Personal Preference Episode 11 Recap

Personal Preference Episode 11

Clear Skies from today?

I wonder why I stayed away from this drama for over a month? Maybe because I was worried that the perfect moment of Jin Ho proclaiming his affection for Kae In would not result in happiness, but rather heartache. Well, obstacles are coming, but I don’t think this is as crazy bad as Cinderella’s Sister, though that show suffers from a horrible lack of communication, half truths, and outright lies more so than this one.

Jin Ho finally comes out of the closet! Well, instead of coming out as gay, he reveals he’s straight to the person who matters most – Kae In. In Hee is far from being a graceful loser. She decides that if she can’t have Jin Ho, then nobody can. Oddly enough, it is Chang Ryul who is the most mature out of the jilted people. He decides that he won’t stand in Jin Ho’s and Kae In’s way as long as Kae In will be happy. Now that is true love for you: wanting to hold on, but knowing when to let go. Good for Chang Ryul finally growing up. But, we can’t get too happy. Jin Ho being straight makes everything more complicated. Kae In is both ecstatic and upset that Jin Ho lied, Jin Ho’s mother finds out that Kae In once dated Chang Ryul, and Jin Ho has the unpleasant job of telling Choi the truth. Can Kae In and Jin Ho overcome all of these obstacles and be happy?

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Hurt Kae In hits Jin Ho

Kae In, In Hee, and Chang Ryul are all shocked by Jin Ho walking over, grabbing Kae In and kissing her. An angry Chang Ryul said he thought he told Jin Ho to leave on friendly terms. Jin Ho said he was, but he couldn’t anymore. He has decided, as man, to start a love with Kae In (squee!). Of course Chang Ryul doesn’t like hearing that. Before he can say anything though, Kae In asks Jin Ho what he means and Jin Ho finally tells her the truth (what he’s been hinting at and trying to tell her for a long time and she never understood until now) that he isn’t really gay. He then apologizes for taking so long to tell her. Jin Ho then asks if Kae In can forgive him since he told her now. Well, two wrongs don’t make a right, but the blame can’t fall entirely on his shoulders – he did vehemently try denying being gay from the beginning. Poor Kae In is crying, hurt and confused and she starts hitting Jin Ho. You can tell Jin Ho is hurting because Kae In is hurting. He finally pulls her to him and hugs her tightly.

Kim Ji Suk

“Because I love her”

Chang Ryul and In Hee go to a bar where Chang Ryul keeps drinking until In Hee had enough and grabbed the glass, slamming it down on the bar. In Hee wants to know if that’s all he plans on doing. Chang Ryul says that it’s over. When Kae In heard that Jin Ho wasn’t gay, the look on her face said it all. Chang Ryul doesn’t stand a chance. In Hee asks if that’s how far his love goes and he says because he loves Kae In, despite not liking Jin Ho, he will let her go. Chang Ryul knows that he caused Kae In a lot of pain and it was Jin Ho who took away that pain and made her smile again. This was a very nice and mature Chang Ryul moment. To be followed by yet another reason to hate In Hee. Seriously. I don’t think we needed anymore.

Wang Ji Hye

“If I can’t have him, no one can”

A stunned and angry In Hee says asks if that is what Chang Ryul really thinks love is – stepping back gracefully? In Hee says that is a weak excuse to not fight for what you love. In Hee tells Chang Ryul to go ahead and fill the bitterness of losing Kae In with alcohol because she is going to do things her way from now on. We have In Hee’s official declaration of war. Chang Ryul grabs her arm and pulls her back down as she goes to leave and tells her to stop acting that way. At last, he is trying to put her in her place. Chang Ryul asks how long In Hee is going to make herself pathetic. Omo, love that line. In Hee says that she only has one way to love (a vicious, selfish way): if she can’t have the man she wants, then no one else can. Yeah, like I said, another reason to hate the witch.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Two fools in love

