Personal Preference Episodes 3-4 Recap

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Episode 3 Summary :: Episode 4 Summary

In a nutshell: Jin Ho leaves, comes back, gets called “gay” in front of a restaurant full of people, gets food poisoning, and starts softening towards Kae In. Kae In gets drunk, shoots off her mouth, gets drunk, looks for a job, cleans and cooks for the first time in awhile. In Hee and Chang Ryul are still dancing around each other. Chang Ryul seeks Kae In out, and more tears and heartbreak for her. Also, more details of Jin Ho’s and Kae In’s pasts are revealed.

Episode 3:

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

Jin Ho announces departure

Jin Ho is not happy that Kae In thinks that he is gay. Insulted by this, he storms out of the house and demands that Kae In pay back his deposit immediately. He also tries (in vain) to explain to Kae In that she is wrong about his sexual preferences, but she remains obtuse to the truth. Kae In is in a dither. She knows Jin Ho isn’t happy because she exposed his sexuality to someone else. She calls in her best friend to help her find a way to bring Jin Ho back. Oy. It’s really funny how clueless Kae In is when Jin Ho’s trying to tell her the truth, but you could chalk up her obtuseness to really believing that Jin Ho just doesn’t want his sexuality revealed, which wouldn’t be surprising given how society tends to treat homosexuality.

Im Seul Ong, Choi Eun Seo

Find out where he lives and I’ll date you.

Hye Mi enlists the help of Tae Hoon to track down where Jin Ho moved to. Her promise is that she’ll date the easily duped Tae Hoon if he does her bidding and basically stalks his boss. He readily agrees because of his love for Hye Mi. (Poor Jin Ho just can’t escape from the overzealous girl.) Meanwhile, Jin Ho and Sang Joon go to the gallery proposal meeting. After hearing the proposal and the time limit, they immediately set to work on devising a plan. The meeting also convinces Jin Ho to go back to Sanggojae for inspiration in order to land the project.

Kae In is ecstatic to see Jin Ho come back. Jin Ho says that he will stay until she returns his deposit (which will take awhile considering she has no money whatsoever and no job). He then drags Kae In off to the store where they buy groceries and cleaning supplies. Jin Ho then makes Kae In clean the house, taking her room to room and telling her what she needs to do. Kae In finds the chores hard and eventually does badly enough that Jin Ho steps in and shows her what to do. Next thing you know Kae In has disappeared into her room and Jin Ho is doing all the cleaning. LOL – typical isn’t it?

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

Kae In sees it all!

Young Sun tracks down the missing Won Ho’s address and gives it to Kae In (who accidentally walks in on Jin Ho in the bathroom). Jin Ho gets a call from Hye Mi saying his mom disappeared and he rushes out of the house (but not before hearing Kae In and Young Sun talk about his body and the size of his ****). His mom is at a restaurant that she, his dad and him frequented before his father’s company failed and he died.

Kae In goes to Won Ho’s house and finds his grandmother who totally dotes on him and believes he is such a good boy. She doesn’t look to be in bad health, but she needs weekly help and has to have someone read her her mail. Kae In takes the letter and it is a loan repayment statement. Kae In lies and reads out a letter from Won Ho. She calls Won Ho and says that she doesn’t care, she’ll figure out a way to get the money herself so Won Ho should call his poor grandmother. Such a good girl.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho


Jin Ho has a party at the office to celebrate trying to land the gallery job. He goes home and hears Kae In scream so he rushes into the bathroom (she’s wrapped in a towel so he doesn’t see her naked like she saw him). She asks him to help find her contact. He does, it’s right on her collarbone. It is a funny and awkward scene as Kae In inadvertently has her cleavage and butt in Jin Ho’s face while they look for the contact. Jin Ho doesn’t have any feelings exactly for Kae In, but it still makes him uncomfortable as I think it would make anyone especially if you are relatively new acquaintances. After this awkward scene, Kae In asks Jin Ho to go eat barbecue with her. He, of course, declines but she eventually wears him down and gets him to agree to go out with her.

