Call of the Country Episode 6 Recap

Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Sang Kyung, Horan

On one condition

Jin Hyuk is upset that Ha Na comes back as it was her last chance to back out and avoid the tangled mess the investigation is becoming. Ha Na says this is the only way she can have a steady income and get her job back, so she can’t not do it, however, she has one condition. Eun Seo asks what it is and Ha Na says that she has a personal request for Jin Hyuk to be granted when the mission is over. Jin Hyuk asks what it is, but Ha Na says that her 1% of conscience won’t let her speak it yet. Eun Seo asks if Jin Hyuk’s okay with the request and he agrees, but Ha Na has one more request: Jin Hyuk must be her partner for 24/7 until she says its over.

Ryu Jin

Relieved Do Hoon

Lee arranges to meet Han Do Hoon by “accident.” Han I surprised to see Lee at his friend’s club. Lee says he is only out having a drink to celebrate the catching of a big fish, however, after catching the fish they have managed to get nothing out of him. Han laughs and asks if the investigation is over then. Lee says that with no additional information, they can’t pursue the case any further and will have to drop it in order to take on new cases. This visibly relieves Han Do Hoon who was wondering if Joo Soo Young had talked to the NIA. After, when Shin thanks Lee, Lee snaps saying he didn’t want to have to do that to his friend’s son. Shin says this is the only way to calm Han’s suspicions in order to help the investigation go more smoothly.

Hyun Woo, Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Sang Kyung, Park Hyo Joo

Prepping Ha Na

Ryu Jin, Lee Soo Kyung

Ha Na’s interview

Jin Hyuk, Se Mi, and Joon Min begin Ha Na’s training. Jin Hyuk is explaining about art and the historical period that Han is interested in, but Ha Na keeps asking him about his personal life and preferences, earning her one of Jin Hyuks infamous glares. Ha Na gets back to the task at hand and says she knows all about that period of time. This surprises Jin Hyuk, but then Ha Na begins naming off historical dramas (Chuno, Iljimae, Strongest Chil Woo). This really annoys Joon Min and Jin Hyuk when Ha Na says that is how she knows all of her history. Se Mi teaches Ha Na how to stand, prepare tea, picks out clothes, and has her hair and makeup done for the interview.

Call of the Country NIA Team 1

A failure?

Ha Na is fitted with an earpiece and goes to the interview at Isong Cultural Foundation. She is nervous, but bucks up and meets Han Do Hoon as secretarial candidate Kim Ji Hye. During the interview, Ha Na makes quite a few blunders, worrying the team. Shin wonders if they can really trust Ha Na, but they have no other choice but to trust her for this investigation. Not helping the tension is Byung Joon who was ordered by Lee to report everything that goes on to Lee. Ha Na’s last blunder makes the team believe that it is over – there is no way Han Do Hoon would hire an idiot like Ha Na for his secretary.

Lee Byung  Joon, Horan

It’s over

Eun Seo meets with Joo Soo Young to tell him they are turning him over to the prosecution now. Soo Young asks if there is any more questions. Eun Seo replies they have none as he has already helped them conclude the case. Soo Young asks if he’ll be on television then and Eun Seo asks if he wants her to arrange a press conference to which Soo Young’s lawyer intervenes. I wonder if Soo Young would have accepted it if it wasn’t for the lawyer’s warning. Shin and Jin Hyuk watch on behind the mirror, happy that it looks like Soo Young took the bait that the investigation is over. If he thinks that it is, that means he is more likely to resume his activities, which will help the team catch Han Do Hoon.

Lee Soo Kyung

Ha Na passed

Meanwhile, Ha Na is waiting to hear back about the job interview. No one is really optimistic that Ha Na will actually get the job. When her cell rings, she has to remind herself to answer as Kim Ji Hye versus Oh Ha Na. She keeps her face blank and tone neutral while on the phone. This makes the team think that she did not get the job at all. Jin Hyuk says its okay and that they’ll think of a different way. The depressed team starts dispersing when Ha Na yells at them to wait and chides them for not spotting her simple joke – she made it! The team is relieved, but unhappy that Ha Na did something so immature about such an important matter. They also talk about how in the world did Ha Na get the job as she is such a silly and idiotic person at time. This does little to make Ha Na happy.

Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Sang Kyung

Partner trump

Ha Na and Jin Hyuk are walking out of the NIA together and Jin Hyuk asks if Ha Na is okay. She says that she isn’t. She is, in fact, scared. Ha Na wonders if she has been too greedy this time around. Jin Hyuk says that she will be able to show off her true abilities this time and takes the bags out of her hands. Ha Na says she is exhausted and asks Jin Hyuk to feed her. Jin Hyuk says he needs to go home as new furniture is being delivered. Ha Na plays her partner trump card and Jin Hyuk asks what she wants to eat. It’s rather cute to see him cowed by Ha Na versus the other way around. Eun Seo witnesses this rather friendly exchange between Ha Na and Jin Hyuk and is less than thrilled.

Lee Soo Kyung

Jin Hyuk touches Ha Na

At dinner, Ha Na resumes her grilling of Jin Hyuk’s personal life. She especially asks questions about his mother. I am sure she is interested out of just plain curiosity, but for the most part, she is asking in hopes of having Jin Hyuk’s mother get a chicken franchise for her mother and herself. Ha Na’s interest surprises Jin Hyuk and he asks why she is all of a sudden asking about his mother and Ha Na pawns it off as being just curious. Yeah. Jin Hyuk quickly changes the subject, not answering Ha Na’s questions. Ha Na tells him to stop talking about work and he hands Ha Na a credit card so she can buy suitable clothes for the undercover assignment. Ha Na is shocked and pleased to get the credit card.

Kim Sang Kyung

She didn’t!?

Jin Hyuk returns for a status meeting with Shin and Eun Seo. During the meeting, Jin Hyuk keeps getting updates on his cell about the purchases Ha Na is making. Each time a new message comes in, he gets more and more annoyed. Eun Seo tells him that the places he mentions sell branded women’s clothes. Shin asks if there’s a problem, but Jin Hyuk just stares at the phone in disbelief.

Yang Geum Suk, Lee Soo Kyun


Using the credit updates, Jin Hyuk finds Ha Na and her mom loaded down with shopping bags. Soo Ja asks Ha Na how the chicken franchise is going and Ha Na replies that she has to work hard in order to impress him. But, abusing the credit card is not going to show him what she’s made of. Silly girl. Jin Hyuk gets out and approaches Ha Na and her mother. Soo Ja is happy to see him but Ha Na is less than thrilled as she knows she’ll be in trouble as she overspent the limit he set for her. Ha Na didn’t spend a single penny on herself and used it to buy her mom new clothes. Such a sweet daughter.

Kim Sang KyungKim Sang Kyung, Lee Soo KyungLee Soo Kyung

Jin Hyuk takes Ha Na back to the store to get clothes for herself. Ha Na doesn’t really care and doesn’t bother trying any of the clothes on. Jin Hyuk notices Ha Na looking at a sweater and says that she can have one item for herself. Ha Na happily accepts and was going to go to the sale items, but Jin Hyuk says she can pick it off the regular priced items. Ha Na asks if he’s serious and he says yes. She smiles and looks down at the sweater again. She counts the zeroes on the price tag and freaks out. Jin Hyuk sees this and quickly covers the price, telling her not to look at it and that she has what it takes to wear pretty clothes. This makes Jin Hyuk shine even more in Ha Na’s eyes.

Yang Geum Suk, Kim Sang Kyung, Lee Soo Kyung

Plotting for Jin Hyuk

Jin Hyuk then goes with Ha Na to her house to take her things over the the safe house. Soo Ja is not happy to have her daughter leave and move into a safe house. Ha Na tells her mom not to worry as she would never put herself into a dangerous situation. Soo Ja then turns to Jin Hyuk for reassurance that Ha Na is not doing anything dangerous. Jin Hyuk iterates that she isn’t and then gives Soo Ja his card, saying if she cannot reach Ha Na, then she can call him. This then freaks Soo Ja out wondering why she wouldn’t be able to get a hold of her daughter. Jin Hyuk says its just in the event that Ha Na turns off her phone. Ha Na again tells her mom not to worry and then reminds her about the friend chicken shop. Soo Ja then tells Ha Na that it looks like Jin Hyuk is a good person and has a special aura about him. Soo Ja says that no one can tell the future and Ha Na says that goes the same for relationships between men and women. Looks like she isn’t only after a chicken franchise, but Jin Hyuk himself now.

