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ST Episode 9 Recap

We are gearing up for the end of the series with our loveable mentor revealing that the team he’s so fond of and has helped nurture are going to be his enemies. Say it isn’t so! This isn’t the first time something like this has happened in dramas, movies, or literature. In Unbreakable, Samuel L. Jackson’s character who has been

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ST Episode 8 Recap


Still no Yurine story. Of course, since he and Akagi are the main focus of the series, they are never short of scenes. This episode brings more focus on Tsutsui and her relationship with Akagi as she takes over as the liaison between the police force and ST since Kikukawa is being reassigned to a posh…desk job.

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ST Episode 7 Recap

Just in time for episode 8. Oh well. This episode was kind of a cute one and brought in some unexpected help to Yurine in the form of the cold Matsuda who has seemed pretty bent on splitting our favorite team of misfits up. Cap’s theatrics still hold center stage which can be a bit grating. I wish Okada had

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ST Episode 6 Recap

Okada Misaki

We have visited more in depth of most of the members so far save for our loveable over the top Cap and Yuki. We don’t delve too much into their characters or stories today, but the ending of this episode does leave room for Yuki’s story. Also, Yurine’s expression as she leaves…I wonder if we will get any of his

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ST Episode 5 Recap

We take small break from focusing on one specific team member in this episode. Although, we mainly see only Aoyama, Akagi and Yurine. Sure the rest of the team can be seen, but the main focus is on our main three as established in the SP. Yurine…he seems even more clueless in this episode. Sure, he’s a note-taking perfectionist who

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ST Episode 4 Recap

This episode’s focus was on our scientist cum priest Yamabuki. We aren’t really delving into the history of our team per se, but rather their present. Sure, we get some information about Yamabuki’s past, but not a whole lot. Really the focus is on the here and now and people who are currently in their lives. Still…I wonder if we’ll

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ST Episode 3 Recap


What an episode of warm fuzzies. Sure, we had a mad scientist yakuza who killed two people with mysteriously created fires. But in this episode we got to see Kurosaki’s strong bond with his mediocre acting friend. We also got to see Yurine break down some of the silent man’s walls. Every time one of his team members does something

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ST Episode 2 Recap

While episode one of course set the tone for the series with ST not only struggling against their own personal demons and phobias, but also the higher ups that want to dissolve them, it mainly focused on Akagi’s and Yurine’s evolving relationship. This episode focuses once more on Aoyama—I just love her for whatever reason—plus Akagi’s and Yurine’s relationship. This

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ST Episode 1 Recap

Not a bad start. In this episode I think I really miss the interactions between Aoyama and Yurine. Since Akagi has come out of seclusion for the most part, he’s taking over the relationship that Yurine and Aoyama had in the SP. It’s a little sad. Of course, Akagi’s and Aoyama’s personalities aren’t quite the same so it’s not the

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