We then cut to Jin Ho and Kae In. Jin Ho is driving a silent Kae In home. He asks if she is still angry and we flashback to their conversation after they left Chang Ryul and In Hee. Kae In asks if Jin Ho knows how pathetic she was, about how even though she knew he was gay, she kept seeing him as a man. Jin Ho says he had no confidence, especially when Kae In decided to get revenge on Chang Ryul. He wondered if she might still harbor feelings for her ex. Kae In said she only went after revenge to take her mind off her feelings for Jin Ho. Jin Ho then says that today he was certain that she harbored no feelings for Chang Ryul when he heard Kae In tell him that she couldn’t do it anymore. Kae In turn on him and asks if he’s a fool. Didn’t he notice all that she did to keep him by her side, to keep him as her good friend because she didn’t want to lose him – because she loved him. she has a very good point. Kae In then tells Jin Ho that it may seem foolish, but she didn’t mind not being a woman any longer as long as it meant she could stay by his side. She then says that all of this time she was confused and in pain. Jin Ho sincerely apologizes and asks for forgiveness, which Kae In refuses. We then get Kae In’s weather forecast. Even though she’s hurt, even though she can’t quite forgive him, she’s not worried about tomorrow anymore.

Choi Eun Seo

“Because only Kae In is a woman to me”

They get back to Sanggojae and Kae In tells him to leave. Jin Ho doesn’t listen and follows her inside. He says he knows she doesn’t want to forgive him because she feels betrayed, but she should consider forgiving him as this is his first time feeling like this and he wasn’t sure what he should do. Kae In says that’s a lie and brings up Eun Soo (Yoon Eun Hye’s cameo as Jin Ho’s ex). Jin Ho was in love once, he knows the feeling, it wasn’t his first time. Jin Ho says she’s worried about that and says he will explain it all, but a drunk Hye Mi comes into Sanggojae with Tae Hoon. Hye Mi grabs Jin Ho and asks why it can’t be her. Jin Ho pushes Hye Mi at Tae Hoon and tells him to take her, but Hye Mi breaks free of Tae Hoon and grabs onto Jin Ho again. Hye Mi asks again why it can’t be her as she is younger and prettier than Kae In and she loves him. Kae In has had enough and goes to walk into the house to hear Jin Ho say that he only sees Kae In as a woman and no one else. Ouch, what a slap in the face to Hye Mi. Hearing this makes Kae In feel happy though, but she tells herself she is too much of a pushover if she forgives him quite so fast.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Jin Ho catches Kae In beating lion Jin Ho

Jin Ho scolds Tae Hoon for letting Hye Mi barge in like that. Tae Hoon says he didn’t know what to do. She was crying and quiet and then all of a sudden went crazy and he couldn’t stop her. Hye Mi says yes she’s crazy, crazy in love with Jin Ho who says that he thinks he’s going crazy because of Hye Mi. He takes her home where his mom calms her down and puts her to bed. Jin Ho’s mom chides him for making Hye Mi like that and Jin Ho says she’s only like that because she’s worked up. Once she realizes how much Tae Hoon loves her, Hye Mi will forget all about Jin Ho. Meanwhile an impatient Kae In paces angrily, waiting for Jin Ho to return. Jin Ho goes to leave and his mom asks him to stay. Jin Ho says he feels uncomfortable staying because of Hye Mi. His mom understands, but doesn’t like the thought of him living alone with Kae In. Jin Ho says he’s there because he and Kae In are working on a project and pulling all-nighters. Blatant lie! His mother concedes, but still doesn’t like it. When Jin Ho gets back to Sanggojae, he finds Kae In beating up Jin Ho the stuffed lion, and cursing at him. Omo, such a great scene, I laughed like crazy. Jin Ho then tells Kae In that if she wants to hit anyone, she should be hitting him.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

“I love you”

