Personal Preference Episode 8 Recap

Son Ye Jin

Right now due to Personal Preference‘s popularity in Korea, they are trying to get a 4 episode extension for the drama, but it remains undecided whether that will happen or not. One reason is whether or not the cast and crew will want to stay on for even more grueling hours and all-nighters and another reason being that Kim Ji Suk is set to enter military service only 4 days after filming. At this point, nothing’s been confirmed, but a lot of netizen fans don’t want an extension in fear it will ruin the otherwise good drama. We shall see what happens.

Lee Min Ho, Jung Sung Hwa

Sang Joon sniffs Jin Ho?

Jin Ho’s confession leaves a lot of people in shock, even Jin Ho himself who cannot believe that he actually confessed he was gay in front of both Kae In and Choi. He is really upset and driving erratically. Chang Ryul tells Kae In that Jin Ho is just using Choi and Kae In defends Jin Ho saying he is not that type of person at all, but that Chang Ryul is the type to use people. Chang Ryul tells Kae In that she doesn’t know Jin Ho and Kae In replies that she knows him a lot better than she ever knew Chang Ryul (which is true in a sense). Kae In leaves and calls Jin Ho telling him to be careful and to stop driving and just breathe until he becomes calmer.

Jin Ho goes home and writes his spirit tablet only to be interrupted by Sang Joon who acts even weirder than normal, which is saying something. He tells Jin Ho that he is too perfect and that Jin Ho is a man other people love to hate. Jin Ho’s despondent reaction worries Sang Joon that something bad happened at the art gallery. Jin Ho replies in the negative but Sang Joon starts sniffing him and wondering just what was going on. Hye Mi walks in on this and says that Sang Joon acts like a gay man and walks out. This causes Sang Joon to wonder if he is really gay and if he really likes Jin Ho, who ignores the wild musings of his friend. Jin Ho then goes out and begins the death anniversary ritual for his father.

Kae In tells Young Sun about what happened with Jin Ho at the gallery. This surprises Young Sun as well. Kae In then says she created more trouble. This frustrates Young Sun so she asks Kae In to quickly tell her. Kae In reveals that she slapped Chang Ryul. This shocks Young Sun who knows how timid Kae In’s personality is. Young Sun asks why and how. Kae In says she doesn’t know how, but she got angry with what Chang Ryul was saying about Jin Ho. This worries Young Sun who doesn’t want Kae In to have her heart broken by falling for a man whom she can never be with (since he’s gay, right?). Kae In says she’ll never have feelings like that for Jin Ho. Right.

Sung Jung Hwa, Choi Eun Seo, Park Hae Mi, Lee Jin Ho

Sang Joon and Jin Ho go out to eat after the ceremony and Sang Joon becomes worried as Jin Ho slams back shot after shot. Sang Joon stops him and asks Jin Ho what’s wrong. Jin Ho in turn asks Sang Joon why life is so complicated. Jin Ho also asks if they should quit the Dam project. Sang Joon replies that they can’t even compete so how can they quit? Then Jin Ho flashes back to his confession earlier which makes him feel bad again and drink more. Meanwhile a worried Kae In waits up for Jin Ho and is happy to see him return home safely. Jin Ho is surprised that Kae In is still up. Kae In asks if he’s been drinking and then tells him to go to bed. Kae In then stops him and asks him why did he admit to being gay. Jin Ho says its because of Choi’s face and the pain and sadness he saw there. He also admits that he was afraid that he might have been using Choi. Kae In replies that Jin Ho would never do something like that (making Jin Ho feel guilty as he had been using Kae In to help him get the Dam project by staying and studying Sanggojae). Jin Ho asks why Kae In stuck up for him. Kae In replies they are friends and friends will stand up for their friends no matter what. Jin Ho states Kae In is always being taken in by people and Kae In replies that she will never be taken in by Jin Ho (more guilt for Jin Ho).

