on Zhi Xiao’s phone belonged to her. He asks her out again and she readily agrees to date him again. Oh no! What about poor Zhi Xiao? You can tell Zhi Wen is thinking the same thing. For Mary to so readily agree, she isn’t seeing Zhi Xiao because she likes him. Zhi Wen goes home and breaks the news to the family who are all horrified. Zhi Kai and Zhi Wen start throwing punches over the matter and even break Zhi Cai in the process. This upsets Xiu Yun even more. She yells at the two for coming to blows and says they better resolve Zhi Xiao’s matter or else she will never forgive either of them. Zhi Xiao walks in on the two bruised brothers and the bandaged luck cat and wonders what happened. Xiu Yun says they went after a burglar and Zhi Xiao gives his eldest brothers a thumbs up for their good work before going over to eat. The three stare at the youngest Zhi and you can see the worry on their faces and Zhi Wen’s guilt.

My thoughts: NO!!! Why did they have to make Mary an disgruntled ex of Zhi Wen’s? I was hoping for a nice first love and this is what they give us? Who knew the girl could be so calculating when she seemed to genuinely like Zhi Xiao. There goes the happy moment of having him get a girl and of Ai Fan and Zhi Kai progressing a little. T_T

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