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Good Morning, Shanghai Episodes 17-18

Gah! I’m currently in the middle of watching episode 19 and I’m steaming. That lowdown dirty rotten…lots of bad words. I hate her, I really do. Zhi Hao needs to kick this sorry excuse social climber to the curb. One, it’s not healthy that he’s with the wench because she resembles his mother, and two, she’s just a horrible excuse

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Good Morning, Shanghai Episodes 14-16

As predictable as this drama can be and as bad as some of the acting and situations can be, it does have its charm. I’m not saying the actors are bad or can’t act…more like the staging and things just seem just like that—staged. Not quite natural. Anywho, these episodes see some interesting developments for our characters. After going out

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Good Morning, Shanghai Episodes 1-13

I tried watching this drama several years ago, but ended up quitting it. Not because it as awful, but because the video quality was so low and the English subtitles were rather lacking. Now there’s better videos an the subtitles are complete! The earlier episodes have some bad grammar and confusion, but its overall good enough quality to understand what

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