At the restaurant she gets drunk. The manager of the gallery project comes in and Jin Ho is in a hurry to leave. He asks Kae In to hurry up and finish her alcohol and food. She says she just has to go to the bathroom. While she’s gone, an ahjumma flirts with Jin Ho (he ignores her blatant flirtations).  The ahjumma’s husband walks in and accuses Jin Ho of trying to steal his wife. Kae In comes back just in time and tries to break up the near-fight. When she has no luck in getting the larger man to back down, she finally yells out that Jin Ho can’t possible have flirted with the man’s wife as he is gay. Poor Jin Ho, right in front of the person he was trying his hardest to impress.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

“This man is gay!”

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

So a back can be this warm?

Jin Ho is furious at Kae In. The two leave the shop and the girl falls into a drunken stupor on a street bench. Jin Ho leaves her and returns home, but does eventually go back for her (good for him). He wakes Kae In up and she re-twists her bad ankle. Jin Ho asks if she can walk, she says she can’t so he carries her on his back (another good, funny and heart-warming scene). Kae In says she didn’t know a person’s back could be so warm. Jin Ho asks her about her father. She replies that her father never carried her once. In fact, this was the first time Kae In ever got piggybacked by anyone. She thanks Jin Ho for letting her know that backs weren’t cold, but could be warm too. How sad is it that Kae In has never been piggybacked in her life? It’s something that most parents do at some point for their children. It’s rare that she didn’t get one from her father or mother.

They get home and Jin Ho dumps Kae In on the coach. He was going to try to get some sleep, but ends up going out and trying to wake Kae In up so that she can go to bed. Kae In wakes up when Jin Ho was trying to rearrange her legs so they don’t cramp. Her leg ends up hurting and he ends up massaging it. She makes some very *ahem* provocative moanings, annoying Jin Ho.  He tells her to go to bed, but she sleeps out on the coach anyways.

Episode 4 summary:

The next morning Kae In wakes up and remembers her blunder, but she pretends that she doesn’t remember anything because she doesn’t want to face Jin Ho’s anger. Jin Ho lets it go for now and goes to work. He and Sang Joon go to the site of the new gallery and begin making plans. In Hee gives vital information to Jin Ho (making Chang Ryul jealous). Jin Ho uses the information to get closer to the gallery project manager. It helps that Jin Ho isn’t just a schmoozer. He knows his stuff and is not blatantly trying to buy his way like Chang Ryul and his father. This impresses the manager who says he doesn’t care about Jin Ho’s personal life.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

The contract is forcibly signed

Kae In tells Young Sun what she did. Young Sun is furious. She tells Kae In that she needs to make it up to Jin Ho as soon as possible. She then tries to help Kae In plan the perfect “gay boyfriend” date. Complete with home-cooked meal and a movie. While this is going on, Jin Ho overhears his coworkers discussing why women today prefer gay boyfriends. After hearing the list of reasons, he says that he could never be like that with Kae In. He goes back home and Kae In slips up and lets Jin Ho know that she clearly remembers what she did. She then apologizes, but Jin Ho won’t let her off too easily (he does accept the apology, though). He makes her write up a contract stating that if she ever announces his personal preference again, she will have to do whatever he tells her. LMAO. Slave contract!

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Bonding Moment #1

Kae In then goes about slaving away trying to cook a meal for Jin Ho (the girl really can’t cook), using the shuckers that Young Sun brought her. She manages to cut herself and turn the kitchen into a disaster zone. Her first attempt burns, and she makes a second batch. Jin Ho has his own food already prepared and he goes to eat that instead. Kae In pushes the food toward him and he does break down and try it. He says that it is good and he actually finishes it all. He then does his own dishes (leaving Kae In to do the rest). She tries to get him to watch a movie, but he says he won’t.

