Personal Preference Episode 10 Recap

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

“Can you really dump Chang Ryul?”

Kae In and In Hee manage to break up the fight between Jin Ho and Chang Ryul. In Hee keeps the angry Chang Ryul outside while Kae In and Jin Ho retreat into Sanggojae. Jin Ho is unhappy with the concern Kae In showed to Chang Ryul (heehee, somebody’s jealous) causing him to be short tempered with Kae In who is really worried about Jin Ho and goes to make a cold compress for his face. Before she can go, Jin Ho grabs on to her wrist and asks her if he says “game over” will she really be able to dump Chang Ryul. Kae In asserts that she can and Jin Ho lets her go.

Meanwhile, In Hee has dragged an unhappy Chang Ryul to a diner to talk. In Hee says that Chang Ryul needs to leave Jin Ho be and not reveal the fact that he is gay to Kae In. Chang Ryul demands to know why and In Hee tells him to think about it. Jin Ho has stood by Kae In’s side and helped her through a lot of the hurt and problems she suffered through because of In Hee and Chang Ryul. If Kae In finds out Jin Ho’s not gay, then she would probably go to Jin Ho and stay away from Chang Ryul. In Hee says that they must be patient and let Jin Ho and Kae In be friends because that will help give In Hee and Chang Ryul an advantage since they both want Jin Ho and Kae In, respectively.

In Hee goes back to Sanggojae where Kae In is trying to take care of Jin Ho who doesn’t want Kae In to take care of him. Kae In demands to know why In Hee is back and In Hee gives Jin Ho and Kae In some beer telling them to drink it and cool down after what happened. In Hee said she would like to stay and drink with them, but she knows that she is still unwelcome at Sanggojae. In Hee then tells Kae In that “our” Jin Ho is lucky to have her by his side and then In Hee tells Jin Ho that they should meet alone and talk later. This makes Kae In jealous and she throws the cold compress at Jin Ho and stomps into her room where she gets a call from Chang Ryul. Kae In doesn’t want to go out to meet him, but she finally does. Chang Ryul states that even if Jin Ho is gay he doesn’t like those two living under the same roof. Kae In states that she has not given Chang Ryul the right to meddle in her personal life. Chang Ryul is hurt by this but says that he will try to be understanding of Jin Ho’s and her friendship if she can be understanding of how he feels about Kae In living with another man. Kae In says she’ll take it into consideration and goes back into the house.

Jin Ho is unhappy that she met with Chang Ryul and he makes a snide comment about Kae In no longer coming to him for advice to which she replies she can’t burden him with everything and Jin Ho snaps at her and tells her to never bother him again with that stuff. The two spend the night in agony. Jin Ho knows he is being childish to Kae In and Kae In does know that she is behaving the same way. Both want to apologize to the other, but both have a rough time just trying to say they are sorry. Sang Joon asks Jin Ho to go out to an office gathering but Jin Ho declines saying he is going home to rest. Sang Joon then reminds Jin Ho about the deadline date for Dam Art Gallery drawing nearer. Jin Ho says he understands and leaves.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

Instead of going home to rest, he goes to the grocery store to pick up food to cook for Kae in. Jin Ho calls out for Kae In when he gets to Sanggojae and receives no reply. He decides to go out to find Kae In. Meanwhile, Kae In is at the bus stop hiding from the rain. She decides to make a dash for home, but forgets her books. Jin Ho arrives at the bus stop looking for Kae In. He sees the books and takes off to look for her. He finally comes upon her just as she’s realized that she’s left her books behind. Jin Ho scolds Kae In for her forgetfulness and being unprepared for the rain. Kae In asks if he came specifically to pick her up and he replies yes. This makes Kae In ecstatic and they huddle closely together under the umbrella. Hye Mi and Tae Hoon see their closeness making Hye Mi livid and Tae Hoon confused.

When they get home, Kae In gives Jin Ho a little apple stool and asks him to accept her apology. She apologizes for being small-minded. Jin Ho says he is glad that she noticed her actions and Kae In says that Jin Ho was wrong to, because he acted the same way. Kae In then says never mind, they have finally made up. She then tells Jin Ho that she is the bigger person as she prepared an apology gift for him. Jin Ho says that he went grocery shopping for his friend that loves food. This makes Kae In even happier and she asks him to cook for her. Jin Ho refuses and Kae In tells him that he knows she can’t cook and lays her head over his heart and asks him to cook for her again. A really cute moment.