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Kae In goes into her workshop to work and Jin Ho follows and begins helping her. The mood has lightened considerably and Kae In asks Jin Ho to become her partner. Jin Ho states he’s meant for great things so don’t tempt him. Kae In asks if he is looking down on her because her furniture doesn’t sell. Jin Ho says yes and then states that if he becomes rich and famous he’ll buy all of Kae In’s furniture. This insults Kae In who picks up the chainsaw that almost gave Jin Ho a heart attack on his first night at Sanggojae. Kae In then asks him why he insulted her pride. Jin Ho then says her pride his awesome so put it down. Really, a cute moment between the two.

The next day Kae In takes a little extra care in her appearance. She asks Jin Ho as he drives her to the bus stop if he notices anything different. Jin Ho says painting lines on a squash doesn’t make it a watermelon. Kae In points out the hat and lipstick. Jin Ho states she just wore the hat because she didn’t wash her hair to which Kae In agrees. She then tells Jin Ho to hurry as her bus was just pulling up to the stop. Kae In makes her bus and opens the window waving happily at Jin Ho who smiles at Kae In’s antics. Ah, happy moment, to be ruined of course.

When Kae In arrives at the gallery, Chang Ryul approaches her to talk. Kae In doesn’t want anything to do with Chang Ryul, but he finally wears her down into listening to him. Kae In tells Chang Ryul to hurry and he states he cannot believe how much Kae In has changed. He then tells Kae In that she is the only one who ever listened to him and he misses that. He also states that if Kae In had shown this side of her before, he wouldn’t have left her for In Hee (truthfully this side of Kae In didn’t exist until Jin Ho :P). Chang Ryul then asks Kae In to please give him another chance even though it is a selfish thing to do (his words, not mine, but it is very selfish after how he treated her). This shocks Kae In and angers her. She believes that Chang Ryul is taking as an easy person and she refuses to give him a chance. Chang Ryul says that he will do whatever it takes as he doesn’t want to lose her again. Sweet really, but it’s too late for him.

Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Suk

“I want you back”

At Jin Ho’s firm, Sang Joon and the others discover an exception to the Dam project has been made. Only one firm without the credentials asked for will be allowed to compete against the big companies. This excites the M employees who were worried that losing this chance would mean the closure of their firm. Sang Joon goes to tell Jin Ho whose reaction wasn’t what he expected. Sang Joon says this way MS Group saves face for their horrible decision made earlier. Tae Hoon says that there is a secret which he will uncover. Silly boy. Jin Ho tells them not to get too excited as the gates have become even narrower. Meanwhile, Chang Ryul’s father is angered to hear such news. He wanted Jin Ho completely out of the picture. Chairman Han is now trying to think of special measures to cut Jin Ho out once again while Chang Ryul hires a private detective to find out if Jin Ho is indeed gay or not.

Ryu Seong Ryong, Lee Min Ho

“Thank you”

Young Sun tells Sang Joon about what happened between Choi and Jin Ho. This startles Sang Joon who runs out to find Jin Ho immediately to discover just what is going on. Sang Joon states that Jin Ho has gone too far. Jin Ho says he is going to tell Choi the truth. Sang Joon warns Jin Ho not to since he has already admitted to being gay so he should just wait til after the Dam project has been finalized. Jin Ho ignores this and goes to see Choi. Jin Ho tells Choi that he doesn’t not see him in a romantic light, but he is grateful for the opportunity. Choi is hurt and tells Jin Ho that he would never use business tactics in order to get Jin Ho’s affection. Jin Ho apologizes and tells him that he will work hard for the slim opening that Choi has granted him. Choi then says that it what he had been hoping to hear.

Jin Ho runs into In Hee who invites him to dinner. In Hee says she made a play for Choi because she thought being his wife would be a good thing, but no matter what she did she couldn’t interest him. In Hee then states that Choi never came off as a guy, but that Jin Ho seems to read as a perfect male on her radar. Jin Ho says he is gay and that In Hee should stop her snooping. In Hee refuses saying she likes Jin Ho and will get to the bottom of this. Jin Ho then excuses himself and leaves.