Jin Ho then takes Kae In’s hand and begins hitting himself with it. Kae In breaks free and tells him to let go. She then asks just what his relationship is with Hye Mi. He tells her that Hye Mi has been professing her love for him since she was seven. Crazy. Kae In is shocked by this and says that Jin Ho has had a lot of experience making girls cry in his life. Jin Ho asks if Kae In is jealous. Kae In stutters that she isn’t, that she has no reason to be (yeah, the girl’s jealous). Jin Ho reiterates that it seems like she is. Kae In says she’s not, she’s just confused as she thought Jin Ho was a no-nonsense person, yet she sees that he kept Hye Mi by his side since she was seven, ignoring her feelings. Kae In asks him if he is that cold and cruel to completely ignore someone’s feelings. And Jin Ho replies that he is! Well, at least he knows his shortcomings . . . I guess. He says that is the reason that he probably ended up causing her as much pain as he did. Kae In then asks if he was that cruel to Eun Soo. He then says that she asked him to hold on to her and she wouldn’t go abroad, but he didn’t. Kae In asked why he didn’t, and then brings up the fact that he said he is like the way he is because a girl left him. Jin Ho said he lacked the confidence to figure out if she was really that important to him. Poor Eun Soo. Kae In then asks how important she is to him. Jin Ho says that even if his life were to change, Kae In is the one person he would never leave. Aww, how sweet. Kae In then says she will make him some ramen to which Jin Ho grabs her and hugs her and says he loves the girl who eats when she’s at a loss for what to do.

Jung Sung Hwa, Jo Eun Ji

“We can never see each other again”

The next day, a happy Jin Ho gets coffee and supplies a brunch for his workers, shocking and scaring them. It’s so weird to see an upbeat and peppy Jin Ho. I can totally understand why his workers wonder just what’s got into him. Meanwhile, Kae In tells Young Sun, who thinks Kae In is delusional, but finally believes her when Kae In tells Young Sun what Jin Ho did in front of In Hee and Chang Ryul. Young Sun is happy for Kae In, and patting herself on the back for insisting that Jin Ho come in as a renter to Sanggojae. Then Young Sun realizes that Sang Joon has been misleading her all of this time. Uh-oh, someone’s in trouble. Young Sun calls Sang Joon out and tells him she knows the truth. Sang Joon asks if its because his masculinity showed through his act. Young Sun tells him that its because Jin Ho and Kae In are dating, which totally stuns Sang Joon.

Lee Min Ho

Frustrated Jin Ho

Sang Joon rushes back to the office in search of Jin Ho. He asks Jin Ho if its really true that he is dating Kae In to which Jin Ho happily replies that he is. Sang Joon is worried about this, especially because Jin Ho is intent on telling Choi the truth. If he tells the truth, will that mean they lose their ability to enter the Dam project? Meanwhile, Choi gives tickets to Kae In to go to Jeju for business, thinking she will get inspiration from the amusement parks there. He also tells her that Jin Ho will be going as well to attend a seminar. He then tells Kae In to help him out more subtly this time. Poor Kae In. She goes to tell him the truth, but is stopped when In Hee says that it’s time for him to leave. He’s going to Japan on business and then going straight to Jeju. After he leaves, an uncomfortable Kae In wonders what she will do. Back to Jin Ho and Sang Joon. But then again, Sang Joon is comforted by the fact that Jin Ho is dating Park’s daughter. Jin Ho says he’ll give up the project definitively if Sang Joon keeps making those comments. Sang Joon says he knows Jin Ho doesn’t think like he does and agrees to keep quiet, but it’s hard for him. He leaves the office giggling and Jin Ho says that hyung will drive him crazy.

Kim Ji Suk, Ahn Suk Hwan

Wang Ji Hye, Lee Min Ho

“Why is it Kae In?”

Chairman Han barges into Chang Ryul’s apartment and starts yelling and hitting him for lying in bed drunk instead of getting up and going to work like he should. Han threatens to send Chang Ryul to China and Chang Ryul doesn’t put up a fight or anything. Chang Ryul willingly says he’ll go to China. This shocks Han who then begins yelling and trying to hit Chang Ryul again. Meanwhile, Jin Ho goes to see Choi only to be told by In Hee that he isn’t there. In Hee asks the same question, why Kae In. In Hee’s tact doesn’t have anything to do with love, but rather suitability. Kae In is not worthy of dating Jin Ho and cannot help him succeed in business, but In Hee can. Jin Ho says he wants a life partner, not a business partner. In Hee gives him the invitation to the seminar and says that he will make poor Choi very unhappy there. Jin Ho already feels guilt and knows this, but he must see it through finally.

