My Prince Episode 2 Recap

mp2-zhichen-gets-slapped WeiWei’s mom is furious to see Zhi Chen standing in only a towel in her daughter’s room. To make matters worse, she recognizes him as her friend’s son. The friend who is trying to find wealthy daughters-in-law for her good-looking sons. She immediately calls Xiu Yun to hurry and come.

mp2-zhichen-teased-by-familyZhi Chen gets home where his mom and second elder brother congratulate him at managing to land such a good potential bride. Eldest Zhi Kai is unhappy at home lightly Zhi Wen and Xiu Yun are treating the matter and scolds Zhi Chen for his behavior. Zhi Kai then asks Zhi Chen what really happened. Throughout all of this Zhi Chen remains quiet and then leaves the room with Xiu Yun and Zhi Wen saying they will support him in this love.

mp2-weiwei's-first-loveMeanwhile, WeiWei is at home getting scolded by her mother for letting herself get taken advantage of by a male. WeiWei says nothing and her mom tells her that she is being setup on an arranged date and that she is also forbidden from ever seeing Zhi Chen again. WeiWei, like Zhi Chen has stayed quiet through it all. When her mom leaves, WeiWei begins going through the bag of her things from the hotel. She notices Zhi Chen’s ring matches the ring her fiancé gave her. We then flashback to her fiancé’s proposal and how he gave her the ring, saying it was one of a kind. He also said they would run away together. That obviously didn’t happen.

mp2-weiwei-holds-zhichen's-ring-hostageZhi Chen is working at the wine bar and notices his ring his missing. He decides to go to the hotel and look for it. When he closes up the shop, he runs into WeiWei, who is holding the ring out. Zhi Chen asks for her to return his ring and grabs for it. She keeps it just out of his reach and asks him if the ring is important to him. He says yes. She then asks where he bought it or who he got it from. Zhi Chen asks what does that have to do with her. WeiWei said she got into big trouble because of him and asks him to apologize. Zhi Chen refuses and WeiWei says that he has to help her out and then she’ll give him the ring back and forgive him as well (honestly, the poor guy didn’t take advantage of anyone).

mp2-silent-zhichen-startles-weiwei Zhi Chen refuses and WeiWei says she will throw the ring out. Zhi Chen caves and asks what WeiWei wants. WeiWei says he must accompany her on a date. She gets his phone number and says she will give him the meeting time and place later. After the date, she will then return the ring. Zhi Chen shows up at the arranged place and immediately demands the ring back. WeiWei says he has to go through the entire date first and then she’ll give him the ring. She then pulls him inside after her.

mp2-weiwei-introduces-zhichen-as-her-boyfriendInside waits WeiWei’s mother, her arranged date and his mother. WeiWei’s mom is furious that WeiWei is late and even more furious when WeiWei arrives with Zhi Chen in tow. WeiWei introduce Zhi Chen as her boyfriend. When Zhi Chen goes to disagree, WeiWei grabs his coat tight and pinches. The mother asks if its true and WeiWei’s mom denies that it is and WeiWei brings up that her mom caught her and Zhi Chen together at a hotel. The arranged date and his mom leave and Zhi Chen and WeiWei run away together. Outside, Zhi Chen tells WeiWei to stop laughing and give him his ring back. WeiWei refuses until after lunch.

mp2-weiwei-zhichen-a-little-bruised While waiting in line for lunch, WeiWei notices a man trying to steal someone’s wallet out of their backpack. She immediately cries thief. Annoying the man trying to steal. Zhi Chen gets between them, but WeiWei keeps hitting and trying to get at the thief. The thief says that he is trying to discipline WeiWei. Next thing we know, they are at the police station with a black eye and bruised mouth. Zhi Chen scolds WeiWei for being so impulsive and she says she can’t abide a thief. They then ask each other in tandem if they are okay. Before Zhi Chen can get his ring back, WeiWei’s father drives up and takes her to the hospital for a checkup.

mp2-upset-zhixiaoLiLi goes in a fury to Xiu Yun’s flower shop telling her what happened between WeiWei and Zhi Chen. LiLi says that Xiu Yun was doing this to deliberately anger her. Xiu Yun is shocked, especially when she hears that Zhi Chen said he was WeiWei’s boyfriend. Xiu Yun asked if Zhi Chen really said that and LiLi admitted it was WeiWei. Xiu Yun then turns the tables and says it is all WeiWei’s doing and her refusing to let go of her son. LiLi gets even angrier and says she will never let Zhi Chen marry WeiWei. Zhi Xiao approaches Xiu Yun and she asks what the matter is. Zhi Xiao asks what about his friend. Xiu Yun states that those two aren’t fated and that Zhi Xiao should set her up with Zhi Wen (not a good idea) to which he immediately refuses.

mp2-zhichen-apologizes-to-zhixiao That night Zhi Chen visits Zhi Xiao who is moping in his room. Zhi Xiao at first ignores Zhi Chen, but Zhi Chen turns him so he is looking at him. Zhi Chen says there is nothing between him and WeiWei, so Zhi Xiao should not be angry. Zhi Xiao is happy that there is nothing between them. Zhi Chen then apologizes for losing the ring. Zhi Xiao says that if Zhi Chen agrees to meet his volunteer friend, then he will forgive him for losing the ring. Zhi Chen agrees to meet them after work the next day.

mp2-weiwei-is-zhixiao's-friendThe next day we see WeiWei going to the school where Zhi Xiao volunteers. WeiWei is the friend he wants to introduce to Zhi Chen! Talk about fated to meet. Zhi Xiao tells WeiWei that his older brother will be coming today. WeiWei says she will treat them both to lunch and check out his beloved older brother.