Young Sun asks Sang Joon to model for her and then they recruit Jin Ho and Kae In to help. Young Sun doesn’t really like Sang Joon’s modeling and asks Jin Ho to step in. Kae In asks if Young Sun really wants Sang Joon as model and Young Sun replies that she is doing a before and after shot for a certain product using Sang Joon as “before” and Jin Ho as “after.” Kae In gets a call from Chang Ryul and she says she’ll talk to him later. Young Sun asks what’s going on and Kae In says that she’s out for revenge. Young Sun can’t believe that Kae In would actually do something like that. Chang Ryul calls back and Kae In finally agrees to meet with him. She then calls Jin Ho over to go “practice” for her date and they leave arm-in-arm. Young Sun grows worried when she sees how couple-like the two are acting.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho, Jo Eun Ji, Jung Sung Hwa

Jin Ho asks Kae In how far she plans on taking her revenge. Kae In replies that she doesn’t know. Maybe until Chang Ryul proposes so she can throw the ring back at him or, better yet, leave him at the altar. Kae In then states that Jin Ho must come and take her away before the vows are said. Jin Ho promises to grab her away from Chang Ryul before she marries him. This makes Kae In happy and she grabs his hand and begins swinging it telling him that he has to keep his promise. Their light-hearted banter is stopped when Tae Hoon, Jin Ho’s mother, and Hye Mi come down from the steps of Sanggojae. Jin Ho’s mother faints.

Im Seul Ong, Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho, Choi Eun Seo, Park Hae MiKae In goes to see if she can do anything to help and Hye Mi says it’s all Kae In’s fault that Jin Ho’s mother is in that state. Hye Mi says it isn’t right for Jin Ho to be living with Kae In, even for business, since he already has a fiance. Kae In calls Jin Ho out and this infuriates Hye Mi. Jin Ho, suspecting what Kae In wants agrees and they go into Kae In’s room. Kae In immediately starts lecturing him about telling his family the truth. Jin Ho asks if Kae In really wants him to tell his mom that he is gay. However, this is overheard by his mom, Tae Hoon, and Hye Mi who all freak out. Jin Ho states adamantly that he is not gay and then introduces Kae In as the woman he loves and wants to marry (the truth, but Kae In is hurting inside for Jin Ho who can’t reveal his sexual preference to his mom).

Im Seul Ong, Choi Eun Seo, Lee Min Ho

Just love Tae Hoon!

Kae In tells Young Sun about what happened. Young Sun says that things have gone too far and Kae In needs to stop before she falls in love with the unattainable Jin Ho. Kae In states that it is already too late and that she is willing to sacrifice herself and marry Jin Ho so he doesn’t have to disappoint his mother. This horrifies Young Sun who decides to take matters in her own hands to get Kae In away from Jin Ho. Meanwhile, Tae Hoon is trying to prevent a distraught Hye Mi from doing something reckless. Hye Mi says her life doesn’t matter if she can’t have Jin Ho. Jin Ho replies that is one-sided love and not real love. He then tells Hye Mi that she should be considerate of Tae Hoon’s feelings as the poor boy has been caught in an unrequited love for Hye Mi for a long time. Jin Ho states that no matter what he’ll never get with Hye Mi. Tae Hoon doesn’t like how Jin Ho is hurting Hye Mi and he embraces her as Jin Ho gives a parting blow and leaves.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

“I will marry you”

Jin Ho goes back to Sanggojae and tells Kae In that he will wait awhile before telling his mom the truth. Kae In states that she will marry if it comes to that. Jin Ho is shocked. He tells Kae In that she is throwing herself away again. Kae In says that Jin Ho can never marry who he truly loves so if it will help him save face in society and with his mother, then she will gladly marry him. Jin Ho is her best friend and she could see herself spending the rest of her life with him (aww!). Jin Ho then says that he will stop being her friend then and walks away leaving Kae In crying. When Jin Ho goes back to his room, he calls Kae In an idiot for not asking Jin Ho to see her as a woman and to ask him to love her as a woman instead of a friend.

Young Sun goes to Director Choi to thank him for taking care of Kae In and giving her the job when she really needed it. Director Choi makes some attempts at humor, which fall short for Young Sun who is almost offended by what he says. Choi is happy to be invited to dinner the next day. He tells Young Sun that he and Kae In get along really well now. It is true and those two are a lot alike in some ways. I smell something fishy about Young Sun’s plans as she really has no reason to invite Choi to Sanggojae as she isn’t the type to so elaborately thank someone without having something in mind.

Chang Ryul goes to his father’s office and overhears him talking to Kae In’s father. Chang Ryul is horrified when Han mentions to Park about Chang Ryul and Kae In getting married. Chang Ryul yells at his father and asks him just what he thinks he is doing and Han replies that he is doing everything he can to make sure that Jin Ho will stand no chance with the current project so he is trying to entice Park back to Korea with talk of his daughter’s wedding in hopes that Park will join forces with him for the art gallery project. This upsets Chang Ryul who goes to see Kae In. Kae In says she doesn’t want to go out with Chang Ryul because she isn’t in the mood. She also tells Chang Ryul that Jin Ho is her good friend and that she cares more about the person who stood beside her when she had no one than Chang Ryul. This cuts the poor schmuck to the quick. Chang Ryul runs into In Hee and asks if she is confident that she can get Jin Ho. In Hee replies in the affirmative and the two join forces to split them apart because Chang Ryul can’t stand that Jin Ho holds such an important place in Kae In’s heart.