Son Ye Jin

Since Choi isn’t there, he goes to see Kae In in the children’s room. He asks her out on a date and she happily agrees, saying they can talk more about Eun Soo which makes Jin Ho says that he suddenly remember something he had to do. Kae In grabs him and says she will never get tired of using Eun Soo to tease him. Jin Ho then gets a call from his mother who wishes to meet with him and Kae In.

Lee Min Ho

At the cafe, Kae In is nervously checking her appearance in a spoon. Jin Ho tells her not to worry as he loves her, so his mother will to. Kae In then actually says she is not the kind of girl most mothers would like. This shocks Jin Ho and he says so she actually knows this as well. Not helping her nerves. When Miss Jang gets there, Kae In immediately jumps to her feet and gives a deep bow. The two are properly introduced and Kae In makes a few self deprecating remarks for which Jin Ho scolds her and then tells him mom that Kae In is a very honest person. His mother says she will concede to their dating, but she has one request. She knows they live together to make work easier (this surprisesĀ  Kae In, but Jin Ho gets her to go along with his story), so she’ll let them, the only thing is Miss Jang doesn’t want any children outside of marriage. This shocks both Jin Ho and Kae In who definitely aren’t quite at that stage yet.

When they get back to Sanggojae, Kae In tells Jin Ho that he has to move out. Why? Because Kae In was very uncomfortable with what his mother said earlier. Jin Ho says that Kae In doesn’t have to worry about that, but Kae In still sends him packing. He slowly and resentfully packs, expecting Kae In to change her mind, which she doesn’t. When he’s done he stops outside her workroom and says he’s going. She says okay and doesn’t come out. This makes Jin Ho angry and then Kae In gets angry because he didn’t open the door himself to properly say goodbye. Instead of leaving though, he keeps trying to find excuses to say that don’t sound too pathetic. He finally comes in and says he forgot his laptop. Kae In can’t believe he forget something he totes around everyday. She tells him to quickly grab it and go while she turns in for the night. Jin Ho packs it up and starts to leave. This surprises Kae In who truthfully doesn’t want him to go. She quickly falls to the floor and cries out in pain, bringing Jin Ho running. She says she slipped and twister her ankle. Jin Ho begins rubbing, but Kae In begins laughing as it tickles. Jin Ho knows right away Kae In was lying. He then sees a scar on her ankle and wonders how she got it. She says she doesn’t know and her rubs it, saying it must have been painful. This makes Kae In laugh again and he accuses her of lying. She gets up on her knees, face inches from his and insists she isn’t. How close they are shuts her up and Jin Ho leans into kiss her.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

Kiss Interrupted

Lee Min Ho, Jo Eun Ji, Son Ye Jin

Thwarted love birds

He doesn’t get the chance as Young Sun barges in. Kae In tells him to be quiet and hide as it will look bad since Young Sun knows the whole truth now. Kae In goes out and is surprised to see Young Sun with luggage. Apparently she fought with her husband over not getting any and stormed out, expecting to stay with Kae In. Jin Ho meanwhile, hides in Kae In’s closet. Oh the irony of that. Kae In tries to get Young Sun to go back home, but reluctantly agrees to let her stay. She quickly goes to the room and looks for Jin Ho who pops out of the closet. They almost kiss again, but are again interrupted by Young Sun who says she didn’t see anything before backing out of the room. Jin Ho then leaves unhappy at Young Sun’s interruptions. Young Sun asked if she really intruded upon them and Kae In gives her a death glare. Thus confirming Young Sun that they were up to no good. šŸ˜› It was quite priceless.

Choi Eun Seo, Son Ye Jin

Hye Mi puts Kae In’s love to the test – and loses

In Hee learns that Kae In’s father was highly sought after for the Dam project. This sets the wheels spinning in her head. You know the devious wench will put two and two together. That is still one thing that Jin Ho is keeping from Kae In. Hye Mi then confronts Kae In, saying how much she loves Jin Ho. If she gets a satisfactory answer out of Kae In, then she will leave for her parents’ in America. Kae In says she is not confident that she loves Jin Ho more than Hye Mi, but she loves him enough to marry him even if he was gay. This shocks Hye Mi who wouldn’t go that far. Looks like Kae In won. In Hee meets with Hye Mi who says that even her aunt is accepting Kae In as a potential daughter-in-law. In Hee then breaks the news that Kae In used to date Chang Ryul (though she makes it sound like Kae In is two-timing Jin Ho which is not true at all).