Kim Sang Kyung, Lee Soo Kyung

“Running away solves nothing”

Jin Hyuk again complains about Ha Na’s driving and asks her to stop the car. She refuses as his hand hasn’t been out of the cast for long. She then asks why Eun Seo is being called Team Leader now. Jin Hyuk admits that he has been demoted. This surprises Ha Na as Jin Hyuk has never let on about his unhappiness at being demoted. Jin Hyuk says that is society. You want to run away, but there is no where to run to. Ha Na agrees and says that if you do manage to run away, it will just create more problems in the end – making you regret. Ha Na says that many people think running is the option, but you need to stay and face the the problem or else you won’t be able to hang on until the end. Ha Na’s depth and understanding of this surprises Jin Hyuk who compliments her, but then says he was just talking about the scenery. Ha  Na says that she will become his occasional driver so that he can spend some time and just relax. Jin Hyuk replies that he doesn’t need such an irresponsible driver, but you can tell he is touched by the sentiment.

Horan, Hyun Woo, Park Hyo Joo

Report 24/7

Ha Na is shocked when she gets to the safe house and sees that it is such a luxurious apartment (it goes with the whole idea that Kim Ji Hye is from a wealthy family). When Se Mi takes Ha Na to the control room, Eun Seo immediately yells at Ha Na for being so late. She also tells Ha Na that from now on, she needs to report her location at all times. This definitely upsets Ha Na who chalks it all down to Eun Seo still not trusting her. Ha Na asks if she isn’t trusted, then why did Eun Seo hire her to begin with when there are more capable agents available. Eun Seo tells Ha Na that she doesn’t need to know and just needs to follow orders. Ha Na says she can’t be a robot and Eun Seo replies that Ha Na should have known this was going to happen. Ha Na says she originally joined to work as a team, not to be treated as a criminal. Eun Seo says that Ha Na can do nothing about it at all and Ha Na basically says she quits and walks out just as Jin Hyuk comes in.

Kim Sang Kyung, Lee Soo KyungLee Soo Kyung, Horan

Jin Hyuk says nothing and goes after Ha Na. He grabs her and tells her not to misunderstand Eun Seo and to give her time to trust and accept Ha Na. Jin Hyuk says Eun Seo is only acting that way because she is uneasy and Ha Na replies that she is uneasy as well so her position should be considered, too. Joon Min, Se Mi, Eun Seo, and Jin Hyuk are all team members, whereas Ha Na is doing this all on her own with no support so she is afraid. Jin Hyuk tells Ha Na that she doesn’t need to be scared as he is there and will do his level best to protect her until the mission is over. Ha Na says that sweet talking won’t bring her back and walks away, hoping that Jin Hyuk will stop her a second time, but it is Eun Seo instead which hurts Ha Na.

Kim Sang Kyung, Horan

“I need this to work”

Ha Na goes back and unpacks her clothes. Joon Min comes in and Ha Na tells him to drop the formalities and just call her noona. Joon Min agrees and tells his “noonim” that he is there to begin her education lesson. Ha Na is less than thrilled at this, saying she should have just left when she had the chance. Meanwhile Eun Seo and Jin Hyuk are outside talking. Eun Seo tells Jin Hyuk that she needs to succeed this time. Eun Seo then says that she trusts Jin Hyuk to take care of Ha Na. Jin Hyuk replies that today was all his fault – Ha Na didn’t do anything wrong. Eun Seo says it looks like he finally knows how to care about others now as he treated Eun Seo harshly in the past. Jin Hyuk replies that he doesn’t remember and tells her not to worry about Ha Na. Eun Seo says as team leader, she will take the ultimate responsibility. Jin Hyuk states that he will not let anything happen that Eun Seo needs to take responsibility for.

Horan, Kang Shin Il

“Don’t be a fool”

Eun Seo goes back to NIA headquarters where she runs into Shin who asks if she’s been crying. Eun Seo refutes this and walks away. Shin stops her and tells her not to hold things in like a fool as she is surrounded by people (meaning there are those she can talk to?). Shin leaves and Eun Seo stares after him, tears in her eyes. Seems like Shin’s gesture and concern really touched her.