He later goes out for a glass of water and sees Kae In watching the movie and eating a bucket full of popcorn. Not paying attention, she asks In Hee to bring her water, too. This kind of shocks them both. Jin Ho asked how long Kae In lived with In Hee, and she replies 10 years. 10 years! And it was all ruined by a guy (and In Hee’s selfishness). Jin Ho sits down with Kae In and watches the movie with her. To shut her up, he stuffs popcorn in her mouth (another great moment!). This shows that Jin Ho is really a big softy at heart.

Kim Ji Suk, Son Ye Jin

Chang Ryul stalks Kae In

The next day, Jin Ho isn’t feeling the best. Young Sun calls Kae In and says the fish were bad. Jin Ho suffers through the entire day and ends up getting his dinner with the manager canceled. He says that he will destroy Kae In for what she did. Poor Kae In is really worried about Jin Ho, especially when he doesn’t answer the phone. But she has a job interview. She goes to the company. Chang Ryul is there and hides when he sees Kae In. He overhears how the boss is looking for a secretary, not a furniture designer. You can see he feels bad for Kae In. He follows her as it begins to rain. He even follows her all the way home. So…Chang Ryul is not a bad person – he’s good at heart – but… he’s a spineless wimp who is currently to weak to tell anyone the truth and lets things go unsaid for far too long.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

You eat it first

Jin Ho comes back. Kae In immediately apologizes and begins looking for medicine. Jin Ho notices that she is dripping wet and gives her a towel and then goes to his room. Kae In changes and makes rice porridge to help make Jin Ho feel better. She breaks a cup and Jin Ho comes out to see what is going on. She cuts her finger and he gets angry and scolds her and picks up the glass. He asks her why she must always create disaster and she asks why does he always have to pick on her. Jin Ho sits down to eat the porridge, but he is wary now. He takes a spoonful and offers it to Kae In in case it’s poisoned. She tries it and gives it back. He then takes a bite and she laughs about their indirect kiss. Jin Ho notices the poor state of her hands. Cuts and burns from cooking and the glass. He tells her to take care of it, but she says she’s fine.

In the middle of the good atmosphere, a drunken Chang Ryul calls Kae In out. He says he’s out front and will wait until she agrees to see him. Jin Ho tells her not to go, Kae In states she has no intention of going. Jin Ho says that she will go because she’s just that type of person. Kae In goes to her room and tries to resist the urge to go, but she eventually caves in. Jin Ho gets her a band-aid and sees her going out to meet Chang Ryul. He said he won as she did go out to see him. Kae In needs to learn to harden her heart a tad more so she’s no longer a gullible doormat.

Kim Ji Suk, Son Ye Jin

You’re like a little girl, not a woman

Poor Kae In. Chang Ryul tells her that he chose In Hee over Kae In because In Hee gave him everything. Kae In feels worse and tells Chang Ryul to leave. She goes crying into the house. Jin Ho tells her she is pathetic and brings all her misery on herself. She breaks down and begins crying and hitting him. Then they start drinking together. Really, Kae In shouldn’t drink, bad things usually end up happening. This time, she asks Jin Ho to make her into a woman (gasp!)! And of course that is where the episode ends. I was waiting for Jin Ho’s reaction to this request and it of course, had to end here.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

“Jin Ho, make me into a woman!”

My thoughts: A lot of cute moments between Kae In and Jin Ho, too many to enumerate. I like the progress of their relationship. They are becoming good friends (which will of course lead to love). I wonder how long Kae In will remain oblivious to Jin Ho’s sexuality. The poor guy is not hiding the truth, but you know that things will explode later in the series.

Chang Ryul and In Hee confuse me. Chang Ryul professes to love In Hee, but is swayed by Kae In. Maybe he’s just feeling sorry for his abandoned puppy. And In Hee, what is up with her? She and Chang Ryul come to a tentative living arrangement as long as neither meddles in the other’s affairs. In Hee is getting close to Jin Ho. Has she figured out his sexuality? Is she trying to get back at both Kae In and Chang Ryul? Who knows?

And what will happen now that Tae Hoon has found out that Jin Ho lives at Sanggojae?

Can’t wait for the next episodes.


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