Son Ye Jin, Ahn Suk Hwan

Chariman Han wants Kae In for a daughter-in-law

While this is going on, Chairman Han goes to see Kae In and takes her out to lunch. He then proceeds to tell her that he is sorry for how his son has treated her, especially after learning that her father is the famous architect Park Chul Han. Chairman Han says that In Hee was nothing but a sly fox and that Chang Ryul was an idiot for being tempted away from such a perfect addition to their family. Now, I can’t believe Chairman Han actually thinks that Kae In would like hearing that Han craves her father’s connections, but then again, no one really knows about Kae In’s horrible relationship with her father. She leaves the dinner feeling confused, not sure what to believe. Then Young Sun says that Chang Ryul bought all of Kae In’s furniture from the online mall, upsetting Kae In who doesn’t want pity sales.

Jin Ho comes home and hears Kae In tearing stuff apart. He rushes into the workshop to see her hand had been cut open. He rushes to help, but Kae In pushes him away and goes into the bathroom to take care of it herself. Jin Ho barges in and asks what’s wrong. He tells Kae In that she has a horrible habit of hurting herself when she is angry. She says it’s because she’s stupid and then goes on to say its her stupidity that makes people think she is an easy target. It looks like Kae In has come to the conclusion that Chang Ryul is in cahoots with his father to use Kae In since she is Park’s daughter. The next day Kae In invites Chang Ryul out for lunch (sad part being he actually wants to be with her). He is excited that she called first. She asks him about the furniture. Chang Ryul states that he wants to become worthy of her and support her so he bought the chairs to donate to various schools. Kae In then asks Chang Ryul if he really wants to start over, this makes Chang Ryul ecstatic.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

“I am pretty”

Jin Ho comes home to see Kae In behaving oddly for her. She is standing on her head, trying to clear her thoughts. Jin Ho tries to figure out what is wrong, but Kae In is not talking. She then starts running in circles in a park nearby Sanggojae. After watching her run in circles as if her life depended on it, Jin Ho stops her and asks what has put her into such a mess. After thinking about Chang Ryul and his father, Kae In tells Jin Ho she wants revenge. Jin Ho walks away while Kae In pleads with him to help her. Jin Ho then tells her that the reason he likes Kae In so much is that she reminds him of his mother who doesn’t have a single vicious bone in her body, thus Kae In could never do something so cruel. Kae In states that she can do it an begs for his help. Jin Ho eventually caves and agrees. He takes Kae In to the bathroom and has her tell herself that she is pretty. Kae In has a hard time doing it, but eventually does and Jin Ho smiles as her confidence starts to grow bit by bit.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

Kae In asserts her opinion

Jin Ho then takes Kae In out for a date to help her become an even more desirable woman to complete her revenge on Chang Ryul. They go to a movie theater. Jin Ho asks what Kae In wants to watch. Kae In says she doesn’t care, whatever Jin Ho wants to watch. Jin Ho says that Kae In has to be more assertive or she’ll never change. Jin Ho then states he wants to see an action movie. Kae In then adamantly refuses and says she wants a romantic comedy. Really, these moments are too cute. Jin Ho congratulates her on growing a spine when they are interrupted by special guest star Yoon Eun Hye playing Jin Ho’s first love Yoon Eun Soo. Eun Soo asks Jin Ho if Kae In is his girlfriend. Jin Ho replies no and Kae In asks if she is his boyfriend then (too cute!).

Jin Ho, Kae In, and Eun Soo go out for coffee together. Eun Soo is in American studying to be a doctor. Kae In comments on how close Jin Ho and Eun Soo are and Eun Soo states they practically lived at the library together during their college days. She also says she envies Jin Ho being able to watch a movie with his girlfriend. Eun Soo asks how they met and Kae In states that the first time they met Jin Ho grabbed her butt. Jin Ho immediately takes Kae In’s drink and shoves it in her mouth to keep her quiet. Eun Soo goes to leave and Jin Ho says he’ll walk her out. Once outside, Eun Soo asks if Jin Ho regrets letting her go now even though he has a girlfriend. Jin Ho remains silent and Eun Soo says she doesn’t want to meet him again until she has a person she can see movies with too and then departs.

Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Min Ho

“Let’s not meet again for 10 years”

After she leaves, Kae In says that it seems like Jin Ho dated Eun Soo. Jin Ho states that out of everyone in his life, both men and women, Eun Soo was the one who captivated him the most. Kae In says that even to her Eun Soo seems like a very impressive person. Jin Ho states that Eun Soo’s passion and running after her dreams reminded him a lot of himself. Kae In then says she wishes she could become a woman like Eun Soo whom Jin Ho could share a special camaraderie with. After their date, Jin Ho takes Kae In to a place where he blurts out “I like you,” shocking Kae In who believed the confession was real at first.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

“I like you!”

Jin Ho then tells Kae In that bringing a man to a place like this will make him feel lighthearted and at ease, bringing on a confession. Kae In is disappointed that it wasn’t a “real” confession (oh, but it was!). Jin Ho asked what Kae In was thinking and she said nothing. She says she isn’t an idiot and knows that the confession wasn’t real to begin with (yeah right). Jin Ho then thinks about his confession to Eun Soo years ago when they were at such a place as well.

Lee Min Ho, Son ye Jin

Kae In’s wish for Jin Ho

As they go to leave, Kae In stops Jin Ho and tells him not to turn around. She says that she has forgotten her revenge and everything else (not out loud, but writing on Jin Ho’s back). At that moment she likes Jin Ho, or rather confesses that she feels more for him than friendship. And she writes on his back that she hopes in his next life he will be born as a man who can love a woman (meaning her?).

The next day Jin Ho says that Kae In has to work on her conversational skills like telling funny jokes and stories. Kae In asks Jin Ho for an example but he can’t give any. When he gets to the office, he asks his coworkers who are shocked by this as it seems Jin Ho is trying hard to impress a girl. Jin Ho says that it is boring just sitting and eating so Sang Joon and Tae Hoon begin telling him jokes. Jin Ho then calls Kae In who is at the lumberyard getting supplies and tells her. She says they are old and the master better think of something better. Chang Ryul then calls and says he will come to meet Kae In at the lumberyard. Jin Ho does extensive research online and calls Kae In again. This time she approves of the joke and while on the phone to Jin Ho she has an accident where lumber falls on her due to an employee accidentally knocking into the pile by Kae In. Jin Ho hears everything and becomes frightened. He jumps in his car and races to the lumberyard.

Son Ye Jin

Jin Ho gets a hold of the lumberyard and they tell him Kae In was rushed to the nearby hospital. Jin Ho turns around and speeds to the emergency room where he sees Chang Ryul taking care of Kae In. He then fantasizes about telling Chang Ryul off and grabbing Kae In and running out with her stating that from now on she is his woman and they will start a relationship, but he doesn’t really do it. Aw, I really wanted him to. He doesn’t want to interfere with her revenge and believes he has no right to tell her he likes her.

Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Min Ho

Jin Ho gets jealous of Han Chang Ryul!

Kae In is unhappy with Chang Ryul’s attentions and tells him off. This hurts him and Kae In said she thought he would take anything she dished out. Chang Ryul says he will but that doesn’t mean he will stop worrying about Kae In. He then offers to take her home. Kae In doesn’t want to, but eventually caves and that is where this episode ends.

My thoughts: Frustrating episode. So many confessions, but nothing truly progressive in the romance between Kae In and Jin Ho. And even though Chang Ryul is being selfish, I do pity him as he is now the object of Kae In’s revenge. His feelings are sincere but then his idiot father had to go screw things up by announcing he wants Park’s daughter in the Han family to Kae In’s face.

Can’t wait for the next episodes as Jin Ho is again going to try to confess his straightness.

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