Kim Sang Kyung, Lee Soo Kyung

Pretend to trust

Meanwhile, Jin Hyuk has returned to the safe house. Joon Min is sleeping at the computer and Jin Hyuk goes into the living room and tries calling Eun Seo, who is not answering her phone. Ha Na asks him why he isn’t sleeping yet and Jin Hyuk asks Ha Na why she didn’t leave as it was her last chance to walk away from all of this. Ha Na doesn’t answer and just asks if he remembers his promise. Jin Hyuk recalls Ha Na’s personal favor request and asks again what it is. Ha Na still won’t say it out as she will lose that last 1% of conscience if she does. She will ask it when the mission ends. Jin Hyuk replies that they have no idea when that will be and Ha Na says it has to end sometime. She then says that since Jin Hyuk promised to protect her until the end, she will trust him and hang on. This surprises Jin Hyuk and he asks if Ha Na really trusts him. To which Ha Na answers no, she’s just pretending to trust him and then she will gradually come to trust him for real. Loved that answer.

Lee Soo Kyung

Sleeping through makeup

The next day, Se Mi and Eun Seo get Ha Na ready for work while she sleeps. Se Mi applies makeup while Eun Seo helps drag Ha Na around as she is still half asleep. Ha Na shakes them off and goes to the closet where she is told she can’t where the clothes she wants as they are too glamorous for her first day and clashes with the design of the projector. Ha Na closes the closet and refuses to change her outfit, but she caves in the end.

Lee Soo Kyung, Horan

“The mission depends on you”

Jin Hyuk and Eun Seo take Ha Na to the bus stop for her first day of work where Eun Seo finishes fitting the mini recorder on Ha Na who is visibly nervous the closer she gets to having to start her mission. Jin Hyuk says that the recorder and wireless transmitter cover a decent range so they will be able to cover her nicely. Ignoring Ha Na’s visible nerves and fear, Eun Seo heaps on the pressure by telling Ha Na to remember that the success of the mission solely depends on her. Yeah, way to make her relax. She gets out and Jin Hyuk calls after her. When she turns, he gives her the “fighting” fist. Ha Na returns it and almost trips. She tries to regain her composure and goes off. Jin Hyuk finds this amusing and Eun Seo finds his reaction annoying.

Ryu Jin, Lee Soo Kyung

Hurry and answer!

When Ha Na gets to Insong she gets even more nervous. Han comes up behind her and calls her, but Ha Na ignores this. Joon Min tells her to answer and she does. Han calls her again and Joon Min urges her to quickly answer. Ha Na says that she already has and Joon Min tells her to look around first. Ha Na turns and there is Han Do Hoon. Great, an awkward start to their relationship. Ha Na tells him that he looks great and Han tries to repay the compliment, but can’t bring himself to. They enter the office and he shows her where the necessary handover documents are on the computer that his old secretary left. Ha Na thanks him for his thoughtfulness and he invites her in for a drink of tea in his office.

Park Hyo Joo, Lee Sang Hwi, Hyun Woo

Should Ha Na know?

Joon Min and Byung Joon worry that Ha Na might become partial to Han Do Hoon since they are withholding his crime from her. Se Mi tells them that it will be hard for Ha Na to do her job and control her emotions and expressions if she knew the truth and thus the entire operation would be a wash. This way, with Ha Na ignorant of his crimes, they will gain his trust and then tell Ha Na the truth. Se Mi asks why ask the obvious. Joon Min points out that he is good-looking so what girl wouldn’t fall for him. Byung Joon says that Ha Na will never fall for Han unless he gives her money. LOL. Definitely true to an extent.

Ryu Jin

Han Do Hoon reveals true personality

Meanwhile, Ha Na brings tea to Han who says he treated his last secretary as family and hopes to do the same with Ha Na. Ha Na agrees to this and they shake. Han smiles and then launches into a cruel tirade about Ha Na’s clothing and appearance. This surprises Joon Min, Se Mi and Byung Joon who are observing in the control room. Ha Na tries to hold it in, but when Han says she looks frumpy and old, her temper starts to skyrocket, much to the alarm of the others who tell her to keep her cool. She apologizes and says she never had an intention to dress like this. Han then says her looks and qualifications weren’t up to his standards but he hired her because of her understanding of a central part in art (apparently he misheard Ha Na’s blunder during the interview and interpreted it as something else entirely).