Ahn Suk Hwa, Kim Ji Suk

Lee Min Ho, Kim Ji Suk

“Leave Kae In”

Young Sun then calls Jin Ho to make sure he comes home for dinner. He and Sang Joon were just going over the plans for the art gallery proposal. Sang Joon invites himself but Jin Ho reminds him of a family commitment, bumming Sang Joon out. Before he leaves, Jin Ho gets called out by Chang Ryul. Jin Ho goes to meet him and asks what is going on. Chang Ryul tells Jin Ho about how he never appreciated Kae In and even thought of her as a fool. Jin Ho calls him a loser (lol) and Chang Ryul says he now knows what he put Kae In through. Jin Ho asks why he is being told this and Chang Ryul tells Jin Ho that he knows Jin Ho is not gay. Chang Ryul then asks Jin Ho to leave Kae In’s side as a good friend before Kae In finds out that Jin Ho lied about being gay and even used Choi to try to land the gallery project.Kae In is shocked to see Director Choi arrive at Sanggojae. She had no idea that Young Sun had invited him over for dinner as well. When Jin Ho arrives things get awkward and tense. During dinner, Young Sun gets a phone call saying her son is missing and Kae In says she will help Young Sun find him. The two gentlemen offer their services, but Young Sun declines. You can definitely smell a setup here. Choi and Jin Ho know they’ve been set up, the only one clueless was the worried Kae In. Young Sun tells Kae In the truth when the leave Sanggojae. Kae In does not like this and Young Sun replies that it’s best if Jin Ho and Choi get together.

Choi and Jin Ho sit in awkward silence. Jin Ho states that he had no idea that Choi would be there. Choi says he understands and that he will leave. Jin Ho asks him to stay to finish dinner. Choi refuses saying he is too sensitive to sit across from Jin Ho when he knows that Jin Ho doesn’t really want him there. I really feel sorry for Choi, Kae In, and Jin Ho in this situation that Young Sun created. Jin Ho waits for Kae In and yells at her for planning such a thing, not giving Kae In a chance to say it was all Young Sun’s doing. Poor Kae In didn’t need that dressing down. Jin Ho says that he is moving out of Sanggojae during the weekend. This hurts Kae In and she is even more hurt when Jin Ho goes out the door with no intention of returning.The next day Jin Ho refuses to go out and eat an just stays in the office working. This worries Sang Joon who wonders why Jin Ho is living in the office and not eating at all. Jin Ho is feeling remorseful about what happened with Kae In and he asks Chang Ryul if he’s happy as he did not part with Kae In as even a friend. In Hee comes in and asks for Jin Ho’s help in getting Kae In and Chang Ryul together. In Hee says that Jin Ho is in part holding Kae In back. She invites him out to a musical which both Kae In and Chang Ryul will be attending as well. She tells Jin Ho that if Kae In sees In Hee and Jin Ho getting closer then she will naturally go to Chang Ryul without regrets.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin, Jo Eun Ji, Ryu Seung Ryong

Young Sun’s unwanted meddling

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Wang Ji Hye

“It’s game over!”

Jin Ho goes to the musical where Kae In is surprised and hurt to see him with In Hee. During the performance, In Hee keeps touching Jin Ho and fondling his hand. Kae In watches them instead of the musical until she can’t stand it anymore and runs out. Chang Ryul rushes after her and Jin Ho gets up to do the same, but In Hee grabs him and tells him not to. Chang Ryul catches up to Kae In and asks what the matter is. Kae In tells Chang Ryul that she can’t do this anymore. She dated him for revenge to hurt him as much as he hurt her. Jin Ho and In Hee come out and hear this. I think it shocks In Hee who didn’t believe Kae In was capable of such things.Chang Ryul says it doesn’t matter because they can make this work. Kae In says they can’t as Chang Ryul has no idea who has her heart. Jin Ho then comes over and grabs Kae in and says “It’s Game Over.” He then pulls her to him for a very passionate kiss shocking Chang Ryul, In Hee, and (of course) Kae In.

What a way to end the episode!

My thoughts: Chang Ryul has the deck stacked against him and is too dense to realize there is no way he can come out on top. Him admitting that he knows he was wrong and beginning to understand is all well and good, but too late. Kae In’s heart belongs to someone else and if he truly loves her, he will let her go. Though, I still do feel bad for him, but strangely enough I don’t feel bad for In Hee at all. Him trusting In Hee’s confidence to land a guy is laughable. Just because she had thus far managed to snag every man she had ever wanted, what made her think she could get Jin Ho? Especially since he knows the whole story of what happened. He may not condemn her for it and will be nice to her, but he is really Kae In’s friend so he wouldn’t do something so cruel to Kae In.

Jin Ho’s and Kae In’s fights are getting a little old. These two always bicker and break up and then salvage their relationship at the last minute. Seeing this time and time again does make it tiresome. Also, Jin Ho treating Choi undeservedly harsh at the lunch wasn’t fair to either of them as Choi had done nothing wrong. Geez. While I understand Young Sun’s concern for Kae In, her methods of going about trying to get Kae In away from Jin Ho are too obvious and silly and ended up hurting everyone involved.

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