mp2-weiwei-refuses-to-apologize WeiWei and Zhi Xiao take the kids out shopping for snacks. When WeiWei goes to pay, a customer at the shop starts insulting the kids, asking the mutes to say something. WeiWei then begins fighting with him. Zhi Chen sees this an stops the fight, demanding that WeiWei apologize. WeiWei gets upset and storms out of the shop. One of the kids tells Zhi Chen it’s really not WeiWei who started the fight. Zhi Xiao then tells Zhi Chen that WeiWei is the friend he was talking about, shocking Zhi Chen. They go back to the school, where WeiWei is teaching the kids how to sign a song. He’s definitely warming up the girl.

mp2-drinking-togetherZhi Xiao makes Zhi Chen walk WeiWei home. She doesn’t want to be with him after what happened. Zhi Chen apologizes for what he said earlier and WeiWei invites him out for a drink. He doesn’t want to as he still remembers what happened the last time she drank. She promises that she won’t get that drunk again. Zhi Chen agrees, but says they can only drink one bottle of wine. They go and drink and begin talking about the past events. WeiWei tells how her mom locked her in her room for refusing to go on blind date and she climbed out the window and got drunk and thus they met. Xhi Chen then advises her not to be so quick to fight.

mp2-zhichen-comforts-weiweiThe Two get drunk and end  up sitting on the floor leaning against a barrel. Zhi Chen demands the ring back and WeiWei says she left it at home and asks if it is really important. Zhi Chen tells WeiWei that Zhi Xiao made the ring and said if he wore it, he would find it’s other owner. Zhi Chen then asks if WeiWei believed in magic. She says she doesn’t know, but she has the same exact ring. Her matching ring left three years ago. Han Fei was handsome but poor. He worked hard to earn the money for his studies. He dated WeiWei and proposed to her on the day of graduation. WeiWei was ecstatic. Her mom opposed the match and and they decided to elope. Before they could, Han Fel took money offered by LiLi and ran away by himself leaving a hurt WeiWei behind. WeiWei said that proves Zhi Chen’s ring wasn’t magic at all. Zhi Chen holds WeiWei, and wipes away her tears (really sweet moment betwixt the two).

mp2-unable-to-get-zhichen-to-talkThe next morning, LiLi and Xiu Yun find Zhi Chen and WeiWei sleeping together at the wine bar. The two start arguing again. LiLi is of course upset. LiLi immediately takes WeiWei home scolds her. Xiu Yun congratulates Zhi Chen with his success. Zhi Kai is scolding Zhi Chen for his actions while his mom and Zhi Wen are congratulating him and asking him all kinds of questions which he again refuses to answer. Meanwhile WeiWei is being lecture by her mom for being such an irresponsible girl. WeiWei doesn’t care and takes up the ring. She then texts Zhi Chen asking when she should return the ring. Zhi Chen says he’s at work and she can come anytime. This excites WeiWei who spends time picking out the perfect outfit. However, her door as been locked by her mother. LiLi refuses to open the door and has also nailed the windows shut. WeiWei tries a window and it won’t budge. She then tries another window and accidentally falls out.

mp2-weiwei-and-her-mom-finally-talk-things-over WeiWei is rushed to the hospital where her father blames her mother for locking WeiWei into the room, causing her to do something so rash. The doctor comes and says that WeiWei did not suffer any horrible damage from the fall, just fractured her leg. LiLi asks what they should do and WeiWei’s father tells LiLi to get Zhi Chen over right away. LiLi agrees and WeiWei is surprised to wake up and see Zhi Chen with her parents. WeiWei scolds WeiWei for not immediately forgiving her mother and tells her to talk to her. Mother and daughter talk to each other and finally work out their problems. That was really quick. Apparently, LiLi has felt guilty for sending Han Fei away and then not being able to find him.

mp2-zhichen-takes-care-of-weiweiZhi Chen offers to stay with WeiWei for the night and her father accepts this willingly as both he and his wife have business to attend to later. WeiWei gives Zhi Chen his ring back, surprising him. He then forbids WeiWei from jumping out a window again. WeiWei said she didn’t jump, but rather slipped and fell. He said that is also forbidden. WeiWei asks if it made Zhi Chen’s heartache. Zhi Chen said nothing and then left to rinse the towel. These two like each other, but are both having trouble admitting it. While he is gone, WeiWei asks herself (out loud) if she should just come out and ask if Zhi Chen likes her. Zhi Chen then comes back with the towel, startling her.

mp2-zhixiao-teases-weiwei Zhi Xiao comes in making them both feel awkward and this sends Zhi Chen to go rinse the towel again. Zhi Xiao gives WeiWei a beautiful bouquet of flowers and asks if she’s all right. She replies yes and Zhi Xiao asks a question abut her and his brother. Not quite sure, but It hink it has to do with liking him. WeiWei says that he is thinking too much. Zhi Chen comes back and sees them talking secretivly and laughing and goes to rinse the towel again. After Zhi Xiao leaves, WeiWei looks at the sleeping Zhi Chen and that’s where this episode leaves us.

My thoughts: Cute episode! It really focused on WeiWei and Zhi Chen’s relationship. I wonder if their relationship will be the main focal point or if all of his brothers will get as much airtime with their relationships. But so far, I have to say they are a cute couple and I can’t wait to see what’s going to develop (from previews, it looks like Han Fei might come back into the picture to complicate things).

I must admit I was surprised they resolved LiLi and WeiWei’s fight so easily. I figured they’d drag it on a little more, but no. It’s already over. But this show does only have 16 episodes, so they might be shortening things the normally spread across multiple episodes.

Will Zhi Xiao get his own chance at love? I really hope so, he deserves it as well.

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