Prosecutor Princess Episode 1 Recap

prosecutor-princess검사 프린세스

Romanized title: Geomsa Peurinseseu
English title: Prosecutor Princess
Broadcast station: SBS
Broadcast dates: 31 March – 20 May 2010
Episodes: 16
Cast: Kim So Yeon, Park Shi Hoo, Han Jung Soo, Choi Sung Hyun, Yoo Gun, Park Jung Ah, Choi Sung Ho
Synopsis: Ma Hye Ri becomes a prosecutor to make her father happy, but could really care less about doing her job well. Her careless attitude towards the job alienates her from the other prosecutors and her crush who tries to give her a chance to prove she’s not a rich ditz. Enter in the mysterious lawyer Seo In Woo who seems to have a hidden agenda and that makes for an interesting mystery.
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This seemed like it would be a fun show, a break from the drama and melodrama of Dong Yi and Cinderella’s Sister. And while there is many comedic moments, I just can’t bring myself to like the main character of this drama too much. Kim So Yeon is a great actress who garnered a lot of attention as the vile villainess Young Mi in Korean drama All About Eve. Her acting is well in the lead role of Ma Hye Ri, it’s just the character itself that is undesirable and not likable (to me yet at least.) This drama also stars Park Shi Hoo of Iljimae fame, and Han Jung Soo fresh off the success of historical fusion drama Chuno.

Ma Hye Ri (Kim So Yeon) graduates with her prosecutor’s degree and instead of going to the training camp immediately after graduation she runs off to go on a ski trip while her mother pretends to be ill to keep her dad occupied. The skiing, while liked by Hye Ri, isn’t the real reason she went up to the ski resort. It turns out that their is an auction for an exclusive line of Italian fashion that revolves around Grace Kelly. Hye Ri’s main goal is to attend the auction and get some new “babies” (her exact words). But nothing goes right for her from the start.

While she is skiing, her car gets broken into and her purse and cellphone are stolen. When she goes to check into the hotel, she finds out that someone else (not the friend who was supposed to be there with her) has already checked into the room. She demands this man give the suite up, but he refuses as he paid for the room. The hotel says that Hye Ri’s reservation was canceled so they are not at fault, but they will do their best to find her a room at the local motel. Hye Ri refuses to stay at the motel. Seo In Woo (Park Shi Hoo) offers to share the suite with Hye Ri who refuses his offer as well because he had stated earlier that his girlfriend was going to come to spend Valentine’s Day with him.

The time of the auction approaches and Hye Ri changes in her car and rushes off (stupid girl has no money, so how can she hope to buy any of the products)? Meanwhile, Prosecutor Yoon Se Joon (Han Jung Soo) is at the ski resort for the auction as well, though with a different goal. He has been chasing a branded goods scammer for years and is hoping to be able to catch him at the auction and make him face justice.

The auction begins and wouldn’t you know that Hye Ri ends up sitting next to the schemer’s female accomplice. She borrows the woman’s phone in hopes to reach her mother so that her mom can send the money for the hotel and auction, but to no avail. She also mistakenly communicates with the schemer who worries that his partner’s cover has been blown and goes into the auction himself to see. Hye Ri sees her Grace Kelly shoes and bids 7 million won for them. This is the winning bid, but as she has no money, the auctioneers won’t let her take the shoes so they go to the next highest bidder (Seo In Woo).

Hye Ri sees Yoon and he happens to be wearing the same ski jacket as the person who robbed her. Yoon was about to leave to pursue the schemer, but was tackled by a furious Hye Ri who is surprised to learn that he is a prosecutor. Ah, nothing is going well for our protagonist nor for Prosecutor Yoon who loses track of the man he has desperately wanted to catch for years.

Hye Ri goes back to her car to drive back to Seoul as the auction and everything else has gone wrong. When she gets to her car, her tire goes flat and the insurance company won’t be able to get there to fix it for at least two and a half hours. Seeing In Woo with her Grace Kelly shoes, she decides to take him up on his offer of letting her stay in the suite too (in hopes that she might be able to convince him to give her the shoes). In Woo lets Hye Ri take the 2nd floor of the suite (he seems victorious and happy that Hye Ri came back to him – I smell some sort of scheme going on here).

Hye Ri falls asleep in the bathtub and almost drowns and is saved by In Woo. She freaks out as she is (of course) naked. He throws the hotel robe over her and tells her that its her own fault for not closing any of the doors. Hye Ri puts the robe on and retreats to her room where she shoves a chair and table against the door afraid that In Woo will “attack” her later. The next morning In Woo gets her car and even gives her the shoes she wanted. He also gave her his phone number so that she can call him and give him the money she owes him (she agreed to pay him for the shoes as well as half the hotel room).

Hye Ri makes it home safely and shows off her new shoes to her mother. She then remembers she needs to call In Woo to give him his money, but cannot find the paper with his number on it. This frustrates her as she doesn’t want to seem like a person who would con anybody out of money. That night at dinner Hye Ri’s father says that Hye Ri’s new job brings prestige to the family name (looks like they are loaded, but I guess he doesn’t think they are high up on the respected list). He tells Hye Ri’s mother that she needs to change how she acts to befit their new status. How silly.

The next morning is Hye Ri’s first day as a prosecutor. She dresses up much like Elle Woods in Legally Blond. She is the complete opposite of all of her coworkers. Unfortunately for Hye Ri, she will be working in the same office as Prosecutor Yoon. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to recognize her. The workers at the prosecutor’s office are shocked by Hye Ri’s manner of dressing and her seeming disregard for how things are supposed to work. She gets scolded for how she dresses and she promises to tone it down (not that she really does). She goes out drinking with her colleagues and man can Hye Ri drink!

The next morning when she goes into work, they are unhappy that she still dresses “trashy.” And to make matters worse, Hye Ri manages to further alienate the other female prosecutor by questioning her relationship with Prosecutor Yoon. Hye Ri gets her first case from Yoon who tells her to ask any questions. When she meets with the client, she reads off all the facts and types up the paperwork without even listening to him even though he is desperately trying to speak. Yoon tells Hye Ri that she needs to listen to his story and understand the facts. The man only stole because his pregnant wife was starving and he had been out of work for three months. Hye Ri replies that his personal conditions have nothing to do with the law. To her everything is cut and dried, black and white. Yoon replies that the reasoning isn’t exactly wrong and Hye Ri leaves.

When Hye Ri comes back to the office, Yoon is with In Woo. Terrified that In Woo came to find her, Hye Ri yells that he can’t sit down and that is where episode one leaves us.

My thoughts: I really hope that Hye Ri grows up fast. I can’t tolerate her immature character. Kim So Yeon does an excellent acting job, but good acting can’t make a hopeless character any more appealing to the audience. Hye Ri believes that money can solve everything and that everything is black and white. For a girl with an IQ of 128, she has little to no common sense. I am looking forward to Yoon and the other prosecutors whipping her into shape.

And I am curious. That’s one thing this drama leaves you with. Who exactly is In Woo? Is he rich or poor? Is he targeting Hye Ri for some reason and if so, then what is his reason? Is he the one who broke into Hye Ri’s car? And, will Hye Ri end up with In Woo or Yoon or neither?

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