Kim Sang Kyung

Distracted Jin Hyuk

Ha Na begins to read his schedule, but he stops her and tells her to get him a new tie. Ha Na tells him there isn’t enough time through clenched teeth, but he insists and she runs to go get a new tie for him. Meanwhile, Eun Seo is having a meeting with a spaced out Jin Hyuk. Eun Seo asks him what’s wrong with him and he replies that it is Ha Na’s first day. Awww, he’s worrying for Ha Na. Eun Seo says he has changed a lot as he was always so cool and unflustered. Jin Hyuk doesn’t respond to this barb and says he is going to the safe house to check on the situation with Ha Na, leaving an upset Eun Seo. Ah, jealousy.

Ryu Jin, Lee Soo Kyung

Ha Na’s revenge on Do Hoon

An angry Ha Na runs to the store to pick up the tie. When she gets back to the office, Han asks her to help him put it on and she chokes him with it in her anger which annoys Han who asks her if she is openly trying to kill him. Ha Na says she is just trying to help him and he says she’s using her hands like her legs, so maybe it would be better if she used her legs instead. He slaps her hands away and she offers to try to use her legs to which he replies he doesn’t want to try. Ha Na watches him tie it and says if he is so good, then he should have just done it himself from the beginning. Han says it was a test to see if she had a boyfriend. Ha Na asks why he would want to know and he says he is just curious.

Lee Soo Kyung

Ha Na lets off steam

Ha Na hilariously prepares for the meeting, throwing the handouts on tables, and hurriedly making coffee and tea haphazardly, making a huge mess which shocks Joon Min and makes Se Mi crave coffee. During the meeting, Han is visibly bored and doesn’t seem to really be paying attention. After the meeting, he asks Ha Na what some of the terms are. She repeats them and Joon Min hurriedly tells her, but Ha Na doesn’t understand so she just makes something up. Han tells her to back off as she is much too close to him. Ha Na quickly backs away and he asks her what perfume she wears and she replies none. He then says to start from now on. When he turns and goes, Ha Na makes a rude gesture and then smells herself.

Hyun Woo, Kim Sang Kyung

A gentler Jin Hyuk?

Joon Min is intently watching the monitors and is shocked when he turns and there is Jin Hyuk right beside him, smiling as he watches the office. Jin Hyuk asks how things are going and Jin Hyuk says Ha Na will have to take responsibility, but has made no serious blunders as of yet. Jin Hyuk says they need to have more patience and be more understanding with Ha Na. This shocks Joon Min, just like it shocked Eun Seo to see the iceman thawing and actually not be so critical towards someone.

Lee Soo Kyung, Ryu Jin


Ha Na practically falls asleep at the office and quickly gets up to go when quitting time arrives for which she gets scolded by Han Do Hoon who tells her she cannot leave the office until after he does. Ha Na agrees to not do it in the future and leaves. Where she meets Jin Hyuk and the team who instruct her to install cameras in Han’s office. Ha Na goes back in and tells security that she forgot an important document. They let her in and she begins putting up cameras. A problem arises when a drunk Han Do Hoon returns to the office, trapping Ha Na. As she has to use the restroom, Ha Na can’t stay still any longer and tries sneaking out, only to have Han grab her.

My thoughts: Scenes with Ha Na and Do Hoon quickly grow on you. They have more scenes together in following episodes now that Ha Na has started the mission, but the two are completely compatible with their slowness, silliness, and sometimes sheer stupidity. Both have a temper and compliment the other well. Definitely more fun times ahead.

I really enjoy the unwinding of Mr. Uptight Go Jin Hyuk. It’s nice to see him relaxing and become more open, with some times hilarious results, I must say he and Eun Seo’s complicated relationship gets annoying as Eun Seo takes her frustrations out on Ha Na instead of Jin Hyuk. If an episode goes by without Jin Hyuk and Eun Seo fighting, it is a miracle.

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