Personal Preference

Han ruins things again

Kae In goes home only to be greeted by Han bearing gifts. Kae In refuses to accept them, saying that she and Chang Ryul had broken up, or rather they never officially got back together. Han keeps insisting she take things and that things are never certain between men and women. That’s when Miss Jang shows up, infuriated that Han is there. Kae In keeps saying it’s not what it seems, but Jang says she’ll never accept Kae In and storms off with Hye Mi. Jin Ho hurries home to talk to his mother who insists he break up with Kae In because she doesn’t want anyone associated with Chang Ryul. Meanwhile an angry Han then goes to Chang Ryul and asks him what’s going on and Chang Ryul confirms that they’ve broken up.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Who’s to blame?

A worried Kae In paces, waiting for Jin Ho’s return. He comes in and they begin to argue over who’s to blame for the sorry mess. Jin Ho is mad that Chang Ryul’s father came around bringing gifts. Kae In says that isn’t her fault and that he is partially to blame as well. She then feels sorry when Jin Ho shoulders all of the blame and says he will think of a solution. He goes back to his mother’s and she says its only been a month since Chang Ryul’s marriage disaster (only a month, it seems longer). She will never accept her, never. Jin Ho then says that he can’t live without her. Aww. Will he really have to choose between his mom and Kae In? Kae In tells Young Sun what happened and Young Sun decides to help and encourages Kae In to take up Choi’s offer of Jeju. Kae In does and Young Sun Goes with her.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

“Don’t worry, nothing will make us break up”

When they get to Jeju, Young Sun holes up in the room and calls Jang Soon who says that Jin Ho went down to the lobby and that is where Kae In was sitting. They go for a ride and he tells her that things will work out. Besides, he told his mom that he can’t live without her so she is bound to come around. They go to the hotel in a better mood and run into Choi. Jin Ho tells Kae In to go inside as he wants to talk to Choi. Kae In runs into Chang Ryul and asks to talk as well. In Hee sees this and the cogs are working again. Choi says he is happy that Jin Ho accepted the invitation and that he has a present for him. He then notices Jin Ho’s expression and tells Jin Ho not to tell him. Jin Ho then says he loves Kae In. It’s out! Kae In tells Chang Ryul that she doesn’t want his father visiting like that again. Chang Ryul says he understands and asks if she’s happy. She replies that she is happy with Jin Ho and he smiles saying that’s all he needed to hear. Kae In walks away and Chang Ryul notices a truck speeding at her. He tackles her out of the way and is knocked unconscious.

Kim Ji Suk, Son Ye Jin

Chang Ryul saves Kae In

My thoughts: It always amazes how many highs and lows can happen in an hour. You cheer because Kae In and Jin Ho start dating and have happy, cute moments. Then all the bad luck seems to hit them at once. That does get old and tiresome fast, but at least it’s not as bad as Delightful Girl Choon Hyang where multiple bad things happen successively.

And I really, really love the evolution of Chang Ryul. Kim Ji Suk does an excellent job at playing the once shallow, vapid, playboy who becomes a better person due to loving Kae In. If I didn’t really like her and Jin Ho, I would almost say his turnaround is enough to merit Kae In’s love. It happens in a lot of dramas, but not this one. It’s always interesting how the perpetual nice guys lose the girl to the reformed bad guys. In this one the we have to not so great guys, one obviously better than the other.

Previews show a lot of grief heading its way towards our newly formed couple. HATEHATEHATE In Hee.


  • im a big fan of lee min ho, hope to see you in person. i love the way koreans live… kamsa hamnida! carissa

  • Carissa of Philippines Boys Over Flowers is really a big hit to us, so we’d love to hear about the new show of the leader of f4 Lee Min Ho aka Gu Jun Pyo, hope this show will air in the philippines and im sure this will be also another big hit for us. kamsa hamnida!

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